How Much Does It Cost To Dye Locs?

How much does it cost to dye locs

You might have gotten your first set of sisterlocks or Microlocs but after having it for about 6 months or so you might become a bit bored with it. Dreadlocks are a wonderful way to showcase your culture, not to mention how good they look! If you are willing to spice things up, dyeing your locs is a very easy way to do so without having to change much of your hair! But how much does it cost to dye locs?

Dreadlocks already come with a lot of procedures and maintenance. So, when it comes to dyeing your locs, you might be afraid of how much more dyeing your lock can cost. Well, the good news is dyeing your locs can be a lot cheaper than dyeing normal hair. So read on and find out the different types of coloring and dyeing that you can do for your hair and what it might cost you!

Cost of dyeing Normal Hair

Cost of dyeing Normal Hair
Cost of dyeing normal Hair

The cost of dying your normal hair is not much different from the cost of dying your locks. With normal hair, you need to be very precise to apply the dye to every hair strand to have the desired color you want. For dyeing normal hair, it can cost anywhere between $50 to $400 on average.

It can cost more if you want to do any complex hairstyle like baby lights, balayage, or ombre highlights. For doing these hairstyles, you need to pay between $125 to $150 or more depending on several factors like your hair length, density, location of the salon, the experience of the stylist, quality of dye and technique, etc.

You can also dye your normal hair at home which can cost between $5 to $40. The bleaching kit can cost up to $10 to $30 and the toner kit can cost you an additional $5 to $15 dollars. The cost will vary based on the brand you choose.

Cost to Dye Locs

Cost to dye locs
Cost to dye locs

Dyeing your locks can be cheaper sometimes as you do not need to dye the locks as precisely as your normal hair. The average cost of dying your hair can be between $50 to $200 dollars.

If you want to do the single process of dyeing without lightening the actual shades, the cost will be anywhere between $50-$70. But if you want to dye your locs in a double process, the cost can be between $100-$175. The double process is when you lighten up the actual shades of your locks by bleaching or toning.

The price will increase for some complex hair colors. For example, if you want to do ombre, sombre, or balayage, it can cost you an additional $100. On the other hand, if you just want to touch up your roots, you might just have to pay $30-$60.

You can also dye your locs at home. If you want to dye your locks on your own, the cost will be similar to what I mentioned above in the cost of dyeing normal hair. But you need to be more cautious if your bleach your locs on your own because the locs of natural hair are already very delicate.

Types of Hair Color and Dye Cost For Locs

Types of hair color and dye cost for locs
Types of hair color and dye cost for locs

There are several types of hair dye processes for dying locs out there. The cost of these processes will be different because of their different techniques and expected life. Different hair types have different expected life. For example, Temporary hair dye lasts 1-5 shampoo washes, Semi-Permanent dye lasts for 8-10 shampoo washes, Demi-permanent hair colors stay for 20-24 shampoo washes and permanent stays for 6-8 weeks. If you like to color your locs with henna, it will also last for 6-8 weeks, but hair bleach is permanent and lasts for a lifetime. you just to dye your hair over the bleach and have to continue the same process.

I have explained the cost of the procedure for a better idea of which service you should take based on your budget:

  1. Loc Color Gloss: Loc Color Gloss is a demi-permanent hair color that is applied all over your locs. This technique is applied for enhancing one’s natural hair color and toning the hair dye to refresh the old hair color. Loc Color Gloss will help to make your locks shiny and vibrant. It will last for 19 shampoo wash and the cost of Loc color Gloss can be up to $50.
  2. Loc Color Extractor: To remove unwanted pigments from your locks, you can take this Loc Color Extractor Service. This service also costs $50 or more depending on your hair color and type.
  3. Loc Demi-Permanent Color Touch Up: Loc Demi-Permanent Color Touch Up is a crème demi-permanent color that is infused with Keratin Amino Acid. It will also enhance your natural hair color and refresh the previously colored locks. This is a more long-lasting formula that will last for 24 shampoo washes and the cost will be up to $65 or more depending on your hair type.
  4. Loc Face-Framing Highlights: You can opt for Loc Face-Framing Highlights to give your face a multidimensional effect. For this highlight, traditional foiling and balayage techniques will be followed. For this face-framing highlighter, the cost will also be around $65 or more.
  5. Loc Permanent Color Touch Up: Loc Permanent Color Touch Up is the technique that lightens or darkens the locs permanently up to 4 levels. This hair dye is also infused with keratin amino acid and pure silk which conditions the roots as well while dyeing. This loc dye can take up to $75 or more.
  6. Loc Tip Color: Loc Tip Color is the service that permanently dyes the tip of the locs. It gives the appearance of a highlighter at the bottom of your dreadlocks. This service also costs $75 and more.
  7. Loc Demi- Permanent Virgin Color: This crème textured color is very conditioning and can be applied all over your locs. This demi-permanent dye will work to correct your previous color and last for 24 shampoo wash. This service can cost you $85 or up.
  8. Loc Partial Highlight: If you want to do a partial highlight in different parts of your locs, Loc Partial Highlight service is the way to go. You can do traditional or balayage highlights as per your preference. This highlighting service will cost you up to $85.
  9. Loc Permanent Color Virgin: This dye has a conditioning crème formula that can permanently lighten or darken your locs. This process can enhance the previous color of the locs. This dye is full of pure silk and keratin which enhance the overall condition of your hair. This can cost you around $95 based on your loc type.
  10. Loc Full Highlight: Loc Full Highlight will let you highlight your whole head with any highlighter style you want. This highlighter can be applied to the loc roots and can go to the ends. This highlighting technique can cost you $105 or more depending on your loc type.
  11. Loc Double Process Touch Up- This is a blonding process that is done in 2 steps. This technique lets your colors get lightened and toned down first. Then the dye will be applied to your locs. This Double process Touch Up process can cost up to $130 or more.
  12. Loc Double Process Virgin Color: it is also a two-step blonding process. But it is more appropriate for virgin hair or the hair which is not colored before. Virgin hair is more delicate and needs to use chemicals that are gentler for hair. This procedure will cost you $150 or more if you have a longer and thicker loc type.

