The Best Mascara Tips and Hacks to Get Fuller Lash: Beginner’s Guide

You may have heard of mascara before but never really knew what it was or why you needed it. We’re here to help you understand the basics of mascara so you can start using it right away!

If you’re a beginner at mascara, you should know a few tips before jumping in. Most ladies find mascara usage so tricky, and they have a hard time using it. A simple and easy way to use mascara is the best way to make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive. You will face difficulty if you don’t follow the proper method while applying mascara. In addition, you will feel uncomfortable with the application of mascara.

Mascara is one of the popular methods for enhancing our eyes’ beauty and is well known. Suppose you apply mascara on your eyelashes obeying all the relevant tips and tricks that will be useful for enhancing your eye’s beauty in so many ways. In this article, I will show you mascara tips for beginners, following which you will be able to use mascara like a pro, no matter how many days you’re using mascara. Tips like these are helpful for women who are looking for new things to try or who need a little guidance.

What is mascara and what is the actual function of it?

Mascara is one of the fantastic cosmetic items to apply to your eyelashes. Mascara plays an important role in flourishing our eyes’ beauty, which is why using mascara is common among girls worldwide. Besides our overall face and eyes, eyelashes are essential as we need to make these conspicuous to others’ views. And for that reason, we use mascara as it can play an essential role in thickening our eyelashes. And, thus eyelashes on which mascara has been applied can draw anyone’s attention so quickly.

Another point is that mascara deepens the dark mode of our eyelashes, and it is desirable to so many of us. But how beautiful you’ll look after applying mascara depends on how effectively you apply mascara. For applying mascara, tips and tricks are so many, and you should follow these as best as you can. Now I will share some mascara tips for beginners that will be helpful for you even if you haven’t used mascara before.

Mascara tips for beginners

Take a look at mascara tips for beginners

If you are a beginner at mascara or applying it like a beginner, that will not effectively flourish your eye beauty. What is needed for a successful application of mascara is to have the right tips and techniques. You will need to follow some guidelines to get the best results from your mascara. Don’t be worried- to follow these tips and tricks, you’ll have to do so many things, or you don’t have to spend so much time. But, in terms of beauty, these tips carry great importance that you’ll understand after following those.

  • Translucent powder technique
  • Apply mascara without foundation
  • Don’t hold the brush in the same direction.
  • You may recycle your favorite brush
  • Wiping mascara wand gently
  • Layering up is necessary at the right time
  • A perfect saline solution for rejuvenating
  • Avoid using only one mascara
  • Flatter eyelashes with both formula
  • Pull your eyelashes toward ears
  • Separate your lashes
  • A super technique- sandbagging
  • Use mascara beginning and end

1. Translucent powder technique

Translucent powder might be a good pick for you if you want to make your eyelashes seem thicker. It has been found in many studies that translucent powder has that power, and this is the reason why many beauty bloggers suggest such powder for making eyelashes thicker. 

2. Apply mascara without foundation

If you’re reluctant to use eyeshadow, you may apply your favorite mascara without forming any base or foundation. But, if you like applying eyeshadow, then you have to apply mascara after doing all the eyeshadow-related tasks, and it’s crucial for the freshness of your eyelashes. And in this case, using micellar water you may remove your previous eye makeup and then you may think of applying the base.

3. Don’t hold the brush in the same direction

Not all the time, you should start applying mascara by holding the brush in the same direction; it’s one of the important mascara tips for beginners. You should change the angle of your brush as such changing can play some important roles. It has been found that holding a brush in a horizontal direction can provide voluminous lashes. But, if you do, otherwise, that means if you hold the brush vertically, then the eyelashes will get a more extended look.

4. You may recycle your favorite brush

You may recycle your favorite brush

If you have a favorite brush, you may use it for many days by recycling. But, just after applying mascara, you need to clean the brush with fresh water and dry the brush. Without cleaning and drying, you should not use a brush to apply mascara repeatedly. But, through cleaning and drying, you may use a brush for applying different formulas; that’s not a matter.

5. Wiping mascara wand gently

Flaking or unwanted clumps are now a headache for so many of us, but avoiding these things is not so hard. To get rid of this risk, you just need to use tissues to wipe the mascara wand. Removing excess formula of mascara by applying a brush is also super easy with tissues. But, keep in mind you have to do it lightly as our eyelashes are delicate.

6. Layering up is necessary at the right time

When we apply mascara to our eyelashes, it remains wet for a while, and then it becomes dry. Some girls apply mascara again as their mascara has been dried, but this method is not so effective. And after the mascara becomes dry, brushing will surely do almost nothing. To fix these issues, you may do one thing- that is gradual layering, and besides that, you should not do both your eyes at a time. You have to gently brush the formula when the formula is wet; it is also one of the applicable tips for putting mascara on the bottom lashes.

7. A perfect saline solution for rejuvenating

There is one way of rejuvenating any mascara that is already dried- to mix some drops of saline solution with mascara. And, in that case, you’ll not experience any flakes or clumps. But, you have to avoid pumping your brush in the mascara tube; rather you may twist. It may sound a bit odd, but surely it will provide your mascara a new life, and it’s proven.

