Microlocs Vs Sisterlocks

Microlocs Vs Sisterlocks

Looking attractive is everyone’s dream. To look attractive and beautiful, all of us love to have beautiful nails, dresses, and skin. Hair is also an essential part of pursuing your dream look. By styling our hair in many different designs, we can make our appearance exceptional. Regarding hairstyling, popular hairstyles in Africa are now on trend. The hairstyle is known as locks in common.

There are many different types of hair lock designs that you can get for your hair. The term design lock basically means to lock your hair with the help of a coil, twist, or braid. While doing this, you have to apply a gel or wax formula to your hands to give them a strong bond for locking. This formula will help them stay the same for a very long time. They both are different, but the Microlocs and the Sisterlocks designs are similar to each other. So, people get confused about getting them. In this article, I’ll provide you with knowledge about Microlocs and Sisterlocks, the difference between them, and their pros and cons.

Understanding Microlocs and Sisterlocks


Micro means little and the locs here mean the African hairstyle design. It means that Microlocs are the thinnest blocks of dreadlocks. If you are looking for a look that will be similar to dreadlocks but won’t need to be cut out. Not only that, but these Microlocs will also help you with the growth of your hair. These traditional locks are, on average, smaller than the size of a pencil or your pinky finger.

To get these traditional locks, you have to start twisting a little bit of your hair with the help of a coil or braid, and after that, you have to apply some wax or balm on the top of your hair to lock them in. To get these locks, you may have to wait a long time, depending on the person who is doing your hair, because this design needs a lot of mussel work to be completed. Lastly, you must maintain your locks after every 4–8 weeks because until then, your roots may have gotten lost, and to make sure of your hair’s growth, you have to tighten your hair locks.



Getting Sisterlocks hair is a bit more complicated than getting Microlocs hair. Because Sisterlocks are installed in a different way. So, it means that when you get Sisterlocks, it will be a new form of lock that must need a new technique. To get Sisterlocks in your hair, you have to use interlocking tools. The tools are enough to give you beautifully done Sisterlocks. So, while you are willing to get Sisterlocks, you must choose the perfect technician who is experienced in giving Sisterlocks. Otherwise, you may get hurt while getting Sisterlocks or get damaged hair.


The Common Differences Between Microlocs vs Sisterlocks

The common differences between microlocs vs sisterlocks
The common differences between microlocs vs sisterlocks

The similarity between Microlocs and Sisterlocks is quite easy to identify. That’s why people are getting mismatched while getting it. To make them clear, in this part of this article, I am providing you with the main difference between Microlocs and Sisterlocks. The main differences between Microlocs and Sisterlocks are:

  • Size: The first difference between the Microlocs and Sisterlocks is their size. Microlocs come from a little part of the hair. It is smaller in size than a pencil or your pinky finger. While Sisterlocks are not the same. Sisterlocks are smaller than Microlocs. To get Sisterlocks, you have to add half a Microlocs to your hair. The Sisterlocks will also be lighter than Microlocs.
  • Getting Between Them: The main and important difference between them is that their application processes are not the same. The Microlocs can be applied by your hand, and you can also get them from anyone. Because there is nothing hard about getting Microlocs, you just have to braid your hair into little sections. But Sisterlocks are not the same. Sisterlocks are totally dependent on tools and specialists. It is installed by a specialist; no anyone can give you the perfect Sisterlocks. So, the main difference between getting Microlocs and Sisterlocks lies in their application processes.
  • Tools: To get Microlocs on your hair, they can be applied to it. You don’t have to need many different tools for it. To get Sisterlocks in your hair, you must have many different tools because the process of getting Sisterlocks involves using tools. So the tools are also different between them.
  • Cost: If you have someone who can give you these designs for your hair, then it is great for you to have them. But if you have to go to a specialist, then getting them both is a little expensive. But Sisterlocks are more expensive than Microlocs. If you have long hair and are willing to get Sisterlocks, then the cost can also cross over $1,000. The reason is that because of the mussel work, these designs need to be done completely.

So, if you are willing to get them, it’s totally up to you which one you want to get for yourself to make you look more beautiful.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Microlocs vs Sisterlocks

The pros and cons of getting microlocs vs sisterlocks
The pros and cons of getting microlocs vs sisterlocks

Before getting Microlocs or Sisterlocks in your hair, knowing about their pros and cons is most important. This will help you make the best decision to look more beautiful and get the best hair design for your hair without causing any damage to it.

