The Art of Applying Orange Makeup Looks

Orange Makeup Looks is another trend that’s making waves on social media. It’s perfect for those who love a pop of color without going overboard.

The color orange is a go-to for Halloween and the fall. Orange is also the hue you should choose if you have brown eyes and tanned skin with warmer undertones. On Instagram, many influencers execute the orange look so flawlessly that it makes people drool. Orange and pink are likely to be your first choices if you’re going on a nice date or to a garden party. We are happy to guide you with all of that.

Orange makeup looks are for every skin tone. You just have to choose the correct hue of orange. There are no rules for makeup. It is never too heavy if you put on orange lips and blush. You can add some orange eyeshadow or glitter to accentuate your features more. So go for orange makeup looks that are perfect for you, and we’re here to spill all the tea on orange looks so that you can choose the best out of all.

Why are orange makeup looks flattering?

As we’ve been preaching, orange makeup looks will suit everyone if done right. Many celebrities and artists have pulled off the orange makeup look and nailed it throughout the years. If you have to think about the orange makeup look, we can easily say that it is one step further from the nude makeup look and one step down from the pink makeup look. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a red lip, orange is the second best way to go.

Orange is best for summer and fall and looks good on everyone. And you can even find tons of variations on orange. The most famous is the red-orange hue. And I have to mention my obsession with turquoise and orange eyeshadow looks. They were trending a few years back. Every other fall, orange comes back and stays till spring to summer.

If you don’t want bright orange shades, choose the rust shades instead. Over the years, many celebrities have pulled off orange makeup looks like a pro and even on red carpets. And if you watch any runway show for their fall collection, you can easily see the hints of orange on the model’s face and décolletage.

Karlie Kloss always wore minimal makeup in general. But when she used coral blushes for cheeks and a red lip, she stunned everyone with her fresh out of the orange tub look. Again, if you need to pull off a red lip to look like Jenna Dewan Tatum, you need a dramatic coral or orange cheek with a neutral eye shadow look.

The focus is, of course, the red lip, and the orange blush will only compliment it. And if we are to look at Emily Ratajkowski’s orange makeup look, with smokey orange eyes and an overall neutral makeup with just a gloss on her lips, then the urge you feel about choosing orange is legit.

From cool-toned to warm-toned to olive, people with every skin tone look good when they put on some orange makeup on red carpets or for the paparazzi.

Celebrities pulling off orange makeup looks

Here we are mentioning some of the celebrities of Hollywood who have nailed orange-orange looks on the red carpet and at general parties. The look complimented their wear and often started a new trend on the go.

Selena Gomez

Selena gomez

Selena wore an extended orange eye makeup look with the tangerine shadow extended to her brow bones. The lips were a neutral orange with a hint of gloss, and there was a coral blush to compliment them. The blush here worked like a binder rather than everything else. And then she wore long earrings with shades of orange, which stunned the look.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi pulled off her fall-inspired makeup look with an orange ensemble, and it looked phenomenal with neutral to no blush and a slight contour. Her lips were also orange neutral. The eyebrow was applied with the sunrise technique and was perfect for her blue eyes.

Cara Delevingne

Cara wore a black and white striped dress with orange shadow. The eyeshadow was applied as a winged look, and the orange extended to the tail of her brows. A final touch of pink was added to the look to add flair, and it was applied to the inner corners of the eyes. The rest of the makeup was neutral, maybe with rusty blush.

Winnie Harlow

Winnie tried for a pop of orange look with a matte eyeshadow on the runway and is a good example of how orange makeup looks on dark skin: flawless. The product was primarily a highly pigmented liquid shadow that would eventually dry to a matte finish. It made her, overall, look relatively tamed but just with her black eyes on the site. The rest of the makeup consisted only of mascara, gloss, and a hint of coral blush, and the makeup looked only needed a few products.

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse ronan

If you want the academy’s favorite nominee, we present to you, Saoirse Ronan. The British actress was dressed in a pink dress with burnt orange makeup. A copper-hued orange shadow created the whole look with a lighter liner to compliment her inner and lid areas. Two or more coats of mascara are then applied to make the eyes pop. Black eyeliner ended the look with a snap. There was only a tiny bit of blush and a nude lip.

