Can White People Get Waves?

Waves hairstyle, being a trendy hairstyle is commonly seen among black people. It is also seen among Mexicans. So, it is possible to get waves without being black!

People of different races have different types of hair due to their adaptation to different types of environments. Several hairstyles reinvent people and express their sense of creativity. Like women, men also have different hairstyles to get an attractive look. Those hairstyles can play a role in enhancing their beauty and personality.

Waves are one such special type of hairstyle. Waves can be too much of a desire for you if you frequently change your hairstyle and experiment with new looks. Usually, black people are seen with waves. But having the right hair texture can lead anyone to get waves. Whatever may be your hair type, face shape, and age, waves will look good on you. So, as a white, you can be curious about getting waves.

This article will help you to find out the answer to: can white people get waves? White people can get waves but they need the right hair texture and willingness to get the waves for it to be possible. Let’s have a look at everything related to white people getting waves.

Waves Hairstyle Explained

Waves are a unique hairstyle specially done in men’s hair. It is one of the hairstyles that look best on black men. While people other than Africans can get this hairstyle too.

The hairstyle turns your curls to hold tightly to your scalp as possible. It is done through continuous styling and brushing of hair in a definite process. The appearing pattern of the wave at the cluster gives its name as the waves hairstyle. For curly and short hair, this hairstyle is easy to do, but you need some products and equipment. Though a bit difficult, it is possible to get wave hairstyle with straight hair too.

Can White People Get Waves?

The answer is yes. White people can get waves although it may seem to be culturally inappropriate.

The waves hairstyle is becoming a trendy hairstyle. It is commonly seen among black people. Even Mexicans are also seen with this hairstyle. So, it is possible to get waves without being black. But, then again not all non-black people can have waves.

Hair texture is the precondition to get waves and white people have hair texture starting from bone straight to tight ringlets. So, you can easily make the hairstyle with your natural wave, the pattern of curl, and also your willingness to do the hairdo. But for fully straight and thick hair, getting waves is comparatively difficult, and in some cases, it can be impossible. So, if you have straight hair, you need to have a specific pattern of curl. If not, your hair should at least be able to make a wavy pattern in your hair. Black people with straight hair will also find it difficult to get this hairstyle. This applies to people of all races. Therefore, rather than race, genetics play a role in getting waves.

4 Factors that White People Need to Consider to Get Waves

1. Hair Texture and Type

Hair texture is one of the most significant factors that white people need to consider for getting wave hairstyles since it decides whether you can get waves or not. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, this hairstyle will be effective for you. But the white people mostly have straight hair although it may vary. So, it may be quite hard to achieve waves for straight hair. You will need a lot of time and effort for getting this hairstyle. For having wavy hair, you not only get the waves hairstyle easily but also get perfect waves. Again, thin hair is perfect to get this hairstyle, it is not impossible to get waves if you have thick hair. So, even after all these, you can get waves if you have the right hair texture.

Hair texture and type

2. Hair Density

Like every other hairstyle, hair density is an important factor that you need to consider to get waves. It is important because it also defines your chances of getting waves. People with denser hair might not be able to get waves as they do not have enough space in their hair for the hairstyle. But, in case you have a lot of hair, you can easily get the waves hairstyle and it would be effective for you.

Hair density

3. Length of The Curl

The length of the curl or to what length of your hair you want to apply the hairstyle to is another factor that you need to consider to get waves. The straighter your hair, the more the length of the curl needs to be. If you have short curls, you won’t get waves for particular reasons, like maintenance problems, or instantly losing progress. While with long strands of hair, it is easier to get the pattern of wave hairstyle. Do not cut down your hair below the length of your curl.

Length of the curl

4. Willingness to Time and Effort

You need to have a willingness to give enough time and effort if you want to get the hairstyle. If you have straight hair, a long time like 6 or 7 weeks will be needed for getting waves. The straighter your hair, the more time it would take to get waves. You will also need to use a lot of products and equipment. So, this hairstyle might not apply to you if you want it so quickly and have no patience to wait. Again, you have to bring change to your haircare routine after the formation of the waves.

Willingness to time and effort

Step-By-Step Procedure to Get 360 Waves

To get 360 waves, you will need some products and equipment.

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner
  2. Wave Cream
  3. Soft Wave Brush
  4. Wave Cap or Durag
  5. Moisturizer

The process of getting waves is very easy and simple. The precondition is to be sure about your hair texture. It has to be straight and be able to get waves. Following is the step-by-step procedure to get 360 waves.

Procedure to get 360 waves
  • Step 1: Have A Haircut: Before you start the process, have a haircut to get an effective pattern of waves. But keep your straight hair a minimum of 1.5 inches long. If you want waves on short hair, that might be complex. Your curl length will depend on your hair length and hair texture.
  • Step 2: Wash Your Hair: You may need to stay for some days without washing your hair since it may damage the waves. So, washing your hair in advance will be helpful. Wash it with a shampoo, and then put conditioner on it. your straight hair will be at ease and become prepared for the waves hairstyle. Dirt-free hair is an ideal base for the hairstyle. Wash your hair once a week while creating this hairstyle with straight hair. Use a soft wave brush to brush your hair while it is wet.
  • Step 3: Put The Wave Cream: If you want to get an effective pattern of the wave, but the wave cream on all over the hair using your palm. The wave cream makes the process quicker and smoother.
  • Step 4: Brush Your Hair with Soft Wave Brush: After you have completed applying the cream, brush your hair for nearly 2 minutes although it can become hard within such a regulated pattern. Start it from the crown of the head and keep on brushing in the forward direction continuously. Then start brushing the back side of your head towards the neck. Finally, brush the sides of your head towards the chin.
  • Step 5: Wear A Wave Cap or Durag During Sleep: If you wear a wave cap or durag during sleep to cover your straight hair, it will protect the waves. You can sleep as much as you want but it won’t affect your hair waves. The material of the wave cap or durag can be silk. For securing the wave cap or durag, you may use a loose headband.
  • Step 6: Repeat the Process: How much time waving your hair will take depends on the thickness of your hair. It can need a maximum of 3 weeks in general. You need to repeat the process for getting results. The whole process needs a lot of patience as you will need to repeat the process every day. Follow all the instructions properly to get the results visible after a week. While even after following the instructions, you may not get any visible results. In that case, consider that this hairstyle is not suitable for you.
  • Step 7: Put On Moisturizer: In the end, put on a moisturizer since it hydrates your hair and secures the wave. Put it two times a week to get rid of the drying out of your hair.

