I Left My Straightener On for 2 Days

I left my straightener on for 2 days

Hair is an important part of our body that is associated with feminine beauty and male virility. This is also viewed as a symbol of holiness and strength. Nowadays, hairs are styled in many ways. People want to experience their hair with different colors, designs, and shapes. As a result, they cut their hair in different styles, dye their hair, take hair treatments, use different hair care products, and also use different instruments to style their hair. Some people want more defined curls while others straighten the hair. A hair straightener is an effective tool that is used to straighten the hair and style the hair.

So, what happens if you left your straightener on for two days? It depends on the type and quality of the straightener that you are using. Some straighteners have automatically shut-down options while others do not have shut-down options. If you are using a straightener that has a shutdown option, it may shut down after a certain time. But, if it has not that functions available, it can cause excessive heat and burn your home. It is always wise to turn off your straighteners after you are done with straightening your hair as it may cause a fire and burn out your home and furniture.

What If I left My Straightener On for 2 Days?

What if I left my straightener on for 2 days
What if I left my straightener on for 2 days

It depends on the straightener that you are using. If the straightener has good quality and has an automatic shut-off function, it will turn off automatically and turn again when it cools down. If you are using a bad-quality straightener and you forget to turn it off, it may cause overheating and damage to the things around you. The most probable scenario that may happen when a straightener is on for two days is, it may start smoking and burn the wooden furniture around it. If you have smoke detectors in your home, there may not be any severe problems.

If you accidentally leave your straightener for two days, it can pose a significant threat or damage to fire. There can also be a dangerous explosion if the explosive objects are near the straightener. It is always better to be safe than face these situations. If your straightener doesn’t have an automatic shutdown function, you should unplug it when you are not using it. This may prevent any unwanted accidents. Another thing you can do after using a straightener is, leave it on to cool down on a mat.

Can A Hair Straightener On Cause a Fire?

Can a hair straightener on cause a fire
Can a hair straightener on cause a fire

The model of your hair straighteners will decide whether it will cause a fire or not. If you are using a model that has not any automatic shutdown option, it can start a fire. Even if the straightener has a shutdown option, it can cause a fire in some cases.

There is a chance that the shut-off option of the straightener is not working and it created a fire. Even if your home has a smoke detector, it may not work when the temperature reaches a certain level. So, when you forget to turn off the straightener, it may cause a fire in your home. Within a few minutes, the hair straightener can heat up to high temperatures. When you left the switch off, the heat waves will heat the hot plates. When this comes into contact with a flammable object, it will absorb the heat and instantly cause a fire.

Do Straightener Turns Off Automatically?

It is not safe to leave the straightener on for a long time. But, when you accidentally left it on, how long will it take to turn it off automatically?

There is a different type of straighteners available in the market. Some have the functions to turn off automatically while the others are cheaper and don’t have that option. Most of the good brands sell straighteners that have an automatic turn-off option. If you use straighteners very often and you find it difficult to remember or deal with them, you should buy a model that has an automated shutdown feature. The straighteners have their own time to cool down. It may take a couple of time to cool down. Generally, when a straightener reaches 235° Celsius, it takes almost 40-45 minutes to cool down.

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What Should I Do When I Leave My Straightener Accidentally?

What Should I Do When I Leave My Straightener Accidentally
What Should I Do When I Leave My Straightener Accidentally

A straightener should always be turned off after use. But, if you forget to turn off the straightener accidentally, there are some things you can do to reduce the severity of the accident.

1. Call your electricity company

It is a good idea to call the electricity company that may help you turn off the electricity remotely. Immediately call and ask them to turn off the power. This will help you to avoid an unwanted situation.

2. Call your friends for help

You may have close friends who have the keys to your home available. Call your friends and ask them to unplug the straightener. If your friends don’t have the keys, you can also call your neighbor for this task. They may ensure you about turning off the straighteners and your home will get safe.

3. Get a locksmith

When you have no way left, you may go to a friend who has a locksmith and can create a key. There is very less chance that you have a locksmith friend. In that case, you can ask a friend to hire a locksmith and help you to solve the problems.


1. Will my hair straightener burn down my house if I leave it on?

The hair straightener can reach above 235° and may take 40 minutes to cool down. There is a very high risk of burning or damage if there are flammable materials available. So, it can also burn down the house as a result.

2. How do you save burnt hair?

Take a protein treatment with honey, yogurt, and olive oil that may help you restore the natural bonds of your hair. Using hair products that contain higher keratin can also soothe the broken bonds of the hair follicles.

3. Is it okay to use a hair straightener once a week?

Yes, you can use a hair straightener once a week following proper techniques. Before using a hair straightener, wash your hair and apply the hair primer, thermal heat protectant, etc. to avoid damage to your hair.

4. Does straightener damage hair?

If you use a hair straightener regularly or frequently, it may make your hair dry and there may be a lack of moisture. This may further permanently damage your hair.

5. What happens if I straighten wet hair?

Wet hairs are very vulnerable and prone to breakage and damage. It may not destroy your hair for the first time but continuous use can cause damage to your hair. When you straighten wet hair, it may produce more frizz and worsen the hair texture.

Final Thoughts

Hair straighteners are used to straighten or style your hair without going to the salon. There are different types of hair straighteners available that may help you get a sleek, frizz-free, and detangled finish with your hair. Hair straighteners save money because you don’t need to go to the salon for straightening or styling your hair. Some hair straighteners have good quality and have an automatically shut-down options while the others are cheap and don’t have the options. If you left your straightener on for two days, it may automatically shut down if it has the function available or causes fire when it has not had the option left. In some cases, the straightener that has an automatically shut-down option may also don’t work and cause a fire.

Key Points

  • Hair straighteners are very commonly used by people to straighten and style their hair temporarily.
  • Some of the hair straighteners are high quality and can shut down automatically while the cheaper ones don’t have the shut-down options.
  • Straighteners should be turned off immediately after use. If you don’t turn it off it can cause accidents or difficult situations.
  • If the temperature reaches a certain level, the smoke detectors or shut-down options may not also work.
  • It is always better to be safe when using a hair straightener as it can cause major situations and can burn down your house too.

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