5 Ways to Get Porcelain White Skin

how to get porcelain white skin
Discover the best way to get porcelian white skin without spending thousands of dollars on expensive products.

If you’re a bit fashion conscious, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the term porcelain white skin. Beautiful porcelain skin is dreamy to many of us now as it can serve many purposes. But, still, many of us are confused about what porcelain white skin really is or how to get porcelain skin with makeup. This article will surely be a masterpiece for all who want to know porcelain skin secrets or how to get porcelain white skin naturally fast.

Before anything else, first to know- What does it mean to have skin like porcelain? It is such skin that seems whitest, and there will be undertones of 95% pink and 5% yellow, almost opposite to fair skin tone. And most importantly, in the porcelain skin, there will be no blemishes, and the skin will be smooth and clear. Light color is a significant feature of porcelain skin; some call it translucent skin. Nowadays, how to achieve porcelain skin is a search trend in different regions.

There are so many benefits of porcelain white skin, and that’s why beauty bloggers show different ways on how to get porcelain white skin naturally fast. If one’s skin is clear, smooth, and free from blemishes, that will obviously seem attractive. It just excludes the necessity of makeup or anything for beautifying. Just the skin quality is enough to flourish the inner beauty. It’s not needed for any surgery or something like that to get porcelain skin, and it can be retained for many years by maintaining some health tips. Now I’m going to reveal all the beautiful porcelain skin secrets step by step.

5 Ways to get porcelain white skin? : Tips and tricks

Porcelain White Skin Tips & Tricks

Now I’m going to discuss the ways to get porcelain white skin naturally. If you’re searching for the question- How can I get porcelain skin naturally, these tips will be helpful for you. These are some natural elements using which, for a mentionable period, you’ll certainly get desirable white porcelain skin.

  1. Curd & Gram Flour mixture
  2. Milk with Almond
  3. Orange
  4. Lemon Mask with Honey
  5. White part of Egg with Honey

1. Curd & Gram Flour mixture

Beauty conscious women have used this mixture from ancient times, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. If your skin is a bit oily, then it will be surprisingly helpful for you as gram flour is effective in lessening the oil level. And curd is good for keeping your face skin moisturized.

How To Use: To make the mixture, take two tablespoons of gram flour and almost the same amount of curd. Then mingle these two using any whisk or any other tool.

After making the mixture, massage the paste on your face evenly with any of your hands. Keep the paste for 18 to 20 minutes, and then wash your entire face carefully with water.

2. Milk with Almond

For porcelain skin, especially to get white porcelain skin, almonds are really great. Besides whitening your skin, it also makes the skin smooth and very soft.

Milk with Almond

How To Use: Interestingly, you’ll have to use these two items just once a week, not more than that. At first, take a grind of at least eight almonds and 5 to 6 tablespoons of milk. Now keep the almond grind in the milk for 1 to 2 hours in a cup or pot.
Then rub the paste gently on your face with your hand. Keep the paste for 25 minutes or more, and then rinse off with ordinary tap water.

3. Orange

It is well known to all that oranges are a good source of vitamin C, and vitamin C is highly effective for removing blemishes from the skin. You’ll not have to mix the orange with anything, barely using orange is enough.

How To Use: First, peel the orange, take the orange pulp, and massage the pulp on your skin. Next, massage the orange pulp over your face for more than 10 minutes, and then clean your face with water.
To get flawless porcelain skin, massage the pulp at least three times a week, but don’t try more than four times a week.

4. Lemon Mask with Honey

It’s the most common mask that people worldwide use for getting beautiful porcelain skin. Lemon is suitable for different properties that lighten skin, and honey can keep human skin hydrated for a long time. So, if you use these things, you’ll get many skin benefits, and your skin will be hydrated for long hours.

Lemon Mask with Honey

How to use: Take up to 10 lemon drops and just one tablespoon of honey in a cup, and mix these two. After mixing these two, gently apply it to your face with your hand. After applying it ideally, wait more than 10 minutes, keeping the mixture on your face, and then wash your face.
Try to use lukewarm water while cleaning your face, and keep in mind- it will make the skin photosensitive. So, you should avoid staying in the sun for a longer period while applying this mixture. You have to use Lemon Mask with Honey for months, and then you’ll start to get the benefit.

5. White part of Egg with Honey

It’s a super effective method for those who search – How can I get porcelain skin naturally? There are some properties in the white part of the egg that is useful for the enhancement of your skin quality. And besides making your skin hydrated, honey can treat wrinkles as it contains proteins and collagen.

How to use: To use these two, you have to make a mixture first- so, take the white part of a whole egg and a bit more than one tablespoon of honey. Remember, you have to avoid all the yolk parts, so check it carefully.
Now mix these two with any tool, and it will take some minutes due to the nature of those. After mingling these two perfectly, gently rub the mixture on your face. And keep this mixture on your face for more than 25 minutes. It will be ineffective if you keep it for less than 25 minutes. After that time, clean your face with fresh water and wipe out the water with a clean towel.

