How to Apply Dark Eyeshadow-Proper Guideline

We’ve got some great tips on applying dark eye shadow! You’ll love these tips & advance guidelines.

You have probably heard about dark eyeshadows but do not know how to apply them properly. Or maybe you are interested in learning how to create the perfect cat eye look?

Most girls like dark eyeshadow as it can make them more feminine and flourish their aesthetic aspects. For that reason, dark eyeshadow is getting more popular day by day. However, still many girls are confused about how to apply dark eyeshadow to smokey eyes or how to apply dark eyeshadow to small eyes. Because how you should apply dark eyeshadow is dependent on what type of eyes you have, what your facial skin looks like, and some other things.

Well, you are in luck because today, I am here to show you the A to Z of dark eyeshadow and how to apply it to different types of eyes. Even from here, you will also understand- how you apply dark eyeshadow for beginners. So, pore over the following points repeatedly; you will find so many amazing things.

First off, try to understand- what dark eyeshadow is exactly?

Dark Eyeshadow

Usually, eyeshadow is a cosmetic that is to be applied on the skin around the eyes, and it may be of different colors. When we use dark cosmetics for that, it will be considered dark eyeshadow. And it looks like a shadow.

Now come to the point- where do you put the darkest eyeshadow? Along the crease, the eyeshadow ought to be dark, and when you reach towards both your eyebrows, it should fade a bit. Actually, this issue depends on person to person- how to apply dark eyeshadow perfectly because a method does not seem attractive to all. And everyone tries to apply what she loves to use, so it varies from person to person- how to apply dark eyeshadow.

How do you apply dark eyeshadow for beginners?

how-do-you-apply-dark-eyeshadow for beginners
How Bo You Apply Dark Eyeshadow For Beginners

For beginners, applying dark eyeshadow may seem a bit difficult, but after using it 2 or 3 times, it will be super easy. So now I am going to share step by step- how to apply dark eyeshadow for beginners?

Step 1

Before anything else, clean your entire face with fresh water, and wipe moisture from your face with a soft and clean towel.

Step 2

Now you are ready to apply all the makeup you are used to. Apply everything you commonly apply, like blush, lipstick, concealer, or something else. But, in this stage, do not apply anything on the skin surrounding your eyes because you will apply dark eyeshadow there.

Step 3

Now start to apply dark eyeshadow by applying light tinting color neutral eyeshadow on both your eyelids.

Step 4

Then use a brown eyeshadow that should not be excessively light or super brown, which will form the base for dark eyeshadow.

Step 5

After that, apply a dark eyeshadow dividing your upper eyes area and under the eyes area.

Step 6

This will have a significant impact on making both your eyes seem more prominent.

Step 7

Now on both your upper eyelids, apply the darkish eyeshadow that you like. It may be navy blue, black, or anything, but if you choose black eyelids, try to avoid being too heavy.

Step 8

Now redefining is necessary- you should make the dividing line vivid by using shade, which means you have to make a difference between the upper and lower eyelids. So first, apply a slight shading on the lower parts and gently brush there.

Step 9

After brushing the lower eyelids, you should apply eyeliner that should be dark. And then, on your eyelashes, you should apply dark mascara. If you use different mascara coats, it will provide your eyes with an intense look, and that is really attractive.

That is how to apply dark eyeshadow for beginners, but at last you should take a repeated look at both eyes to check the balance. If the look of both eyes is not almost the same, that will obviously not be good for your eye look.

Keep in mind if you have small eyes, or you want to apply eyeshadow on any girl with small eyes then you have to do some more things, that I am going to share later.

How to apply dark eyeshadow to ensure smokey eyes?

Apply Dark Eyeshadow

Smokey eyes can easily attract people’s attention, and that’s why many girls like these eyes. You may quickly get smoky eyes in just 10 minutes by applying dark eyeshadow. So, now I will show you how to apply dark eyeshadow to smokey eyes, which you’ll be able to do at home.

