How to Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar: Try at home Manicure Methods

You may have heard about the new trend of removing gel nail polish with sugar.Have you tried these easy ways? Take a look & discover the secrets here.

Gel nail polish, gel varnish, or nail enamel is a substance that folks use to maintain their nail plates where appearances are paramount. “Gel Manicure” refers to applying gel-based polishes to the nails. These paints are comparable to regular nail polishes. Most salons and nail artists paint their clients’ nails with gel nail polish since it is more convenient and easier to control. Furthermore, these nail paints endure a long time without breaking or flaking.

And if you’re curious about how to remove gel nail polish with sugar, we have the perfect recipe and solution for you. You can dip a cotton pad in granular sugar for the sugar remedy and gently rub your gel nail polish with it. Or you can mix the sugar with cuticle oil to remove the polish. The latter is less harsh, and cuticle oil will strengthen your nails.

We have included an elaborated process on how to remove gel nail polish at home with sugar later in this article. And we have even mentioned some of the alternatives to sugar, which are also pretty standard and available on the market.

What is gel nail polish?

Gel nail polishes are used in manicures and pedicures and are often referred to as gel manicures. Gel polishes are a bit more expensive than regular polishes, but their response is much elevated in terms of longevity and color. A nail gel polish will last around two to three weeks, and the gel lacquer is made to preserve nails.

Different companies have released their versions of nail paints, and if you count them, they are all the same. The main ingredient of gel polish is an organic polymer, and the chromophore portion changes to keep up with the color scale. Gel nail polishes are often very smooth and apply easily with a base and top coat. Of course, you can dip your brush more than once.

You must cure your nails in between each coat and seal the polish with gel nail polish. An LED or ultraviolet machine is used to cure the polish, and you can keep your nails under the device for just one minute.

Gel nail paint comes in various colors and is perfect for painting fingernails and toenails. Methacrylate polymer is used in gel polishes for its long-lasting effect. If you don’t cure your polish, it will not dry. Gel manicures are one of the greatest inventions for the beauty world as many people are pursuing their careers in nail art, and gel polishes make their work much more attractive and durable. You can have perfect nails with gel polish, and it is easy to remove once you learn how to remove gel nail polish at home with sugar.

How long does a gel nail polish last?

Getting a gel manicure will stay strong with just one monthly appointment is enough. Yes, gel polishes will stay still for a maximum of four weeks if you take care of them. Generally, gel polishes last between two to three weeks, whereas a conventional gel polish lasts around a week. And this is why salons and general mass prefer gel nail polishes.

Important facts to note about gel nail polish

Important facts to note about gel nail polish

Here we are including some important information on gel nail polishes which will help you to understand the process more. Our topic might be how to remove gel nail polish with sugar, but if you don’t understand some basic statements on gel polishes, it might all seem like a flashy topic.

Gel polishes are virtually indestructible, incredibly pigmented, glossy, and withstand chipping for weeks. And most importantly, if you’re thinking of getting rid of the gel polish, it is as easy as possible, and you won’t need to buy a whole new grinder just for your nail. You can soak your nails in acetone or sugar to get the best possible results. Once you understand how to remove gel nail polish at home with sugar, it is as easy as a pea.

  1. Exposure To Light
  2. Lacquer Acrylic
  3. Water
  4. Removing Process
  5. Back-to-back Manicures Are Not Recommend
  6. Damage
  7. Toxic Triads

1. Exposure to light

Gel manicures can trigger allergies and irritations that are sensitive to UV light. The UV exposure on the gel manicure time might be short, but it can trigger some facts as the light is very intense. Skin damages are also probable for this reason. LED lights are a safer option, but it is often believed that salons only use higher intensity of UVA or UVB lights to cure the gel polishes. The solution is to use sunblock during the manicure and wear it even after the finishing touches.

2. Lacquer acrylic

Gel polishes will not dry on their own like a regular polish, but you have to cure them in light. This is what makes gel polishes more resilient. The curing time of the polish varies with each brand, but mostly they follow the same path. Gel polishes will feel like an acrylic piece if you are to say, and the central theme of the polish is that. When they pull off or chip, they feel like plastic wrap.

3. Water

If your nail art lasts long, stay away from hot water. The nails should avoid long baths, Jacuzzis, or hot showers. You can just put on some gloves to prevent damage, but that too is too much of a hassle.

4. Removing process

Removing the gel polishes can be a rough experience for some as the nail enamel is harmed or dried out. If you dip your nails in acetone, hot water, or sugar coats, your nails will feel a damaging blow. Salons often use scraper data to remove the polish, and that can leave your nails with weak skin and cuticles. And if the nail isn’t cured correctly, you are up for a challenge. But here we are including an easy method, and that is how to remove gel nail polish at home with sugar.

5. Back-to-back manicures are not recommend

We suggest going for a nail manicure once or twice a month. Flawless fingers are best! But with the drastic procedure and continuous UV exposure, the nails might face long-lasting damage. And this is why try to paint and remove gel polishes at home. If you ask how to remove gel polishes with sugar and be very non-invasive, we’ll include that later in the article.

