What Do Panda Eyes Makeup Meaning?

What Do Panda Eyes Makeup Meaning
Panda eye makeup has become a trend recently. We’ll find out what they mean and how it differs from panda eyes!

Makeup has been done for many thousands of years. From beautifying yourself for parties or to gain confidence, whatever it might have been used for, makeup has become a normal part of our everyday life. One thing that makeup is great for is hiding certain facial features. Panda eyes has been something that have plagued those who have insufficient sleep. That is why there have been a resurgence of panda eyes makeup that has become popular. But what do panda eyes make mean?

Since makeup is used to cover up dark circles, recognizing and dealing with panda eyes makeup is essential. Over the years, the beauty industry has developed numerous captivating makeup trends. Panda eyes makeup look is one of the most adorable ones. It’s a creative and satisfying method to bring out your natural elegance without appearing overwhelming. So, for a more dramatic effect, you may attempt panda eye makeup. Applying makeup to conceal the panda eyes is an excellent idea!

Panda Eyes Makeup Meaning

Panda eyes makeup meaning

Makeup for panda eyes is a fantastic technique to highlight your features and increase confidence in yourself. It is a wonderful option for anyone searching for a fashionable yet feasible solution to improve their looks and increase their confidence because it is trendy, highly adaptable, simple to apply, long-lasting, and affordable. Makeup for the panda eyes may be utilized to create an eye-catching, contemporary look. If you can create the look using proper products by following the steps well. Its smokey and attractive appearance instantly makes you feel gorgeous.

Among makeup lovers and those drawn to innovative and artistic makeup looks, panda eyes makeup has grown in favor in recent years. In the late 1990s, panda eyes makeup was invented in Japan since many Japanese women had under-eye circles that were naturally black owing to stress or lack of sleep. It’s one of the most recognizable looks in the world of beauty and has been popular since the early 2000s. The look, which entails using black eyeliner to produce a panda effect and dark mascara around the eyes, has been embraced by models, celebrities, and ordinary people as well.

Things You Need To Do Panda Eyes Makeup

There are 2 types of panda eyes makeup. One is fine or delicate panda eyes makeup and the other is extreme panda eyes makeup. Apply a little touch of your black eyeliner and eyeshadow, and use less white highlighter for fine or delicate panda eyes makeup. On the other hand, apply black eyeliner and eyeshadow in a thick, and dark way along with a bolder coat of white highlighter, for an extreme panda eyes look. However, you will need the following Product Materials to do Panda eyes makeup.

  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Foundation, Concealer, and Setting powder
  • Pencil Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow palette with black, white, and gray shades
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil or gel
  • Eyelash curler
  • Brushes
  • Cotton swabs

9 Simple Steps To Do Panda Eyes Makeup

Now, we will look at the 9 simple steps for panda eyes makeup.

Simple steps to do panda eyes makeup
  • Step 1: Prepare Your Eyelids: For starting the eye makeup, you will first need to prepare your eyelids. So, cleanse your face with cleansing and then tone and moisturize your skin.
  • Step 2: Apply Primer: Apply a primer to your eyelids and blend it well to create a smooth and even base for your eye makeup. This will help your eye makeup last longer and prevent it from creasing.
  • Step 3: Apply Base Makeup: Apply your foundation, concealer, and setting powder for creating the base of your eye makeup.
  • Step 4: Draw the eyebrows: Draw the eyebrows as they will frame your face.
  • Step 5: Apply eyeliner: Use a black pencil eyeliner to line your upper and lower lash line.
  • Step 6: Smudge the eyeliner: Smudge it slightly with a smudging brush for a softer look. You may use cotton swabs which are useful for cleaning up any smudges or mistakes.
  • Step 7: Apply eyeshadow: Apply a light-colored eyeshadow all over your eyelids and up to your brow bone. This will act as a base and help blend the darker shades. Take a darker shade of eyeshadow and apply it to your eyelid crease and the outer corner of your eyes, using a blending brush to blend it well. Focus on creating depth and intensity in this area. Then again, use a small brush to apply the same dark eyeshadow along your lower lash line, focusing on the outer corner and blending it towards the center.
  • Step 8: Curl your lashes: Curl your eyelashes. You can also add false lashes if desired.
  • Step 9: Apply mascara: Finish off your panda eyes look by applying a few coats of mascara to your upper and lower lashes, focusing on the outer corners to create a winged effect.

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Pros and Cons of Panda Eyes Makeup

While this style can enhance the appearance of the eyes and create a dramatic look. There are some pros and cons to consider.


