Does Aveeno Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

No, Aveeno shampoos are not going to cause hair loss because all of the ingredients used in Aveeno shampoo are safe enough to protect our hair and prevent hair loss.

Having healthy hair is an essential part of our beauty necessities. Getting silky, smooth, and shiny hair is the dream of everyone seeking to look attractive. To get super shiny, soft, smooth hair, you have to take good care of it. You must always keep your hair clean and moisturized using cruelty-free shampoos, oils, serums, masks, and more. Shampoos will keep your hair free from any kind of dust, and oils, serums, and masks will keep it moisturized.

When it comes to shampoo, there are many brands you can use to clean your hair. We all know that there are shampoos that can cause hair loss. Aveeno is a well-known brand for hair and skincare products. People who use Aveeno have an ordinary wonder: does Aveeno shampoo cause hair loss? No, Avenoo shampoos are cruelty-free shampoos that won’t cause hair loss. In this article, I will discuss why it won’t cause hair loss, what the ingredients are, how to apply this shampoo to prevent hair loss, the main reasons for getting hair loss, and how to avoid causing hair loss.

The Ingredients of Aveeno Shampoo

The ingredients of aveeno shampoo

The ingredients in shampoos are meant to be beneficial for the hair by being able to clean the hair and most shampoos have some common ingredients between them. Here are some of the common ingredients of Aveeno shampoos:

  • Colloidal oatmeal extract: colloidal oatmeal extract helps to clean your scalp, reduce scalp irritation and inflammation, boost the moisture of your scalp to soothe your hair, and prevent fungal growth to reduce hair loss.
  • Water (aqua): gives your hair a chemical treatment to heal damaged and ruffled hair and transform it into smooth hair.
  • Sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate: it is an excellent hair treatment surfactant that helps to remove dirt, buildup, and pollutants from the scalp and hair—a good foaming cleanser agent with an effective cleaning agent.
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine is a common element that exhibits all the mild moisturizing properties needed to make your brittle and dry hair soft and shiny. It is considered a conditioning agent in shampoos.
  • Glycol distearate: known as a texture enhancer that includes an opacifying agent, a viscosity-increasing agent, and a skin-conditioning occlusive agent. Mainly, it helps to protect the moisture in your hair by creating a protective barrier.
  • Amodimethicone is a popular ingredient that helps with detangling and conditioning properties. It will help by removing the frizz from your hair, making it shiny, and improving its condition.
  • Polyquaternium 22 and 39: these work as film formers, hair fixatives, and antistatic agents that help your hair with conditioning.
  • Peg-150 pentaerythrityl tetra stearate: this helps in mild conditioning your hair and improves the growth compatibility of your hair.
  • Ppg-2 hydroxyethyl cocamide: in Aveeno shampoos, it is commonly used as an emulsifying agent.
  • Propylene glycol: this helps the hair by absorbing the retained moisture as a highly effective humectant agent.
  • Citric acid: make your hair shiny, smooth, and dehydrated by removing the debris and buildup from your hair.
  • Sodium citrate: it helps in balancing the pH of your shampoo to make it suitable for your hair.
  • Hexylene glycol: basically, this ingredient is used in the shampoo to make your hair smooth enough to look healthy.
  • Sodium hydroxide: this ingredient helps to make your hair straight by breaking down the bonds in your hair.
  • Sodium benzoate: an important antimicrobial ingredient for Aveeno shampoo that helps to prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria, bugs, and mold that ruin the effect of the shampoo.

All of these ingredients in Aveeno shampoo are safe enough to protect your hair, making them healthy and preventing hair loss.

Does Aveeno Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Does aveeno shampoo cause hair loss?

After knowing the ingredients of Aveeno shampoo and how it works, it may become very easy for you to answer the question, “Does Aveeno shampoo cause hair loss?” Yes, your answer is right. Aveeno shampoo doesn’t cause any hair loss. There are no harmful ingredients in Aveeno shampoo. So, you can choose Aveeno shampoo for your hair. But while choosing shampoos, always take a closer look at the flavor and type of shampoo you are getting. If you choose the wrong flavor with the wrong type, there can be a chance of getting damaged hair or hair loss.

If you have sensitivity problems, then avoid those flavors you are sensitive to, and if you have oily hair, then choose dry shampoo. If you have dry hair, choose oily shampoo to avoid hair damage and problems like hair loss.

9 Steps to Apply Aveeno Shampoo to Prevent Hair Loss

The step-by-step guidelines for applying Aveeno shampoo to prevent hair loss are:

Step 1: Choose the Right Aveeno Shampoo

For a healthy, shiny, and silky shampoo, the first thing you have to do is choose the right shampoo for your hair. Because using the wrong shampoo can worsen your hair’s condition. Because if your hair is dry and you choose a dry shampoo for it, the hair will start losing its last moisture and sustaining breakthrough damage. If you choose an oily shampoo for your oily hair, then you can also find oily hair after washing your hair. So, be sincere while you are choosing Aveeno shampoo for your hair.

