Does Olaplex Cause Dandruff?

Does olaplex cause dandruff
Olaplex is a renowned brand that is loved by everyone but recent claims of itchiness and dandruff might throw you off. Let’s find out the extent of this buzz!

When it comes to hair care products and finding the perfect balance of a good hair care routine everyone is up for trying out new hair products. In recent times Olaplex has been gaining a lot of attention for hair care and has a wide range of products for most hair types. Although Olaplex has been made with careful choice of ingredients and gained a lot of heart, some have noticed dandruff on their hair after switching to Olaplex This makes other people who are using Olaplex wonder and raise the questions like does Olaplex cause dandruff?

Dandruff is a very common hair problem that causes the scalp to flake. This is not seriously harmful but makes the scalp oily and can cause buildup in the hair. So everyone wants to avoid products that can dry out the scalp and cause dandruff. This is why it is very important to know the possibility of Olaplex causing Dandruff and the reason behind the raising questions. So let’s find it out!

Understanding Olaplex

Understanding Olaplex
Understanding Olaplex

Olaplex is a hair care line that has been in use for a long time by stylists and hair specialists. At first, it was only in use by the salon to repair damage and restore hair bonds. But thanks to the brand we can now have full-on hair care and hair restoration in the comfort of our home. The reason behind Olaplex being so popular and loved by everyone is the science-backed formula of this brand. Olaplex hair repairing and bonding has the capability to restore chemical damage to hair and restore the damaging cause by over-styling or heating.

Olaplex formulas are prepared with a single major ingredient Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Through this single patent ingredient, Olaplex can restore the damage and repairs the bond of hair protein. Olaplex basically restores the damaged bond of the hair. The ingredients used in the shampoo are really great too. In the ingredient list, we can see a balanced mix of glycerin propylene glycol, cetearyl alcohol, panthenol, phenoxyethanol, and cetrimonium chloride. This balanced combination focuses on the damage repairing and bond building of the hair and works to restore hair condition of all hair. But this does not claim to remove any other problem of hair. People from all over the world are really intrigued to have Olaplex products and have wonderful results for their hair.

What Causes Dandruff?

What causes dandruff
What causes dandruff

Dandruff is a problem that everyone wants to avoid their best and occurs for many reasons. This really makes us embarrassed in front of people and sometimes can cause hair to fall as the scalp becomes congested. Before finding out if the product is causing dandruff or not you must know why you can have dandruff. Here are 5 reasons:

  1. Dry skin: Having a dry scalp is the major reason behind dandruff. A dry scalp can be caused due to a number of series and also depends on numerous factors. Age, genetics, medication, and weather are some of them.
  2. Oily skin: Having too much oily scalp can also sometimes lead to dandruff. This happens because oily scalps create a perfect environment for yeast breeding and Malassezia. This can irritate the scalp and cause flakes.
  3. Yeast overgrowth: As we said sometimes yeast can grow on the scalp and when this growth increases, that leads to dandruff. This kind of overgrowth is very common among oily scalp people and weaker immune systems.
  4. Allergic reaction: Some people get dandruff as an allergic reaction to certain products or hair tools. In that case, you have to switch to alternative options and try out products that would not mess with your allergy.
  5. Medical conditions: Some people have a medical condition that makes the scalp flakey and dry out the outer portion. There are many conditions like that such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and eczema. This kind of condition cannot be related to any kind of product or any styling tool rather seeing a doctor immediately would be your best choice.

6 Possibility of Olaplex Causing Dandruff

Olaplex is a very well-known and hyped brand that has been loved by salons and professionals to repair damage and give silky shiny hair. This brand might claim to repair the bond and damage but about protecting from dandruff and other scalp issues there are no claims. There is no scientific or official proof of having dandruff due to Olaplex shampoo as this has some really good ingredients blend. But on many platforms, people have been claiming to have dandruff and itchy scalp as they started using Olaplex shampoo or other products. Well, there could be many possibilities to have Dandruff due to Olaplex. Some of the possibilities are:

Possibility of olaplex causing dandruff
Possibility of olaplex causing dandruff

1. Allergens

Olaplex has ingredients like lilial and panthenol which are highly allergic and possible causes of dandruff. If you have a sensitive or allergic scalp and unknowingly use Olaplex despite having an allergy, then you would surely have dandruff. This is the sign your scalp has been irritated due to the ingredients in the Olaplex.

