Why Does My Eyeliner Look Bad – Avoid This 6 Mistakes

Why Does My Eyeliner Look Bad
If you’re wondering why your eyeliner looks bad on you, it could be because you’re not using the right type of eyeliner, wrong color eyeliner

Eyeliners are one of the key steps in makeup. It surely changes the look and makes the eyes more sultry or just vain. So do not underestimate the power of good eyeliner. Eyeliners are often a deal breaker in most makeup routines. For example, you can start with a very pretty eye shadow look, and when you have a bad liner moment, the whole thing is blowing up in the air. And even when you have just the basic eyeshadow moment, a good black eyeliner will surely make the game. But most people scream when they see a bad and uneven line. So why does my eyeliner look bad?

When you are not focusing on the kind of eye shape you have and are focusing on the trends or just on what works for others, the eyeliner tends to look bad. And that’s just the beginner’s issue with liners. Another thing with eyeliner is that when you use different types, like liquid or pencil, each turns out differently, which can go wrong with the eyeliner. Another mistake with eyeliners is that people tend to tug or stretch their eyes when they are doing them. And those are some of the facts that show that the eyeliner is looking bad.

Eyeliner is not an absolute necessity, and for everyday makeup, most people don’t have enough time to put the liners on. But even on your worst days, you can just wear a liner and no makeup, and the whole look will definitely change. And during the mask era, we all got a hint of it. Just dressing up the eyes with a liner and wearing a mask to avoid other makeup. It was a marvelous time.

Eyeliner mistakes are very common, and most people don’t even understand what makes the liner look bad until they carefully observe how each and every liner application makes their eyes look. Another thing about eyeliner is that people tend to go with black liners at first, but there are other colors that might look more flattering on your eyes than black ones.

Eyeliner application is all about practice, patience, and experimenting. The more you experiment, the more you learn. And the same thing goes for patience. You can’t just take up an eyeliner pencil and wand and expect the liner to be silky smooth on a very humid day. You have to try out new steps and techniques to do the liner. And if you hurry up, there’s a chance that the liner will not sit right, and you’ll scream, “Why does my eyeliner look bad?”

 So there are a lot of things to go through when you are doing your liner. Eyeliners are perfect with time, and for them to be perfect, you first need to identify your eye shape and then go shopping for the liner. We’ll discuss all things liner later in this article. So stay up.

Why does my eyeliner always look bad?

Why Does My Eyeliner Always Look Bad

Well, there are several reasons why eyeliners might look bad. But there are a few things to remember when doing eyeliner that are specific to the person, and it has nothing to do with the product you are using or the techniques you are using. These are:

Patience is the key: For every product application, patience is everything. You need to hold your gores when you are doing the liners. And this is why it is advised not to use the liners when you are doing a 5-minute makeup. That way, you’ll avoid the key mistakes in your liner. No one wants to spend half an hour just on eyeliner. But eyeliner is the key when you have an event or a date and want to look snazzy.

So doing a line with fifteen minutes on the clock will be worth a try, and you’ll be happy with your masterpiece at the end. With eyeliner, you also need perseverance. The liners will not come out perfect and straight in one try. So you can just do the work for days, and little by little, you can do it in just a few seconds.

Not understanding the task: the most common mistake a person can make with eyeliner is that they don’t understand how their liner should look. What is the most important fact related to liners? The eyes have to be snatched, and in that way, the face will look more sculpted.

And that’s why you need to understand how eyeliner should look on your face. And most people will run after a trend even though the liner doesn’t go well with their face. That’s why, while doing the liner, you must first understand its objective. Do you want to snatch the face, or do you want to change your eye shape? When you have this answer, you can proceed with your lines.

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6 Common mistakes with eyeliner

Well, we just stated the common mistakes that are made by a person while doing the laundry. But there are some mistakes that are made regardless of the reason for “why does my eyeliner look bad?” and here we are, including the points that you might be ignoring while doing your liner:

  1. Tugging or pulling on the outer corner of the eyes
  2. Wrong liner
  3. Wrong color in eyeliner
  4. Only doing your lash line
  5. The black liner on the lower water line
  6. The suitable liner according to the eye shape

1. Tugging or pulling on the outer corner of the eyes

Tugging Or Pulling On The Outer Corner Of The Eyes

Let’s talk about the most common mistake that people make. Most people will only pull the eyes when doing their liners, and when you do that, the liner might look snatched for the moment, but when you let it go, it doesn’t look as snatched. With eyeliner, the eyes are supposed to be snatched no matter what, and by stretching the eyes, you are changing their shape of the eyes. If applied that way, the eyeliner will look very unnatural.

With a pull on the eyes, they might give you textures and uneven lines. So this must be avoided at all costs. Instead of doing it, you can just place one of your fingers on your line and make sure to follow that outline when doing the line. Or just draw a straight line from the outer corners of the eyes to where your brow ends. And these are some of the ways to avoid pulling and tugging on the eyes while doing a liner.

