How to Apply Nail Tips Without Acrylic?


Getting attractive nails can be an excellent choice to make your regular appearance more attractive. Getting colorful, stunning nails has become a cool trend nowadays. People love to get an attractive look by getting gorgeous nails. To get attractive-looking nails without harming their real nails. People are loving getting artificial nails. With artificial nails, they can change their regular nails look in many different designs.

There are many different artificial nails that you can get, like acrylic nails, gel extension nails, deep nails, Polygel nails, and soft gel nails. Among all of them, I love to get gel nails and try to avoid acrylic nails. Because they feel like acrylic nails and do not look like natural nails. Acrylic nails have a visible artificiality that harms their looks. So, the common question I get is how to apply nail tips without acrylic and make them natural-looking. In this article, I will tell you how to apply nail tips without acrylic, the step-by-step process to get them, their safety and natural-looking nature, and how you can increase their longevity on your nails.

How To Apply Nail Tips Without Acrylic?

If you don’t love the way acrylic nails look on your nails, then you can choose the alternative of getting nail tips.Yes, there are many other alternatives to getting nail tips without acrylic, including gel-extended nails, dip nails, Polygel nails, and soft gel nails. You can choose any of them to get artificial, natural-looking nails. You will love to get all these nails because of their natural-looking effect, easy-to-apply process, time-saving, and longevity on your nails. To apply all these artificial nails without acrylic, the one thing you have to know is how to apply them perfectly to your nails.

The Step-By-Step Guidance to Apply Nail Tips without Acrylic

We already knew that there are four other artificial nail tips you can get without acrylic nails. Those are gel-extended nails, Polygel nails, soft gel nails, and dip nails. I will discuss how you can apply all of these nail tips to your nails and what you will need to do so.

1. Gel Extended Nails

Gel extended nails

Gel-extended nails mean applying a gel-based solution to your nails to get gel-extended nails. Follow these to get gel-extended nails:

  • Choose nail tips: The first thing you have to do is choose the correct-sized nail tips in the perfect size and shape to get your nails done. Remember to choose the right one because if the nail tips don’t fit perfectly on your nails, they can look very artificial and damage the beauty of your nails.
  • Prepare your nails: To get gel-extended nails, you have to prepare your nails. Take a cuticle pusher and push the cuticles back to make your nail beds visible. And buff your nails to remove all the shiny effects.
  • Apply nail glue: Now apply the base coat to make a protective layer on your natural nails, and apply nail glue on it to attach your nail glue.
  • Attach the nail tips: With the first nail tips you have chosen to use on your nails, now it’s time to attach them to your nails. Wait until it’s dry.
  • Apply gel extension solution: Moe spread the gel extension solution to the size of your nail tips perfectly with the help of a nail brush. Before using the nail brush, dip it in a liquid monomer to make it non-sticky.
  • Dry them: After fixing your nails, now keep your nails under a UV lamp light to dry them quickly. If you don’t have a UV lamp, then take ice-cold water and dip your nails under the water. It will help to harden the solution on your nail.
  • Paint them: It’s optional. If you want to keep your nails the same as they were after drying, then you don’t need to paint them. But if you want to make them more attractive, then you must paint them. After the painting is done, you must apply a top coat to make it shinier and prevent peeling-off problems.

Now enjoy your gel-extended nails with nail tips without getting acrylic nails.

2. Polygel Nails

Polygel nails

Polygel is also a good alternative to acrylic nails. To get Polygel nail tips, you have to:

  • Prep your nails: Firstly, prepare your nails. Preparing your nails means cleaning them with some nail cleanser, acetone, or nail polish remover. Next, fix your nails, which means give them the shape you are willing to give them and also buff them. Buffing means removing all the shiny effects from your nails to make your poly gel stay longer on your nails.
  • Apply base coat: A base coat is really important to protect your natural nails from any kind of damage and to make your artificial nails attach to your natural nails perfectly. Don’t try to skip this.
  • Apply nail tips: Now, it’s time to apply nail tips. Choose perfectly shaped and sized nail tips for your nails to fit them perfectly on your natural nails. Take some Polygel solution on your nails and attach them to your natural nails.
  • Fix the Polygel solution: After attaching nail tips with your natural nails, take a clear nail brush. Dip the brush in the monomer solution and slowly spread the Polygel solution all around your nail tips to give it a natural-looking finish. Try to spread the gel solution from the middle to the top and then back to the middle. It helps you by giving proper shape to your nails.
  • Put them under the UV lamp: When your fixing is done, put your nails under the UV lamp to make them dry quickly. It will take only 60 to 120 seconds to dry.
  • Apply a Top Coat: Now apply a top coat to your freshly done Polygel tip nails. It will give your Polygel nails a glossy and attractive look. And it will also help protect your Polygel nails from any kind of damage.

