How to Tone Down Blonde Hair at Home?

You might not like how your blonde hair looks and want to tone it down a shade. Learn how to tone down blonde hair from the comforts of your home right here!

Styling your hair is like styling yourself. Hair isn’t just a part of our styling portfolio but it also showcases our general personality. Various hair types have specialties of their own in terms of color, tone, texture, and type. Every hair kind has its own specialty.  And just like other hair types, blond hair has its own. Blonde hair is one of the stunning, versatile, and vibrant hair colors that leave a special expression on others.

You possess a bunch of lovely blonde hair or just bleached your hair into blonde but aren’t liking the shade as it seems too vibrant to you, those who of us are blonde can relate to this issue and can feel the need for a perfect toned blonde hair. Treating over-saturated blonde hair at home is not that complex. You can use your existing home setup and simple products found in a supermarket to tone down your blonde hair while sitting at home. Here I will discuss how to tone down blonde hair at home, both naturally and artificially, and what are the things that you should be cautious about.

7 Natural Ways to Tone Down Blonde Hair at Home

If you are sitting at home and looking for easy methods for toning down your blonde hair, then the below natural methods will help you almost instantly! If you are thinking of the viability of the products, then worry not! These ingredients are found easily in nature and you may have already possessed them in your house while you are reading this.

1. Coffee

Coffee is not just a plant seed that we use as a health drink. It can also contribute to gaining hair color by making it darker. You can apply a coffee treatment on your hair by two methods.Depending on the length, brew required cups of coffee and leave it at room temperature to stabilize. While showering, pour gently the coffee over your hair and let your hair absorb it for a few minutes.

After that, wash the hair with water and proceed with shampoo. Another way is to mix the coffee with your shampoo and keep it at room temperature for a while. Then use the mix on your hair twice a week to get a good result.


2. Lemon Juice

Coffee is not just a plant seed that we use as a health drink. It can also contribute to gaining hair color by making it darker. You can apply a coffee treatment on your hair by two methods.Applying lemon juice to your hair is very helpful. It has Vitamin C and it injects moisture into your hair and makes it healthy and shiny. Lemon juice contains an acid named citrus which helps to cancel the yellow and brassy tones of your hair.

You can use lemon juice in two methods.

  • Before shower apply lemon juice directly to your hair.
  • Mix lemon juice with conditioner, apply it to your hair, and leave it for 30 minutes.
Lemon juice

3. Vinegar

Vinegar contains an acidic element that directly impacts the hair positively by canceling the hues. There are different kinds of vinegar such as Apple cider vinegar, Coconut vinegar, etc.

Apply vinegar on dry hair properly and keep it for 10 minutes. Then wash with water and shampoo to seal off the cuticle. Be careful while using vinegar as it is caustic acid, direct application without diluting the vinegar is prohibited.


4. Hollyhock wash

Hollyhock flower blooms in different colors such as blue, pink, purple, red, white, yellow, and black. It is a purple color that will come in use to treat your hair.

Boil two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and two tablespoons of hollyhock herb and water together, and boil till it becomes a thick liquid. After cooling apply it on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. After that wash with water and don’t forget to do conditioner.

Hollyhock wash

5. Betony Wash

Betony flower is one of the great natural resources to heal your hair and tone down your blond hair as it contains purple hues.

First, you have to make tea with betony flowers by boiling it in hot water until it spreads out the purple hues and makes the whole water purple. After that cool down the water. Keep the water in a small bottle-like container and use it conveniently.

Betony wash

6. Green tea wash

Green Tea helps you in two ways. It brings out a warmer tone in your blond hair and as it contains antioxidants, it helps your scalp by dealing with radical damage.

Take two/three bags of green tea leaves, boil them in sufficient water, cool them down, and apply them to your hair through to the scalp. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it off.

Green tea wash

7. Chamomile tea wash

Chamomile tea brightens up the faded shafts of hair. It also helps with strengthening the hair root, preventing hair split issues, and lightening up the hair tone.

Simply brew chamomile tree as you do usually. After boiling for 30-45 minutes leave it to become stable by cooling. Then put it in a spray bottle with half a lemon and a bit of honey. Use in dry hair and pat with cover for better results.

Chamomile tea wash

3 Artificial Ways of Tone Down Blonde Hair at Home

Toning down blonde hair at home requires hair products that are meant to treat your hair color. They impact hair color from light to dark and vice versa. Using artificial methods listed below, you can easily tone down your blonde hair at home.