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Best Haircuts for Getting 360 Waves

There are a lot of haircuts from which you may select the best one for you.

Best haircuts for getting 360 waves
  1. Fade Waves: It is one of the famous haircuts. As the hair remains short on the sides, it helps the defined top to be more noticeable. You can select it upon personal preferences how much your haircut will be highlighted can be selected.
  2. Taper Fade Waves: If you want a simple yet fashionable hair look, you can go for this haircut. It cuts the sideburns and necklines giving an ideal wave pattern. A taper means the gradual change of hair from one particular length to a different one, while a fade is a shorter taper that fades to the skin. This haircut is suitable for the office.
  3. Low-Fade Waves: Low fade waves are a decent haircut having short backs and sides. The length of your hair starts to shorten and the fade effect extends around your head. The haircut seems like you didn’t put much effort into it.
  4. Mid-Fade Waves: If you want short hair on both sides and concentrated waves on the top of your hair, go for mid-fade waves. It is the most manageable, and professional, and goes with various styles. This haircut will leave you with a fashionable and well-defined look.
  5. High Fade Waves: This haircut similar to low fade waves give your hair a short length across the back and sides of the head. The fade generally starts around the forehead but gradually decreases to give a cool cut. The haircut is stylish and one of the most popular haircuts.
  6. Line-Up Haircut: One of the most common ways to highlight waves is by giving haircuts with a line-up, and a waves hairstyle is no exception. Since it necessitates drawing such a distinct outline, it naturally elevates your hairdo to the center of attention.
  7. Designed Durag Haircut: Men can have designed Durag hairstyles with waves in their hair. You are free to add even the wildest patterns to your 360-degree waves, creating the most extraordinary and stunning hairstyle possible. But how long it takes to create waves depends on you because if you get bored, you will need to start again.

Tips to Maintain the Waves

Follow these tips to maintain the waves perfectly.

  1. Brush your hair from time to time every day using a wave brush.
  2. Get regular haircuts but never cut your hair below your curl length.
  3. Use high-quality products from reputed brands.
  4. Wash all the equipment regularly to keep them germ-free.
  5. Be persistent and patient for getting better results.
  6. If you cannot give enough time to maintenance and care, rethink this hairstyle.

Precautions to Maintain the Waves

Take the following precautions if you want to maintain the waves.

  1. Avoid washing your hair during the waving process.
  2. Avoid using excessive products since they can give reactions.
  3. Avoid brushes that contain stiff plastic bristles.
  4. Changing your hairstyle frequently will make the wave pattern get lost. So, avoid it if you do not want to lose the progress.


1. Can you use Vaseline for waves?

Yes. You can use Vaseline for waves. It helps to create an external layer around your hair to store the moisture inside. So, if you want healthy and beautiful hair waves, get Vaseline.

2. Do waves damage hair?

Usually, waves do not make you bald. While using chemical products while creating them can make your hair weak gradually and leads to hair loss. You need to brush your hair with natural products and equipment.

3. What race has the most wavy hair?

Caucasian people have the most wavy hair. They have round hair follicles. As a result, most parts go in straight or wavy hair.

4. Is aloe vera gel good for waves?

Yes. Aloe vera gel is good for waves. Providing you with a light feeling, it works as a curl gel for wavy or curly hair, as well as for waves. It held the curls stronger.

5. Does coconut oil help with waves?

Yes. Coconut oil helps with waves. It is a natural conditioner that moisturizes your hair strands starting from the scalp to the ends of your waves. As a result, the natural pattern of curl develops without split ends, frizz, or any kind of damage.

Final Thoughts

Although blacks have unique hair that makes it easier for them to get waves, white people can get this wonderful hairstyle too.

Rather than race, genetics play a role in getting waves. So, if you are someone having the right hair texture, you can get a wave hairstyle. For people with naturally wavy or curly hair, this hairstyle will be easier to do. White people mostly have straight hair, so it may be quite hard to achieve waves for straight hair. A lot of time and effort, and dedication can lead you to the waves hairstyle. While, if you cannot give enough time to maintenance and care, rethink this hairstyle.

You can get 360 waves by following a step-by-step procedure where you will need some necessary products and equipment, such as shampoo and conditioner, wave cream, soft wave brush, wave cap or durag, and moisturizer. There are also several haircuts from which you may select.

Key Points

  • White people can get waves although it may seem to be culturally inappropriate.
  • Hair texture is the precondition to get waves and white people have hair texture starting from bone straight to tight ringlets.
  • White people consider hair texture and type, hair density, length of the curl, and willingness to time and effort to get waves hairstyle.
  • Products and equipment like shampoo and conditioner, wave cream, soft wave brush, wave cap or durag, and moisturizer are must have to get waves.
  • If you wear a wave cap or durag during sleep to cover your straight hair, it will protect the waves.
  • Some of the best haircuts you can get for 360 waves are fade waves, taper fade waves, low fade waves, mid-fade waves, high fade waves, line-up haircuts, and designed durag haircuts.

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