The Pros of Getting Microlocs

  • Appearance: After getting Microlocs on your hair, you will get a totally different look for yourself. It will give your look a new luxurious appearance and give you a confidential, beautiful look. So, by getting Microlocs, you can get a new, attractive look for yourself.
  • Weight: While having so many braids on your head, you will still feel a low weight on your head. Microlocs are very thin sections of hair that are braided, so they won’t give you any heavy feeling on your head. With Microlocs, you are able to get attractive beauty with a lightweight feel.
  • Low Maintenance: If Microlocs and traditional locs are compared, then traditional locs need more maintenance than Microlocs. So, after getting Microlocs, you don’t need to do so much maintenance on your hair.
  • DIY Hairstyle: Microlocs are known as DIY hairstyles. Getting this hairstyle is not that hard. You can get this hairstyle at home.
  • Cost-Effective: Getting Microlocs is cost-effective because you don’t need any specialists to get them. So you don’t have to pay extra for your Microlocs.
  • Volume: Adding volume to your hair is a plus when getting Microlocs on it. Having more Microlocs will add more volume to your hair. So. To add the most volume, try to use more little sections for braiding.

The Pros of Getting Sisterlocks

  • Easy to Wash: Sisterlocks hairstyles come in little sections of hair. So, it’s obvious that it will come with all these little sections of hair, and those will be very easy to wash. You don’t have to put extra effort into it while washing your hair if you choose Sisterlocks.
  • Appearance: It will give you an attractive appearance. Sisterlocks are a traditional look that you may get to give yourself a new appearance. Not only a new look, but it will also give you a luxurious look that you were not expecting from it.
  • Low Maintenance: Sisterlocks are a tight portion of your hair. So, there is nothing serious you have to maintain when it comes to hair maintenance.
  • Volume: The little braid portion of your hair is going to give your hair extra volume. So, after having interlocks in your hair, you are going to add extra volume to your hair.
  • Light-Weight: Sisterlocks are a thin portion of hair that will be laced together. Because the portions are too small on your head, you are not going to feel so heavy after having them on your hair.

The Cons of Having Microlocs

  • Breakage Hair: Microlocs need no practice or have any strict installation methods. So, basically, there will be a chance of breakage to your hair if you get your Microlocs from any loc expert.
  • Extreme Headache: Microlocs are so tight in their hair design. So, the tightness of the locs can be very harmful to you, and it can give you an extreme level of headache that you are not aware of.
  • Take Too Long: Microlocs is a hairstyle that takes a long time to get. It takes time to section your hair and braid theirs. It can take around 4–5 hours if you get it from only one person.

The Cons of Sisterlocks

  • Need a Specialist: To get Sisterlocks on your hair, you just need a locs specialist. Otherwise, you will get ruined locs on your hair or hair with breakage. Sometimes, it gets so wrong that you have to chop your hair.
  • Costly: The specialist is very expensive and gave Sisterlocks to your hair. Sisterlocks are basically more thin and hard to give than Microlocs, and anyone can’t give your hair Sisterlocks. That’s the main reason why it is very expensive to get.
  • Painful: Because Sisterlocks include a tight installation, you may get serious head pain after getting them. If you have faced this problem, then immediately contact your specialist or consult with your doctor.


1. Are locs on hair safe?

As long as you are taking good care of your locs and also maintaining them properly, they are considered safe. You also have to get newly done locs or fix your locs after 4–8 weeks because loose locs are not good to get.

2. Does locs help with hair growth?

Locs are only a hair design that helps you maintain your hair, but this is not confirmed whether they really help in hair growth or not. If you have slow hair growth, then it may help a little bit in making the growth normal, but not totally.

3. Are locs Budget-friendly?

When it comes to the budget of hair locs, they are not that budget-friendly if you get them from a salon. But if there is a person who can give you a locus, then this is the best for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are willing to get locs for your hair and find locs that are similar to each other, then it means that you are willing to get Microlocs or Sisterlocks on your hair. Microlocs and Sisterlocks are very similar hairstyles to get, but there are differences between these two hairstyles. The main differences they contain are their size, installation method, tools, and costs. But before getting one, you just need to know about the pros and cons of them, which will help you decide which one you want to get for your hair. After having your favorite locs on your hair, you must try to take the best care of your hair as the specialist suggests, and if you get into any trouble after having them, you must consult with your locs specialist and also your doctor to avoid getting into trouble.

Key Points

  • Between Microlocs and Sisterlocks, Sisterlocks are thinner and lighter than Microlocs.
  • Sisterlocks need tools and experts to get, while Microlocs don’t need any tools or specialists; you can get them by yourself.
  • Microlocs and Sisterlocks are both expensive, but Sisterlocks are more expensive to get than Microlocs.
  • After getting these locs on your hair, you must take good care of them; otherwise, you may end up with damaged hair.
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