How to Pick a Bronzer : Pro Tips From the Experts

How to Pick a Bronzer
Choosing the right bronzer for your skin tone can be tricky. Read on to learn more about choosing the best bronzer for your skin type

To all the beauty conscious people, skin look is a matter to consider with great importance. But, due to our age, genetics, and for some other reasons, we cannot retain our desired look. And that’s why we need to apply artificial products or maintain so many things. Bronzer is such a thing which is for enhancing the shiny look of our skin.

In this article, I am going to show you all the necessary details of bronzer and how to pick a bronzer color or how to pick a bronzer for your skin tone. If you take a repeated look at the points mentioned by me, then you’ll not have to go to anyone to choose the right bronzer for you. You’ll be able to choose the best bronzer for you, which will provide your skin with your desired look.

What the bronzer is, and why should you use it?

Usually, we use any cosmetic product to enhance our beauty, and bronzer is also for that. Bronzer is a cosmetic product to improve your skin appearance. You may get it in powder, liquid, or cream form, and it is to be applied on your skin, usually on the face. Bringing warmth to the face is the common object for which people around the world use bronzer. But, remember, bronzer is not like the contour, which is only for sculpting someone’s face. The look provided by the bronzer will be like the skin after tanning. If you know very well how to pick a bronzer, you’ll be able to deepen your natural skin look by using bronzer. So, it is really important to know how to pick a bronzer perfectly no matter what your age or skin quality is.

How to pick a bronzer?

How To Pick a Bronzer

For applying any cosmetic product on your skin or anywhere, you should consider so many things, like your skin condition, quality of the product to meet your criteria or something like that. To pick the right bronzer for you, considering these things are also important. Before anything else, you should understand which type of bronzer can meet which types of criteria. So, now I will show you how to pick a bronzer that will provide you with your desired look.

  1. Bronzer To Hide Imperfections
  2. Bronzer To Amazingly Highlight
  3. Bronzer To Avoid Makeup

1. Bronzer To hide imperfections

If there are some imperfections in your face or anywhere and you need a bronzer to hide such things, then you may choose matte bronzer. In other words, matte bronzer will not highlight imperfections if such things exist in your skin. People use this bronzer to just warm their face a bit and for subtly sculpting. Due to its too warm tone nature, you should not use it for contour. People in a large number use this bronzer because it goes well with different skin types. In other words, you may use it, no matter what your skin type is.

2. Bronzer To amazingly highlight

If you use highlighter all the time and want to avoid it, then you may think of using a shimmer bronzer. Why? This type of bronzer is good for highlighting your skin- like just opposite to matte bronzer. Thanks to the higher highlighting effect of shimmer bronzer, to contour, you’ll not be able to use it. As it will highlight your skin, this is not for you if there’s acne or any other imperfections in your skin.

3. Bronzer to avoid makeup

If you’re fed up with everyday makeup and want to ensure a tanned look without makeup, then sheer bronzer will be a good pick for you. An important aspect of this type of bronzer is that it maintains natural finishes, and that’s why it’s a great option for those who have fair skin. Without doing any makeup, it can ensure a superb tanned look, and that’s why it is so popular now. Just apply this on your face perfectly; it will surprisingly ensure a sun-kissed look that’s dreamy to so many of us.

Which bronzer formula will be a good pick for you?

which-bronzer-formula-will-be-a -good-pick-for-you
Which Bronzer Formula Will be a Good Pick for You

To ensure different looks, you may use different types of bronzers like matte bronzer, shimmer bronzer, or sheer bronzer, but bronzer formula is also an important matter to be considered. The reason is that not all types of bronzer formula will come in handy in every type of skin. So, try to understand- which bronzer formula is good for meeting which purposes.

  1. To Get A Matte Bronzed Look
  2. To Ensure Super Glowing Look
  3. Cream Bronzer For A Subtle Glow

1. To get a matte bronzed look

If you want to get a matte bronzed look, then using powder bronzer will be perfect for you. For oily skin, powder bronzer works excellently, so if you have oily skin and you want a matte bronzed look, then powder bronzer will be the right answer.

2. To ensure super glowing look

If you want to ensure an attractive glowing look, then you should choose a bronzer that can blend in a seamless way with foundation. A liquid bronzer certainly meets this criteria, so it might be the right option in that case. But, if you use any type of liquid bronzer on your face skin, then you should give importance to on point blending. If you don’t do that, then you may experience face streaks, and that’s not desirable.

3. Cream bronzer for a subtle glow

If you like blending makeup products on your fingertip then cream bronzer will be fit for you. One of the important features of cream bronzer is that it can last for a long period compared to powder and liquid bronzers. If you have dry skin or a combination of dry or other skin type, then you may choose cream bronzer, as cream bronzer works well in such cases. And such bronzer is good for retaining moisturizer for quite a long period.