3. Soft Gel Nails

Soft gel nails

Soft gel Nails are almost similar to press-over nails. But their application process is different. To get soft gel nails, you have to:

  • Prepare your nails: As with others, you have to prepare your nails by making the nail’s plate visible and clean. With the help of a nail pusher, pull your nails cuticles back and clean your nails with a nail cleanser.
  • File them: With the help of a filer, file your nails to give them your desired shape and remove the shiny surface from your nails.
  • Apply a base coat: Applying base coats will give your natural nails a protective shield from any kind of damage and help to cling the nail tips on your nails.
  • Choose the nail tips: Now choose the right size and shape of nails for yourself. If you didn’t find the right size nail, then just file your nail tips with the help of a filer and give them the proper size and shape to perfectly attach them to your nails.
  • Attach them with your natural nails: Take your chosen nails and put some soft gel on them. Now attach the gelled side with your natural nails by pressing over it. It’s very important to attach it to your nails properly; either way, it can look so fake. Keep them attached with a nail clipper until the gel is properly dry and the nail is attached to your nails properly.
  • Dry them: To make them harden quicker, take the help of a UV light lamp. It can make the gel solution harden in only 60–120 seconds. Make sure that your soft gel nails are completely dry.
  • Apply top coat to them: Choose a high-quality top coat to apply to your nails. Applying a top coat will help to give your nails a gorgeous, glossy look.

Your soft gel nails are ready to make you look attractive with a luxurious appearance.

4. Dip Nails

Dip nails

Dip nails are also a popular option for applying nail tips without acrylic. To get dip nails:

  • Gather all the products you need for dip nails: Dip nails are a really quick process. So, before getting dip nails, you have to prepare everything to get perfect, smooth-surfaced dip nails.
  • Clean and file your nail: With the help of a nail cleanser, clean your nails properly to make them oil- and dust-free. And also file the shiny surface of your nails.
  • Attach nail tips: Take a thick, clear gel polish and attach the nail tips with the help of the thick polish. Apply the thick gel until it doesn’t fill all the free space between the nail tips and your natural nails. Now let them dry before going to the next part.
  • Dip your nails: It’s time to dip your nails. For dip nails, get a nail brush and dip the brush into liquid monomer, then brush your nails with that liquid. After polishing, dip your nail into the dip powder, and with the help of a dry brush, brush all the excess powder out of your nails.
  • Apply top coat: After the powder is completely dry, apply a top coat to your nails to give them a complete polish, make them glossy, and increase the longevity of your dip nails.

If you are willing to get nail tips without acrylic, then you can try to get gel extended nails, Polygel nails, soft gel nails, and dip nails for yourself by following all these steps.

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Are These Nail Tips Safe and Natural-Looking?

Are these nail tips will be safe and natural

Getting all these artificial nails is considered safe. Because all the ingredients used in this whole process are safe for our nails and skin. But remember that doing or getting anything excessive is not good for us. We have to maintain a nail routine to get artificial nails and keep our nails safe from any kind of unwanted damage.

On the other side, some people are concerned about whether it looks natural. The honest answer is that it won’t look natural if you keep it nude, but it can look natural if you paint it with polishes. Polished nails with nail tips are considered a beauty hack for those who love to get their nails done. As a result, we can say that applying nail tips without acrylic will be safe, and by painting them, you can also make them look natural, just like your natural nails.

How to Increase The Longevity of These Nail: Tips

To increase the longevity of your artificial nail tips, you have to take proper care of them. You have to:

  • Avoid water: Water can make the bond between your natural nail and artificial nail tips weaken. So, avoid water or wear water-resistant hand gloves to avoid losing your artificial nail tips.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Strong, harsh chemicals can react with your nail tips solution and make them peel off or break off easily. So, you have to avoid products with high amounts of harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid Heat: Avoid heat or any kind of warmth to protect your nail tips because heat can make them cling to your nails.
  • Avoid Using Nails: While working, don’t use your nails for work. It will lose the solution and reduce the longevity of your nails.
  • Apply Cuticle Oil: Cuticle oils are very useful when it comes to increasing the longevity of your nails. It will make your nail tips bond strongly with your nails and also make them shiny.
  • Keep Them Clean: You also have to keep your nails clean to increase their longevity.
  • Apply Base coat: Try to apply the base coat before getting your nail tips on; it will make a protective layer on your natural nails.
  • Apply Top Coat: After getting your nails done, apply a top coat to your nails. This will protect your nails from any kind of damage, like peeling and breaking.
  • Be Gentle With Your Nails: Always be gentle with your nails because rough handling can make them peel off.


1. How do I attach nail tips without glue?

To attach nail tips without glue, you can apply adhesive or a sticky patch. These will also give you a strong enough bond, just like nail glue.

2. Can I use super glue instead of nail glue?

You can use super glue instead of nail glue, but it won’t be ideal to use super glue on your nails. It has the risk of damaging your natural nails.

3. Can I get dip nails on my natural nails?

Yes, you can. Getting dip nails on natural nails is a good idea, but remember to apply a base coat before getting dip nails to protect your nails.

Final Thoughts

If you are willing to get nail tips but afraid of getting acrylic nails due to their brittle effects, you can get gel extended nails, Polygel nails, soft nails, and dip nails for yourself. These nails can also give you perfect, natural-looking nails, and getting these artificial nail tips is also relatively safe. For getting these nails, some of the common things you have to do are clean your nails, file them, and apply the base and top coats. It will give your nail tips a longer lifespan than usual and also protect your nails from problems like breaking off or peeling off. As you know, these are not permanent, so taking proper care will also increase their longevity.

Key Points

  • To look attractive, getting artificial nails with the help of nail tips has become a popular trend.
  • To apply nail tips without acrylic, you can get nails like gel extended nails, SOF gel nails, Polygel nails, and dip nails for yourself.
  • Getting artificial nails like dip nails, Polygel nails, soft gel nails, and gel extended nails is safe, and painting them can also give you natural-looking nails.
  • To increase their longevity, you have to take proper care of your nail tips and avoid things that can harm them.

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