Does St Tropez Expire?

Does St Tropez Expire

St Tropez has been one of the most trusted and favorite self-tanning brands for over 20 years, specializing in self-tanning products only.  If you like to have a healthy tanning glow without harmful sun exposure in a tan bed, then the self-tanning option with a good tanner is the best way to go.

I have been using the St Tropez tanners for quite a long time, so it was quite difficult for me to remember when I started using a certain bottle. Once, when I was going to use a certain tan, I noticed some differences from before, which made me think if my St Tropez tanner had expired.

If you are a regular user of a St Tropez self-tanner, you might also be confused about the shelf life of these products since no specific date is mentioned there. Well, I have done my research and put together all the information about St Tropez’s shelf life here for you!

Does St Tropez Expire?

The main ingredient of St Tropez self-tanners is DHA. DHA is a great agent to have glowing tanned skin. it gets combined with the upper layer or epidermis of your skin and causes a reaction that forms melanoidin in your skin. The liquid formula of DHA evaporates day by day after coming into contact with air and the formulation started to change. That’s why, there is always an expiration date for self-tanning products like St Tropez.

Like every other beauty product out there, St Tropez tanners also have a shelf life after which the products can become ineffective or cause irritation to your skin. Normally, it can be between 12 to 18 months, but the other ingredients can vary in different self-tanning brands. That’s the reason for the different expiry dates for every one of them. Let’s see what is the case for the tanners of St Tropez.

How Long Does St Tropez Tanner Last?

How long does st tropez tanner last
How long does st tropez tanner last

St Tropez does not have an expiry date printed on their bottles, but that does not mean that the products would not expire. How long the products are going to last depends on the opened bottle which is exposed to air. After the opening, your St Tropez will be best to use within 12 months like most other skin care products whose expiry dates are not counted until the opening.

The shelf life can be indefinite if the bottle is closed off and not exposed to air even once. You can store your bottle for a longer time in the process. But you have to keep in mind or level the bottle with a small note about the date when it has been opened. That’s how you can be sure about the goodness of the product. After opening, the optimal result of the tanner can also depend on how you have stored the bottle.

How To Store Your St Tropez Tanner?

You must consider the effectiveness of good storage can make while buying your St Tropez tanner. While storing your tanner you should keep in mind that-

  1. Always keep the bottle from direct exposure to the sun. Exposure to UV rays can have a negative impact on the formulation of your skin care product.
  2. Store your tanner in a cool place. If your place is hot and humid, you can consider using a refrigerator in a low setting. But do not freeze it.
  3. Close the lids off tightly to prevent air exposure. Air exposure can make certain ingredients evaporate making a change in the formulation. It can also be affected by the germ, bacteria, or dirt if the lid is opened.
  4. Do not store in your shower or near water. Water can have a reaction with the substances present in the tanner which can make it an ineffective product to use.

How To Know If St Tropez Tanner Is Expired?

How to know if st tropez tanner is expired
How to know if st tropez tanner is expired

If you are absolutely not sure about when you have opened your self-tan bottle, there are several ways that can help you to understand if your Tanner is expired or not. Such as-

  1. Color: The color test is the easiest way to understand if your product is still good or not. If the color of the product is changed, even if it is a few shades darker or lighter than usual, the product is not effective anymore. If the color becomes green, the product is beyond use, you should throw the bottle right away.
  2. Smell: The smell test can be a little bit trickier. The DHA does not have a very nice smell to begin with. But still, you have to notice the smell carefully. If it changed then you should not use that tanner.
  3. Consistency: to understand If your St Tropez tanner expired or not, a consistency test can be another way to go, but it is not the most reliable one. The formulation can get separated when the product is too old to use. but for many cases in skin care or drug, it is a normal scenario where you should shake the bottle before use. Here you have to rely on your experience of how the consistency of the product used to be and how it is now. If it is watery or thicker than usual, this bottle is not good to use anymore.
  4. Patch Test: Before using the product all over the body, always take a small amount and apply that to a small skin area. If the products do not make you tan evenly or cause any irritation in the skin. Do not use that tanner.