6. Damage

We’re not attempting to intimidate you away from gel nail paint; I even get a manicure at least once a month or just do it at home if there is a lack of time. But peeling, thinning, cuticle damage, blemished nails, uncomfortable nail bases, infections, extreme growths or no growths, moss attacks, etc., might not be very common. Still, there were noted cases by the dermatologists. So try natural ways and learn about how to remove gel nail polish with sugar.

7. Toxic triads

Toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and formaldehyde are common ingredients in gel polishes. These products can harm human skin as well as internal organs. Thyroid and liver diseases are common cases of such chemicals, and thus we mentioned them as a toxic or poisonous triad. Specialist grade or vegan gel polishes do not include such sources and are safe for everyone.

How to remove gel nail polish?

There are plenty of ways to remove gel nail polish. And if we must include it, the process of removing gel polishes is pretty easy and spotless. Most importantly, the polishes will not leave any stains on your nails, despite the different brands on the market.

How to remove gel nail polish at home? Well, they don’t simply come out with an acetone swipe. You have to put in some effort, but that effort is minimal. But by removing the polish, you can get creative with the process. For example, regular nail polish remover with alcohol is one solution for nail paint. But for gel nail paints, you get a variety of ways. And you can just choose the method that suits you the most. And the best triumph for me was when I mastered the art of how to remove gel nail polish at home with sugar, making my life 80% easier.

Call it quits now if you’re hanging with your gel polish for more than four weeks. And if you faced a nail manicure with a pandemic on the verge, you must’ve applied any home remedy to get rid of the chipping nails. Chipped nails are worse than plain nails, and snagged paint gets everywhere and isn’t very appealing to look at. Before you accidentally rip off your paint and damage your nails, get rid of your gel nail polish at home.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Acetone?

Here we include a method of how gel nail polish is removed in salons and by professionals. There are several measures that a certified place will take, which can be helpful if you want to remove gel polish without using acetone.

  • One nail at a time
  • Use petroleum jelly
  • General rule
  • Soaking
  • Wrap the nails
  • Use warm water
  • Wash up

Here we are going for an elaborate version of our earlier points. We might mention that professionals do this work, and they will charge for it. But the steps are measured and taken very carefully, and as a general rule, you should also be as careful as possible.

Step 1: One nail at a time

First, apply a thin quantity of petroleum jelly or Vaseline to your fingers and the surrounding area. And most importantly, work with one nail each time. So, the process will take longer than estimated. Also, one hand each time.

Step 2: Use Petroleum Jelly

Use petroleum jelly

Jelly will help the skin from drying out with acetone and hot water. Cut the cotton balls or cotton strips according to your nail size. Ensure the strips cover only your nail area rather than your skin so that that area can avoid acetone. Also, sample if you’re allergic or irritated to acetone or not.

Step 3: General rule

The pinkie or the little toe will take only 14 of the cotton ball. And for the rest of the fingers, you can easily use 12 cotton balls or strips.

Step 4: Soaking

Then you need to soak your cotton pads with acetone and drench it properly. And then, place each of the cotton balls on top of your fingernails and wrap them up. You can use plastic wrap or foil in this case. You need a good seal so the cotton stays in place but is not so tight that you lose blood circulation.

Step 5: Wrap the nails

Wrap the nails

Then keep the cotton wrapping for ten minutes at a minimum, and once you remove it, the gel polish will be properly removed. If there is some stain or remaining polish, just put your hands on warm water, and the nail chips will come off.

Step 6: Use warm water and wash up

Hands should be washed with mild soap, and Fragrance-free soaps are the best to avoid irritation. Use cuticle oil on your nails, and avoid using gel polish for the next seven days. Put on jelly or hand cream for that time; it’ll not dry out your skin from acetone.

DIY gel nail polish remover- sugar solution

Is it possible to remove gel nail polish with the help of sugar? Absolutely. Gel nail polishes are stubborn in their rights, so if you use the sugar method, the idea is affordable and easy. You’ll only need household items, and one of them is beneficial for your nails. Removing gel polishes with sugar ascertains minimal damage to the natural nail, and the cuticle and skin will stay safe from damage and drying out.

But if you’re looking for an at-home experience with gel polishes, you are not the only one. We have all been there, and we’re not all nail artists, but a base coat of color or two-toned nail polish is relatively standard. Then there’s the information on how to remove gel nail polish. Acetone or a household item, specifically “granulated sugar,” will be the answer.

Supplies for the sugar method

  • 2 Tsp of granulated sugar
  • Bowl
  • Cotton pads/ strips
  • Cuticle oil (storebought or homemade)/ coconuts oil/ castor oil
  • Grinder
  • Nail file
  • Soap and water

Step-by-Step procedures on how to remove gel nail polish with sugar

Here we include a step-by-step guide on removing gel polishes and filing your nails at home. The steps are:

  • Get sugar
  • File your nails
  • Make the mixture
  • Soak
  • Rub
  • Wash up

Now let us elaborate on how to remove gel nail polish with sugar. The steps and process remain the same. This is just our take on the process; we think this is how the removing process works best for anyone.

