How to Get Rid of Sticky Skin- Easy and Fast Ways

how to get rid of sticky skin
Looking for a way to get rid of sticky skin? Look no further than our guide! We’ll teach you how to eliminate the problem for good with our easy tips.

Skin beauty is a matter that we always importantly consider, but sometimes we can’t avoid skin complexities, and among some known complexities, sticky skin is so common around the world. If you have sticky skin, then no matter what type of product you use on your skin, you’ll not be able to ensure your skin’s look. Unless you can remove the stickiness from your skin, the product you use on your skin will be just valueless.

For that reason, at any cost, you should remove the sticky mode from your skin if you’re facing this problem. Actually, getting rid of sticky skin is not so hard, and you may do so by following some ordinary ways. Though this version may sound a bit unbelievable now, it’s true that you can solve the problem easily in weeks. In this article, I am going to share how to get rid of sticky skin by doing some easy tasks.

What’s sticky skin and what’s the cause of it?

What s sticky skin and whats the cause of it

Sometimes due to some dermatologic condition, our skin causes objects, and these objects are adhered to our skin itself. When this happens, then we call it the sticky skin, so sticky skin means the causing of objects which will be adhered to our skin. The other name of sticky skin is clammy skin, and it may be due to a good number of causes. And when we face sticky skin, then we can’t use anything effectively for the betterment of our skin as those objects which are adhered to our skin cause complexities. And to say about our facial skin, that is doubly important to get rid of sticky skin because it’s easily conspicuous.

Sticky skin is natural in hot weather as, due to excessive heat, human fat turns into oil, and it enhances the oily mode in our skin. Thus our skin becomes sticky. It’s ordinary, and you may get rid of this type of complexity easily by using some stuff that can act against excessive heat.

There are so many causes of sticky skin, such as heart conditions, shock, heat exhaustion, hypoxemia (lowering the oxygen level), internal bleeding, and something like that. Besides all these internal complexities, sticky skin can be the result of several infections, such as influenza, mononucleosis, viral gastroenteritis, stomach flu, kidney infection, pancreatitis, or similar other infections. Even panic attacks, hypotension, hypoglycemia, menopause, etc., may be behind the sticky skin. In a word, it is the internal complexity, and the sticky skin is the outcome of these. In the case of internal complexity, resulting in sticky skin, you should do some more steps besides using some natural stuff or an artificial one on your skin. Because you need to cure it internally first, but treating sticky skin is no more hard thing now as different ways to treat this skin condition are open to you.

How to get rid of sticky skin by using some natural things?

To get rid of sticky skin, you should use some natural things regularly because there are many good things that boost the body’s cell renewing process. And this process is surprisingly helpful for removing excessive oil, grime, dead skin cells, etc., and removing these has an important role in getting rid of sticky skin. Even using these impacts sebum glands and prevents them from producing excessive oil. So, surely exfoliation will be helpful for treating sticky skin, and now I’ll show you how you can get rid of sticky skin by using different exfoliators, toners, or so.

  1. Use honey, almond, and lemon
  2. Orange peel & turmeric exfoliator
  3. Use honey and sugar
  4. Lemon with sea salt
  5. Baking soda, honey, and lemon
  6. Applying aloe vera
  7. Cucumber and yogurt
  8. Cucumber with Tomato Juice
  9. Banana and honey
  10. Gram flour with turmeric powder

1. Use honey, almond, and lemon

Use honey almond and lemon

You know honey, lemon and almond have so many skin benefits, and surely these will remove dead skin cells and oily mode from your skin.

To make this exfoliator, you just need to mix 2 tablespoons of almond ground, 1 tablespoon of honey, and half a tablespoon of lemon juice, in a cup. And then apply it on your skin and wash it with fresh water after keeping this exfoliator for 5 minutes. But keep in mind, don’t use this exfoliator more than two times a week.

2. Orange peel & turmeric exfoliator

Orange peel turmeric exfoliator

As turmeric and orange peel both contain anti-inflammatory properties, these two will be great for lessening oily mode. And for getting clear, bright skin, these two are surely effective, and it’s many times proven fact.

To make this exfoliator, you need to mix one tablespoon of orange peel powder with half a tablespoon of turmeric paste. And if you want, you may mix honey with these two for a better result. Then use this on your face for less than 5 minutes, then rinse off, that’s all.

3. Use honey and sugar

Use honey and sugar

The overall benefit of honey for the skin is well known, but sugar is also beneficial for our skin, though not exactly the same as honey. One of the benefits of sugar is that it boosts the skin cell generation process, and it can permeate the deep skin layer, so this is a great way- how to get rid of sticky skin.

To exfoliate with honey and sugar, just mix honey and sugar (one tablespoon each) and then apply it on your skin. Keep the exfoliator for less than 5 minutes and then cleanse with lukewarm water.

4. Lemon with sea salt

Lemon with sea salt

Lemon is commonly used by a good number of skin health-conscious people, but salt is also effective in this regard. Because sea salt can balance two things- skin moisture and oil level in the skin. So, if you use these two things on your skin, then be sure you’ll be able to get rid of sticky skin.