Choose the right aveeno shampoo

Step 2: Comb Your Hair

Before washing your hair, you have to comb it. It will help you prevent hair loss because there won’t be any chance of getting frizzy hair after combing your hair properly. Try to comb your hair with a boar-bristle brush to prevent hair loss. Either way, you can also choose a wide-toothed brush to comb your hair.

Comb your hair

Step 3. Make Your Hair Wet

Now, rinse your hair with normal water; you can also try to use lukewarm water for wetting your hair. But while applying lukewarm water, avoid the scalp because warm water has the risk of giving you a very hard time by giving you a headache. After wetting all of your hair, you are now ready to go on to the next step.

Make your hair wet

Step 4: Apply Aveeno Shampoo

Now it’s time to apply Aveeno shampoo to your wet hair. Take a coin-sized amount of Aveeno shampoo in your hand and apply it to your wet hair. This amount is perfect for washing your hair. If you have lengthy hair, then you can take a little longer to wash it.

Apply aveeno shampoo

Step 5. Massage It

After completely applying shampoo to your hair and scalp, massage your hair with the top of your finger. Whenever you are massaging, be sure that you are massaging gently because wet hair loses hair more easily than when it is dry. While massaging also gives more attention to the scalp, Clean scalps have a low risk of losing hair. Massage until the shampoo transfers into foaming form.

Massage it

Step 6. Rinse It

Rinse the foam-formed shampoo with cold water from your hair. Rinse it until all the foaming formula is gone. Rinsing until clear is important because if you don’t rinse them properly, they can harm your hair or cause hair loss.

Rinse it

Step 7: Apply Aveeno Conditioner

After rinsing, leave your hair for a few minutes until it is wet but there is no extra water in it. Because the extra water helps the conditioner wash away. Now, separate your hair into two sections from the middle and take a coin-sized amount of conditioner in your hand. Apply this conditioner to one section of your hair, from the middle to the top. Avoid your scalp while conditioning your hair. Apply in two sections similarly. If your hair is super long, then you can take some more.

Apply aveeno conditioner

Step 8. Rinse It

Make the conditioner stay on your hair for 10–30 minutes. If you want a deep conditioning effect on your hair, then you can steam it with conditioner. It helps the conditioner work in the roots of your hair to keep them moist for a long time.

Rinse conditioner

Step 9. Dry Them

After the total process, you are now ready to dry your hair. With the help of a hair dryer, you can dry your hair. Instead of a hair dryer, you can also keep your hair under the fan to dry it, but it can take a very long time if you have such long hair. After your hair is totally dry, start combing it. Because wet hair roots stay very weak, a slight pull can make them plug out and make you lose your hair. So, mind combing your hair after drying, and use a paddle brush or wide-tooth brush while combing your hair.

Dry them

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Reasons That Can Cause Hair-Loss

Losing a certain amount of hair is a natural thing, but if you are facing excessive hair loss, then there may be some causes. In this part, I will tell you the causes that can make you lose your hair:

  1. Stress: If you are going through a stressful situation, then it may cause you to lose your hair. While you are going through stress, it can stop your hair growth and make it fall out of your head. For a long time, stress can cause thin hair and sometimes a bland head.
  2. Hormonal Changes: Your hormonal changes can also be the reason for your loss of hair. In hormonal changes, conditions like childbirth, pregnancy, menopause, or hormonal imbalances like PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) can be included in thinning and shedding your hair.
  3. Nutritional Deficiencies: An imbalanced diet or a lack of nutrients can make you lose hair. Nutrients like iron, zinc, protein, and vitamins, especially vitamin B, contribute a lot to hair care. But if you lack these nutrients, you may experience hair loss. Even inadequate nutrition has a chance of affecting the growth of your hair cycle and weakening the hair follicles.
  4. Excessive Hairstyles and Treatment: Hairstyling tools like flat irons, curling irons, and wave irons have a lot of heating power that makes the hair lose its shine and moisture, making them weak and starting to lose hair. On the other hand, tight hairstyles like ponytails and braids also make the hair plug out from your scalp and make you lose hair. Excessive chemical treatments are also the reason for losing hair due to damaged hair follicles.
  5. Genetics: Hair loss can also be caused by a genetic hormonal fact. This type of hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia. This is also called male or female baldness. So, if in your family there is a person who has hair loss or baldness, then you have a risk of losing hair.
  6. Medical Condition: Some medical conditions can cause hair loss. Conditions like thyroid disorder, alopecia areata, scalp infection, trichotillomania, and certain skin conditions can cause hair loss.
  7. Medications and Treatments: Some serious medications and treatments can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. Examples include chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy, certain antidepressants, blood thinners, and medications that are used in treating autoimmune diseases.

