Can You Start Locs on Blow Dry Hair?

Can you start locs on blow dry hair

Locs or dreadlocks have stayed a popular hairstyle for hundreds of years. Nowadays it has not been just a hairstyle or fashion statement, it has become the expression of individuality and cultural identity. If you are also drawn to the versatility and beauty of locs and planning on getting locs on your hair, you might be tempted to blow dry your hair before going through that long process. But can you start locs on blow dry hair?

You might think initially that it will help you start with straight hair and form the lock neatly. Hair loc can be a great commitment and you should go forward with careful and precise steps. Any wrong move can turn out to damage your locs. I will let you know in this article if you can start locs on blow-dry hair, and how to take preparation before having your locs done so that you can have a smooth loc journey.

What Does Blow Dry Do to Your Hair?

What does blow dry do to your hair
What does blow dry do to your hair

Blow dry simply uses heated air to make your hair dry after you shower. Blow-dry can make your hair smooth and manageable. But if you keep using blow dry without giving proper hydration to your hair, it can damage your hair in the long run. When we heat our hair with any heating tools like a blow dry, curler, or straighter, the outer layer of our hair cuticle opens up and tries to absorb moisture from outside because the heat will dry out all the moisture from the hair. If you do not condition your hair daily, and use conditioning hair oils to lock the moisture, or do not use a heat protector, it can make your hair fragile.

Can You Start Locs on Blow Dry Hair?

Can you start locs on blow dry hair
Can you start locs on blow dry hair

If you want to blow dry your hair before starting locs, it is possible, but it is not recommended at all. heat is never a friendly option for your hair in any case.

The heat of blow drying can easily damage your hair. it can create frizziness and hair loss if you do blow dry for a long time without a heat protectant or hair conditioning oils. None of this is a friendly environment for starting your locs.

Frequent blow-dry can make your hair vulnerable and doing your locs just after that can lead to loc breakage. Also, your locs will shrink eventually, so making your hair longer and a bit straighter will not help that much in this case.

Most importantly, try to loc your hair in wet hair and let it dry out itself after you finish. Wet hair will help to handle the curls and kinks better. But you have to be careful when pulling your hair to loc since wet hair can fall out easily.

Why Should You Avoid Starting Locs on Blow-Dried Hair?

If you use the blow dry more frequently on your hair, the excessive heat from the blow dry will cause potential damage to your hair. It will weaken the shaft, make your hair dry, and prone to breakage and split ends. Damaged hair is not a good way to start your locs. You might have to struggle too much for making your locs healthy.

For starting your locs you should avoid too much manipulation of your hair. Blow dry and manipulate your hair too much to even get started. It will hamper the natural forming process of your locs and your locs. It will also cause frizz which is not very attractive if you want a neat and smooth appearance of your locs.

How You Should Prepare Your Scalp and Hair Before Starting Locs?

How you should prepare your scalp and hair before starting locs
How you should prepare your scalp and hair before starting locs

If you have decided to do locs on your hair, you have to show a lot of patience with your hair. before even starting you need to go through certain preparation. Such as-

  1. You need to clean your hair and scalp thoroughly so that it is free from any dirt, debris, oil, or any kind of buildup. You need to use a clarifying shampoo throughout your loc journey. Your hair needs to be squeaky clean.
  2. You need to infuse moisture in your hair with a deep conditioner to make the hair soft and to easily handle the curls afterward.
  3. Trim your hair if you need and comb your hair to detangle any tangles left. You can also use your hands to detangle your hair.
  4. Then start locking in the wet hair. if needed, spray more water in your hair for better handling.
  5. If you are not sure enough anything about your locs, loc method or the maintenance process of your locs, try to seek from a professional loctician.

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Locs

5 things you should know before getting locs
5 things you should know before getting locs

To do your locs more precisely you need to be concerned about certain facts. For example,

  1. You should not apply any heavy products on your hair that can build up on your hair such as waxes and heavy oils. you might think that you need those products for an easier application, but in reality, you don’t.
  2. You should avoid using any heating tools like straightener, curler, blow-dry, etc. They can damage your ends and cause split ends even before starting the procedure.
  3. You should not dye your hair before doing your locs, dying your hair can be in a pretty harsh condition. Starting locs can be damaging to your hair.
  4. Do not do any chemical procedures like relaxing, perming, etc. These chemical applications take your hair in a vulnerable situation when locs can break your hair easily.
  5. Avoid extra manipulation of your hair like too much pulling or twisting can damage your hair and slow down the lock formation.


1. Can you start locs on dry hair?

You can start your locs on dry hair, but it is always recommended to start locs on wet hair because that provides a better forming of the locs. It also helps to do your locs more precisely.

2. What is the best length for starting a loc?

If you want to have a dreadlock, a longer length is always better. But to go for a starter loc, six inches will be enough for any hair. There are different methods and varieties that can turn your locs into gorgeous dreadlocks.

3. Should you blow dry your locs?

Drying out locs can be a difficult job to do. It can take hours to dry out your locs naturally. After washing, press your locs gently to squeeze out the water. then take a microfiber towel and press gently to get rid of excess water. then you can blow dry using a bonnet hair dryer attachment. It is a process of concentrated hair drying. Without it, your locs can become a mess.

Final Thoughts

If you really decide to loc your hair, consider the time and effort that you need to give on that. Taking care of your loc before or after the starting can be very challenging, but with a little bit of patience, you can deal with your locs easily. Just clean your hair and hydrate it thoroughly, and you are good to start with your loc journey. To keep your locs neat for a longer time, proper care of your hair is necessary. Do not do any harsh chemical treatment or heat treatments like blow-dry your hair to start with a strong base for your locs. By following these dos and don’ts you can start your locs without any worry.

Key Points

  • You should not blow dry your hair before starting your hair locs.
  • Blow dry or any other heat treatment can make your hair prone to breakage.
  • Rinse your hair with clarifying shampoo thoroughly and use conditioner afterward.
  • Try to start your locs in a wet hair.
  • Do not do any chemical treatments like relaxing, perming, or coloring before starting locs in your hair.
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