Can You Use Got2b Glued on Your Natural Hair?

To get your desired attractive-looking beauty on your hair, you can use Got2b glued on all types of hair, including natural hair, without getting any hair damage.

Hair is an essential part of our natural beauty. It can change our appearance by making us look better and more attractive. People love to change their regular appearance by giving their hair a different look every day. People are used to straightening, curling, waving, and perming their hair. Sometimes they also love to get glued hair for their different-looking attractiveness. Getting glued hair has now become a celebrity obsession, and everyone from celebrities to regular people is getting glued hair.

To get glued hair, people are using Got2B glue gel for their hair. Is using Got2B glue safe and can you use it on your natural hair? This is a common question for people who are willing to get glued hair. As a popular hair design product, yes, you can use Got2b glued to your natural hair. I will discuss what this Got2b hair glue is, how to use it on your natural hair, how to take care of your natural hair after applying it, and the benefits of using this Got2b hair glue on your natural hair.

What is Got2b Hair Glue?

What is got2b hair glue

Before knowing what Got2B hair glue is, do you know what it is and what it does to your hair?

Hair glue is basically a water-clear formula that is way thicker than the hair gel formula. Hair glues offer a strong bond between your hair and the glue. It will make your hair less shiny, perfectly spiky, or curly. Basically, it will give you the hair you have been wanting for a long time. There are many types of hair glue that you can get for gluing your hair. Among all, Got2b is popular now to glue your hair. People are loving this for its holding capacity and durability.

Can We Use Got2b Glued On Natural Hair?

Can you use got2b glued on your natural hair

Now the question is, can you use Got2B glued to your hair? The answer is yes; you can use Got2b Glued on your natural hair.

If I say that in detail, then Got2B hair glue is mainly made for every type of hair, including your natural hair. Anyone can try it on their hair to give it an absolutely attractive beauty. It will help you by preventing the damage or frizziness of your hair. This hair glue also contains all the safe materials to keep your hair healthy, as has been proven by applying this formula to afro hair. And the result comes out pretty good. This solution will be the best solution for those who face a lot of problems while designing their hair, and not only that, it will also last almost 72 hours on your hair exactly the same as you keep it. So, you can say that this solution will almost last on your hair until you wash it.

With this Got2B hair glue, you also don’t need any other tools or the help of other people. You can apply it with your hands. If you are willing to get glued hair, then using Got2B hair glue can be the perfect choice for you.

Which One to Choose Between The Yellow One and Black One for Natural Hair?

For applying Got2b hair glue, you will find two types: one is black and the other is yellow. The two have different workflows. So, before using Got2B hair glue on your hair, you have to know which one is perfect for your natural hair.

Which one to choose between the yellow one and black one for natural hair

The Yellow One

The yellow one is known as “Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue”. Between the black one and the yellow one, the yellow one is known to be more durable than the black one. This yellow one comes in a white paste. You just have to apply this properly to your hair to get the best result. Because if you fail to apply it properly, it can leave a coating under the frontal part of your natural hair.

The Black One

The black one is called “Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel”. This one is basically a clear gel that helps to hold tight the baby hair on your scalp. It also helps to soften the edges of your hair. This black one is made with a non-sticky, not flakes, formula. While applying it, you will find it wet, but after applying it, it will disappear. People use this black one for vaginal hairstyles.

So, between the yellow and black ones, which one you have to choose will depend on what kind of design you are willing to get.

5 Steps to Apply Got2b Glue on Natural Hairs

To get the best result after using Got2b Hair Glue on your natural hair, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

While gluing your hair, you must clean your hair by washing it. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo. Wash your hair properly and make sure that there is no oil in your hair. Oil makes a barrier on your hair and prevents the solution of the glue from holding on to the hair.

Wash your hair

Step 2. Dry It

After cleaning your hair, it’s time to dry it. Use a hair dryer to dry them. Make the hair dry because water will make all the solution slide out of it. So, it won’t be a good idea to apply hair glue to wet hair. After drying them, go to the next part.

Dry it

Step 3: Comb Your Hair

Now comb your hair, because if you get the glue on your hair and your hair is not combed, then it can dry and cause a total disaster to your hair. So, comb your hair so that there will be no patchiness in it. To avoid this problem, comb your hair until it’s properly combed.

Comb your hair

Step 4: Apply The Got2B Hair Glue

Now it’s time to apply the gel solution to your hair and give it an attractive look. To apply this solution, take a little amount of solution in your hand and cover your hair with the gel in the design you want to glue it. Always try to apply a little amount to the hair because excessive solutions can take time to dry or damage the design of your hair.

Apply the got2b hair glue

Step 5: Wait Until It’s Dry

Now wait until the solution is dry. It may take some time, and you have to wait to let it dry. If you are in a hurry, you can also dry it with the help of a fan or a hair dryer. After the solution of the Got2b hair glue, you are perfectly ready to enjoy your glued hair.

Wait until its dry

After following these 5 steps, you will get the desired look you are looking for by using Got2B hair glue.

4 Benefits of Using Got2b Glue on Natural Hair

After using Got2b hair gel on your hair, you will find its benefits for your natural hair. The benefits of using Got2b Glue on your natural hair are:

Four benefits of using got2b glue on natural hair

1. Maintain Your Hairstyles

After applying the Got2b hair glue to your hair in the design you are looking for, it stays the same as you left it, still perfectly held on your natural hair. Not only that, your hair will be the same for at least 72 hours, or until you wash it. With this glue, you can design your hair the way you want without worrying about frizziness or side effects.