2. The shampoo is too harsh

Everyone has different kinds of hair and different levels of capability to bare harsh products. Olaplex is a gentle brand but this can be too much for some hair types. Olaplex is designed to remove buildup and styling residue from hair this needs a lot of chemicals that would restore the hair from that damaged condition. Which can be harsh for many hairs. Also, there is a possibility in the process of chemical residue removal Olaplex products strip away the natural oil and moisture from the scalp and hair. Which eventually can lead to dry scalp and dandruff.

3. Moisture drying ingredients

Some people have sensitive and dry scalp which needs a product that would moisturize and provide hydration to the skin. Olaplex does not work on providing hydration and miniaturization. Basically, Olaplex is not designed with the kind of ingredients that would do the job of providing hydration. Rather the basic ingredient of Olaplex products is Alcohol, Silicon that can be pretty drying for the scalp that is already irritated and dry. Also, Olaplex products contain a fragrance that is very harsh for sensitive skin.

4. Seborrheic dermatitis

If you have Seborrheic dermatitis and you are using Olaplex unknowingly then you will surely see your skin flecking. Olaplex can be a trigger for seborrheic dermatitis because of the ingredients present. Ingredients like alcohol Panthenol, and Fragrance can be triggers for Seborrheic dermatitis. Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin condition that causes dandruff. Seeing dandruff due to Olaplex can be a sign of this disease too.

5. Clash with other product

If you are using too many products in contrast with Olaplex there is a high possibility that Olaplex can cause you dandruff. Since this brand’s product is formulated with a complex bond of chemicals and is supposed to be a treatment for damaged hair, incorporating other products in the same routine might be too heavy for your hair. Olaplex can be used in conjunction with other products that cause dandruff. If you use Olaplex with other products that contain drying or irritating ingredients, you may be more likely to develop dandruff.

6. Using too often

Using Olaplex products too often can cause dandruff. Using this kind of chemical product too many times a week or in a huge amount on the hair can give you a dry scalp. That would be the perfect condition for dandruff. You are using Olaplex too often. Olaplex products are designed to be used as part of a regular hair care routine. However, if you use them too often, it can strip away natural oils from the scalp and lead to dandruff. Also using too much can make the scalp itchy.

5 Tips To Get Rid Of Dandruff Caused by Olaplex

Tips to get rid of dandruff caused by olaplex

Olaplex is a great product for those having damaged hair that has destroyed the bonding to protein in hair due to over-styling. Some people might face the problem of dandruff due to the reasons mentioned above. Apart from that Olaplex works great on the scalp. If you have dandruff on your hair due to using Olaplex and do not want to get it worst, you might consider totally using it or you can stop using it for some time until the dandruff goes away and then start using again following the tips given below. So, here are some tips to help prevent dandruff from occurring while using Olaplex products:

1. Start using Olaplex slowly

If you are someone with a sensitive scalp and are starting Olaplex for the first time, then start to use it slowly. Try incorporating one product at a time if you want to move to a full Olaplex hair care routine. Incorporating Olaplex slowly into the haircare routine would help you to understand if you are having any kind of trouble or dandruff or not. If you see dandruff coming up due to the Olaplex then you can stop using the product immediately.

2. Incorporating clarifying shampoo

Incorporate a clarifying shampoo with your Olaplex products at least once a month. Olaplex can cause buildup on your hair and cause dandruff due to the reason. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month. A clarifying shampoo can help to remove the build-up of product and styling residue from the hair, which can help to prevent dandruff.

3. Moisturizing

Although Olaplex is a great product some ingredients presented in the brand’s product can draw moisture from your scalp and make the hair and scalp pretty dry. this dry scalp has the potential to cause dandruff. That is why using a moisturizer alongside the Olaplex will give you the much-needed moisture boost in the hair. So use a moisturizer for your scalp after you have finished using Olaplex. You can use a leave-in conditioner or some kind of oil to lock in moisture into the hair.