Clean your face with fresh water at first to be ready for applying dark eyeshadow. Then use an eyelid primer or a concealer that can tone skin. Next, on the area, you’ll apply dark eyeshadow. After that, use a cream concealer (matching your skin tone) on the skin under your eyes.

If you want a brightening effect, you should use lighter shades compared to your skin tone. Now using a fluffy brush, apply some translucent powder to your lower eyelids, and now you’re ready to apply black eyeshadow.

Now form the base layer with mid-toned eyeshadow on both your upper eyelids. When applying this mid-toned eyeshadow, remember that you have to limit the shadow only on the eyelids.

You may think of applying just black eyeshadow to form the base to get an extreme dark look. Then, to define the curve on your upper eyelid area, use black eyeliner. After that, using a small makeup brush on your upper eyelids, brush a black eyeshadow layer.

Now come to the lash line on the lower eyelids, and apply black eyeshadow there with a brush. And usually, an angled brush is suitable for that purpose. Now, with your finger or blending brush, on your eye edge and crease area, you have to smudge and mingle eyeshadow.

 To make the look final, using an eyeliner pencil (black), mark the lower waterline. In addition to that, you should use an eyeliner pencil (white) for the lower lash line because using such a white pencil will make your eyes noticeable. Don’t avoid the inner corners of your eyes. Here you may think of light eyeshadow brushing.

Now to ensure a super smoky look, highlighting your brow is necessary. And you may do that using a light shadow, similar to using eyeshadow.

At last, by swiping black mascara on eyelashes, you may add some extra volume. This is how to apply dark eyeshadow to smokey eyes in 10 minutes, more or less. And finally, to complement your smoky eye look, you may use a rosy blush. That will be great.

How to apply dark eyeshadow to small eyes?

Apply Dark Eyeshadow to Small Eyes

It’s a headache for so many of us who have small eyes- How to apply dark eyeshadow to small eyes or How to apply dark makeup to small eyes. Now I will describe how you can apply dark eyeshadow to your small eyes.

At first, you need to brighten your eyes, and you may do so by using light base eyeshadow. For the inner corner of both your eyes, use a creamy white eyelid, but keep in mind everything has to be matched with your outfit.

After that, on the water line, use an eye pencil of light color. A superb skin tone shade will be helpful for you to make your eyes seem bigger. Use any brown shade that is a bit deep, as it will redefine your eye area.

Apply this shade to your upper and lower eye part, and then blend this shade. Now with a gel eyeliner, make a wing, and after making a wing apply any volumizing mascara. This is how to apply dark eyeshadow to small eyes.

Pro tips for ensuring a superb larger eye appearance

Superb Larger Eye

If you have small eyes, you should not be worried about questions like how to apply dark eyeshadow to small eyes. Rather you should apply eyeshadow like other ordinary girls, but you should do some extra things to make your eyes seem more significant. Now I will share some steps which are highly useful for small eyes.

  1. No black kajal
  2. Use matte eyeshadow
  3. Arched-shaped eyebrow
  4. Curl the eyelashes
  5. Apply highlighters with concealer
  6. Kohl pencil (light)
  7. Apply winged eyeliners

1. No black kajal

If you use black kajal on the waterline, that will focus on your small eyes, which you want to avoid. Avoiding black kajal and using kohl pencil, you may apply any eyeliner, eyeshadow, or something like that. It’s up to you.

2. Use matte eyeshadow

This eyeshadow may make your eyes seem larger, though actually, your eyes are not so. But glitter or shimmery eyeshadow does exactly the opposite thing- make your small eye look more acute.

3. Arched-shaped eyebrow

This is an easy thing that you can do going to any salon- making your eyebrow shape arched. Arched eyebrows are really a good option for giving an illusion of large eyes, even if your eyes are a bit small.

4. Curl the eyelashes

It is well known to all that curled eyelashes can ensure a bigger look in anyone’s eyes. So, you may think of applying such eyelashes before applying mascara. Some girls apply vaseline first before applying mascara, that’s also effective, and you may try so. Another important point is that you should apply mascara on tips, not on the root because it’s helpful for ensuring a larger look. 