Marrion Cotillard

She is one of the Oscar-winning actresses with numerous nominations, and she has starred in some of the most influential films ever made. She wore a coral look with a pink dress. Coral orange eyeshadow and coral pink blush paired with coral pink lips with a gloss was every bit of inspiration for us to admire. The look was finished with a small, winged eyeliner, lower lash orange hints, and black mascara.

Charlize Theron

Looking at Charlize Theron, you’ll quickly realize how stunning she looks with or without makeup. She wore a black dress with platinum hair and a peachy look for a red carpet event. The watch was monochromatic and complimentary to everything she wore that day. The look was all neutral, with just a hint of orange here and there, and it was finished off with black mascara.

Barbara Palvin

The model with sparkling blue eyes made even the orange blush with her bright orange eyeshadow look. The shades were pigmented on the eyes and eventually extended to the brows. The inner corners hinted at a metallic shadow and a full face of nude makeup. It went perfectly with her black gown.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene woodley

This is what a sunset eye looked like and complimented the actress completely. The look was formed with bright orange shadows all over the eyes, which eventually took the shape of a wing. And the eyelids also had a hint of orange, with black mascara and a slight liner wing.

Lee Rodriguez

If you think orange doesn’t look good on darker skin tones, this Game of Thrones star is here to prove you wrong. The actress wore a tangerine slip dress with subtle eyeshadow on the lid. All it was was a sweep of orange on the upper part that was eventually darkened by the orange shadows. The rest of the makeup has a hue of orange blush and a pink-orange lip.

Elenor Tomlinson

This British actress with red hair is the perfect example of how orange makeup looks for fair skin. The makeup was done with a peachy hue on the eyes and was blended beautifully. The blush also had peachy pink tones with a darker shade of peachy pink. I was finished with the liner and the mascara.


She is the queen of red carpets, and all of her makeup looks are as stunning as she is. The makeup was done to complement her orange dress and was blended with orange smokey eyes and a clear indication of perfection with orange eyeshadow looks on dark skin. Tones of orange, brown, and metallic shadows are used here. The lower lid also had a hint of orange shade. The look ended with a pink nude glossy lip and a slightly peachy blush.

Jessica Alba

Jessica alba

This blond beauty always opts for subtle and neutral colors, so the orange dress she wore was sure to be complimented by her subtle orange makeup. One can pull off this daytime look with just the hint of orange and metallic shadow; the rest had false lashes and mascara with a slight wing at the end.

Orange makeup looks for 2023!

Orange is a favorite fall look for most celebrities. But here we are, including some of the best makeup looks with orange tones and colors, and you can quickly check them out for inspiration. As we mentioned, makeup is all about what looks good on you. So choose the products that might complement your entire look for fall and summer. The influx of the orange makeup trend has been surfacing all around social media, and most are recreating looks from celebrities.

1.Orange Soft Glam Look

2.Orange Glow Up

3.Monochrome Orange

4.Neon Orange Makeup Looks

5.Orange Blush Look

6.Smokey Orange Eye Makeup Looks

7.Tangerine Lip

1. Orange Soft Glam Look

Orange soft glam look

The best way to start your orange journey is by incorporating the subtle tones first with natural orange makeup looks. For example, use an orange eyeshadow close to your orange nude. Add the orange shade all over the lead and make sure the color is matte. Now add a metallic shadow on top of it and use a brown shade on the upper crease to blend all of it slightly. Thus, the color will remain vibrant. For best results, use a liquid eyeshadow or a lid primer to brighten the eyes.

2. Orange Glow Up

Orange glow up

Here you’ll be incorporating your eyeshadow with your blush and using a gold-toned highlighter to blend it all up. The look is bronzed, glittery, and full of copper tones. Make sure the color family you choose will complement each other and give a cohesive look at the end. And to make it all very similar, use the same highlighter on your cheeks and eyes. The blush should reach the upper corner of your forehead, and they’ll be blended.