2. Wrong liner

Wrong Liner

Again, you can find different styles of eyeliner on the marker. For example, a gel liner, a pencil liner, and a liquid liner. A liquid liner is used when you want an absolutely matte line on the eyes. And with the gel liners, they are easier to draw, but they might feel a little bit drier. And lastly, there are the pencil liners. These are not as smooth as the other two, but they are the easiest to use. And you can use the pencil liner to smudge the eyes. When using any of these formulas, make sure to use the one that feels safe and looks good on your eyes. That will be the ideal liner for you.

Well, different people like different things in their eyes. If you want to make the eyes a little bit more smudged, then adding too much liquid liner and smudging it will not work. For that, you need to switch the liner and choose something less harsh and blendable. And when you want a sharp line, the pencil liners won’t work, and you just have to switch to your liquid liner. A waterproof and smudge-proof liner is the best way to make the liners.

3. Wrong color in eyeliner

Wrong Color In Eyeliner

When we talk about eyeliner, most people just think about black and liquid liners. But there are so many colors that will look good to your eyes. And being stuck in black doesn’t always look flattering. A black liner might be too much for you when you have really fair skin and some rosiness on the cheek. You can choose gray or brown liners, which are less harsh and look more natural. And with different eyeliner colors like green, blue, aqua, and others, the natural eye color really pops up, making it easy to draw all attention to the eyes.

So try out different colors of liners to see what brings forward your eye colors. And eyeliner doesn’t necessarily have to be black to suit the face.

4. Only doing your lash line

Only Doing Your Lash Line

Another thing to remember when you are doing your eyeliner is that you have to extend the line, so it looks like the whole face is being smudged. There are different ways of doing a liner. And only doing the lash line and keeping it to only that part will make the eyes look droopy instead of opening them and instead of making you look like you have smaller eyes. And that doesn’t really sit down with the original objective of eyeliner.

So whenever you’re doing an eyeliner, make sure to wing the liner, so the eyes look snatched and cured. You can just start with a small wing and then choose the shape that suits you the most.

5. The black liner on the lower water line

The Black Liner On The Lower Water Line

Well, the best way to open the eyes is by using eyeliner. And when you apply the black liner on your water line, the eyes will look small. Blazing lines will not attract attention to the eyes but will discard all the light. And that is how the black color works. And when you do a black waterline, all the attention from the eyes will be dropped, and the eyes will end up looking small.

And to draw attention to the eyes, the best way to do it is to put some nude or white pencil liner on the water line. This will help open up the eyes, and the liners won’t look bad.

6. The suitable liner according to the eye shape

The Suitable Liner According To The Eye Shape

When you are doing your liner, the next thing to remember is to do the liner according to your eye shape. The liners will not fit when you do a cat-eye liner with downturned eyes. With this sort of eyes, the outer corner of the eyes is pointing down; thus, with cat eyes, the eyes will not look flattering. So most people just ignore their eye shape and draw any design. So here we are, including the eyeliner shape that will suit your eyes.

  • Almond eyes: cat eye and winged liner; avoid water lines.
  • Round eyes: half-winged liners
  • Monolid eyes: smokey eye
  • Downturned eyes: thin liners and a line towards the brow end.
  • Hooded eyes: vertical wing


1. How to do eyeliner?

To do a proper eyeliner, here are the few steps that you need to follow:
1. Start by looking straight into the mirror. Do not tilt your head.
2. Start with the liner you are most comfortable with.
3. Start at the inner corners with a very thin line.
4. Make the liner a bit thicker on the outer corners.
5. Draw a wing.

2. Why do I look so much better with eyeliner?

You look better with eyeliner, as the liner tends to draw attention to your eyes and gives light to your eyes.

3. How to do eyeliner for downturned eyes?

Do the wing on the outer corner of the eyes and go for a 45-degree line, and always start from the middle of the eyes rather than starting from the inner corners. The outer corner should be a bit thicker.

Final Thoughts

Eyeliners are actually the most important part of a makeup routine, but they are also the most difficult to master. And specifically with the liquid liner. They never set things right. And they tend to be more difficult when you don’t apply the perfect liner. And so, to get the liner right, make sure you have the perfect tool first. If you are not good with liquid liners, then go with a pencil liner. And next up, for the application method, try to stick with the basics for the first few attempts. And this will be just doing the lash lines. And then get up with this latest way of doing the liner. And always look straight in the mirror when you are doing your liner. This way, you’ll have the perfect shape.

Key Points

  1. When you don’t pay attention to your eye shape and instead focus on trends or what works for others, your eyeliner will appear horrible.
  2. When doing the liners, you must hold your gores. This is why it is not recommended to use eyeliner while performing a 5-minute makeup.
  3. You must comprehend how eyeliner should seem on your face. And most individuals will follow a trend even if the liner does not suit their face.
  4. Make careful use of the formula of these eyeliners that feels safe and looks excellent on your eyes.

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