5. Apply highlighters with concealer

Using concealer is common for many girls, but you should apply highlighters as well if you have small eyes. This thing will effectively hide dark circles, and that’s why it has a surprising effect on small eyes. But, keep in mind- in this case, skin protection against the sun is necessary.

6. Kohl pencil (light)

On the waterline, you should apply a kohl pencil that is of light color. And, you have to use this pencil from the inner corner to the outer part. Otherwise, it will not be effective.

7. Apply winged eyeliners

For many years, winged eyeliners have been the best option for small eyes as they can ensure a bigger look. Why? If you apply this eyeliner, then when someone looks at you, he/she will see the eyeliner, not carefully take a repeated look at your eye size. Besides that, to make your eyes superbly stylish, this is also an effective option.

How to apply dark eyeshadow for blue eyes?

Dark Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Many girls in our society are born with blue eyes, and it’s natural, but the eyeshadow applying procedure is a bit different in the case of such girls. There are some differences in the eyeshadow applying procedure that doesn’t mean all the process is different.

Rather many things will remain the same, like clean your face at first, apply all the makeup you’re used to, apply dark eyeshadow, or the like. If you have blue eyes and you want to apply dark eyeshadow, then you have to keep in mind several things that I am going to share now.

  1. Choose the color before anything else
  2. Choose the best liner for blue eyes
  3. Warm your face
  4. Bleach your eyebrows
  5. Hydrate your eye area

1. Choose the color before anything else

For girls with blue eyes, it is a must to choose the perfect color of eyeshadow as it determines what your eyes will look like. Plum eyeshadow is well known for girls with blue eyes, and a soft finish with that will ensure a great look.

2. Choose the best liner for blue eyes

If you have blue eyes, then you have to choose eyeliner matching with your eye color. For blue eyes, the plum color liner is the perfect one.

Aubergine color liner is also good. When you apply such a liner, the application should be intense and must be near your lash line. And most importantly, you have to apply such liner on the upper and lower part of your eyes.

3. Warm your face

You know a super fresh vibe is good for blue eyes, and that’s why you should warm your skin lightly using a bronzer. And, if you make your lips rosy, that will be great for you. In such a look, your blue eyes will get the ultimate focus.

4. Bleach your eyebrows

For all the girls with blue eyes, it is important to bleach their eyebrows to light blonde. If your hair is black, then you may think of making your eyebrows a bit dark that will match your hair.

5. Hydrate your eye area

It is important for all eyeshadow applying girls to hydrate the skin of the eye area, no matter whatever your eye color is- blue or otherwise. If your skin near your eye is drunk up, then it will be great for you in many ways.

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How do you apply light and dark eyeshadow?

Apply Light and Dark Eyeshadow

Some girls think that applying light and dark eyeshadow is a bit complex, but that isn’t true at all. Now in some simple steps, I will show you- How do you apply light and dark eyeshadow?

At first, moisturize your eye with anything, and this is essential for starting to apply light and dark eyeshadow. After that, use concealer on the upper and lower eye part, and then blend perfectly, but don’t use concealer on your eyebrow.

Now start applying any light shade from the inner corner of your upper eye part. And then blend carefully.

In this stage, you may apply any dark eyeshadow on the skin surrounding your eye part. Then you have to use any highlighter, and there is no hard and fast rule like you have to use a certain one. Rather you may use whatever you use normally.

Now, use a kohl pencil on your waterline, and on your eyelids, use the matte black liner. That’s the answer to how you apply light and dark eyeshadow, but you may add some further steps if you want to. That is up to you.

How to apply dark eyeshadow: real life story

By birth, my eyes were a bit small, though not too small. I was a bit depressed about that. The reason is that we can change our color, but not the size, and that’s why I couldn’t hide the fact. I had searched many times about the ways that can be effective for making bigger eyes, but I didn’t find anything effective.