  • Gives larger and more defined eyes: It can make your eyes appear larger and more defined. You can add depth and dimension around the eyes, by using darker shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. So, your eyes will appear larger and more defined. This can be particularly beneficial for those with smaller or less defined eyes.
  • Creates a dramatic and intense look: If you’re going for a dramatic and intense look, panda eyes makeup can be a great way to achieve it. This makeup style is often associated with rockstars, the goth subculture, and the high fashion industry. It is ideal for special occasions or nighttime events but it can also be adapted to suit a range of occasions, from a night out with friends to a formal event. By adjusting the intensity and color of the eyeshadow and liner, you can create a look to suit your style and the occasion.
  • Goes with a range of outfits: It complements a range of outfits since panda eyes makeup is versatile. It can be customized to suit different colors and styles of clothing, it can be worn with a range of outfits, from casual to formal.
  • Have a simple application procedure: Panda eyes makeup is simple to use and takes only a few minutes to complete. This kind of look is easy enough to create even if you have no previous makeup application skills.
  • Gives a variety of eye shapes: The panda eyes can be adapted to suit any eye shape, from almond-shaped to round or hooded.
  • Long-Lasting: Panda eyes makeup usually lasts for the whole day. So, there is no need to be concerned about touching up or reapplying continuously throughout the whole day.
  • Gives confidence: By highlighting your eyes and creating a bold and striking look, panda eyes makeup can boost your confidence and make you feel more glamorous.


  • Causes allergy and irritation: The products used to create panda eyes makeup, such as eyeliners and eyeshadows, can cause allergy and irritation to the eyes and surrounding skin. This can lead to swelling, redness, itching, and even infection if the makeup is not removed properly.
  • Causes infections: Applying makeup to the delicate skin around the eyes can introduce bacteria and other harmful pathogens, increasing the risk of eye infections such as conjunctivitis or styes.
  • Causes mascara to come off: The use of heavy mascara can cause flakes to come off and fall into the eyes, leading to irritation and discomfort.
  • Causes aging: Panda eyes makeup can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, making them more noticeable and potentially adding years to the appearance of the wearer.
  • Difficult to remove: Panda eyes makeup can be challenging to remove completely, especially if waterproof or long-lasting formulas are used. This can lead to skin irritation and damage if the makeup is rubbed or scrubbed off too forcefully.
  • Have negative stereotypes: Some people relate the panda eyes look to tiredness, lack of sleep, or an unhealthy lifestyle. This negative stereotype may not be desirable for some individuals.
  • Inappropriate for certain environments: The dramatic and bold look of panda eyes makeup may not be appropriate for certain professional or formal settings, such as job interviews or weddings.

Panda Eyes Makeup Tips

  1. Start with a clean, moisturized eye area to ensure that your makeup goes on smoothly and lasts longer.
  2. Choose the right eye shadow. For a panda-inspired look, use neutral shades such as black, white, and gray. You can also add a pop of color with a pale pink or light blue.
  3. Blend the products well and use a light hand when applying makeup around your eyes.
  4. Use a shimmery white or pale pink eye shadow to highlight the inner corner of your eye to brighten up your eyes and make them appear larger.
  5. When you apply eyeliner, avoid lining the waterline as this can make your eyes appear smaller.
  6. Do not skip eyebrows that frame your face and complete your panda-inspired look.

Suggestions to Get Rid of Panda Eyes

While makeup can help get rid of panda eyes, there are more permanent solutions to help get rid of your panda eyes. Here are some suggestions to help relieve of panda eyes and make sure that you don’t get them as often.

  • Use cold compresses on the eyes
  • Get enough sleep
  • Use retinol and vitamins C and E cream
  • Use sunglasses
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking
  • Do not rub your eyes.


1. What is special about pandas eyes?

They don’t have the typical bear eyes. The eyes of giant panda bears contain vertical openings.

2. Are panda eyes permanent?

No matter how well-rested and healthy you feel, Panda Eyes signifies permanently shadowed dark skin around the eyes. Have confidence if you’ve tried everything to get rid of your dark circles.

3. Are panda eyes genetic?

Yes. There is a strong possibility that you will have panda eyes if both of your parents did. If you have thin skin beneath the eyes, it is typically inherited and may become worse with age. Bony facial features with potentially deep-set eyes may also be passed on.

4. How do you get rid of panda eyes permanently?

To get rid of dark circles permanently, you can prefer both medical and natural treatments. Typically, the effects are not long-lasting. To maintain outcomes, proper home care, doctor examinations, and lifestyle changes would be necessary.

Final Thoughts

Panda eyes may be a sign that a person needs to change their diet along with sleeping patterns. While, if you want to add a special dimension to any makeup look without going extreme, panda eyes makeup will be a perfect choice. It is ideal for days when you want to keep your look simple but still captivating. Additionally, it doesn’t take a lot of time, energy, and effort to complete the makeup. Therefore, give panda eyes makeup a try if you’re looking for an eye makeup look that will make you distinguish yourself from others anywhere on any occasion!

Key Points

  • Panda eyes makeup is a creative and satisfying way to bring out natural elegance.
  • For starting the eye makeup, you will first need to prepare your eyelids. So, use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for your skin.
  • For a dramatic and intense look, panda eyes makeup can be a great way to achieve it.
  • It has a simple application procedure and takes only a few minutes to complete.
  • Products used to create panda eyes makeup can cause allergy and irritation to the eyes and surrounding skin, leading to swelling, redness, itching, and infection.

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