How to pick a bronzer for your skin undertone?

How to Pick a Bronzer for Your Skin Undertone

To pick the right bronzer color for you, you have to consider so many things. Your skin undertone is a must here to consider. The reason is that not all colors of bronzer are fit for all types of skin undertone. For that reason, it should be matched with your skin undertone, and now I am going to show you which bronzer color is good for which skin undertone.

1. Best bronzer color for warm skin undertone

If your skin is characterized with a warm tone, then you should choose warm color bronzer like golden-brown, mocha, or bronzer of similar other colors. Usually, golden, peachy, and yellow are three colors that beauty experts suggest are the best bronzer color for people with warm skin undertone. Even if you choose a bronzer that has burgundy or yellow hints, that will also be better for a warm skin undertone. But, keep in mind one thing while using warm bronzer that will ensure a fresh and lightweight look.

2. Best bronzer for girls with cool skin tone

If you have a cool skin undertone, then you may select lighter tans, beiges, or something like that for you. Soft peach bronzers may be good picks for you with such a skin undertone. People around the world want to add depth and to do that you should make your bronzer a slightly warm. But, check it carefully- you should not make the bronzer too warm, otherwise, that will have some negative effects on your face beauty.

3. Best bronzer for girls having neutral skin undertone

It is really difficult to choose a perfect bronzer for girls having neutral skin undertone. Actually, people around the world use bronzers of cool and warm mixed colour. But, commonly, bronzers having a brown base work better on such skin. But excessively yellow or pink bronzers are not fit for girls having neutral skin undertone as these can’t flourish their face beauty.

Identify your skin undertone for selecting the right color bronzer for you.

If you’re a bit beauty conscious, then it is likely that you know very well what your skin undertone is. If you are still confused about your skin undertone, then you should identify your skin undertone immediately and select the bronzer accordingly.

A mentionable feature of a warm skin undertone is that the light skin tone will tan a bit more in such skin. A medium skin tone will tan gold color here, and in the case of rich or deep skin tone, it will tan caramel, more or less.

If your skin undertone is cool, then light skin tone will tan a bit rose, compared to golden color. And a medium tone from a lighter will tan more like a deep cinnamon color. And lastly, rich or deep skin tone will tan a bit more reddish.

One of the easy ways to identify the neutral skin undertone is that you’ll not see any predominant shades in such skin. And if you stay under direct sunlight for long hours, then your skin may be tanned or burned.

Based on these features I mentioned above, you have to identify what skin undertone you have and it’s a must. That’s easy to do, but if you can correctly identify your skin undertone, then it will be easier for you to choose the best bronzer for you, and thus you’ll be able to ensure your desired look.

How to pick a bronzer shade based on your skin complexion?

how to pick a bronzer shade based on your skin complexion

Usually, to choose the best bronzer, you have to keep in mind your skin complexion. Compared to your skin complexion, you should choose a darker of 2 to 4 shades. If you make your skin light, then it will be easier for anyone to find any streak or mistake there. Keeping all these things in mind, you have to choose the right bronzer for you. Your skin may be light, olive, dark, or others, but larger bronzer brands bring bronzers for different types of skin. So, now I am going to show you how to pick a bronzer shade based on your skin complexion.

If your skin is anywhere from fair to light, then rosy or peachy lighter hues will be superb for you. You may also consider beige taupe or pink, but you should not choose red or orange tones. It is also important to consider- what is your skin reaction under direct sunlight? The reason is that if you have fair skin, then it may turn more pink, and with bronzer, you’ll get almost similar results. For that reason, girls with fair skin often try to avoid using bronzer, but there are bronzers that ensure sun kissed looks, so you may try those. Some girls love shimmer, and silver or pink might be the right options for them, but gold is not good for them.

 But, if your skin tone is medium or you have a complexion like olive tone, then it will be a plus point for you. Why? The reason is that any bronzer shade will be matched with your skin complexion, so you may use your favorite bronzer. But, you should not apply bronzer unnecessarily; rather an earthy or copper tone might be good for you if it complements the natural tan.

But for girls with darkish skin, a warm hue might be a good pick because it can deepen your natural skin tone. For that reason, you may try a terracotta that is a bit deep. Even chocolate tone is also good for darkish skin. Some girls with darkish skin want to shimmer. If you want so, then you should keep this subtle, and gold flecks should illuminate with that.

This is how to pick a bronzer shade, but it may be difficult for you to choose the right bronzer for the first time If you’re not familiar with makeup. Though if you keep note of every point I mentioned, then it will not be so difficult for you even at the first time. So, you may do one thing- use the best one for you and then some alternative and finally decide which one will be the best bronzer for your skin complexion.

