Can I Use Lip Liner On My Waterline?

Can I use lip liner on my waterline
Lip liner is one of the popular makeup items that create a precise and bold look on ourselves to use as eyeliner and on the waterline as well with potential causes.

Makeup and skincare items have become popular among people around the world. Skincare product includes moisturizer, serum, toner, eye creams, facial mist, etc. while makeup items include foundation, primer, concealer, highlighter, blush, setting spray, and so on. Skincare products help to make our skin healthy and hydrated. Makeup products, on the other hand, help to beautify and present ourselves with a bold look. Lip liners and eyeliners are two of the most popular makeup items that make our lips precise and bold with a beautiful finish.

So, can I use lip liner on my waterline? Lip liner is designed to use only for lips. The ingredients and formulation of the products show this. Though it is not recommended, this is used as an eyeliner by many people. This is because people may not have lip liners available or they want to experience a different look with lip liners. Lip liner is not only used as eyeliner; it is also used on the waterline. As the waterline is very sensitive, there are some tips and precautions to follow before using this on your waterline.

Can Lip Liner Be Used On My Waterline?

Can lip liner be used on my waterline
Can lip liner be used on my waterline

There is so much confusion regarding the use of lip liner on the waterline. Yes, one can use lip liner, and using lip liner on the water line can make your eyes bold and intense. Before this, you need to choose the best lip liner and take the necessary precautions according to that.

While it you might use a lip liner on your waterline, it is not totally recommended. This is because the ingredients that are used to make a lip liner are not really formulated to be used around the eyes!  That is why it is important to be wary about using it. In a pinch, it can work fine but the sensitive skin around the eyes can cause problems if you were to use a lip liner in the water line. That is why you need to Choose a lip liner that is safe to use around the eyes. Gentle and non-irritating ingredients can really help with that.  If it is safe to use around your eyes, you can also use this on your waterline.

Factors to Consider Before Using Lip Liner on the Waterline

Factors to consider before using lip liner on the waterline
Factors to consider before using lip liner on the waterline

You need to consider some factors before using a lip liner on your waterline. The important factors that needed to be considered are as follows-

  • Make sure that you are not using the lip liner on your water line every day to avoid damaging your eyes.
  • Make sure that the lip liner you are using contains safe ingredients and is safe to use around the eyes.
  • Keep in mind whether you have eye sensitivity or allergies that can irritate. Otherwise, it can cause major health risks.
  • If you have already a critical eye condition like conjunctivitis or styes, you might need to avoid using a lip liner.

4 Tips for Applying Lip Liner on the Waterline

Here are the 4 tips that will help you to use your lip liner safely without causing your eyes any kind of problem and irritation along with potential damage.

  1. Make sure your lip liner is clean and precise; sharpen the lip liner each time you start to use it.
  2. Apply the lip liner gently in short and thin strokes. It helps you to avoid discomfort and irritation.
  3. Some lip liners contain glitter or shimmer which causes a great amount of irritation so it is always better to avoid using them.
  4. Choose lip liners that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. This will be suitable for sensitive eyes.

4 Risks of Using Lip Liner on the Waterline

Risks of using lip liner on the waterline
Risks of using lip liner on the waterline

Applying eye liners is a crucial activity that too when using lip liner on your waterline. Well, it can provide you with a bold and dramatic look. There are still some risks associated with it since the waterline is sensitive and delicate. So, if you do not apply lip liner following the rules, it can irritate your eyes or cause an infection.

1. Irritation or Allergic Reactions

Lip liners that contain parabens or fragrances can cause irritation or allergic reaction on your skin. The skin of our lips is different from the skin around our eyes. So, it can cause irritation or allergic reaction when it is applied to the waterline. Redness, itching, and discomfort are very common.

2. Harmful Ingredients

Some lip liners contain ingredients that are not safe to use around your eyes. For example-dyes, preservatives, or fragrances. These may cause a bad reaction when comes in contact with your eyes. Chemical exposure to these ingredients can lead to eye damage.

