Does Alcohol Make Gel Nails Shiny?

Yes, applying alcohol on gel nails can make them shiny, but also after using alcohol on your gel nails, there is a high chance of damaging your natural nail beds.

Gel nails are one of the most popular artificial nails because they look more attractive. People love to get gel nails instead of artificial ones because of their longevity and attractiveness. Gel nails are likely so natural that you will feel flexible with them, and there is a meager chance of breaking off your gel nails. So, if you are a nail art lover, you should also try gel nails.

Either way, if you have already tried gel nails, you will find how helpful they are to getting gorgeous-looking gel nails. As gel nails are artificial, there is a problem, they do not totally look like natural nails, and they also don’t have the same shine as natural ones. But people want the natural shine on their gel nails too. So, they try many remedies, and alcohol is one of them. But does alcohol make gel nails shiny? The answer is complicated because some say it can while others say it ruins the nail structure. So let’s find out which one is actually correct in this situation!

Does Alcohol Make Gel Nails Shiny?

Does alcohol make gel nails shiny

When it comes to gel nails’ shine, people always wonder if they can use alcohol on their gel nails to make them shiny, clear, and oil-free. There is a conflict between them; some say yes, while others say no. I will describe these 2 reasons why there is conflict about this matter.

People say yes to using alcohol to make gel nails shiny. Yes, alcohol is basically known as a cleanser. People use it to make themselves dirt, oil, and bacteria-free. And when it comes to gel nails, it also clears all kinds of dirt from them. It also makes it a little bit clearer, but not as clear as our natural nails are.

Because it doesn’t make your gel nails clear properly, some say no to using alcohol to clear your nails. Not only that, but alcohol can also weaken the nail beds and make them cling to your natural nails. And it can also reduce the longevity of your gel nails.

So, if you are willing to make your gel nails shiny with the alcohol, then take a cotton ball and soak it in alcohol, or get a few drops of alcohol in it, and apply it gently to your gel nails.

The Reasons Behind Your Gel Nails Are Not Shiny

After getting fresh gel nails, many people find out that their gel nails are not as shiny as they usually are. And it makes them feel freaking bad. It can’t be shiny for several reasons. The reasons why your gel nails are not shiny are:

The reasons behind your gel nails are not shiny

Lack of Proper Clean

The first reason that prevents the shine is not proper nail cleaning. Dirt and oils are the main reasons for losing the shiny effect of your gel nails. To give your gel nails a shiny effect, before starting to get gel nails, you must clean your hands and nails. After cleaning and removing all the dirt and oils, now it’s time to get gel nails. It helps attach the gel nails to the natural nails and also gives them a shiny and smooth surface.

Lack of Proper Cure

When you get your gel nails, you have to give them enough time to cure. Either way, it can affect your nail’s beauty. It can also reduce the shine of your gel nails. So, whenever you get your gel nails, you must give them proper time to cure. After getting gel nails, keep them under an LED or UV lamp for 30–60 seconds. It is a quick process to cure your gel nails. But if you don’t have this kind of tool to use, then take a bowl of ice-cold water and dip your nails under it. It is a natural process to make the gel solution hard.

Forget to Wipe The Sticky Residue

After getting the gel nails, forgetting to wipe off the sticky residue can also be a reason why your nails are not shiny. You must remove this type of sticky residue from your nails after getting the proper cure for your gel nails. To wipe the sticky residue, you have to take a cotton ball and then put a few drops of gel cleanser or isopropyl alcohol on it to remove the excess dirt and oils from your nails. After removing the sticky residue, there is a chance of getting shiny gel nails.

Too-Thick Top Coat

The too-thick top coat can also be a reason you are not getting shiny gel nails. Always remember to apply a thin layer of polish to your nails to make them look beautiful and attractive together. Excessive layers of polish make them look dull and harm the beauty of your nails. Thick layers of polish prevent the UV light from reaching the chemical bond of the polish and cause it to get hard unevenly. That’s why your gel nails are not shiny. So, before applying the gel polish layer, remember to apply a thin layer instead of a thick layer.

Excessive Buffing

Excessive buffing can also be the reason for losing your gel nails shine. Because excessive buffing can remove the top coat of your nail and sometimes harm, the color of gel polish, it’s important to know how much buffing you can do on your gel nails. It will help you get shiny, perfectly shaped nails without causing any harm.

How to Make Gel Nails Shiny?

If you are willing to get shiny gel nails, then instead of alcohol, there are several ways to make them shiny. In this part, I will help you out with how you can make your gel nails shiny:

Applying Wipe Free Top Coat

To make your gel nails shiny, you can use a wipe-free top coat. It will make you free from wiping after applying a top coat to your nails. This wipe-free top coat and our natural wipe coats are similar, but not the same. They work as a perfect alternative to our regular use of nail top coats. Applying a wipe-free top coat will help you save time and money by skipping the sticky finish part. It is a great combination of gels that gives your gel nails longevity and gives you shiny, glossy-looking finish nails.