These are the common reasons for hair loss. If you are getting excessive hair loss and haven’t found the reasons, then maybe one of these can be the reason for making you lose your hair.

11 Tips to Avoid Causing Hair Loss

There are some tips I am giving you to avoid causing hair loss and promote healthy, shiny, silky-smooth hair. Those tips are:

  1. Be Gentle With Your Hair: Always try to be gentle with your hair. Rough handling of your hair can make it rough enough to damage it and give you to lose hair.
  2. Avoid Excessive Heat: Excessive heating of your hair is also the reason for damage, frizz, and rough hair that makes you lose hair. So, try to avoid applying excessive heat to your hair. And remember to apply a hair protector serum before giving a heating treatment to your hair.
  3. Avoid Tight Hairstyles: Avoid tight hairstyles as much as you can. Tight hairstyles make the hair plug out from the scalp and make you lose hair.
  4. Avoid Hairstyle Tools That Can Make You Lose Hair: There are some hairstyle tools you may find that can give you a beautiful hairstyle, but when you are willing to remove them, they tear the hair and make you lose hair. Always avoid using those kinds of hair tools to style your hair.
  5. Avoid Excessive Chemical Treatments: Chemical treatments like bleaching, rebonding, deep shining, and keratin treatments can give your hair a beautiful look, but getting them excessively applied to your hair can have bad effects on your hair. So, avoid doing excessive chemical treatments on your hair.
  6. Avoid Excessive Hair Manipulation: Excessive hair manipulation like tugging, pulling, or twisting can weaken the hair shaft and lead to breakage. It has to have limitations for brushing, playing, and pulling it tightly for styling your hair.
  7. Maintaining a Proper Balance Diet: Proper nutrition is necessary for healthy hair growth. So, be sincere while you are planning your diet to ensure that it includes all the necessary nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.
  8. Apply Oil or a Hair Mask: To make your hair healthy and stop losing hair, you can use some oils and natural hair masks. They will also give you an effective result by reducing hair loss issues.
  9. Manage Stress Level: Stress can also cause hair loss. So, try to manage your stress level by maintaining techniques like exercise, medication, deep breathing, or engaging in activities that can calm or relax you.
  10. Protect Your Hair from the Sun: The UV rays of the sun can also harm your healthy hair by making it damaged. So, always, when you are outing, try to protect your hair from the sun by applying a sun-protected serum or by wearing a cap.
  11. Consult with a Hair Expert: If you have excessive hair loss problems, then consulting with a hair expert is an ideal choice to get rid of problems like hair loss.

Following these tips can help you avoid losing your hair or preventing any kind of damage from happening to it.


1. Can you apply Aveeno shampoo daily?

Applying shampoo daily is not good because it can cause dry hair, breakage, rough hair, and more. But if the Aveeno shampoo is mildly flavored, then you may apply it daily to your hair.

2. Does Aveeno shampoo contain sulfate?

Yes, Aveeno shampoos are sulfate-free. Sulfates in shampoo can strip too much oil from your hair, making it dry. So, you have to choose sulfate-free shampoo if you are willing to choose other shampoos instead of Aveeno shampoo.

3. What types of shampoos are okay to use daily?

Clarifying shampoos are okay to use daily on your hair. These types of shampoos are commonly made to clean the scalp and hair. So, clarifying shampoos is an ideal choice when it comes to choosing daily-useable shampoos.

Final Thoughts

Hair is an important part of our body that makes us more attractive. By designing or coloring it, you can get a different appearance and a more beautiful look. To keep this healthy hair, there are many washing shampoos you can find. Aveeno is one of them. But we are always confused about whether Aveeno shampoo is safe or whether it makes us lose our hair. The answer is that Aveeno shampoos are safe and won’t make you lose your hair. There are no harmful ingredients used that make you lose your hair.

So, if you are willing to use Aveeno shampoo but afraid of losing your hair, then choose your favorite one and start applying it to your hair.

Key Points

  • Using Aveeno shampoo to wash your hair is not going to cause any kind of hair loss.
  • In Aveeno shampoo, there are no harmful ingredients you can find that can make your hair damage or lose it. So using Aveeno shampoos is quite safe.
  • To avoid hair loss by using Aveeno shampoos, you have to try to follow step-by-step guidelines. That can help you prevent hair loss.
  • Stay away from things that can make you lose your hair or damage your healthy natural hair.

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