7 Ways to maintain porcelain white skin

Ways to Maintain Porcelain White Skin

In recent years it’s the headache of many- How can I get porcelain skin naturally? Here I am going to mention the ways that will be surprisingly helpful to get porcelain skin so fast. Besides applying one natural item on your face, you have to maintain these skin health tips to retain beautiful porcelain skin.

1. Keep your skin away from UV exposure

It is well known that UV exposure is harmful to our skin. So, staying under direct sunlight for a long time can damage your skin. The reason is that in direct sunlight, there are UVA & UVB rays. And these are the cause of freckles, blemishes, spots, or other types of evils that damage the skin. For that reason, try to avoid long stays under direct sunlight or use good quality sunscreen. If you can’t avoid it, then you may use face masks. To some degree, it’s helpful.

2. Regularly gently cleaning

Cleaning is a must for skincare, and that’s why you must clean your face every time you go out, even for a short time. Just washing with fresh water isn’t enough. You should use a gentle cleanser. But, remember, you have to choose the cleanser based on your skin type, so do some research before choosing one. If you’re at home for the whole day, suppose on your holiday, cleaning is also necessary. In such cases, clean your face with a good quality cleanser at night before going to bed.

3. Avoid excessive makeup

Ordinarily, makeup is not harmful, but excessive makeup is always harmful to skin health. So avoid such makeup that seems too much to you. Remember, too much makeup can destroy the beauty of your skin soon. And whatever the case may be, don’t go to bed with makeup on. It’s extremely harmful to face skin.

4. Use a face mask, especially in the air-contaminated area

Contaminated air contains so many harmful germs that are obviously harmful to skin health. So, if you’re living in any of such areas or going to such an area repeatedly, you should use a good quality face mask that can protect your face. On visiting such an area, washing your face is a must. Maintain it at any cost.

5. Avoid touching anywhere your face repeatedly without any reason

Usually, we do many things with our hands, and that’s why it is so common that there might be bacteria or other germs in both of our hands. So, if you repeatedly touch your eye, nose, or other areas of your face, then the area will also be contaminated. For that reason, you should not touch any part of your face if there’s almost no necessity.

6. Don’t get dehydrated

To maintain healthy skin, there’s no alternative to drinking sufficient amounts of water every day. For staying moisturized and removing such toxins that are harmful to healthy skin, drinking sufficient amounts of water is surprisingly effective. During the summer season, it’s doubly applicable for us due to excessive amounts of sweat.

7. Always get up-to-date

Don’t miss the important features or articles published by top notch health blogs. Many important tips and tricks might be there which are rightly helpful for human health. If you take a look regularly on those blogs or sites, then it will be easy for you to know- how to maintain flawless porcelain skin.

Fair vs porcelain skin

Fair vs Porcelain Skin

Some of us confuse porcelain skin with fair skin, but these two are not the same thing. If you search writing fair vs. porcelain skin, you’ll get the point. Porcelain skin has a less warm tone than fair skin, and fair skin is featured with a more yellow undertone. But in the case of porcelain skin, there is 95% pinkish undertone. That’s not the character of fair skin.

Is it true- Porcelain skin is a sign of good health?

Before going to the main discussion in this regard, I want to remind you- What does it mean to have skin like porcelain? It is obviously blemish free. Now come to the point- what’s the cause of blemish? When sebaceous glands produce oil in an excess amount, that causes blemishes on the skin. Even when this excessive amount of oil can mingle with some evils like bacteria or dead skin cells that cause pimples, or so, having porcelain skin means you don’t have any of these irregularities. For that reason, having porcelain skin is really a sign of being free from all the relevant health related irregularities. Without maintaining all the skin health issues and without proper care of skin, none can get porcelain skin- even not for one day.

What does it mean to have skin like porcelain WHITE?

To say about porcelain skin, many people think that it must be white, but that isn’t true at all. It may be dark porcelain skin, it may be white porcelain skin, or it may be of any other color that doesn’t matter to be porcelain skin. But to be porcelain skin, it must be free from blemishes and be so smooth and clear. But it is true that a good portion of women all over the world want to get white porcelain skin.

Another thing is that to make porcelain skin, women commonly use some natural properties and these properties also lighten the face skin, besides making it blemish free. For this reason, some of us think that porcelain skin should be white, though that’s not the fact. If someone can fulfill all the criteria of being porcelain skin, then we must consider her skin as flawless porcelain skin, whatever the color may be.

Porcelain skin is smooth and free of blemishes

To be porcelain skin, it must be clear and smooth, and there will be no blemishes. It’s the primary criteria. If there is any sign of a blemish or any part of a face is not smooth, then we can’t consider it as porcelain. That’s why getting beautiful porcelain skin is not so easy. Women try week after week to get flawless porcelain skin. After removing blemishes from their face and making their skin smooth, they maintain many things to retain a beautiful look. Want to get beautiful porcelain skin just in a month?

Follow a Proper Skin Care Routine

Maintaining a proper skincare routine is important for maintaining the porcelain nature of skin for a good many years. Here are some important parts that you may keep in your skincare routine.