Applying wipe free top coat

Clearing Your Nails

After getting gel nails done, sometimes it happens that your gel nails are not clear enough to shine. So, it became dull and made your nails look less gorgeous than you expected. Now you have to get back the shine that you have lost due to the unclearness. You just have to soak your nails in water for a few minutes, wash your hands, scrub your nails gently with a soft brush, rinse your hands, and give them time to dry. After the drying, you can see that your nails are looking shiny due to removing the oils and dirt from them.

Clearing your nails

Using Chrome Powder

If you still didn’t get the shine on your gel nails, then you can just use chrome powder. This powder is also known as metallic powder. Before the top coat, you have to take a brush, dip the brush into the chrome powder, and then gently rub the brush on your gel nails. It will give your nails a metallic, shiny effect. It is also safe. To make their nails shiny, the use of chrome powder is increasing day by day. It’s also very easy to apply. So, to get a shiny look on your nails, you can apply chrome powder to them.

Using chrome powder

Glitter Topcoat

Due to the chrome powder’s metallic shine, if you are not interested, the last option is a glitter-based top coat for your gel nails. The glitter-based top coat gives your gel nails additional beauty and a stunning look. There are a lot of glitter topcoat polishes you can find on the market. So, if you are interested in getting shiny gel nails, then you can choose glitter top coat polish for your nails.

Glitter topcoat

So, it’s clear that by applying a wipe-free topcoat, clearing your nails, using chrome powder, and using glitter topcoat, you can get the desired shiny effect on your nails.

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Tips You Should Follow to Keep Your Gel Nails Shiny

After getting shiny gel nail tips, you have to follow them to keep them as shiny as they are now. Those tips are:

  • Use High-quality Products: To get perfectly smooth, shiny gel nails, always try to use high-quality products for your nails.
  • Keep Nails Clean: You also have to keep your nails clean to keep your gel nails shiny.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals while you have your gel nails on because harsh chemicals like acetone can weaken your gel nails and make them fall out.
  • Avoid Excessive Water: You also have to avoid excessive water to keep your gel nails shiny. Water can also make your nails fall out or damage the shine of your gel nails.
  • Avoid Warmth: You have to avoid warmth too when you have your gel nails on. Warmth can melt or weaken the gel nail solution and make your gel nails look like a total disaster.
  • Avoid Using Your Nails as a Tool: While working with gel nails, you must keep in mind that you have to avoid using your gel nails as a tool and have to use proper tools for completing your work.
  • Avoid Cleanser with Acids: Some of the acids are not good enough for your nails, so when choosing a nail cleanser, check whether the ingredients are safe for gel nails or not.
  • Choose to File in One Direction: Always try to file your nails in one direction. Because it gives the gel nails a smooth surface and a beautiful shape.
  • Apply Cuticle Oils: Cuticle oils will keep your nails moisturized and healthy and give them a shiny look.


1. Is gel nails safe?

Gel nails are generally considered safe. But getting excessive gel nails can harm your natural nails; not only does the UV lamp light have the risk of giving your skin serious illnesses like cancer.

2. How long will gel nails last?

In general, gel nails are going to last at least two weeks on your nails. But depending on your activities, it can be changed.

3. How do I remove gel nails?

Using acetone to remove gel nails is known as the most useful way to remove the gel. But if you are not ready to apply acetone to your nails, you can also soak your gel nails in warm water. It will also help you remove the gel nails.

Final Thoughts

Applying alcohol to your gel nails can make them a little bit shiny and clear, but not the same as the natural ones. Applying alcohol will help you clean your nails of dirt and oils. But there is a risk of harming your gel nails while you are applying alcohol to them. Alcohol can also make the gel solution weak and cause the nails to break off or be damaged. But if your nails are not shiny, don’t panic; there are many other ways that you can make them shiny. Reasons like a lack of proper care, proper cleaning, a thick top, excessive buffing, and sticky residue can prevent your gel nails from shining. But instead of using alcohol, only by applying chrome powder, glitter top coat, wipe-free top coat, and cleaning your nails can you get shiny gel nails.

After following all of these, I hope you can get perfect-looking, shiny gel nails to make your beautiful appearance more attractive. These tips will help you by keeping your nails shiny and increasing their longevity.

Key Points

  • Gel nails are the most popular artificial nails that people are getting nowadays. They found that it is the most similar nail to the natural nail.
  • As with natural nails, people want to make gel nails shiny as well. To make gel nails shiny, they use chrome powder, glitter top coat, wipe-free top coat, and others. 
  • Some gel nail lovers wonder if alcohol is okay to get shiny nails, and yes, it can clean the surface of gel nails and make them look a little bit shiny.
  • To keep your gel nails shiny for a long time, choose high-quality products and avoid water, cleanser, warmth, and acidic cleanser.
  • Apply cuticle oils to make your nails look healthy, beautiful, and attractive, and keep the gel nails shiny.

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