What to Do After Balayage Grows Out?

what to do after balayage grows out
Balayage is a lovely hairstyle to get but once they grow out it might look odd. Learn how to deal with balayage grows out and what are the best methods!

Hair is a very essential part of our body that makes us look beautiful. There are different types of hair including curly hair, straight hair, or others. Nowadays, many people desire for changing the pattern of their hair. As a result, they use different products or go for treatments. Besides changing their hairstyles, people are also changing their hair color to make them attractive and more noticeable. Balayage is also a technique for coloring your hair with a soft and light finish.

So, what to do after balayage grows out? Balayage is a process of highlighting your hair through hand-painted color. After a specific period, your balayage will start to grow. So, when your balayage grows out, you can follow the techniques like trimming your hair, touching up the balayage, dying the rest of your hair, going back to your original hair, and so on.  Following the simple tips and tricks, you can manage the balayage hairs that are growing out.

What is Balayage?

What is balayage

Balayage is a French word that means to sweep. Balayage refers to the process of how the hair color is applied. This is a hair coloring process that gives a natural and blended look to your hair. Balayage adds a gorgeous dimension and fun color to your hair. The hand-painted colors provide brightness to your hair while keeping it looking natural. Balayage is a technique that creates a soft and natural lightness towards the ends of the hair.

There are variations in the application process. Some hair experts don’t separate the hair while others do and prefer using foil as a divider. So, the result also slightly differs because of the application process. Balayage allows you to look your hair sun-kissed, natural-looking, and softer. This is the technique of highlighting your hair more than creating a new look. People who desire natural transition or depth to their hair go for this transitioned hair.

Though you can choose any color for your balayage, it depends on your natural hair color. Because this is done to highlight your hair and highlighting varies from one hair color to another. This process creates a natural transition from the original hair color to the selected hair color. The hair color is applied in a way that the roots remain the same and the changes take over to the ends.

Balayage is popular because of its classic and natural look. This process can bring a great transition to people’s hair.

  1. It’s Trendy: Many celebrities have done this hair color and brought this balayage to the limelight. You can search the results of your own by searching hashtag ‘balayage’ on Instagram. This trend has made it more popular than ever.
  2. Requires less maintenance: This process is designed in a way that your hair requires less maintenance. It does not require frequent visits and does not need to be maintained that much. This is a significant reason why people are going for balayage.
  3. It’s customizable: Based on hair color, texture, and length, balayage can be customized on your hair. It can be personalized for each client to highlight their hair. Your skin tone and natural hair color determine which color will be best for you. So, the hair color and the application process may vary as it is customizable.

6 Things to Do When Balayage Grows Out

Grown-out balayage refers to the balayage that grows out or fades with time. After you have done your balayage hair, it will start to look obvious and gradually the color will fade up. When your hair grows and fades up, you Can go for some solutions.

1. Touch Up the Grown Out Balayage

Touch up the grown out balayage

Balayage helps to make the hair look more attractive as it highlights the hair. But when the balayage grows out, it creates a problem for you. You can do some touch-ups and highlight your balayage when the new roots come. For maintaining your balayage, you can go to the salon every three months. You can touch up your balayage with new hair color and highlight your hair. You can choose a lighter or darker tone for your hair but make sure the hair color goes well with your skin tone. Your stylist can match this better; So, trust them with the chosen color.

2. Trim Your Hair

Trim your hair

Trimming is one of the best ways to get rid of the grown-out balayage. Trimming will not only treat your lighter hair but also will give your hair a new look. Trimming the hair will also be perfect for summer as you can style your hair in a comfortable pattern. Trimming your hair will also have a soft end on your hair.

3. Dying the Rest of Your Hair

Dying the rest of your hair

When the balayage grows out, you can dye your hair. If you don’t want to change the highlights of your hair but want to create a new look, dying the whole hair can be a good solution. Find the right color that matches your balayage. You may also change the previous hair color and choose a new one.  If you choose to bleach before dying your hair, bleach the other parts of your hair too before dying.