3. Monochrome Orange

Monochrome orange frame effect with png

If you’re new to the orange game and have an orange fit lying around, then go easy on makeup with the Monochrome orange look. This look is a massive trend as many celebrities have pulled it off on different red carpets. Here the look is created with the same color. Everything is the same color, just with different hues, from eyeshadow to lips. For example, if you choose a peachy eye with a darker shade, select the same color with lighter hues for the lips. To tie everything together, use a medium-toned blush. Chrissy Teigen’s look at the Grammys is the perfect example of a monochrome orange look.

4. Neon Orange Makeup Looks

Neon orange makeup looks

If you want something more daring, try the makeup look with an orange neon eye. The neon and pigmented orange shade is applied all over the lid with a full face of nude makeup are best to admire how orange makeup looks on dark skin. The whole look has an orange vibe, and there is 0 effort for you to blend it. Make sure to make a winged shape with your shade and that it has a wet wash of color to bind it all together. This is more like a neon orange cat-eye look; you can easily pull it off with a flat and angled brush.

5. Orange Blush Look

Orange blush look

And for that extra fresh and orange look, opt for a very nude eye with just two coats of mascara and a very bright peachy lip. Coral blush has been making its mark on 2022 as it compliments all skin tones. Coppery orange or rosy orange blushes are something to die for. The blush has to be placed on the higher points of the cheek to make the apples of the cheek pop. And you need to add a soft contour for sculpted jaw bones. Try and use a blush that has some kind of shimmer in it. It’ll work as a blush and a highlight, and you don’t have to pile up on makeup. Lastly, the lips have to be bright matte orange.

6. Smokey Orange Eye Makeup Looks

Smokey orange eye makeup looks

This look is perfect for a nighttime look. Many celebrities have removed the smokey look by combining orange with copper and brown. And the most famous was one Rihanna did for the Fenty launch party, where she wore all orange with a very subtle smokey eye and glossy orange lips. The soft black liner blended with copper shadow was perfect for the look. The look can be kept monochromatic or nude, depending on your taste.

7. Tangerine Lip

Tangerine lip

The next step is to pull off an orange lip. You can go neutral with the rest of the makeup or don’t do anything besides your base makeup. Put on some mascara or subtle false lashes. And lastly, put on coral, peach, or bright orange lipstick to compliment the entire look. You can use a slight lip color on your cheeks for some color. This makeup look is perfect for deeper skin tones.

Products to do a full face of orange makeup looks

Products to do a full face of orange makeup looks

There are so many products in town that you can use to make an orange look. But some of them are very stalwart, like orange lipstick. Even if you don’t own blush or shade, at least buy an orange lipstick that can be used as a blush and shade. And for color correcting purposes, you can easily use orange makeup looks foundation behind concealer. You never know when you’ll need some orange makeup for your fit. And did I mention how famous the orange wedding makeup looks are in the summer? If I didn’t, they are very chic and classy.

Here we are including some of the essential orange makeup products, which will be very important when you are putting a look together.

  • Metallic Orange Shadow
  • Matte Eyeshadow
  • Liner
  • Powder Blush
  • Orange Lipstick
  • Cool Toned Lipstick
  • Warm Toned Lipstick
  • Neutral Toned Lipstick

Metallic Orange Shadow

I know you must be frowning at the first thing we mentioned here. But if you’re wearing a metallic orange shade with brown or neutral shades, the orange will pop and compliment the colors. You can quickly apply some of the colors to your cheeks and eyes if you’re in a rush.

  • INC. Redible Cosmetics Lid slick- Back to 99
  • Nyx Professional Makeup Prismatic Eye Shadow- Fireball

Matte Eyeshadow

You can use an orange shade close to your natural tones and add a bit of brown and copper to make it darker. So start with the orange on the entire lid and darken it with a brown and orange shade on the outer corners and above the crease line, and that’ll give you more dimensions.

