How to Open Loreal Infallible Foundation Bottle?

How to Open Loreal Infallible Foundation Bottle
You love the Loreal Infallible Foundation but you can’t figure out how to open the bottle. Just twist the pump on the loreal infallible foundation bottle to open it.

Liquid foundations are mostly a waste of time and money, and is there anyone who really enjoys the whole bottle? As soon as we start applying the foundation, everyone tends to throw the bottle away once it just comes to no or a little bit with every pump. And this is a huge waste of foundations. You are literally wasting your money. So what’s the best way to save the rest of the foundation?

Well, just cut the bottle pump and get it out. Use other products or just scrape the product, so you have something on your hand. And that, for us, would be the ultimate save. When you open a liquid foundation bottle pump, I swear, you’ll be able to use the products at least ten more times. It will last you at least two or three times if you’re heavy on the foundation. And this is what makes the foundation bottle useful for further use. So how to open loreal infallible foundation bottle ?

The L’Oréal Infallible foundation bottle should be opened with just the pump twist. To open the bottle first, remove the lid and then try cleaning up the pump with water and sanitizer. That way, you’ll have a clean slate to start. Then try to twist the bottle’s pump and get it out. If the pump still doesn’t come off, we must do it the hard way. Take a butter knife and insert it into the bottom of the pump face. Push the knife upwards. Do it all around the pump; that way, you’ll get to the bottom of the foundation pump and pull it open.

Well, the bottles of L’Oréal Infallible foundation are mostly the same. But due to some facts, not all pumps will come out the same way. So you must go for a cheap method to get the foundations out. For example, some bottles are glued with the pump, in which case the knife method will suffice. And then there’s the twisting method. That way, you really don’t have to push the luck, and just an easy twist will do the work. And sometimes the pumps don’t work properly after using them for a long time. This might be a reason why you need to take off the pump of the L’Oréal infallible foundation.

What is a L’Oréal infallible foundation?

What Is A L’oréal Infallible Foundation

Before we dive into a foundation pump and bottle, let us say a few words about the foundation itself. The L’Oréal infallible powder foundation was an instant hit in the Tiktok as so many people loved how full-coverage and natural the foundation was. And the new L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24-hour fresh wear foundation is the liquid version of the powder foundation.

We all love a full-coverage foundation, but not everyone loves the powdery feel of a foundation. And we want the foundation to be invisible rather than just sticking around. So the best solution would be the liquid version of a very high-end foundation. This has also been a social media star for some time, and some really swear by the foundation itself.

But the foundation only came with 26 shades, which seemed a little off for some people, as most of the foundations came with at least 40 shades. And, as a full-coverage foundation, you can’t just use it to conceal the rest of your body. Still, we are not here to judge the foundation based on its shade range. But rather, we are going to judge the product based on its packaging. But we’ll go back to that later. Let us include some of the features of this foundation below:

  1. The foundation is available in 26 shades
  2. It is a weightless, 24-hour fresh-wear formula
  3. Transfer proof
  4. Party proof
  5. Waterproof
  6. life proof, and they might also be environment proof
  7. A very full-coverage foundation
  8. Gel formulation with extremely stretchable application
  9. can be used with a brush and a blender
  10. It contains silicone as the first ingredient, so the foundation will not settle into the pores and will look flawless.

These are just the basics of the most basic foundations available nowadays. The L’Oréal Infallible Foundation is one of the longest-wearing and fullest-coverage foundations out there. However, they are very heavy and unsuitable for an everyday and natural look.

About the packaging of L’Oréal infallible foundation

About The Packaging Of L’oréal Infallible Foundation

The liquid foundation of the L’Oréal Infallible comes in a glass bottle, and there is a pump on the top of the bottle. The pump is covered with another top. The L’Oréal True Match foundation’s packaging is different from the infallible one. The Infallible has red and black packaging, and the pump is also black. The glass bottle is see-through, so you can really see when the bottle is almost over. But besides the overall packaging of the product, there was still one thing that bugged most of us.

The bottle or the nozzle of the bottle was almost impossible to open. And we tried the twisting method, but it really didn’t work. So we might have to go with the left-hand method with the L’Oréal infallible foundation. Here are some concerns about the L’Oréal infallible foundation bottle and overall packaging:

  • Most of the packaging pumps will not work. And the brand has a history of ineffective pumps with all its products. So there is a significant problem when you can’t open the pump and are also unable to open the foundation for manual use.
  • Consumer waste is then a concern as the pump will not work, and you have to go to war to get the foundation.
  • A significant amount of the product may spill with a defective pump, and there’s no way to save the wastage.
  • There’s always some foundation left at the bottom of the bottle, but the consumer can not get it out as the top will not unwind.
  • The whole pump design feels wasteful as both the pump won’t work, and you can’t even get the bottle to open.

Why do you need to open the L’Oréal infallible foundation bottle?