4. Avoiding styling products

Avoiding styling products while using Olaplex will lessen the possibility of Avoid using harsh styling products. Harsh styling products, such as hairspray and heat styling tools, can dry out your scalp and lead to dandruff, causing the hair scalp to dry too much. If you must use these products, be sure to use a heat protectant spray and avoid using them too often.

5. Use gentle Shampoo

If you are facing heavy dandruff while using Olaplex it would be better to completely stop it and start using a gentler shampoo. Then use Olaplex much lesser than usual.

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How to Use Olaplex Products To Get Rid of Dandruff?

How to use olaplex products to get rid of dandruff
How to use olaplex products to get rid of dandruff

Using Olaplex can be a little difficult for beginners and understanding the numbers for your hair type also is intimidating. So here is our full breakdown of when and how you can use Olaplex based on your hair and which one should work well if you have dandruff.

Olaplex No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment

This is a product that prepares your hair for using no 2 and 3. When you apply no 0 on your hair it replenishes your dull, tired, and broken hair. This treatment also repairs broken locks and broken bonds resulting in silky smooth hair with added shine to it. Apply no 0 on your dry hair and comb to spread it all over the hair. Let the treatment on your hair for 10 minutes and add the after using other products on top of it and rinse thoroughly.

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector

This is Olaplex’s number-one selling product. This product contains a bond multiplying system. This system reconnects the bonds in the hair and repairs damaged hair. Smoothen the hair texture, making it vibrat6 and stronger. Apply the no 2 on the damp hair and leave for 10 minutes after that you can wash your hair and see the result almost immediately.

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

This one is used to maintain the bond of the hair. This treatment locks the clean feel and makes the hair glossier and soft to the touch. This is a great treatment to get back shine from over-styled hair. You can take a small amount of the product and massage it into the scalp thoroughly.

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

This treatment you can apply just after number 4. Use a generous amount and apply it on the roots of the hair. Leave for three minutes and then rinse. This is a condition that repairs and nourishes hair.

Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother

This is Olaplex’s leave-in treatment. This should be applied a small amount on either damp or dry skin. Especially focus on the length ends. You can mostly use this before styling. This treatment would moisturize your hair and speed up the styling process while protecting it from any kind of damage.

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

This treatment is an oil that repairs fizz and damage to the hair while moisturizing your hair. You can use it to lock in the moisture and use it instead of oil. The most appropriate way would be using this on the lengths or if you have a dry scalp then use it on the scalp too. then leave it in. This would give it a shiny look and protect it from being fizzy.

Among these, you can use number 4 for your dandruff-prone hair. This is a very safe option with some great ingredients like rosemary.


1. Is Olaplex safe for natural hair?

Yes, it is safe for all kinds of hair. It is also good for all types of hair as well, be it straight or coily. But make sure that it is suitable for you first.

2. Should you not use Olaplex every day?

No, you should not use Olaplex every day because there is a high chance that this is what causes dandruff and other problems in your hair.

3. Does Olaplex have sulfates?

Olaplex is Sulfate free and paraben free. Their formulas do not contain the harshness of sulfate even in their shampoos.

4. Does Olaplex cause itchy scalp?

For some people, it can cause itchy scalp. This can vary from person to person because the condition of the scalp will differ.

Final Thoughts

Olaplex is a well-known brand and works really great for damaged hair. But the claims of having dandruff after Olaplex have been surfacing for quite some time. Well, Olaplex can actually cause dandruff for some and there are several reasons behind it. The main thing is to understand that Olaplex products might not be for everyone. That is why it is important to understand the ingredients used and knowing how to use different Olaplex products so that you don’t get dandruff in your hair!

Key Points

  • Olaplex is popular among stylists’ and professionals for their damage repairing capacity.
  • Olaplex formulas are prepared with a single major ingredient Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.
  • Dandruff can be caused by so many factors among them age, hair texture, and scalp condition is the most important ones.
  • There is a possibility of Olaplex causing dandruff. Many people have been confirming their concern about dandruff. The possible reason behind this can be allergens, being too harsh on the hair, Seborrheic dermatitis, etc.
  • But you can still use Olaplex by following some tips like using slowly, using a deep cleansing shampoo, incorporating mild shampoo, and moisturizing scalp and hair.
  • Using Olaplex can be a little complex that is why we have a quick guide to how and when to use Olaplex.

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