How Thick Should Acrylic Nails Be [11 Ways]

How thick should acrylic nails be
To get thick acrylic nails, the ideal thickness of the acrylic nails will be as similar to a business card, but it depends on which type of shape you are getting on.

To make you look more attractive, nails play a significant role. With colorful, stunning nails, it’s very easy to attract anyone’s attention. Girls love to give their nails another level of beauty by painting or creating art on them. They just love to give their nails different looks day by day. But excessive polish and paint chemicals can damage their natural nails. So as an alternative, they choose to get artificial nails.

Acrylic nails are one of these fake nails. The combination of a powder polymer and liquid monomer creates a paste that clings to our natural nails, known as acrylic nails. Acrylic nails give your nails a natural-looking look that makes people more attracted to them. But there is a problem with getting acrylic nails: sometimes they get too thick and don’t look attractive. So, how thick should acrylic nails be? Typically, they should be less than a quarter of an inch, but there are exceptions to that. people often wonder how thick acrylic nails should be.

In this article, we will talk about how thick your acrylic nails should be, how you can get them perfectly, what will happen if they become too thick, how to fix them, and how to take good care of them.

How Thick Should Acrylic Nails Be?

How thick should acrylic nails be

People get acrylic nails to enhance their nails’ beauty. But sometimes it results in worse results and makes your acrylic nail look so bad that it damages your nail’s own beauty. So, you should get the thickness perfect to make your nails look beautiful.

The thickness of your nails may vary depending on the desired look you want to achieve. But the ideal thickness of acrylic nails is 0.118 inches, and if we talk about mm, then it would be 3 mm. As an example, it would be as thick as a business card or a credit card. Keep in mind that the apex area will be the thickest area, while the cuticle area will be as thin as possible to blend it smoothly with your natural nails.

Also, remember one thing: your natural nails will still grow out from your nail beds, so you have to remove your acrylic nails every few weeks, so pay very sincere attention to the thickness of your acrylic nails.

11 Ways to Get Perfectly Thick Acrylic Nails

If you are willing to get thick acrylic nails, it is very important to get them perfectly. Without it, you will damage the beauty of your nails. So, in this part, I am helping you get perfectly thick nails.

11-Ways-to-Get-Perfectly-Thick-Acrylic -Nails
11 Ways to Get Perfectly Thick Acrylic Nails

1. Choose Your Acrylic Nail Products

The first thing you have to do before starting the process is gather all the important kits, tools, or ingredients you need. Like the apply brush, dust brush, liquid monomer, powder polymer, nail forms, nail file, dehydrator, primer, etc. You have to choose all of them sincerely while maintaining their quality.

2. Sanitize Your Hands

With a good-quality sanitizer. It will help you to prevent all of your germs from getting into your hands and also any kind of infection that you can get by getting acrylic nails.

3. Push Back Your Cuticle

With this cuticle pusher, you have to push your cuticles backward to make your nails more visible. Don’t be harsh while doing it; you have to push your cuticles back gently. Push all of your cuticles one by one.

4. Clean Your Cuticle Areas

After pushing back your nail’s cuticle areas, now it’s time to clean them. If you have a cuticle cleaner kit, then use it, or you can scrub the area of your cuticle with a nail scrubber. It will help prevent nail lifting while getting acrylic nails.

5. Etching Your Nails

Take a file and start etching your nail plates. Etching your nails will remove the shine from your nails and help the acrylic cling to your nail plate perfectly. So, lightly etch all the shiny areas of your nail plates and your cuticle areas too. Etch, until all of your nail shine is gone.

6. Dehydrate Your Nails

It’s time to dehydrate your nails. To dehydrate your nails, you have to use a nail dehydrator. This type of nail dehydrator will help to remove any kind of oil and dry your nails to adhere to the acrylic perfectly.

7. Apply Nail primer

Applying nail primer is assessable, and it helps the acrylic nails stay longer. But whenever you are using this nail primer, you have to be sincere because you just have to apply a little amount of it to your nails. Because if it gets on your skin for an extended period, it can burn your cuticles and make a mess.

8. Stick The Nail Forms to Your Nails

To get your acrylic nail done wear the nail extension stickers to your nails. These types of stickers help a lot to give you the perfect acrylic nail extension. On these stickers, you will find the length of streaks. By using those streaks get the perfect size of length extension you want.

9. Get the Extension Properly

Take your acrylic applying brush to get the acrylic extension nails. Dip the applying brush into the liquid monomer and remove all the extra liquid from your brush. Now dip your brush slightly in the powder polymer. And apply it on your nail’s middle or apex. Now process it from the middle to the top. And a little on the cuticle areas. Make the extension as thick as a business card. Mainly you have to make it 3 mm thick. If you are a beginner, then practice it before applying it to your nails.

10. After Drying Take off The Nail Forms

After all the extension is done and dried really hard it’s time to take off all your nail forms. Before taking off your nail forms, must make sure that your acrylic nails are really dry. Because if it is not dry it can easily break down and waste all of your effort to it.

11. Now File Your Nails Again

To complete your acrylic nails process, file your nails again. Take a nail file, and start filing your nails. File it into your preferred shape. Getting the perfect shape and thickness of your nails depends on your trimming and filing. So, file all the areas to make sure that it is looking as similar to thick natural nails.

After maintaining all these processes, you can get the perfect thick acrylic nails for you.

What Will Happen If Your Acrylic Nails Are Too Thick?

In order to get the perfect nails, sometimes we trim our nails wrong, which makes them look artificial and cheap and also makes you look a little bit awkward. Do you know what will happen if your acrylic nails are too thick?