Considerations Before You Dye Your Locs

Dyeing your locs is something that can be done pretty easily, but you need to consider certain factors before you jump on dyeing your locks:

Color and type

The color you want to dye your hair is completely your preference. But you need to be concerned about some specific colors. You need to think twice before coloring your hair black or red because these colors can be extremely hard to remove sometimes.

If you really want to color your hair red or black, you should always go for semi-permanent colors. Black or red can be really stubborn dyes and can not be removed properly until the colors are washed off themselves over time. Red dye also does not wash away completely. It transitions from one shade of red to another, or to a lighter shade of red and becomes brown or orange. So, a semi-permanent color will be a much easier way to go. The colors will be less harsh and wash off quickly.

So, consult with a specialist regarding what color you should go with. They will guide you regarding what colors you should go with your locs or have had dye before. For having a vibrant and shiny color in your locs, you need to go through bleach before dyeing your locs. And bleaching is a very sensitive process that can significantly increase the cost to dye locs.

Color and type
Color and type


Before dyeing your locs, you should consider the budget as well. Although the average cost of dyeing locs will be between $50-$150, the cost can rocket up depending on several factors that affect the cost. For Instance,

  • Location: The location of your salon affects the cost of your dyeing. If the area is expensive the price can increase depending on that. Also, if you want to take the service from an experienced stylist, you will have to pay more for their experience and skills.
  • Loc type: The length, density, and condition of your hair also determine if you need more money or less for dyeing your locs. If you have denser and longer locs, you should also have a bigger budget. If your hair condition is sensitive or you have virgin hair, the cost will increase.
  • Type of dye: The type of your dye also increases the budget sometimes. If the salon is using a high-quality brand to dye your locs, the cost will be more. Also, if the technique you choose for dyeing is more complex like a balayage, you should have.

So before going to a conclusion of whether you should dye your locs or not, show your locs to a hairstylist to determine the probable budget you should have.


10 Tips to Maintain Colored Locs

You should always take some extra care with your colored locks to maintain the color for a longer period and keep them healthy. I have mentioned some ways you can follow to keep your dyed locs healthy and vibrant for a longer time:

  1. Always try to use a color-protected and sulfate-free shampoo.
  2. Try to wash your colored locs only once a week. The less you use shampoo the better.
  3. You can use dry shampoo if your locs need washing for extra oil production.
  4. Moisturize every time you wash your locs with a sulfate-free conditioner.
  5. Hydration is the key to keeping your colored locs vibrant for a longer period. You can use hydrating serums or butter for this purpose.
  6. Do a hot oil massage once a while at least 1 hour before shampooing for maintaining the shine of the color.
  7. Use products that will save your locs from sun exposure because it fastens the process of making your color fade away.
  8. Try to avoid chlorine or pool water in color-treated hair.
  9. Do not frequently do double-processed hair dyeing.
  10. Try to avoid heat-styling tools.


1. How long do you keep colors in your locs while dyeing?

If you are dyeing your locs yourself, follow the instructions given in the box. The box dyes normally suggest keeping the color in your hair for 30 minutes. But I would say for a better outcome, you can keep the dye for 1-2 hours. But do not follow this trick with bleach at all. It will ruin your hair.

2. Do color damage locs?

Yes! Dyeing your locs more frequently will damage your locs. Also, for vibrant colors, you may have to bleach your hair as well. bleaching is extremely damaging to your hair. overprocessing the chemicals of bleach and hair dye can make your locs extremely damaged and beyond repair.

3. How often should you color your locs?

You can dye your locs once or twice a year. If you color your locs more than that, the chemical present in them will damage your locs, making them extremely dry and brittle.

Final Thoughts

Having a different hair color is always fun and exciting. If you really want to color your locs, do not even think twice, just go for it. Although you should not color your locs more frequently, because the health of your hair should always be the first priority. You always should take some extra care with your colored locs. Also, you should consider the budget to dye the locs because the cost may vary in dyeing the normal hair and dying the dreadlocks. Also, your hair type, location, the expertise of the stylist, and many more thing can boost the cost way out of your budget. So, consider these facts before you jump into the decision of dyeing your hair.

Key Points

  • Dyeing an average dreadlock can cost anywhere between $50 – $70.
  • The cost can increase up to $200 based on several factors.
  • You need to consider the color you want and the budget you have got before going towards dyeing locs.
  • Different types of hair color and dyeing procedure will have different costing.
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