How to Get a Golden Tan Not Brown?

How to Get a Golden Tan Not Brown
Getting a golden tan instead of a brown tan is easy to achieve. Follow these steps to get a perfect golden tan on your skin.

Tanning is a process that helps people get darkened or colored skin. Many people perceive tanned skin as making their presence more attractive or stunning. Some of them believe that tanning their skin makes them more confident and fit. But when it comes to tanning, a brown tan is a common and old tradition among people. To enhance their new attractive look, people choose a golden tan as an alternative. For most people, achieving a golden tan is a dream that has gained a lot of popularity recently for its attractive beauty. You can easily get a natural-looking golden tan with proper care and the right methods.

To achieve a perfect golden tan, you have to follow the step-by-step guide on how to get a golden tan, not a brown one. You can find different types of methods, but you have to choose the right and most comfortable one for you. In this way, you can get the best golden tan ever. In today’s article, I will describe all of the methods to get a perfect golden tan instead of a brown tan.

6 Different Ways To Get A Golden Tan instead of Brown

Golden tan offers a lighter, sun-kissed hue with a warm golden undertone, resembling a natural glow. On the other hand, brown tan delivers a deeper, darker shade, resembling a rich bronze or caramel tone. Both tans can be achieved through natural sun exposure or artificial methods like tanning products. The choice between a golden tan or a brown tan depends on personal preference and desired aesthetic.

There are many ways to get a golden tan instead of Brown tan. You need to choose the one that makes you feel comfortable.

Different ways to get a golden tan instead of brown

1. Natural Suntan

Suntan is a traditional tan that we have been getting for decades. This is a common tanning process. By only sunbathing, you can get a natural, golden-looking suntan. Before getting a suntan, you must use SPF 30+ sunscreen to protect your skin. Then tan yourself slowly. Slow tanning is the key to getting a golden tan while you are getting a natural sun tan. Gradually, you just have to spend 15 minutes once a day. After 3–4 days, you will achieve a perfect, golden-looking tan on your skin.

2. Tanning Beds

Tanning beds will artificially give you a natural-looking golden and shiny tan to make you look more desirable. With its UV lights, it offers a convenient way to tan. By using tanning beds, you can easily get tanned without sitting outdoors or exposing yourself to UV rays. It’s an easy way to get a golden tan.

3. Tanning Oils

Tanning oils for tanning are also worthy of use. Only by using tanning oil can you get tanned skin. And the plus point of using oils is that they will give you a quicker tan. Tanning oils help increase melanin production by activating melanocytes. A higher amount of melanin will help you produce a tan more easily.

4. Tanning Lotions

Tanning lotions are also similar to tanning oils. The elements in tanning lotion also help to increase the amount of melanin in your body and give you a tan. Not only that, but it also contained an essential element named DHA. That also gives you a tanning effect indoors. The element DHA reacts with the amino acids of the skin and oxygen and gives a tanning effect.

5. Spray Tan

Getting a golden tan from a spray tanner is also a great idea. To get a spray tan, you have to spray a chemical solution all over your body. Then the spray will also react with your skin and give you a natural-looking golden tan. It is a quick process that only takes a few minutes to give you a golden tan. You can also find some ready-to-use self-tanner sprays on the market for self-tanning.

6. Bronzer

Using bronzer can also give you a golden tan. Bronzers are essential products that give a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow to the skin. Bronzer also eventually contains the element DHA, which reacts with the skin to give you a golden tan.

Among all these six different types of tanning methods, you can choose the most comfortable one for yourself.

10 Steps to Get a Golden Tan Not Brown

To get a perfect golden tan, you need to follow some proper steps. The step-by-step guidelines are as follows:

1. Choose The Perfect Tanning Area or Parlor

To get a golden tan, the first step you have to take is to choose the area or parlor where you can get tanned. But you have to choose an area where you can get enough UV rays or a parlor where you can find a tanning specialist.

2. Prepare Your Skin

Before getting tanned, you have to prepare your skin so that the tan can cling to it perfectly. Examples include exfoliating your skin, peeling, shaving, or waxing your skin, and bathing to remove all the darts that can harm the process of getting tanned.

3. Choose Your Clothes

When getting a tan, you have to wear proper clothing. Because the wrong clothing can harm your tan. In your tanning session, you have to wear something comfortable for you. And also, after getting tanned, you have to wear something loose to not ruin your tan.

4. Choose the Right Products

To get a golden tan, you also have to choose the right tanning products for yourself. Choosing the right tanning products is important for your skin. Because choosing the wrong products can give your skin rashes, redness, and burning sensations.

5. Proper Sun Exposure

If you are willing to get a natural golden tan, then you must choose a proper sun exposure area to get a golden tan. A protein called carotenoid in human bodies makes skin tan through activation by UV rays. And in this way, you will get a golden tan from sun exposure.

6. Seek Shade

While you are exposing yourself to the sun, you have to seek shade. Because staying under the sun’s rays for a long time can burn your skin. So, take a little break and stay under the shade of a tree or umbrella for some time.

7. Apply Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen afterward. Sunscreen will help you protect your skin from the sun’s rays while you are getting your tan from sun exposure. You also have to apply sunscreen when you are on an outing because the rays can still burn your skin and give your golden tan a brown shade.