  1. During the day, we wash our faces many times, but we should wash our whole face with a good quality cleanser in the morning and at night (before going to bed). And in these two times, we should clean all the areas of our face including our eyes, nose, etc.
  2. Many women use toner after cleansing their face at night. You may also try this. Just take 4 to 5 drops of toner to your hand and massage gently on your face everywhere.
  3. If you have enough time in the morning, then you may think of using serum, it’s good for your skin as it can keep you away from the harmful effects of radicals.
  4. Most of us use moisturizer for keeping our skin hydrated because you will get so many benefits if you keep your skin hydrated. Even for the same reason, you may also use face oil, it’s also effective in this regard.
  5. For removing dark spots or something like that, retinoid is rightly active. But keep in mind, if you have to stay under sunlight then it will not be effective so try to use it at night.

How to get porcelain skin without makeup?

To get porcelain skin naturally, you need to use natural items that have properties to make porcelain skin. And to maintain the porcelain tone, you must check some skin health issues like washing your face regularly, drinking sufficient water, using face masks, etc. If you do all these things, you’ll retain the smooth and blemish free nature of your face skin for quite a long time.

Makeup is not a matter here, but remember, excessive makeup is harmful. Now come to another point- how to get porcelain skin with makeup? You may make your skin like porcelain with makeup, but it’s just for some time. If you search for porcelain makeup, you’ll get so many tutorials on how to apply porcelain makeup. But using natural items is the best as it will create a natural skin tone that will be long-lasting.

Porcelain white skin: Real life story

Just two years ago, there were blemishes in my face, and my face was not smooth as well. But then, from online, I got acquainted with the term porcelain skin. When I got acquainted, it came to my mind that this is what I dreamt of from many years ago. Then I started searching with keywords like How can I get porcelain skin naturally, how to have porcelain skin naturally, how to get porcelain skin like Korean, etc. After thorough research, I found that using Lemon Mask with Honey might be helpful for me in this regard. After using it for a month, it seemed to me that the blemishes started to be removed and my face was getting smoothen. Now, after two years of using Lemon Mask with Honey, my face still has no blemish. And most importantly, I have been able to retain a smooth nature. Still, it is true that I have maintained so many things, like avoiding UV exposure, cleaning my face regularly, using no excessive makeup, and the like.

Julia B. Byrd


1. What does it mean to have skin like porcelain?

Porcelain skin is evenly-toned, and there are no imperfections. Girls having porcelain skin all over the globe have smooth face skin just like dolls.

2. Does porcelain skin mean white?

Actually, it’s not like that; porcelain skin may be white or may not. If there’s no blemish in someone’s skin and the entire face skin seems smooth then it’s obviously porcelain, no matter if it’s white, dark, or others. If it’s dark or pale, then we have to call it dark porcelain skin or pale porcelain skin.

3.How to get porcelain white skin naturally fast?

If you want to get flawless porcelain skin, it’s not a matter of one day or two. Select the natural item first, and use it regularly, obeying all the guidelines. Then you’ll be able to make it fast.

4. How do you get porcelain white skin?

To get white porcelain skin, you have to use any natural item that is good for removing blemishes from the face and can lighten the skin color. And at the same time, you have to maintain relevant skin health issues to retain the porcelain nature.

5. What skin tone is porcelain?

Tone indicates the surface tone of someone’s skin, and there’s a specific tone in the case of porcelain skin. There are nearly 95% pink undertones, and the rest 5% is of yellow undertones, but the exact calculation cannot be found.

6. Is porcelain skin warm or cool?

Fair skin is warmer due to yellow undertones, but porcelain skin is not so warm thanks to excessive pink undertones, so we can consider it cool.

7. How do Koreans get porcelain skin?

From a long ago, Korean girls used some natural ingredients like bamboo extracts, propolis, green tea, snail slime, etc., for skin improvement. And these items are available in Korea, and that’s why porcelain skin is common among them.

8. What is the difference between pale skin and white skin?

Pale skin is featured with dusky undertone due to blood flow lack, and it’s not fair skin. On the other hand, white skin is featured with a fair skin tone.

9. What skin color is most attractive?

It indeed depends on the locality you’re in, or on the mindset of you and the people of your locality. But, usually, the majority of people tend to be white, and that’s why it can be said that white seems attractive to the majority of people.

10. Which is lighter, alabaster and porcelain?

 The main attribute of alabaster skin tone is that it is creamy white and a bit pale. In the case of lighter skin tone, the melanin level is too little, and vitiligo causes lighter skin. Porcelain is ordinarily whitest, and there’s an excess of pinkish undertone.

Final thoughts

Beautiful porcelain skin is still dreamy to so many girls all over the globe. But, to get porcelain skin, you will not have to do so many things. Just do some research first about your skin quality and select one natural item that has the property to make the skin porcelain, and start to use it. Certainly, you will get flawless porcelain skin just within months. Even after that, if you maintain all the relevant health issues that I mentioned here, you’ll be able to retain the awesome look for eternity. Now getting porcelain skin is not a dream. It’s the real reality, so try to achieve it now.

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