What is the best bronzer for oily skin?

Actually, oily skin is not such a matter for which you have to avoid bronzer. You may choose bronzer based on your skin tone, no matter whether your skin is oily or not. But, for oily skin, powder bronzer is considered a good pick, so you may try it. For oily skin, some bronzer brands suggest using oil-free bronzers that will keep your skin moisturized too, besides ensuring an amazing look. Even nowadays, different techniques are shown online for treating oily skin. You may try those if you want to.

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How to pick a bronzer: real life story

I was a bit confused about how to pick a bronzer shade for me because of my skin undertone. And, it’s a bit difficult to find the right bronzer for people with neutral skin undertone as the undertone is the same as the real skin tone, and I had that undertone. A good many of my friends use bronzer regularly, but I didn’t and that was a matter of bit frustration for me. And I regularly read beauty blogs to find out the right bronzer for me, which will enhance my face beauty. From such constant search, one day, I found an article on how to pick a bronzer color and that article described well how we can select bronzer matching with our skin tone. Still, I can remember that day because on that day, I found a way how I can get the desirable look of mine though my skin tone is neutral.
From the guideline shown in that article, I go to a nearby super shop and buy all the necessary things and choose a bronzer that is of cool and warm mixed color. The reason is that the article described that it is a bit difficult for neutral skin tone having girls to use common bronzer colors as these are not fit for their skin tones.
When I stood against the mirror after applying mixed color bronzer on my face at noon after going back from the super shop, it seemed to me that I was waiting for that look for many years. From the next day, I went to my college after applying bronzer on my face I continued it for the rest of my college life. Still, when I go to any event, ceremonies, or something like that I use a cool and warm mixed color bronzer, and that seems to be enough for flourishing my skin beauty.

Kristan Banda


1. Is it compulsory to match the bronzer shade with my skin complexion?

Of course, it is necessary because the main object of using bronzer is to highlight our skin beauty, and that will not be possible if your bronzer is not matched with your skin complexion.

2. Is oily skin a bar to using bronzer of any kind?

Having oily skin is not at all a barrier to using bronzers, and if you check online, you’ll see so many examples of oily skin girls using different types of bronzers. You may try an oil-free bronzer, and all that you need to do is use powdered bronzer, as this type of bronzer can match well with oily skin.

3. What type of bronzer will be good for warm skin?

If you have warm skin, then you may choose a warmer one that will match your skin. Usually, girls with warm skin use golden-brown or mocha color bronzer as these colors can enhance their natural skin look. You may even try using golden, peachy, or yellow colors bronzers; these are also good for warm skin.

4. To ensure lasting a long period, which bronzer will be the perfect option?

If you want to retain the look after applying bronzer for a longer period, then you should use cream bronzers. The reason is that cream bronzers can last a long period compared to the other two- powder and liquid bronzers.

5. Which bronzer is the best for girls with dry skin?

If you have dry skin, then cream bronzer will come in handy due to its nature, and this bronzer can retain moisture for long. Even if your skin is slightly dry, you’ll also find cream bronzer effective then.

6. Is neutral skin tone problematic in the case of choosing bronzer?

The truth is that- for a neutral skin tone, finding the right bronzer that matches well is a bit difficult. But, be sure, brown based bronzers or cool and warm mixed color bronzers work well on neutral skin.

7. What type of bronzer will be the right choice to ensure a matte bronzed look?

Matte bronzed look is desirable to so many and with powder bronzer, you may ensure such a look easily. Other types of bronzers like creamy or liquid are not perfect for a matte bronzed look.

8. What type of bronzer will be good for acne having skin?

No matter if someone’s skin contains acne or similar other imperfections, using bronzer will not be problematic for that. But in that case, don’t use a shimmer bronzer as this bronzer will highlight your acne or other imperfections, which is not desirable.

9. Which purposes are served by sheer bronzer well?

The mentionable feature of sheer bronzer is its natural finish, and that’s why it’s a great option for fair skin. And, surely, it can ensure a sun-kissed look and a perfect option for girls who want to avoid makeup.

10. Can I hide my imperfections on skin by using bronzer? 

It is possible to hide imperfections by using bronzer, but not all types of bronzer are perfect for that. To meet such criteria, you may use a matte bronzer as it will not highlight your imperfections, so it’s effective to hide those.


Bronzer can serve so many beauty purposes well, but you should know first how to pick a bronzer for your skin tone. If you can do that perfectly, then makeup will be less important to you. Surely choosing the right bronzer will ensure a super amazing thing for you that is your desired look.

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