8. Avoid using only one mascara

Avoid using only one mascara

Applying only one mascara on your eyelashes will be effective to some extent, but you should do some more. To get a better result, you should apply your favorite mascara with a curly or lengthening property having mascara. By doing so, you’ll be able to get excellent things from two mascaras, and that will be useful for you in flattering your eyelashes; it’s one of the effective applying mascara tips and tricks.

9. Flatter eyelashes with both formulae

You have to select the formula to ensure the best result. Suppose, for girls with short eyelashes, loading up on mascara that is lightened is the best way. If your eyelashes are otherwise straight a bit, then curling your eyelashes with a wand will be a good pick for you. So, in that case, on your top, you should layer a volumizing formula and that will be the right option for you.

10. Pull your eyelashes toward your ears

Focusing formulas on your outer corner will be great, and that will also be good for a cat-eye wing. If you can do this pulling effectively, then it will be enough to present the stylish appearance of both your eyes. It is one of the necessary mascara tips for beginners, as beginners commonly do this wrong.

11. Separate your lashes

While applying mascara, your eyelashes may get messy, and removing the mess is a must to ensure a better result. So, from the base of the lashes, you may wiggle using a soft brush, just like you comb your hair regularly. Wiggling just some minutes will be enough to separate your lashes, and surely this will provide you with a fulness illusion.

12. A super technique- sandbagging

In the case of powder, you have to apply it to the skin under your eye directly. But baking can do the other thing, and it also highlights our face while applying makeup. The sandbagging procedure is simple- you need some amount of loose setting powder and a makeup sponge. If the sponge is flat angular edged, that will be better for you.

After arranging the necessary things, start pressing the sponge into the loose setting powder, and then gently rub the sponge on the skin under your eye. This will apply the loose setting powder on your eye skin tightly, and for avoiding mascara smudge, this will be super effective. If there’s any excess powder, then you may wipe the powder after a while with any soft brush; that’s all.

13. Use mascara beginning and end

It may sound a bit odd that beauty bloggers suggest applying mascara two times. Without forming the base, you should apply mascara for the first time. And then, you should complete all the eye makeup and face makeup. When all these things are finished, then you should try the second coat. This finishing touch will be better for your eyelash look, and you’ll get the point after applying mascara in such a process for once.

You might find it difficult to apply mascara if you have never used it before. That is why we have made these mascara tips and guidelines for beginners.

Some tips and hacks for putting mascara on bottom lashes that you shouldn’t ignore

In the case of your eye beauty, you should not ignore even the smallest fact. So, you should learn how you can put mascara on your bottom lashes that I am going to share in some simple steps.

  1. Choose the best one
  2. May use primer
  3. Your brush should be smaller
  4. Form a light base
  5. Tilt down the head
  6. Mild zigzags
  7. Wait for a while and then apply second coat
  8. Cleaning up

1.Choose the best one

First, you should choose the best mascara for both your eyelashes- upper and lower. Keep in mind- you have to choose the same mascara for both your eyelashes. If you want to avoid smudging, then you should use a waterproof one; that’s better for avoiding smudging.

Putting mascara on bottom lashes

2. May use primer

If you want to get rid of things like flaking, smearing, or something like that, then primer might be a good pick for you. It will even keep your bottom eyelashes free from smudging.

3. Your brush should be smaller

To me, it’s one of the best tips for putting mascara on bottom lashes, especially for beginners. Small brushes will provide you with more precision that you’ll not get in using a larger brush.

4. Form a light base

For bottom eyelashes, forming a base by using eyeshadow can ensure a depth look. It’s not mandatory to apply mascara on your bottom eyelashes, but some makeup artists give importance to such visual foundation.

5. Tilt down the head

It’s one of the mandatory mascara tips for beginners, as beginners cannot understand where they should set the mirror. The perfect position is to place the mirror at a table or on the ground and tilt down your head. Tilting down is necessary as you’ll have to look at the mirror placed below. In such a position, putting mascara on the bottom lashes ideally will be easier for you.

6. Mild zigzags

Now you may begin from the eyeliner base with your mascara wand. Wiggling brush softly on your lashes is necessary here from different directions. Besides mascara, you may add something extra if you want to for building your desired look.

7. Wait for a while and then apply a second coat

After all the things are done, you should apply for a while and then you’ll see the mascara is dried. Now apply the second coat of mascara on your lower eyelashes, and this will provide you a better and elongated look.

8. Cleaning up

If everything is okay then use any cotton swab, cleanse spots or something like that, if there is any. As the mascara applied on your lower eyelashes is finished check all the things like a balance between both lower eyelashes- whether they are okay or not.

Several things you should keep in mind while applying mascara regularly

It is well known that mascara can enhance our eye beauty, but at the same time, you should keep in mind several things if you use mascara regularly. We should remember those to improve our skin health, so I’m going to share those now.

Several things you should keep in mind while applying

1. Avoid old mascara

While buying mascara, take a repeated look at the expiration date, as old mascara can cause a staph infection, pink eye, or something like that.