What will happen if your acrylic nails are too thick

Harm Your Nails Beauty

While thick acrylic nails are known as beautiful, too-thick nails are known as ugly. We all get acrylic nails to look beautiful, not ugly. So, it’s very important to keep your nails thick and stop doing over-thick nails.

Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

Our natural nails are very light, as we all know, rather than artificial nails, which are a little bit heavier than our natural nails. And overdoing artificial nails is more weighty than that. So, it will make you feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Increase the Risk of Damaging Your Natural Nails

When your nails are already covered with heavy artificial nails, it is obvious that your natural nails will get damaged. Stocking all the moisture of your nails under those artificial nails has a risk of fungal infections. Keep in mind that too many thick acrylic nails can cause that much damage to your nails.

Gives You A Difficult time while working

With heavy and uncomfortable nails, it’d be very tough to work while keeping concentration. It’s very problematic to work with an absent mind. To keep your concentration and make you feel at ease, always choose the one that is comfortable for you.

As a result, we can see how difficult it is to have too-thick acrylic nails instead of thick acrylic nails.

How to Fix Your Too Thick Acrylic Nails?

If you already have too-thick nails, don’t panic. Take it easy. You can fix your too-thick acrylic nails in a perfect thick shape. You just have to follow two steps to make it perfect. Those are:

How to fix your too thick acrylic nails

Drill it With a Nail Drill

Drilling acrylic nails with a nail drill will help make your too-thick nails into thick nails. To get a thick nail by drilling, you will need two bits called barrel bits or cone-shaped bits. With these bits, you can shape your acrylic nails.

Before you start drilling your nails, you have to put them in lukewarm water for a few minutes. After getting them out of the water, wipe them and make them dry. The lukewarm water will make your acrylic nails softer, which will make it easier to drill them. Now, set up your drill machine to RMP 15000 and start drilling. If there is any need to speed up, you can do so slowly but don’t make it cross RMP 25000. At the last moment, file your nails with a file to get a smooth result.

If you have no experience in nail drilling, then avoid doing it or ask someone who is an expert or has experience in drilling nails.

File It With A Nail Filer

As an alternative to a drill, you can use a nail filer. To file your nails, choose a high-quality filer with a grit count of 80–150. Now start filing nails from the middle of your nails gently and without putting too much pressure.

Excessive nail filing can damage the layer of coating on your acrylic nails. So, take your time and do it sincerely and with all your focus. Because if you mistakenly damage it, you may need to start it from scratch. After getting the perfect thickness, you now need to shape your nails again. To shape your nails, you need a higher grit, like 180, which is perfect for shaping your acrylic nails. After getting the perfect shape, now it’s time to give it a smooth surface with a grip count of around 600–2400. Then apply the cuticle oil and moisturize your hand.

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How to Take Good Care of Your Thick Acrylic Nails?

After putting in a tough effort to get a thick acrylic nails, you have to take good care to keep them looking attractive and increase their longevity. To take good care of your acrylic nails, you should follow these tips:

How to take good care of your thick acrylic nails
  • Keep them clean: to keep your nails attractive and increase their longevity, it’s important to keep them always clean.
  • Avoid water: water can weaken the acrylic solution so that it can break down easily or lose its ability to cling. So, in your working time, use a glove to maintain them.
  • Avoid acetone: acetone is a strong chemical that can make your nails deteriorate. So, avoid any product that includes acetone.
  • Use nail oil: to take good care of them, you can use oil on your acrylic nails to keep them moisturized.
  • Retouch your acrylic nails: you have to get a retouch because, to keep them attractive, you need to retouch them every two to three weeks.
  • Maintain regular activities: with acrylic nails, you have to maintain your regular activities so that instead of your fingers, you are not using your nails.
  • Remove your acrylic nails: after every three weeks, you need to remove your acrylic nails because they can harm or damage your natural nails.


1. Is getting acrylic nails safe?

Generally, acrylic nails are known to be safe. But keeping them for a long time can harm our natural fingers, and sometimes it can also cause allergic reactions.

2. How long can you put acrylic nails on?

You can get your acrylic nails in 2-3 weeks. Because after that, your natural nails will start to grow out, and it can hurt the growing nails to keep them on.

3. Is the look of acrylic nails similar to that of natural nails?

No. Acrylic nails look more artificial than other fake nails. So, after getting acrylic nails, you have to paint your nails to avoid this artificiality.

4. Which shape of the acrylic nail is attractive?

Square and oval nail shapes are known as the most attractive acrylic nails to get. The square one will make you look professional; while the oval one will make your fingers look slimmer with an elegant look.

Final Thoughts

To look attractive with acrylic nails, the ideal thickness of the nails should be similar to that of a business card. To get perfect, thick nails, you have to choose your acrylic nail products, clean your nails, push back the cuticles, etch your nails, and apply a dehydrator. After that, apply the paste of liquid monomer and powder polymer together. Then, with the help of a brush, get the perfect thick nail that you are looking for. But sometimes it can be too thick and give you a lot of trouble. So, fix the problem of too-thick nails by drilling or filing them. And take good care of them by taking care and always trying to avoid things that can harm the acrylic nails.

So, if you want thick and attractive acrylic nails, then give them a 3 mm thickness and enjoy your so-loving acrylic nails.

Key Points

  • With the combination of a powder polymer and liquid monomer, you can get attractive-looking nails to enhance your attractiveness a little bit more.
  • To get thick acrylic nails, you have to get acrylic nails that are similar to the thickness of a credit card.
  • Unfortunately, if you have too thick acrylic nails, then fix them by using a filer or drill machine to give them the perfect thickness.
  • To keep your acrylic nails beautiful and long-lasting, take proper care of them.

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