1. Dye hair again with a darker tone

Either you are a natural blonde or you have switched to a blonde by doing breached dye, if you want to tone down your blonde hair and make it much darker then dyeing your hair is the best & quick solution. Though it may sound abnormal if you are trying to tone down your blonde hair by sitting at home you can simply go throw the bleaching dye process but this time make sure you are doing the right mix, applying, and processing time as per the required color.

If you don’t have any prior experience at home, then there are chances of botching up the whole process of breaching hair dye. So you have to be careful with that.

Dye hair again with a darker tone

2. Using a toning purple shampoo

There is some special toning shampoo available that will help you to tone down your blonde hair to a perfect level. A toning shampoo is pigmented with formulas of colors that help you to remove the unwanted undertones of your breached or naturally faded blonde hair.

The most popular and user-friendly are purple shampoo which is highly capable to cancel the brassiness and uneven yellowish look. This look of the hair usually comes after the wrong and uneven breaching of your hair. Regular use of this purple hair will make your hair darker by injecting purple pigments into it.

3. By using a clarifying shampoo

Using a clarifying shampoo helps your tone down your blonde hair to a lighter color. Unlike other normal shampoos, a clarifying shampoo removes all the traces of color and deeply cleans the base of the hair, and scalp.

A clarifying shampoo consists of an excessive amount of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). SLS is a surfactant that greatly reduces flakes and grimes on your scalp. This SLS will also treat the faded color-treated hairs. Combining all, clarifying shampoos will help you to achieve your desired toned hair. You could also use color-correcting shampoo, toning shampoo, or gloss shampoo to get the same effect on semi-permanent hair dyes.

By using a clarifying shampoo

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3 Cautions When Toning Down Blonde Hair

There are a few certain things that you have to be careful with while toning down blonde hair. A few of them are discussed below:

1. Don’t do it quickly

Hair is a sensitive thing as various thing is related to the scalp and most importantly to your look. So you should proceed with caution and a proper plan. If your hair needs to be bleached, then you should take your time and do it part by part once at a time. This will help you to understand the outcome properly and by analyzing it you will easily understand what will be the tone. If seems okay, then you can go in full swing.

2. Be careful with the hair products

You may need to use various hair goods for the first time to tone down your hair at home. Every artificial product available in the market contains chemicals for the purpose you are using. You should be assured that this product is exclusively for your hair type. Improper product use may lead to a disaster. Using legit and authentic products is another important thing. Not all the products are made in the same standard way. You will not want to harm your hair by using a cheap product.

3. When to stop

Either you are a natural blonde or bleached your hair, if you are working on toning down your blonde hair make sure that it doesn’t get too darker. If you have to bleach again make sure you have analyzed what can be the shade after bleaching. Over-bleaching may leave your hair too darker and it will be a more mess to handle. Also bleaching often causes your hair to dry which leads to unhealthy hair.  Using shampoo, toner, and even natural products should be used in a controlled manner.


1. How to make blonde hair fade faster?

You can take regular hot showers where you wash your hair. This will open up your hair cuticles and makes the color fade quicker.

2. Does baking soda fade hair dye?

Yes, it can! It can take a few washes to get the color that you desire but it will definitely be able to fade hair dye.

3. What are the disadvantages of baking soda on hair?

Even though baking soda can fade hair dye and hair color, the pH level is higher than the normal hair and scalp pH which might cause problems for your hair and its roots. So if you were to use it do so very carefully.

4. What to do if your hair color is too light?

If you feel like you toned your hair color too light, you can always go for a darker shade to get back the color that you are looking for. It is best if you first do a strand test to see how the hair will turn out so you know what you are getting.

5. What shampoo to use on blonde hair?

Purple shampoos are the best for blonde hair as they will remove the orange or yellow tone that your hair might have and give you a bright and balanced blonde look.

Final Thoughts

Blondism is a natural type of hair which usually rooted in Europe. It is inherited genetically. Also, anyone can be a blonde based on their interest by bleaching their hair.

The tone of the hair can be reconfigured in numerous ways. Some of the methods are artificial which requires the use of chemicals and some of them are pure natural by using natural resources surrounding us. You can easily use these methods and elements to tone down your blonde hair at home. But blonde hair becomes darker or toned down naturally with age once you grow older. Do some research on your own and take the ultimate step to tone down your blonde hair at home without much hassle.

Key Points

  • There are some natural ways to gradually tone down your blonde hair at home to either a darker or lighter tone.
  • Natural methods will only get you so far. That is why there are artificial ways that you can use to either recolor your hair or slowly change the tone with products.
  • There are some things that you need to be cautious about toning down your blonde hair so as not to damage the actual hair itself.

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