  • Colorpop- Orange You Glad?
  • MAC Eye Shadow- Orange
  • Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadow- Liquid Gold


For the orange look, you can use a pencil orange liner or a liquid liner. If you just want to use a bit of color of orange without applying a tonne of shades and blends, then orange liners are a way to go. You can go for a brick red-orange or a peachy orange; just make sure it flaunts with your eyes.

  • Glossier Color Side- Jumbo
  • Nyx Vivid Brights Eyeliner- Delight
  • Maven Waterproof Liquid Liner

Powder Blush

For the next orange product, orange powder blush is almost always a staple. The first orange blush to make a statement was from MAC. But orange blushes were never very popular until recent times. Orange blush: fair skin, tan skin, dark skin, everything looks good and goes with everything, and I swear it works fine.

  • MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush- Bright Response
  • Nars Cosmetics- Taj Mahal
  • Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle- Feugo Flush

Orange Lipstick

Lastly, to create an orange lip, the lip color plays one of the most significant roles. There are three different tones of orange that you can choose from. Orange lipsticks are often a trend for fall, and they look flattering in every skin tone.

Cool Toned Lipstick

  • Dominique Cosmetics- Peach Tea
  • Dose Of Colors- Coral Crush

Warm Toned Lipstick

  • Jeffree Star- Pumpkin
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics- Detox

Neutral Toned Lipstick

  • Loreal Paris Rouge Signature- I Achieve
  • Coloured Raine- Spiked Peach
  • Charlotte Tilbury- Choral Kiss
  • Milani- Orange Gina
  • Morphe- Brunch
  • Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte-  Saw-c

How to do a burnt orange smokey eye makeup look?

How to do a burnt orange smokey eye makeup look

A burnt smokey eye makeup suits almost every skin type as they are one of the easy orange makeup looks, and they are pretty famous among the day-glam looks.

  • Step 1: Remove any excess foundation from your eyelids and blend in a primer or lighter concealer. Later, set it with a bit of concealer.
  • Step 2: Apply any orange eyeshadow to the crease and outer corners of the eyes, blending well.
  • Step 3: Using a precise brush, darken the crease area with a brown or copper shade. Don’t go overboard with this shade.
  • Step 4: To darken it, even more, use a brown pencil brush, apply it to the crease area, and soften it with a brush.
  • Step 5: Apply concealer to the first part of the eyelids, only going as far as the center of the lid. Apply the concealer with a flat brush and follow your natural crease line.
  • Step 6: Apply a light orange shade on top of the concealer and blend it in with the other shades.
  • Step 7: Create a wing with black eyeliner.
  • Step 8: Apply the first orange shade to the lower lashes.
  • Step 9: To complete easy orange makeup looks, apply two to three mascara coats or false lashes.


1. Does orange look good on dark skin?

Orange looks phenomenal in warm to tan to dark skin tones, and orange will just accentuate your natural colors. If you want to start with orange makeup, start with a coral or peachy blush at first. Then try some orange lip gloss and decide which shade of orange suits you the most.

2. Does orange lipstick suits dark skin?

Orange Lipstick suits dark skin tones perfectly. You just have to choose the correct shades of orange and the undertone you want it to look like. 
-Nyx butter gloss- Orangesicle
-Smashbox is always on liquid lipstick- Out loud
-MAC semi-matte lipstick- Lady Danger
-Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick- Heroine

3. What skin color does orange look good on?

Bright orange is perfect for olive undertones. But if you’re going for light or cooler orange, it is suitable for fair to neutral skin tones. Reddish and brownish orange tones are a go-to for warmer and tan skin types.

To Sum Up…

Orange makeup looks step-by-step guide shouldn’t be just about a specific season or dress-up makeup. At any season of the year, you can do it. If you’re going to the beach in the summer, just put on sunscreen, waterproof makeup, and a neon orange liner to match the look. In winter, an orange makeup look or an orange blush will go perfectly with your overcoat, even when it is blue or cold-toned. Orange looks best when you have a warmer skin tone, which is more about enhancing your natural techniques. But the fact is, orange is a universal color for nails. Anyone can pull off the look with some practice and new trends to look at.

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