Procedures on how to remove gel nail polish with sugar

Step 1: Get sugar

First, you have to get sugar and grind it. You can use any grinder to grind the sugar particles and want an in-between size. So only use the grinder for 20 seconds, depending on how much sugar you use. We recommend using only two teaspoons for both your hands.

Step 2: File your nails

Gel polishes usually contain four layers or coats to get the right gloss and aesthetics. Unlike regular nails, you must file just the gel polish’s upper coat. For example, do light strokes of the file, around 20-30%, until you’re sure the top coat is removed.

If you overdo the filling, the sugar will damage the nail enamel and make it thinner. So with mild filling, stop and let the sugar syrup do the work for you.

Step 3: Make your mixture

Mix sugar and oils in a bowl and make a homogeneous mixture. Make sure the sugars do not form any lump or bubble. You should do this step initially, so the sugar will have enough time to melt and spread in the oil. Cuticle oil is the best start. You can also use coconut or caster oil. Essential oils should be avoided. Choose a hydrating product.

Step 4: Soak

First, you need to soak your cotton balls completely. For general rules, you can use a ¼ or ½ of a cotton strip by cutting it properly. Soak the cotton balls on both sides and work on each nail simultaneously.

Step 5: Rub

Use the soaked balls to rub the gel nail polish. Sugar particles will help take off the gel. Think of it as a gentle scrubber for your gel nails. And as sugar and oil are both natural products, there is no chance of skin damage. Take breaks between the process and make sure you get rid of everything.

Step 6: Wash-up

If there is any sort of remaining polish, then use the hot water method. Continue the process for each hand, and in the end, wash your hands with soap and water. Use cuticle oil to hydrate and replenish the skin. And put on a moisturizer for lasting effect.

With such simple steps, you can easily get the idea of how to remove gel nail polish at home with sugar in an instant.

[Note: do not rub the oil-sugar mixture vigorously on your nails, leaving a permanent scratch, which will take time to recover. Thinning is also to be kept in mind.]

Does sugar soak up nail polish?

As we mentioned earlier, gel nail polish can easily be removed from the nail from sugar oil. But how to remove the gel nail polish with sugar that spilled on the floor or table?

Many try to use water and cleaner, but that doesn’t work and leaves a stain. So instead of that, just put some sugar on the paint, which will soak up the polish in a clump. The process works like magic. So you can use sugar to clean up the mess while applying your gel polish.

Alternative DIY options on how to remove gel nail polish at home

Here we include some easy remedies that you can use to remove the gel polish on your table. You do not need to go to a spa or a mall to get these goods. I have tested these methods, and they all work as fine as the sugar method.

Method 1: Warm water technique

Warm water technique

This method is also known as the double boiler technique. Here you will require:

  • Two bowls
  • Hot water
  • Nail file
  • Acetone remover
  • Orange stick

You can start lightly buffing or filling your nails to remove the top coat. Then take boiling hot water in a large bowl and fill it up to the ⅔ part. Fill a small bowl halfway with acetone.

Soak your fingers in an acetone bowl for 6 to 10 minutes. Use the orange stick to remove and push off the remaining polish.

This method is very effective, and you can use all five of your fingers at once without using wraps and cotton balls. But we highly recommend using a hydrating gel or moisturizer immediately, or your skin might dry out.

Method 2: Acetone jars

Acetone jars

This is an over-the-counter gel remover that you can buy from any drugstore. These jars are acetone-soaked sponge jars, which regular customers mostly use to remove gel polish at home.

But the thing about the store-bought jars is that they are not available everywhere, and you won’t know if they actually work until you try these. You must put your nails between the sponges and slightly twist your fingers.

The nail paints will come out instantly, or you must use an orange stick to remove the gel nail polish. This is a risky route but easier.

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1.Does sugar work to remove gel nail polish?

Sugar works absolutely fine if you want to remove gel nail polish at home. Make a mixture of granulated sugar and oil and rub it gently on a cotton pad to remove the gel polish.

2.What are the methods to remove gel nail polish?

There are several methods to remove the gel polish:
-100% acetone and cotton pad
-Sugar and cuticle oil
-Double boiler with acetone
-Store-bought acetone jars
-Wrapping with acetone pads

3.Is acetone the only way to remove gel polish?

Acetone is the most effective way to remove gel nail polish. But you can try out:
Hot water
Acetone jars

4.What are the tips for gel nail polish removal? 

There are certain factors to be considered while removing the polish:
-Sharp objects should be avoided 
-Do not file vigorously 
-Do not peel off the gel polish
-Do not use teeth to get the gel polish off
-Don’t microwave the acetone

5.What is the easiest method to remove gel nail polish?

100% acetone with a cotton pad and a double boiler is the easiest method to remove gel polish. Or you can use sugar and oil on a pad and remove the gel polish by rubbing it gently.

To Sum Up…

Gel nail polishes are quite common and extremely versatile. Getting rid of them may appear difficult at first, but after you’ve mastered how to remove gel nail polish with sugar, the rest will be a cinch. If you are applying a gel nail polish, just apply the home remedies which we included. Natural products are simple to manage and have no adverse side effects. These are also sold in local supermarkets and drug stores, making them accessible to the general public.

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