Why Do You Need To Open The L’oréal Infallible Foundation Bottle

Well, there are many different reasons you need to open a foundation bottle. The most important reason that sits on top of the list is sustainability. Every product we buy might be getting consumer usage, but the possibility of wastage is also very visible. And this is why we do need to use the foundation, and it is a way to reduce waste when you use a product.

Any of the skincare or regular used products like shampoos and soaps are used to their fullest, and you want to get the best possible use of these. Why? Because they cost you money. A good shampoo can cost ten dollars, but the foundation will cost more. Around twenty to a hundred dollars. In this case, why not get the best possible results with the foundation as you do with your toiletries? Still, here are some reasons why you might need to open up the bottle of your Loreal infallible foundation:

1. The pump doesn’t work

The most common complaint in the L’Oréal infallible foundation review is regarding the foundation’s packaging. Almost everyone who loves a full-coverage foundation also loves the infallible. But the most common complaint was that the brand wasn’t putting enough emphasis on its branding. Most of the pumps are defective, which can lead to severe product waste. And with the pump not working, most people have to apply other techniques, which include ripping the pump off with force.

2. To save the last drops of foundation

As we mentioned earlier, a foundation will cost more than any of the products. So you need to use it to the fullest. You never know when the package will be over. And the pump doesn’t go all the way to the bottom, and you can still see some foundation. In that case, the best way would be to remove the pump and scrape the product out.

3. To make the most of your product

Now we really don’t want our foundation to go to waste. And what’s the best way to save our precious foundation? Scrape the product and use the last bit of the product. And that’s how you get your money’s worth.

4. The pump is jammed

With the foundation being used almost regularly, the pump might get jammed over time with the solid foundation around the bottom. This can also happen when the foundation is kept in extreme weather. So, in this case, you might want to take the whole thing out to use the leftover foundation.

How to open loreal infallible foundation bottle?

Now that we’ve covered all of the reasons why you should use the Loreal infallible foundation let’s move on to how you can open the bottle.

Add some grip

Add Some Grip

The first way we recommend using your strength is by asking your partner or a friend if it’s not possible for you. To open the foundation bottle, you need a strong grip on the lid. So do not try to operate the pump if your hands are still wet. This way, the foundation bottle might slip and spill the whole thing. Also, you can try a kitchen towel or even a plastic one to grip the pump properly. Grip it properly and twist.

Break the seal

Break The Seal

This is the butter knife method for taking off the pump from the Loreal infallible foundation. You can also use a flat screwdriver or any prying device. First, place the knife’s or screwdriver’s flat edge on the bottom part of the pump and lever it. And make sure the bottle is facing the opposite way you are. With a little bit of leverage, the pump might just open, and you’ll hear a pop.

Heated water

Heated Water

Well, this is more on the easier side. This way, you just apply heat directly to the pump of the glass bottle. Place the topper of the bottle in hot water for 30 seconds or just put it in a bowl full of warm water. A hairdryer will also work, and use a dishtowel to open the warmed-up pump.

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And lastly, when none of the processes we mentioned work, go for the ultimate warrior. The kitchen jar opener. Some that have a small grip should work just fine. But remember this: the foundation pump might break with all the pressure.


1. How to get a liquid foundation out of a glass bottle?

To get the liquid foundation out of a glass bottle, try and take off the pump or just use the pump that was given with the foundation. An applicator should also work just fine.

2. How to get the foundation out of a pump without a pump?

Crack open the foundation’s lid and pour it directly onto your hand, or just use a makeup mixer. Make sure to be very careful.

3. How to get the foundation out of the bottom of a bottle?

To get the foundation out of the bottom of the bottle, first, you need to take off the entire lid and the pump of the foundation. Use a scraper to reach the bottom.

4. Why is L’Oréal’s infallible foundation pump not working?

Well, this is a very common problem with the L’Oréal foundations, and most of their pumps come out defective. A class action lawsuit was filed against L’Oréal, alleging that they produced defective pumps and sealed the foundation bottles.

Final Thoughts

Well, why are we all so bothered about how to open loreal infallible foundation bottle ? Or any other foundation bottle, for that matter? Well, most foundation pumps are not very versatile. They either do not work from the start. Or they just feel like too much work, as you have to pump at least ten times to get the foundation out. And when you are in a hurry, you’ll not want to spend half of your makeup time pumping the foundation. And lastly, when the foundations are jammed with repeated use, you’ll probably reach for the foundation directly without going for the pumping methods. But the process of opening the Loreal infallible foundation is pretty easy.

Key Points

  1. Remove the lid first, then attempt to sterilize the pump with water after opening the bottle.
  2. It was nearly hard to open the bottle or the bottle’s nozzle. We also attempted the twisting technique, but it wasn’t very effective.
  3. Lever the pump by placing the flat edge of a knife or screwdriver on the bottom of the device. Or, you need a firm hold on the cap to open the foundation bottle.

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