My close friends knew this fact very well, and at the end of our high school, one of my friends was admitted into a makeup course, and she informed me about an amazing fact- how to apply dark eyeshadow to small eyes to make the eyes seem bigger. And she sent me some links to some tutorials and told me these could be possible solutions for my small eyes.

Though I didn’t believe at first what she said, after coming from school, I reluctantly started to watch the tutorial she provided. But it is true that after watching those tutorials for just half an hour, I feel encouraged because those tutorials showed some effective ways to ensure a bigger look of eyes.

They suggest making arched eyebrows, curling the eyelashes, applying highlighters and concealers, avoiding using black kajal, and so on. And at last, I could understand all these things are highly useful for ensuring a larger eye appearance.

And that night, I applied all those methods and showed some of my family members. And after seeing my appearance, they told me that I had successfully hidden the fact- my eyes are small. Still, I obey these things carefully and apply dark eyeshadow when I go out for any special event.

Julia Rangel


1. Where do you put the darkest eyeshadow?

If you want to apply dark eyeshadow, then you should apply dark shadow along your crease. And when you apply something to your eyebrows, you should apply something that will fade, but this is not like a law that is mandatory to follow. You may change the procedure more or less.

2. How to apply dark eyeshadow to small eyes?

First, use light base eyeshadow and creamy white eyelid on inner corners, use any light pencil on waterline, redefine eye area through brown shade and apply it on skin surrounding your eyes, and at last apply volumizing mascara, that’s all.

3. What can I do to make my small eyes seem bigger?

To make your small eyes look bigger, you have to make your eyebrows arched. Then you have to curl eyelashes and use highlighter and concealer, light kohl pencil, matte eyeshadow, winged eyeliners, etc. If you use black kajal, then you have to avoid it if you want to ensure a larger eye look.

4. How do you apply dark eyeshadow for beginners?

Actually, there is a no different procedure for beginners to apply dark eyeshadow. Just you need to follow the normal dark eyeshadow application procedure carefully one by one, that’s all.

5. Is cleaning my face necessary for applying any dark eyeshadow?

Of course, you should clean your face properly as your face skin may contain the rest of previous makeup, any invisible dirt, or something like that. Even for the betterment of your face, cleaning your face as often as you can is necessary.

6. How to apply dark eyeshadow for blue eyes perfectly?

Ordinary process applicable for applying dark eyeshadow is also applicable for applying dark shadow on blue eyes. Just beside the normal process, you have to choose the perfect color of eyeshadow and liner matching blue eyes.

7. When should I do face makeup- before or after applying eyeshadow?

There is no hard and fast rule. You may do whatever seems comfortable for you. But as our eye area is a bit sensitive, you should do face makeup first without touching your eye area, and then you may start applying eyeshadow.

8. What colors are included in the dark eyeshadow? Is it only one color, or many?

Dark eyeshadow doesn’t indicate only one color. Rather a good many eyeshadow colors may be considered dark. If any eyeshadow seems a bit darkish, then you may consider that eyeshadow in the dark eyeshadow category, so dark eyeshadow maybe navy blue, black, or something like that.

9. Is dark eyeshadow fit for all types of face looks?

It’s not like that; you have to apply eyeshadow considering your face’s natural appearance and makeup if you use it. Depending on these, you have to select what type of eyeshadow you should apply.

10. What issues should I remember regarding using eyeshadow?

You should use products of top-notch brands, don’t search for cheap one. And, after going back from any event, clean your eyeshadow and face makeup as soon as possible.

Final words

Dark eyeshadow is really amazing for flourishing your overall appearance if you know well where do you put the darkest eyeshadow, or how to apply dark eyeshadow Smokey eyes, or something like that. If you can apply dark eyeshadow perfectly that will be highly useful for hiding small eye looks, and other types of evils. But, remember you should keep all the relevant health issues in mind while choosing and applying eyeshadow.


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