2. Nourish The Nutrients In Your Hair.

This Got2b hair gel contains elements that help nourish your natural hair. This glue gel helps by locking in the nourishment of your natural hair and creating a protective layer on it. Also, reduce the risk of brittle hair and flyaways.

3. Gives Your Hair Natural Volume

Got2b hair glue also helps by giving your natural hair natural volume to make it look more healthy and beautiful. The glue gives natural volume to your hair, making it more silky, shiny, and smooth. Also, because of its non-sticky formula, you will feel really light having this glue on your hair.

4. Easy To Apply

Like other glues, it’s not very difficult to apply to your hair. To apply this glue, you just have to take the amount of glue that you need to develop the design on your hair and apply it to your designed hair. And after drying, you are almost ready to enjoy your Got2B-glued hair.

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Tips for Taking Care of Got2b Glued Natural Hairs

Taking care of your hair when using Got2b Glued on your natural hair is crucial to maintain its health and minimizing any potential damage. By following these tips, you can ensure that your natural hair stays healthy and protected while using Got2b Glued.

  • Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner: Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for your hair type. Sulfates can strip away natural oils, causing dryness and potential damage. A gentle shampoo will effectively cleanse your hair without compromising its moisture balance.
  • Limit the frequency of use: Got2b Glued is a strong-hold product designed for styling and shaping your hair. However, excessive and prolonged use can lead to product buildup and dryness. To prevent this, use the product only when needed, such as for special occasions or specific hairstyles.
  • Deep condition regularly: Deep conditioning is essential to replenish moisture and nourish your hair. Incorporate a deep conditioning treatment into your regular hair care routine. Look for products that are rich in hydrating ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, or coconut oil. Apply the deep conditioner from mid-length to the ends of your hair, focusing on the areas that are most prone to dryness and damage. Leave it on for the recommended time to allow the ingredients to penetrate your hair shaft and provide deep hydration.
  • Protect hair at night: When using Got2b Glued, it’s important to protect your hair while you sleep. Friction from pillowcases and bedding can cause the product to rub off and potentially damage your hair. To protect your hair, consider using a satin or silk pillowcase, which reduces friction and minimizes hair breakage. Alternatively, you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf or wear a silk bonnet to prevent the product from transferring onto your bedding.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling: Got2b Glued already provides a strong hold, so you may not need additional heat stylings tools like flat irons or curling irons. Excessive heat can lead to dryness, breakage, and damage to your hair. Whenever possible, embrace heat-free hairstyles or opt for low-heat styling techniques to minimize the risk of heat damage.
  • Avoid rubbing your hair: When you have Got2b Glued applied to your hair, avoid excessive rubbing or manipulation. This can lead to friction, tangles, and potential hair breakage. Instead, gently style your hair using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to prevent unnecessary stress on your strands.
  • Avoid petroleum jelly: While petroleum jelly may be a common suggestion for removing adhesive products, it is not recommended for use on your hair. Petroleum jelly can weigh down your hair and create buildup, making it difficult to remove. It can also cause greasiness and interfere with the natural balance of your scalp.
  • Avoid water and oil: Water and oil can cause the adhesive properties of Got2b Glued to weaken or break down. Try to minimize exposure to water and oil while wearing the product. If your hair gets wet, gently pat it dry with a towel instead of rubbing it vigorously. Avoid applying oil-based products directly on the areas where the adhesive is applied to prevent them from loosening.
  • Take breaks from using the product: Giving your hair breaks from using Got2b Glued allows it to breathe and recover from the product’s effects. Consider alternating with other styling products or wearing your hair in its natural state to maintain its health and minimize the risk of damage.


1. How Long Will The Got2b Hair Glue Take to Dry?

Generally, it takes 30–40 minutes. But it can be changed depending on how much glue you have used on your hair and how thick the glue layers are.

2. Does Got2b Hair glue work for your natural hair?

Yes, Got2B hair gel is safe for you. You can apply it to your natural hair, but remember not to apply too much glue to your hair. Excessive glue can make you lose the moisture in your hair.

3. Is Got2B Glue permanent?

Got2b glue can be permanent until you remove the glue from your hair or wash your hair. The solution of Got2B glue is a long-lasting solution for your hair. So, it won’t get changed until you want to.

Final Thoughts

Using Got2b glued to your natural hair is a common way to get attractive-looking, stable-designed hair. Yes, you can use Got2B glued to your hair without any hesitation. All of the ingredients in Got2B hair glue are safe for your hair. To get the best result after using Got2b hair glue on your hair, you just have to apply it properly and wait until it dries. By using Got2b hair glue, you can maintain your hairstyles, nourish the nutrients, and give them a natural volume. It is very easy to apply.

So, if you are willing to use Got2b Glued on your natural hair to get your desired attractive-looking hair, then just do it.

Key Points

  • Getting glued-on hair is now a trend for us. To get glued hair with an attractive appearance, you can use Got2B Glued Hair.
  • The ingredients in Got2b glued hair are considered safe to apply to your natural hair without causing any damage.
  • To apply Got2b glue to your hair, you just have to take a significant amount on your hand that you need for your hair and then apply it to cover it.
  • Using Got2b hair glue on your hair will help you maintain your hairstyles, nourish the nutrients in your hair, and give your hair natural volume.

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