2. Take off your mascara early

It’s one of the important mascara tips for beginners that mascara should be taken off as soon as possible after returning back home. In any case, you should not put mascara on your eyelashes when you are going to sleep at night; it’s really harmful.

3. Waterproof mascara

You should not use any waterproof mascara on a regular basis as these types of mascara contain drying agents. And, on regular use of a drying agent, you may experience some skin complexities. If you use these things on and off then it’s okay, but don’t make it regular.

4. Try to avoid extended use

Using mascara every day for long hours may cause some harmful things like eyelashes falling out. But using mascara sometimes and cleaning after returning back home is not harmful at all.

5. Give importance to proper take off

For applying mascara, tips and tricks are so many online, but there are a few posts regarding taking off procedures. But, it would help if you gave much importance to cleaning mascara and other types of makeup. The reason is that if you don’t clean properly, that will be dangerous for your skin. And another thing is that the skin on our eye area is soft and delicate, so you should not apply pressure.

6. Try to shun some formulas

Not all formulas of mascara are harmful, and top-notch brands always keep only non-harmful formulas. So, if you buy mascara from any well-known shop, then you don’t need to check in detail. But, in mascara ingredients, if you find ingredients like parabens, propylene glycol, aluminum powder, retinyl acetate, or something like that, then you should avoid the mascara at any cost as these are harmful to your skin.

Mascara tips for beginners : real life story

When I was a teenager, I was worried about my eyelashes as they were not desirably thick and well conspicuous. So I started applying mascara to present my eye look smarter way, but I couldn’t balance between both eyes, and it was a time-consuming process for me. In my college, one of my classmates was an expert in doing makeup, and from her, I learned the proper procedure of applying mascara.
After learning from her, I added only three steps to my ordinary mascara applying procedure- applying two mascara, tilting down my head & setting the mirror accordingly, and cleaning after everything was done. After applying the mascara with these three added steps, I found many differences, and after applying it for just 3 days, it seemed so easy to me. Still, I apply mascara in the same way, and I can prepare myself with my mascara in just 5 to 6 minutes.
Till now, I don’t experience any harmful effects, even on such regular use of mascara. But I obeyed all the relevant guidelines- taking off as soon as possible, cleaning gently but perfectly, not using cheap rated ones, checking mascara ingredients, and the like. From my experience, I can say applying mascara is not harmful at all if anyone uses it obeying all relevant tips.

Rosa Dial


1. Why is applying mascara necessary even after using eyeshadow?

Eyeshadow will create a beautiful impact on the skin above and below your eyes. But, on eyelashes, it does almost nothing, and that’s why we use mascara. If you don’t use mascara, your eyelashes will be in a raw state that shouldn’t be, so applying mascara is necessary.

2. What does mascara actually do for our eyelashes?

Mascara performs many functions for making our eyelashes super-looking. It makes them thick and conspicuous which has a great impact on the beauty of our eyes. With mascara you may deepen the color of your eyelashes, that’s really desirable to many of us.

3. Do eyeliner and mascara play the same role when we use them? 

Their role is the same in the sense that both of them are to enhance eye beauty. But eyeliner is for making eyes seem more significant. On the other hand, mascara provides anyone’s eyes with a fuller look.

4. What health precautions should I remember while applying mascara regularly? 

You have to choose the perfect one for you who doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. And you should clean the mascara and other makeup as soon as you can, and in no case should you sleep at night with these things.

5. How to clean mascara in proper ways? 

You may use any good quality mascara remover for this purpose, and this would be the best way. You can ordinarily clean your face with water, but, keep in mind, the skin around your eye is sensitive, so don’t rub harshly.

6. Why, in the case of mascara, a new formula is suggested?

In the old formulas, there were some harmful ingredients like turpentine, aniline; lead contained kohl, etc. But in newer formulas, commonly, these things cannot be found, and that’s why new formulas are suggested. The best way to choose a mascara is to check its ingredients at a glance.

7. How to balance between two eyelashes while applying mascara?

Place the mirror on something or the ground and tilt your head to look at the mirror. This way, you’ll be able to see whether balancing is okay. Exact balancing may not be possible, but try to ensure- imbalance should not be conspicuous.

8. What color of mascara is the best one for me?

There are different colors of mascara, like black, white, brown, blue, etc. It is actually up to you- mascara of, which color will be a good pick for you. Another thing is that you should choose mascara, keeping pace with the makeup in your other parts.

9. What can I do to prevent the dryness of mascara long after applying it?

It is usual that mascara will dry with the passing of time, and in such a situation, you should avoid applying mascara for a second time. You know, a saline solution might be helpful for rejuvenating already-dried mascara.

10. How can I separate my eyelashes after applying mascara?

The mess of eyelashes is very common after applying mascara, but you should not avoid the issue as it has some negative effects. So, after applying mascara, using a soft & small brush, wiggle for a while; that will surely separate your eyelashes.


Mascara can do so many amazing things for the look of your eyes, and that’s why articles for mascara tips and hacks or mascara tips for beginners are in abundance online. Surely you’ll get all such benefits by using mascara but at the same time, you should obey all the relevant health guidelines. In this way, you’ll be able to retain your desirable look for a good many years.

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