Can I Use an Expired St Tropez Tanner?

Can I use an expired st tropez tanner
Can I use an expired st tropez tanner

NO! You should never use an expired St Tropez tanner. You might think as it is made of all-natural and vegan ingredients, it will cause no damage to your skin. Even though, if you store it correctly, it can be good for a longer time, still, you should not use it after 12 months of opening. The tan gets penetrated into your skin and the DHA present in that causes a reaction with the protein of the skin surface. Also, the tan last in your body for 7-10 days based on the categories. You should take this bog of a chance with your skin. any allergic reaction can take your skin to severe damage. Before using your St Tropez tanner on your skin, always be cautious of the expiry of the product.

Key Ingredients of St Tropez Tanner

Key ingredients of st tropez tanner
Key ingredients of st tropez tanner

The key ingredients of St Tropez are 88% naturally derived and completely safe from synthetic ingredients. 96% of their products are vegan. They are cruelty-free, clean, and non-toxic. Some of them are- Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D Boosters, Hibiscus Flower Extract, Tanning Agent (DHA), Vitamin E, Peach Flower, Green Mandarin Water, and Avocado Oil. Even though they are completely, naturally derived, all of them come with an estimated expiry before which they will be best to use. After that, even if they do not become toxic, they can be ineffective. Little irritation and rash can also be seen. So, looking at the ingredients of St Tropez, do not think of using an expired tanner.

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Different Types of St Tropez Tanner

The self-tanner of St Tropez comes in different ranges and formats such as-

  1. Mist- Mist is a water-like formula that you can easily spray on your body and have a tanning effect. You can instantly use it when a miss out a spot accidentally.
  2. Lotion- It is a cream formula that you can use daily for having a sun-kissed glow all over your body. The lotion will work as a moisturizer and make your body hydrated as well.
  3. Mousses- It is heavier than the other formats but they have a foam-like texture. They are very easy to apply and last more than 10 days. Amongst the three, it tends to expire the quickest.

All of these formats have different bonding formulas and preservative ingredients which expire in different times and environments. Be careful before using it by checking on its color, texture, and smell, and you are good to go.


1. Does all self-tanner expire after a period of time?

Yes! All the self-tanners out there will expire after a period of time. This is because the active natural ingredients will lose their effectiveness and can not perform oil after a certain period of time. Sometimes if the ingredients are chemically formulated, it can create side effects like redness, itchiness, or uneven tanning.

2. Where can I find the expiration date on my self-tan bottle?

If you cannot find the expiry date on the back of the bottle, simply look for where it shows a [M] sign. M stands for the month in the bottle. If the tanner is best before 6 months or 12 months, you can find a sign which shows 6M or 12M.

3. Does unopened St Tropez Tanner expire?

If opened, the St Tropez self-tanner can last up to 12 months. But if the bottle is not opened at all, you can extend the shelf life for an indefinite amount of time.  Different natural products have a different shelf life which can get ineffective even when the bottle is not opened. But the main ingredient (DHA) of St Tropez can serve a long time if the bottle is closed.

Final Thoughts

If you want a natural healthy-looking tan without exposing yourself to the harmful exposure of the UV rays, St Tropez can be one of the best solutions you can opt for. St Tropez is a very popular self-tanner brand among its consumer for its effectiveness, gentle formula, and for giving a beautiful healthy glow. You have to keep St Tropez tanners on your body for 1-2-3 hours based on what depth of dark shade bronze you want to have. It sinks onto your skin very quickly. Keeping an expired product for this amount of time in your body can cause damage to your skin. That’s why, you should always be careful of using the products like self-tanner that you keep on your body for a long time.

Key Points

  • St Tropez self-tanners have a shelf life and it can be anywhere between 6 to 10 months before it expires.
  • The shelf life starts when you open up the bottle and it can remain good for up to 2 years if you don’t open it and have left it alone.
  • The expiration of the products also depends on how you store it.

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