Just take 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of salt and then apply it on your skin, and after 4 to 5 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water.

5. Baking soda, honey, and lemon

Baking soda honey and lemon

The skin benefits of honey and lemon are likely known to you if you’re a bit conscious about your skin health. Baking soda, too, is great for your skin health as it keeps your skin clear by removing germs. When you apply these three- baking soda, honey, and lemon on your skin then, it will be surprisingly helpful for treating sticky skin.

Just mix 1 tablespoon of honey with half a tablespoon of baking soda and lemon juice, and rub this on your skin. After keeping these mixtures for 5 minutes, rinse off with fresh water.

6. Applying aloe vera

Applying aloe vera

Aloe vera has some super effective cooling properties, and it can treat oily skin. So it might be the right pick for treating clammy skin.

As you don’t need to mix any other thing with aloe vera, the application process will be simple. Just take aloe vera gel as much as you need and massage the gel on your skin. And after keeping the gel for a while, clean it with fresh or soap water.

7. Cucumber and yogurt

Cucumber and yogurt

To reduce puffiness and swelling, cucumber and yogurt mixture is greatly helpful. Against excessive heat, this mixture can play some important roles, and that’s why it can treat sticky skin fruitfully.

To make the mixture, you need to mingle curd and cucumber juice in a cup. After keeping it for a while, cleanse it with lukewarm water.

8. Cucumber with Tomato Juice

Cucumber with tomato juice

Cucumber and tomato juice can be helpful for your skin in so many ways. To get rid of dead skin cells, applying tomato juice to the skin is really a fruitful method.

Its applying process is simple- you just have to mix cucumber and tomato juice in a cup, apply it on your skin and rinse it off after a while. You may also apply only tomato mash on your skin, and this is also effective for treating sticky skin. But in that case, you have to keep the tomato mash on your skin for a long time- 15 minutes or more.

9. Banana and honey

Banana and honey

Applying banana mash with honey is one of the known methods of how to get rid of sticky skin. Honey and banana both have some useful properties to treat different skin complexities.

To make the mixture, you have to make banana mash first, and you have to mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey with the mash. And then apply the mixture on your skin and clean it with water after a while, that’s all.

10. Gram flour with turmeric powder

Gram flour with turmeric powder

The use of turmeric on face skin is so common in different parts of the world due to its skin benefits. Though the use of gram flour is not common, it can lessen sebum production, so it’s important to get rid of sticky skin.

Just mix two tablespoons of gram flour, lemon juice, and milk with half a tablespoon of powdered turmeric. And like other methods, keep the mixture on the skin, but you have to keep this mixture for a longer period- 20 minutes more or less, and then you may cleanse.

Some tips and tricks to get rid of sticky skin

Besides using natural things on your skin, you should follow some tips and tricks that will keep you away from sticky skin. Keep in mind that only using some cool things will be helpful to some extent, but that’s not perfectly effective in all seasons. So, besides using these natural things, you have to obey some tips that I am going to share now if you want to get rid of sticky skin.

  1. Eat heart-friendly foods
  2. Foods that control excessive sweat
  3. Proper cleaning
  4. Sunscreen using in summer
  5. Keep tissue or blotting paper near you
  6. Choose the right one for daily use
  7. Avoid excessive makeup
  8. Don’t ignore any internal complexity

1. Eat heart-friendly foods

Eat heart friendly foods

One of the important causes of sticky skin is different heart complexities. So, to keep your heart condition sound and proper, you should keep some heart-friendly foods in your daily diet. Leafy green vegetables, beans, fatty fish, walnuts, low-fat dairy, etc., are some foods that can keep your heart condition well.

2. Foods that control excessive sweat

Foods that control excessive sweat

There are some foods that can reduce excessive sweating, and you should eat these regularly, especially during summer. These foods are b-vitamins-rich foods, water-dense fruits, spinach, whey protein, cheese, yogurt, or something like that. These foods have some other health benefits too, so, surely, if you can keep these foods in your daily diet, it will be helpful for you in getting rid of sticky skin.

3. Proper cleaning

Proper cleaning

You must bathe regularly because this is a surprisingly beneficial habit to prevent skin stickiness. And, when you’re in a hot weather area, you should take a shower for quite a long time. You should clean your body properly with soap because it can remove all the unwanted things or salt that exists in your sweat. Salt and other things in your sweat can cause skin stickiness if you cannot maintain proper cleaning.

4. Sunscreen using in summer

Sunscreen using in summer

How to get rid of sticky skin during the summer season? Sunscreen might be the best option for you because it will protect your skin from ultraviolet rays that can cause harm. So, always use sunscreen when you go out in the summer season, especially when you have to stay for a long time under direct sunlight.

5. Keep tissue or blotting paper near you

Keep tissue or blotting paper near you

It is well known that drying sweat on the skin or remaining sweat on the skin for a long time may cause skin stickiness. So, you should keep tissues or blotting paper near your hand, especially in your pocket or bag, and it’s a must during summer or in hot weather. Wiping sweat from your face or anywhere you want will be helpful for avoiding skin stickiness.