3. Scratch Waterline & Cause Discomfort

Applying lip liner on your waterline can be a bit uncomfortable. As a result, it can scratch your waterline, and cause discomfort and irritation.

4. Dryness and Infection

It is not recommended to use lip liners regularly; you can occasionally use this when needed. Because overuse can cause irritation, dryness, or even infection. Besides, the waterline is a very sensitive area where lip liner may cause bacterial or other infections.

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4 Alternatives to Lip Liner for the Waterline

Alternatives to lip liner for the waterline
Alternatives to lip liner for the waterline

Lip liners are designed to use on the lips and not on sensitive areas like the eyes. You may find some difficulties while using the lip liner for the waterline. So, there can be some alternatives you may use for the waterline.

1. Gel Eyeliners

Gel eyeliners could be a great fit to use on the waterline. These eyeliners are long-lasting and waterproof which makes them a good choice for using on the waterline.

2. Kohl Eyeliner Pencils

This is one of the softest and most highly pigmented eyeliners. Its soft nature makes it perfect to use in the waterline. Choose the eyeliners that are safe for the waterline and labeled as suitable for the waterline. Kohl eyeliners also come in pencil which makes them suitable for use on the waterline.

3. Eyeshadow Applied with a Small Brush

When you don’t have eyeliners, you can choose an eyeshadow or eye pencil to line your waterline. The eyeshadow can gently be applied to your waterline. Using a small brush when applying the eyeshadow can result in a bold waterline.

4. Waterproof Eyeliner pencil

Waterproof eyeliners are the best for use on your waterline. The waterproof eyeliner pencil is designed and formulated in a way that makes it long-lasting and resistant to smudging or fading. The precise application of a waterproof eyeliner pencil can create the best line on your waterline.


1. Is it okay to line your waterline?

It may not be the safest idea to line your waterline. Applying eyeliner on your waterline may increase the risk of contamination in your eyes. As a result, bacteria or other contaminants can cause discomfort. Irritation or discomfort in your eyes.

2. What kind of eyeliner for waterline?

Waterline is very sensitive and that’s why it is very important to choose the safest eyeliner. The best eyeliner for Waterline is that one which has a creamy texture. This has less chance of causing discomfort or irritation as it won’t skip across your waterline.

3. Should I line my lower eyelid?

Lining your lower eyelid is not necessary. It makes the eyes look smaller with a darker color. Using eyeliner on your lower eyelid is not recommended as it can cause under-eye smudges.

4. Does eyeliner on the waterline make the eyes bigger?

Eyeliners don’t make your eyes look bigger. If you use white eyeliner on the waterline and black one on the lower lash line, it will just create an illusion of bigger eyes which many of us desire for.

5. What makeup is safe for waterline?

A pencil liner is safe to use on the waterline. Avoid gel or liquid eyeliners as they can smudge and cause irritation. Pencil eyeliner, especially the waterproof one can work best on your waterline.

Final Thoughts

If you have concerns about the risks associated with using lip liner on the waterline, there are alternative products available such as gel eyeliners, eyeliner pencils, or even eyeshadows that can serve a similar purpose. Since it is an attractive product that helps enhance our appearance by defining the lips and creating a bold look. While it may be tempting to use a lip liner for other purposes, such as eyeliner, it is advisable to avoid doing so due to the potential risks of irritation or discomfort.

Key Points

  • Lip liners are designed and formulated for lips but many people use this as an eyeliner though it is not recommended.
  • Before using lip liner on your waterline, make sure that your lip liner contains safe ingredients and does not cause any discomfort or irritation.
  • Follow the tips like choosing the best lip liner, sharpening it, and use gently on your waterline.
  • Know about the risks like skin irritation, dryness, infection, or discomfort.
  • If you are facing difficulties when using lip liners on your waterline, opt for options like gel liners, eyeshadow, or waterproof eyeliner pencil.

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