How to Apply Foundation : Step-by-Step Guide

How to apply foundation
Learn how to apply foundation like a pro with our proper guide. We’ll show you the best ways to apply foundation for long-lasting finish.

Many of us face problems in applying makeup foundation, but there is nothing to be worried about because it’s so common. Even you may face complexities in adding primer, color corrector, concealer, or something like that. But if you understand the right way first for applying Foundation, then it will not seem problematic to you. Just selecting the right color makeup products is not effective for you if your Foundation is not rightly applied. Because it will have an important role in forming your overall appearance.

So you should select the right makeup product depending on your skin tone, and you should know how to apply foundation perfectly. Today, I am going to show you how you can apply Foundation perfectly on different types of skin. It matters a little what type of skin you have. You will be able to apply Foundation correctly if you know the way, which will ensure a natural look when you will apply makeup.

What does the Foundation mean and why applying it rightly is so important?

What Does The Foundation Mean And Why Applying It Rightly Is So Important

Actually, we apply makeup on our skin, but to keep it perfect for long hours, we need to create a base that we call Foundation. It is just like the groundwork for the makeup look which we apply after creating the Foundation. Foundation comes to us in cream, powder, or liquid form, which has some great functions. Even ingredients used in producing this Foundation can improve our underlying skin tone, which results in enhancing our natural look. Even for covering our skin blemishes and ensuring a smooth finish, there is no alternative to using the right foundation. Though actually, concealer does the job of covering blemishes, and we use concealer when we apply foundation. So without applying Foundation, you should not use any makeup. Otherwise, you will not be able to ensure your perfect look through makeup.

Depending on your skin tone or skin nature, you have to select how you should apply the makeup foundation. Though some tasks are common, no matter whatever your skin type is. These tasks are cleaning your face skin first before applying any makeup, preparing your face skin for applying makeup products, or things like that. But other things, like how to select the Foundation, depends on your skin type or skin condition. Now I am going to show you how to apply makeup foundation on different types of skin.

How to apply foundation perfectly on fair skin?

How To Apply Foundation Perfectly On Fair Skin

If you have fair skin and you don’t have any major skin complexity, then you don’t have to consider so many things like applying concealer or something like that. In that case, ordinary tips and tricks for applying the Foundation are applicable to you. Liquid Foundation will be great for you during nighttime, and powder foundation will be good for daytime.

If your skin’s undertone is warm, then you should choose a foundation with a yellow golden base. And for people with a cool undertone, the pink-blue base Foundation might be the best option.

But, if you have dark spots or circles or other imperfections on your fair skin, then you should use concealer and the color of which should be orange, peach, or bisque. If there are so many patches or lots of imperfections on your skin, then you should apply the Foundation, which will provide you a heavy coverage.

How to apply foundation for dry skin?

How To Apply Foundation For Dry Skin

If your skin is excessively dry, then you should exfoliate dead skin cells off and on. If you don’t do that, then it will create irregular textures which look so dull. So, after selecting your problem areas, you should gently exfoliate at least twice a week and use mild scrub there. This will make your skin perfect and smooth, which will make the Foundation application easier. Another thing you have to do before applying Foundation is apply moisturizer. If you don’t apply moisturizer at least 5 minutes before applying Foundation, then the Foundation will not ensure proper hydration. So exfoliate at least twice a week and apply moisturizer on your face before at least 5 minutes of applying Foundation if you have dry skin.

If your skin is ready for applying Foundation, then you may start applying primer, and for dry skin, hydrating primer is the best option. If your skin is unusually dry, then you may apply some drops of facial oil before applying hydrating primer. This hydrating primer and oil will work together to form a smooth base.

The right Foundation for dry skin is dewy Foundation because a powder or matte finish is not perfect for dry skin. If you use any of those foundations, this will emphasize your skin texture and cling on to skin patches. For that reason, avoid other foundations and try to use dewy Foundation.

The lightweight formula will be the best option for dry skin because it can last so long. You should not set the Foundation with loose or pressed powder because this type of powder can remove moisture, which is so important for dry skin. You may only set the under-eye concealer using powder. And for the rest of your face, you may use a setting spray that will add an extra hydration layer and ensure an amazing dewy finish.

How to apply foundation for dark skin?

How To Apply Foundation For Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, then you should consider your skin undertone first, which is the natural color immediately under your surface layer. You should select the foundation shade depending on this skin undertone, not depending on your skin overtone. Your skin’s undertone may be warm, cool, or neutral. In most of the makeup product companies, you will see Foundation for these three skin undertones. But that doesn’t mean you will keep your skin overtone out of your consideration. Depending on your skin tone, you have to select whether the light Foundation or dark Foundation will be better for you.