6. Choose the right one for daily use

Choose the right one for daily use

If you have a habit of using something on your body’s skin, then try to avoid oil or creams. The best way to lessen the risk of sticky skin is to use any lightweight lotion. Antifungal powder is also helpful in this regard, but you should not use anything whose element is not well known to you because something harmful might be there. The lightweight moisturizer also comes in handy during summer, so you may try anything like that.

7. Avoid excessive makeup

Avoid excessive makeup

Excessive makeup is really harmful to our skin health, so you should avoid excessive makeup at any cost. And you should avoid those makeup elements, which are unknown to you, and don’t use anything excessively. If you have to use makeup compulsorily, then cleanse those as soon as possible, and in any case, you should not go to bed at night with makeup.

8. Don’t ignore any internal complexity

Don’t ignore any internal complexity

Most often, skin stickiness is the result of internal complexity relating to the heart and kidney. So, if you experience something unusual, then you should not ignore the problem. Rather you should take proper medical steps as soon as possible. You should not ignore any skin-related complexities as well because, from minor complexity, skin stickiness may occur in the future.

How to Get Rid of Sticky Skin: Real Life Story

From my childhood, I loved playing different outdoor games, and that’s why sweating was not an unusual thing for me. During my final year of my college, I experienced excessive sweating, but I didn’t pay any heed to that because it was summer season, and I thought that my excessive sweat was the result of excessive heat. And at that time, whatever I used on my face didn’t come in handy because of my excessive sweat. And all the time during the day and night, I felt skin stickiness, and it was a bit disturbing to me, but I had nothing to do.

One day one of my college friends told me that my skin condition was not usual. That’s an unusual condition that dermatologists call skin stickiness. After hearing this, I went to a dermatologist (who was one of my relatives) and told him all the details, and he said that whatever my friend told is true. Hearing all these things, he suggested to me that I should treat this condition naturally as it was my first time. And he told me as well- treating sticky skin naturally is better than using chemicals or taking resort to medicine. And he suggested that I use any of several natural things like honey, banana, lemon, and some other things.

And besides using such things, he also suggested that I should bathe regularly and eat lots of water-dense fruits every day. According to his advice, I started using the honey and lemon mixture on my skin and started following whatever he said, like bathing everyday, eating water-dense fruits and vegetables, or something like that. After doing these things for a whole month, I finally got rid of sticky skin. Many years have passed yet, but I didn’t experience sticky skin problems after that time.

Maria Hatton


1. Can sticky skin be caused by infections?

Besides the excessive heat, and heart complexities, sticky skin may be the result of internal infections like a kidney infection, pancreatitis, mononucleosis, etc. In this case, you have to treat the internal complexity first; otherwise, you’ll not be able to treat the stinkiness effectively.

2. Why do health specialists suggest face masks as a suggestion for sticky skin?

Actually, any problem in the face of skin becomes more conspicuous, and that’s why people give more importance to it. That’s why health specialists suggest using face masks made from things that are good for treating sticky skin.

3. What type of toner or exfoliator is good for treating sticky skin?

To treat sticky skin, you should use a toner or exfoliator that is made from those natural things which are useful for preventing the oily mode of skin. Usually, mixtures made from honey, lemon, tomato, etc., are good for treating skin stickiness.

4. Is it prohibited to use oil or cream if my skin is already sticky?

Actually, there is no prohibition in using cream or oil if your skin is sticky, but you should avoid those. And you should also avoid those things whose elements are unknown to you. Rather you should use such lotions that are a bit lightweight and can provide you with a cool feeling.

5. Can using powder be helpful for treating sticky skin?

Yes, using the right powder can be helpful in this regard, though the use of powder is not so common in this case. You should use any antifungal powder on your skin if you have sticky skin, as this is better for treating stickiness.

6. What water-dense fruits are suggested for treating skin stickiness?

You know keeping your overall body condition cool is important for treating skin stickiness. And water-dense fruits like oranges, cucumber, cantaloupe, watermelon, etc., can keep your body cool, so you may eat one or two of these fruits regularly during summer.

7. Is skin stickiness common during summer or in hot weather?

In hot weather, it is common sometimes, but if you feel something unusual like excessive sweat when the weather is not so hot, then you should take proper steps to prevent such conditions.

8. Can I use toner or exfoliator on different parts of my body skin?

Yes, you can do so. Whatever is useful for your face skin will be useful for the skin of your other body parts. The toner or exfoliator applying system will be the same- you have to keep it for a while and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

9. Is sunscreen somehow effective for treating skin stickiness?

Ultraviolet in direct sunlight is harmful to your skin in so many ways, and that’s why it is suggested to use sunscreen when you have to stay under direct sunlight, especially for long hours.

Final thoughts

Use some effective natural things and follow all the relevant health guidelines to avoid skin stickiness. This is how to get rid of sticky skin naturally, and this is the best way, as this process does not include something that may be harmful. If you have mild skin stickiness, then it may cause so many problems in the near future. So don’t avoid it if you think something unusual. Treating skin stickiness when it is in an early stage is easier.

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