8. Relax and Enjoy

After getting tanning products on your skin or lying down under the sun’s UV rays, you have to wait for their development. That means, it’s time for relaxation or to enjoy your fresh tan. If you are having an artificial tan, then wait for some minutes, and if you are having natural tanning, then you have to wait for one to two hours.

9. Moisturize Your Skin

When your tan is soaked into your skin, use an oil-free moisturizer. While maintaining tanned skin, moisturizing your skin is important, so moisturize your skin. After moisturizing, your tan will look smoother and more glowing.

10. Hydrate Yourself

Drink a lot of water and keep hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important while you are getting tanned. Because the ray of the sun can dry your skin and make the tanning effect streaks.

When you think of getting tanned, don’t forget to take proper care of your skin. Protecting your skin from any kind of damage is more important than getting an attractive tan.

Tips For Getting A Golden Tan Instead of Brown

In this part, I will give you some tips that you should follow to get a perfect golden tan instead of a brown one. Tips are:

  • Use Sunscreen Repeatedly:  For getting a golden tan, a sun tan is the perfect way. But excessive sun rays can damage the skin and turn your tan brown, so you have to apply sunscreen repeatedly. While using sunscreen, you must use a high-quality SPF 30 or higher sunscreen during your outing.
  • Take Melanin Pills: If you have fair skin and didn’t even get tanned, then you can try melanin pills to get tanned. Avoid taking too many melanin pills; they can give you a darker brown shade.
  • Change The Diet Plan: If you are very interested in tanning, then you have to change your diet plan. It’s an effective idea for tanning lovers. Eat foods that contain a high amount of beta-carotene and lycopene. These foods will protect your skin from sun damage and also give you a golden hue.
  • Apply Natural Oils: To get a glowing golden tan, you can use natural oils like olive oils, coconut oils, baby oils, aloe vera oils, and avocado oils. These oils will attract the rays of the sun and heat the oily area allowing it to tan faster. But while getting tan, remember not to wait a long time under the tan; it can cause brown tan.
  • Choose The Right Base of Solution: To get a golden tan, choosing the right tanning-based solution is also important; otherwise, you can get another shade of tan instead of a golden one. You can find three colored base solutions: red, blue, and green. The red and blue ones are known for brown tanning, while the green ones will give you a golden shade. So, if you are willing to get a golden tan, then choose the green-based tanning solution for you.
  • Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly: If you are out every day, whether it is a sunny day or not, then exfoliate your skin every day. Because the sun’s rays can give your golden tan a brown shade, that’s not what you are expecting. So, in this way, exfoliating your skin regularly will help keep it golden.

The above-mentioned tips will help you to get a golden tan instead of a brown tan.

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How Long Does Golden Tan last?

How long does golden tan last

The longevity of a golden tan depends on your activity and which type of tan you are getting. Like if you have suntan then it can last 7-10 days, while if you got a fake tan like self-tanner, tanning oils, tanning lotions, or spray tan then it will be different. A self-tanner can stay for 7-12 days, whereas tanning oil and lotions can stay for 9-12 days. And if you got a spray tan, it can last 15 to 20 days. But the longevity of your tan can fade faster if you don’t take good care of it.

So we can say that in general, the golden tan can last for 7-12 days on your skin but proper care can make it last more.


1. Why does my skin become red after tanning?

We all know that melanin is the reason behind getting tanned, but sometimes excess production of melanin can give your skin a red shade instead of a golden or brown one.

2. Which tan is more attractive, golden or brown?

People usually love both shades. But after doing a little study about this matter, I found that males preferred darker shades more than golden shades.

3. Which color tanning base solution is right for a golden tan?

To get a perfect golden tan, you have to choose green-based solutions. Because the blue and red ones can give you a brown tan instead of a golden tan.

Final Thoughts

Instead of getting a brown tan, it’s easy to get a golden tan. To get a golden tan, you just have to follow the recommended guidelines. It will help you get a perfectly smooth golden tan, not brown. You can find many types of golden tanning methods to get a golden tan, like sun tanning, spray tanning, self-tanning, and bronzers. You just have to choose the one that makes you feel at ease.

But after following these, you can still get a brown tan due to excessive sun exposure, the wrong diet plans, the wrong tanning base solution, and the absence of melanin. If you can look after these problems and take good care of them strictly, then nothing can hold you back from getting a golden tan instead of a regular brown tan. So, if you are willing to get a golden tan, then go for it and give yourself a more attractive, confidential look.

Key Points

  • With golden glowing tan skin, it’s very easy to catch a golden glowing desirable skin rather than bold brown skin.
  • Must take proper care before and after getting a golden tan on your skin. It will help to cling to your skin and last for so long.
  • Before getting suntan always remember not to wait too long under the sun it can harm your skin deeply. Only 15 minutes each day for 3-4 days are enough to give you a golden tan.
  • Avoid using harsh tanning products for the skin. Before getting tanned, doing a patch test can prevent this problem from happening.
  • If you have sensitive and allergic skin, then contact your dermatologist before getting tanned. Because it can cause serious skin damage.

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