If you have dark circles and you want to hide them, then you may look for deep orange-toned concealer. But in this case, you have to set the concealer with light translucent powder. Just a light layer of that is enough. And you should keep in mind one thing that is your concealer shade. It should be lighter, and you should use such a foundation before applying makeup.

In the case of dark skin, a heavier textured liquid formula is good, because it looks so fresh. The semi-matte formula might be the best choice for you if you have dark skin. Another thing is that the dark tone reflects light surprisingly. And you should not use glow-inducing formulas because this will cause a greasy look if you have dark skin, which is not desirable. So the semi-matte finish will be better for you, and it will ensure a natural glow.

After preparing your face for applying Foundation, take the foundation brush in hand, and it should be a large makeup brush. And having a rounded edge with such a brush will be helpful for you. If everything is okay, then start applying Foundation from the center of your face, and cover all over your face where you want to apply your makeup.

How to apply foundation on oily skin?

How To Apply Foundation On Oily Skin

Oily skin is so common around the world now, and applying Foundation perfectly is really important for oily skin because keeping the makeup products in the right position is dependent on Foundation. And if you have oily skin, then preventing the makeup product slippage is mandatory for you.

If you have oily skin, then it is a must for you to clean your face before applying foundation. And you should clean your face with face wash or any gentle cleanser which can remove all types of germs, oil, or something like that. For oily skin, using an oil-free liquid foundation or powder foundation can be a perfect choice. The reason is that powder foundation can absorb excessive oil, and due to this, you will be able to keep your makeup products in the right place. Mineral Foundation works well on oily skin, so you may try that.

Besides that, you may try mousse foundation because the main attribute of this Foundation is that it is lightweight. This type of lightweight Foundation works better if you have oily skin, no matter what type of oily it is.

Sometimes people become confused about one point: whether their skin is oily or not. Actually, if your skin seems greasy after 1 or 2 hours of cleaning your face, then you should consider it oily. Sometimes it may seem to you that your T-zone is oily, but your cheeks are not. If you feel that, then you should consider your skin is oily too, and a foundation for oily skin will be fit for you. But with applying the right Foundation, you will not be able to apply makeup comfortably if you have had oily skin for a long time. The perfect option for you is to prevent oily skin by using a skin mask or other type of natural products. Oily skin may cause some other skin complexities, which will destroy the beautiful look of your face.

How to apply foundation for sensitive skin?

How To Apply Foundation For Sensitive Skin

Actually, sensitive skin is a headache for many of us because any minor irregularity may cause some serious problems if one has sensitive skin. So before choosing Foundation, you have to consider so many things when your skin is sensitive. Sensitive skin indicates getting irritated so easily or becoming reddish and patchy sometimes. Even if your skin is prone to acne or pimple then you may consider your skin sensitive, too.

Skin sensitivity may be in different forms; some people having sensitive skin may have acne or pimples on their skin, and there may be some other imperfections-revealed or not. When your skin is like that, then you should use a heavier concealer first before applying foundation. The reason is that you need to hide those imperfections, and concealer does the job well.

Sensitive skin is not a barrier to using makeup. No matter if you have sensitive skin, you may use different makeup products. But you should avoid certain types of makeup ingredients, that’s all. Before buying makeup foundation products, you should check the ingredients because some ingredients may be harmful to your sensitive skin. If you find any unknown ingredient, alcohol, fragrance, or something like that, then you should avoid those makeup products. The reason is that this type of ingredient may enhance your skin sensitivity. Even if you find any foundation products containing mineral oil or talc, then you also should avoid that because these types of ingredients are certainly harmful to sensitive skin.

Using the oil-free formula and a natural finish foundation might be amazing for people with sensitive skin. What type of Foundation you will have to choose is mainly dependent on your skin tone. There is no specific foundation for applying on sensitive skin. You just need to avoid some foundations which contain elements harmful to sensitive skin.

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How to apply foundation for combination-type skin?

How To Apply Foundation For Combination Type Skin

Combination-type skin is not rare these days around the world. Sometimes it is seen that the skin of some people is not absolutely oily, dry, or so. That means their skin contains some mixed features. All of them fall under this category, and makeup artists consider their skin combination type skin.

Usually, the mousse-type foundation works better if you have combination-type skin because it is a bit airy and lightweight too. For this reason, this type of Foundation can act perfectly on oily skin or combination-type skin.