4. Refresh with Glossing

Refresh with glossing

Glossing can be one of the best treatments to treat your balayage hair. Glossing adds shine to your hair and helps to blend the inconsistencies in the color. If your balayage hairs are looking yellow or brassy, try glossing treatment to make them look refreshed.

5. Going Back to Your Original Hair

Going back to your original hair

You can go back to your natural hair if your balayage is growing out. As your natural hair grows, trim them every month. You may also use some hair care products or follow some techniques to fasten the hair growth. Generally, our hair grows half an inch per month. But, if you are desperate for your change, you can highlight your hair in natural color. Here, bleaching is not recommended because you need to be conscious about tinting in this case.

6. Try balayage Extensions

Try balayage extensions

If your balayage is growing out, try extensions to add length and volume to your extensions. The extensions will help you to add instant length to your hair or cover up the sections from where the original balayage has faded away.

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Tips for Grown-Out Balayage

You may follow some tips to maintain the balayage hairs. This will help you to keep your balayage fresh and shiny even if the new hairs grow out.

  • You can use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to keep your balayage looking fresh and vibrant for longer.
  • Use heat protectant and styling products to keep your balayage colored and safe.
  • You can do the glossing treatment at home on your own to add shine to your balayage hair.
  • Trim your hair regularly to avoid fading your grown-out balayage hair.
  • Don’t over-wash your hair as it can make the color fade very soon.
  • Adding highlights or lowlights every few months can help your balayage look refreshed.

How Is Balayage Different from Highlights?

Highlights and balayage are two different techniques for adding color to your hair. Highlights refer to the hair color that is lighter than the base color. This is a conventional way to lighten or depth your hair. In the process of highlights, a specific color is wrapped up in the foil. Finally, the foil highlights are placed on the scalp to lighten the hair from the roots to the ends.

On the other hand, balayage refers to a technique of highlighting your hair without using foil to separate the hair. This provides a natural and soft shine to the hair. Balayage is a way of lightening your hair with a softer and blended appearance. In the balayage process, your hair is painted from mid-length to the end while your hair is colored from roots to the ends in the process of highlights.

It depends on your personal preferences to choose between balayage and highlights. Both are great ways to get your desired color with a new dimension. But if you prefer low-maintenance hair, then balayage can be the best choice.

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1. How do you fix an outgrown balayage at home?

You can trim or cut your hair to fix your grown-out balayage at home. Besides fixing, this can provide you with a new entire look.

2. How long does it take for balayage to grow out?

It depends on the color of your roots, how quickly your hair grows, and how you treat your hair. Generally, balayage hair can last 3-4 months and after that, this starts to grow.

3. How often should I touch up my balayage?

It is recommended to touch up every 12-14 weeks. This will help you to protect your color and make the balayage long-lasting.

4. Can you refresh the balayage without bleach?

Bleach is used to make the shades look lighter. But you can also refresh balayage without bleach and get the same result.

5. Why is my balayage fading so quickly?

This happens because you are not maintaining your hair well. Especially, the gray hair people face their balayage fading so soon.

Final Thoughts

Balayage is a hair-highlighting technique to paint your hair in a natural-looking way. This adds a different dimension and brightness to your hair. This is a hand-painted color to add a different dimension to your hair. Balayage becomes popular because of its low-maintenance technique and customizable formula. Balayage hair looks so natural and adds shine to your hair. But, when the balayage hair grows out, it creates a problem. When the balayage grows out, you can trim your hair, touch up the balayage, dye the hair, gloss them, and so on. Following the tips and tricks, you can maintain healthy and long-lasting balayage.

Key Points

  • Balayage is a process of highlighting hair that creates a soft and natural lightness towards the ends of the hair.
  • This will allow you to enjoy your transitioned hair from the regular hair color.
  • Balayage hair got popular because it is customizable, low maintenance at the same time trendy.
  • Trimming, touching up, glossing, and dying can help you balance your balayage when they grow out.
  • In balayage hair, your hair is painted from mid-length to the end. But in highlights, your hair is colored from the roots to the ends.

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