Why is My Hair So Ugly? 7 Actual Reasons

There are many reasons why your hair looks Ugly . Find out what they are here!

If you are having a bad day at work or with a loved one, even when everything is going downhill, you might just look in the mirror and feel fine; or the first question that pops into your mind is, “Why is my hair so ugly?” A bad hair day is a very normal thing to have. Some days, the hair appears to be having the time of their lives. And some days, they act as if the world war has been explicitly declared for the hair.

They won’t act right or feel right; even a slight wind will make it irritating. So, like every other child on the planet, to make your hair behave, you need to pamper it. But over-love may also lead the child astray. So the best thing to do with hair is to find the root cause of why your hair is acting as a rebel.

Why is my hair so ugly is the question that we’ve all been asking since our pre-teens. When we were very young, our mothers would take care of it, making it look sleek and tight. As adults, we handle our heads and hair; like every single parent, we are bound to fail at first. To succeed, we must learn the reasons, and then we might choose from thousands of hair products available on the market now. Unfortunately, most people tend to jump off the fence at once as they feel bad about their hair. And now we have included the answer to why my hair is so ugly.

Hair feels ugly, rough, and damaged because it does not get enough love and attention. The idea of damaged hair is related to your entire lifestyle and what you use externally and internally. The hair will betray you if you’re not putting enough nutrition and healthy green products into your system.

And if you’re not using any products, like oil, shampoo, and conditioner, the hair will betray you. And if you’re using too much product, the hair will again look ugly and dull. So the reason your hair feels ugly is that you are not balancing everything else.

Why is my hair so ugly? general reasons

Here we’ll be including a brief idea of why the hair might feel ugly for the day. We wanted to include a clear concept of why people think their hair is turning uglier and duller by the day. Sometimes the unpleasantness only lasts for the day. And sometimes it’s just day after day without any change. So here we are including some reasons that affect long-term hair problems.

  1. Not Brushing Your Hair
  2. Wrong Shampoo
  3. Not Enough Protein
  4. Heat Tools
  5. Health Problems
  6. The Absence Of Oils
  7. Overuse Of Hair Products

1. Not brushing your hair

Not Brushing Your Hair

This is fundamental common sense that you have to take care of your hair, and brushing is the most fundamental point. Most people don’t even mention brushing because that’s what everyone does first. Without brushing the hair properly, there’ll be an oil buildup in different areas. If you brush correctly, the natural oil will spread throughout the hair and moisturize the roots and ends.

2. Wrong shampoo

Wrong Shampoo

There are different hair types. If you have normal hair and a scalp, you can get away with any shampoo, and the hair will behave fine.

But if you have an oily scalp, you must wash the hair with shampoo more often. The oil buildup in brunette hair is very common, and within 24 hours, the scalp will show signs of oil, and it’ll lose its volume. People with oily scalps most often suffer from dandruff, and pollution and oil buildup are more likely.

People who have dry scalps suffer the most when the weather changes. Their hair gets more tingly and dry at that time, and it gets flaky. That’s a problem too. And you shouldn’t wash your hair very often.

But most people make mistakes when they use different shampoos than the ones recommended for their hair type. If someone with oily hair uses a shampoo for a dry scalp, which is supposed to be more nourishing and oil-infused, the hair will look flat, and you will lose the hair volume. So the idea of using proper shampoo will just be deranged.

People should use hydrating shampoos for every hair type that will clean the scalp properly. You should use different shampoos to get rid of dandruff and lice.

3. Not enough protein

Not Enough Protein

Hair is a protein fiber, so you need to increase your organic protein intake to take care of your hair. This will help with hair growth and make sure the hair is stronger. Not just red meat, you want plant-based proteins like nuts, tofu, beans, etc., to increase the protein part. These products do not have many calories, but they are the best possible regular protein source. Almond is one of the best sources of proteins out there.

4. Heat tools

Heat Tools

Most people will use a heat tool like a straightener or a curling iron to make their hair less ugly for the day. If you’re on the verge of breaking down over why your hair is so ugly, then the first thing you’ll do is to reach for your straightener. Heat tools are damaging to regular hair as they tend to dry out the hair cuticle. They frequently cause long-term damage and strip the hair of its natural shine and moisture. If your hair goes through tons of heat and products, then you might want to use a heat-protectant hair spray to protect the hair. And right after a hairstyle, use a hair mask for the moisture.

5. Health problems

Health Problems

If you’re someone who is suffering from a health issue like anemia or typhoid, then it might be possible that your hair is losing its shine and moisture due to your health issues. Health problems can lead to extreme hair fall, damaged and frizzy hair, dandruff, and other issues. Once the medical problems are solved, you can get your shiny and glowy hair in no time.

6. The absence of oils

The Absence Of Oils

Most people with oily hair and scalp avoid using external oils completely. They believe it’ll only make the hair flat. But oils are necessary for regular health conditions. If you use shampoo, it’ll get rid of the oils, and most often, that is the reason why your hair feels so free. So you might want to include different products that have oil in them in your hair routine. You can use non-stick organic hair overnight, leave it overnight, and wash it with shampoo the next day. It’ll bring life back to the hair.

7. Overuse of hair products

Overuse Of Hair Products

Hair products like serums, hair masks, and others are essential to keep the shape of the hair. If you have a hairstyle on, this product will help you maintain it and keep it intact for the day. However, overusing serums and sprays might work in a reverse way and make the hair more sticky and flat. So you might end up using more products to get rid of that problem, and eventually, you’ll cry out, “Why is my hair so ugly?” So, do not use too many products at once and start with a small amount.


Why does my hair look messy?

    If your hair looks messy and frizzy, dehydration is the main reason. If you’ve damaged the hair in some way, the hair will look frizzy and deranged. You might want to start with a comb and a styling tool on a low heat setting to make the hair less messy. Use serums and sprays to control the hair.

    Why is curly hair considered ugly?

    Curly hair is not considered ugly, but curly hair tends to get messier by the day when it is not styled properly. Curly hair tends to be more frizzy and gets easily damaged. When you can not style your curly hair properly, it might turn into a mess, and most people consider the “ugly” part.

    Final Thoughts

    Why is my hair so ugly? The answer is easy and complicated at the same time. There might be different reasons, and you might be 50% responsible for the answer. Most people who use bleach and other damaging products on their hair tend to end up with damaged hair. So you should be gentle with your hair because the damage may take years to repair.

    key Points

    • A clear idea of why the hair feels rough, ugly, and damaged.
    • Reasons for damaging the hair.
    • How can I make my hair look less unattractive?

    Hair is one of the most important parts of any human being as it ties the whole idea of beauty and appearance together. We are not implying that your hair will make you pretty, but rather that your hair heavily influences the concept of beauty and grace. So if you ever feel like screaming, “Why is my hair so ugly?” then we suggest changing your hair routine first.

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