The matte finish will be a great option for you if your skin is of the combination type. Because this type of finish can ensure high coverage, and that’s why your makeup products will be in the right place if you use a matte finish.

How to apply foundation: real life story

I had oily skin from a very young age though I didn’t bother about it because I started using different makeup products when I entered into my college life. But when I started using makeup products on my face and other parts, I experienced sudden slippage of different makeup products. Then I understood my skin is oily and I should fix my skin complexity, as soon as possible for the prevention of makeup product slippage. This problem I faced regularly- whatever makeup product I used on my face skin slipped after a while, even if I sat in one place. But I cleaned my face every time before I applied any makeup there, but I couldn’t slippage. And I went to different dermatologists to fix the issue but they suggested medical treatment which was a long procedure and a bit costlier, which I couldn’t afford. But I need to use makeup products everyday on my face, so it was necessary for me to fix it immediately.

And I searched about the Foundation applying procedures for oily skin online when I was free. After searching for almost a week, I found an effective solution though it was not believable to me at first. One makeup artist suggested using Powder foundation or oil-free liquid Foundation, and he said that it can prepare oily skin for applying any makeup product comfortably. And in her writing, it was also mentioned that powder-type foundation could absorb the excessive oil if there is any in the skin. Then I could understand the logic behind choosing powder foundation for oily skin, but it was not fully believable to me that just using powder foundation could fix the issue. Just for examination, on the next day, I bought the necessary products for applying powder foundation matching my skin undertone. And after doing some regular tasks like cleaning my face with a gentle cleanser and wiping with facial tissue, I started applying the powder foundation. And then I applied the regular makeup which I used then. But this time, I didn’t experience any makeup product slippage.

From then on, I used the powder foundation and it was better for me because my oily skin didn’t become a problem after using this foundation. Now I don’t have oily skin, I have fixed the issue by using some natural things which are well-known for treating oily skin. But still, I use powder foundation on my skin when I need to apply makeup, and it works better for me.

Jennifer Jones


1. What does the makeup Foundation actually do?

The job of the makeup foundation is to keep the makeup products that we apply on our face or other parts in the right place. This type of Foundation comes to us in liquid powder or creamy form.

2. Why is skin undertone a matter to choose makeup Foundation?

Skin undertone is the surface layer under the skin, so your makeup foundation shade should be based on that. Otherwise, you will not be able to enhance your natural beauty by applying makeup products because this will be at variance with your skin look.

3. What can I do to get full coverage while applying the Foundation to my skin?

Usually, most people look for medium coverage because this type of coverage is enough for them. But, if you want to ensure full coverage, then you should opt for liquid Foundation because liquid Foundation is good for that.

4. How can I choose the right color foundation?

It is importantly dependent on your skin undertone- use which type of foundation color will be best for you. You should choose the color which matches your skin’s undertone and your skin nature, your skin quality is not a matter of choosing the right color foundation.

5. Which type of Foundation is great for oily skin?

For oily skin, you may consider powder foundation because this works better on oily skin. Even you may consider oil-free liquid foundation the perfect option as this type of Foundation can absorb excess oil that exists in oily skin.

6. What do I have to think of for applying Foundation on dry skin?

You should importantly think of one thing that is- you have to ensure proper hydration if your skin is dry. And for this reason, makeup artists suggest using liquid Foundation to have enough moisturizing elements for dry skin.

7. What’s the utility of setting powder over Foundation?

People use setting powder to prevent the sliding of foundation products, and it’s important too. So, you may apply setting powder when you have finished applying your Foundation on your skin.

8. Which type of Foundation is better for cool undertones?

Pink, blue or red base Foundation is good for people with cool undertones because foundations of these colors are well matched with cool undertones, which other types of Foundation cannot.

9. How can I be sure that my skin undertone is neutral?

You have to be sure by examining your veins that exist immediately under your skin and are visible from the outside. If your veins seem blue or green or both, then you may consider that your skin undertone is neutral.

10. Why is using concealer important for sensitive skin?

Actually, the job of a concealer is to hide imperfections on the skin, and this job is really necessary for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, then it is likely that there will be a lot of imperfections, and that’s why using concealer is important for sensitive skin.

Final words

No matter whatever your skin type is, no matter whatever your skin undertone is, if you can choose the right foundation for you, then you will be able to ensure your desired look. First, you need to know your skin’s undertone and your skin’s nature. Then you should opt for the right foundation. Surely, the right Foundation will be surprisingly helpful for you to keep the makeup products in the right place, and this will be beneficial for you in so many ways.

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