Starter Locs Retwist Every 2 Weeks

Starter locs retwist every 2 weeks
Retwisting every 4 to 8 weeks is recommended by many locticians, but you might require retwisting every 2 weeks depending on your hair type, length, texture, etc.

If you want to have healthy and beautifully thick locs, you have to start the maintenance process from the very beginning of your loc journey. Every kind of hair has a different texture, which determines how long your starter locs will be manageable.  Starting your loc journey is a big commitment and you need to be patient to deal with it. There are 5 stages of your loc journey and the starter stage is the most crucial. This stage will determine how your loc will grow in the long run. Proper taking care of your locs should start at the starter phase. It is not usual to retwist your hair every 2 weeks, but if your locs are not staying neat within this period after having them done, and you are wondering if you can retwist the starter locs every 2 weeks, then keep reading, I will help you to solve all the confusion about when to retwist and how to take care of your starter locs.

Can You Retwist Starter Locs Every 2 Weeks?

Can you retwist starter locs every 2 weeks
Can you retwist starter locs every 2 weeks

Retwisting depends on the condition of the locks most of the time. If you have very coarse and thick hair, retwisting every 2 weeks might not be necessary. Retwisting very frequently can make your locs weak and breakable. But again, you know best the situation of your locs. It essentially depends on your choice and the hair type. Starter locs grow fast depending on the different hair types. Sometimes the locs can be too messy to manage. If you have short and fine locs, you can retwist the starter locs every 2 weeks or even once a week sometimes.

How Often Should You Retwist Your Starter Locs?

How often should you retwist your starter locs
How often should you retwist your starter locs

How often you should retwist your starter locs depends on your hair length and texture.

If your starter locs are long and your hair texture is coarse, then you should retwist your starter after 4 weeks. You can prolong the period for 6-8 weeks as well based on your preference. Long and coarse hair takes a long time and doing it more often can potentially damage your long hair.

If you have a fine hair texture and short hair, and your hair does not stay manageable for a long time you can retwist it within 2 weeks to maintain a healthy growth of your hair. but remember, if you retwist more frequently, it can weaken your root.

But if your hair has a very thin texture, twisting more frequently can lead to more damage. Your hair will thin out even more and will break easily. Consult with your stylist about how often your hair needs to be done.

How Long Will Your Starter Locs Last?

How long will your starter locs last
How long will your starter locs last

The entire loc journey can take more than 2 years and it takes 3 to 6 months to grow out the starter locs. But again, it is a different case for every other person due to their different hair texture and level of hair growth. If your hair grows out quickly your starter locs can last only for 3 months, if your hair does not grow fast then your starter locs can last up to six months. Genetics, hair, growth, hair loss, health condition, and how you take care of your hair and locs, all of these can be the determining factor of how long will your starter locs last. You will understand when your locks are not in their starter phase when they develop their form and can be lied down easily.

How Should You Maintain Your Starter Locs?

How should you maintain your starter locs
How should you maintain your starter locs

Proper hair care is crucial for maintaining healthy starting locs. Your initial care will go a long run for your locs to develop a healthy form. To maintain your starter locs you need to consider certain hair care routines. Such as-

  1. Do not wash your hair more frequently.
  2. Use shampoo and conditioner that will not build up on your locs and scalp. Try to use hair products that are made especially for dreadlocks.
  3. Use conditioner in your hair regularly to keep it soft and nourished. The moisture will make your starter locks healthy and breakage free.
  4. Use a silk pillow cover to sleep and a silk scarf to cover your locs from sun exposure or pollution.
  5. Do not let your starter locs dry out. dried-out locs are more vulnerable.
  6. Take a spray bottle, mix rose water, and mix oils with conditioning properties like tea tree oil, rosemary oil, and a little bit of glycerin. When you feel that your hair is drying out spray that on your hair for soft and hydrated hair locs with a soothing scalp.
  7. Do not scrub your hair. massage your hair and scalp gently for washing. Be careful with your wash to have a neat, clean, and breakage-free loc.
  8. If you live in hot and humid weather or work out daily you should hydrate, clean, and retwist your hair at least once every 2 weeks.

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What You Should Avoid in Your Starter Locs?

What you should avoid in your starter locs
What you should avoid in your starter locs

Taking care of your locs also include certain concern that you should avoid. To maintain healthy growth you should-

  1. Avoid over-maintenance, over-cleaning, and overusing hair care products. It can make your locs delicate and the locs will be prone to breakage.
  2. Be careful of dirt buildup and lack of moisture. Clean and moisturize when needed. If you do not wash your locs at all, it can clog the locs and your locs will be dehydrated.
  3. Do not use creamy products, or DIY treatments in your hair. they can leave residue and build up later on.
  4. Do not tie your locs too tightly and do not use rubber bands. Rubber bands can damage the locs when you pull them out.
  5. Do not use a deep conditioner. It can weaken the locs.

Can You Do Your Starter Locs Yourself?

Starting a loc journey can be overwhelming sometimes. The locs take hours to do, no matter if you want to do a curl, braid, or twist. If you are not an expert at this, I would suggest not doing your locs yourself. Doing it yourself or with the help of friends can save you a lot of money, but to do your locs properly for healthy hair growth, you should definitely see a loctician. They can create a base that is friendly for your hair growth in the starter phase. Starter locs are not easy to handle, so seeing specialists in dreadlocks is never a bad decision.

What Happens If You Don’t Retwist Your Starter Locs?

Normally, your locs are required to be retwisted within 4 to 8 weeks. If you want to retwist your hair within 2 weeks, it is also completely fine. But if you do not want to retwist your starter locs at all, it can lead to multiple problems. Such as-

  • Your hair will be messy and less manageable.
  • Your locs will lose all the volume and structure and become flat.
  • Locs will be frizzy, so the hair will shrink.
  • It will make more breakage and split ends of your hair.
  • The locs will be locking together and forming knots which can lead to massive hair loss and breakage afterward when you would try to open up the knots.


1. What are the different stages of hair loc?

Your entire loc journey goes through 5 different phases which are starter, budding, teen, mature, and rooted. Your baby hair starts with the starter phase, and when your hair is at its best length and firmly in place, it is considered rooted. If you take care of your locs properly at the starter phase, it will help to get a solid root.

2. How often your starter locs should be washed?

The less you wash your hair, the better. Less wash will prevent unraveling and will give you more time for your locks to form. Try to wash it every 3-4 weeks when you go to retwist your hair. if you live in a very hot and humid temperature, you can wash after every 2 weeks.

3. What form should I go with for my starter locs?

There are different forms that you can go with as your starter lock. Such as backcombing, finger or comb coil, free forming, three-strand plates, braids, two-strand twists, interlocking, instant locs, loc extension, etc. If you want a neater look you can go with braids, comb coil, palm coil, or instant locks. You can go with any of them according to your preference for your starter locks.

Final Thoughts

Retwisting your locs after a certain period can help your locs to be neat, clean, and healthy. If you do not retwist your locs at all, it will create a mess in your locs and your hair will appear unpleasant sometimes. You need to follow a hair care routine specifically for your locs and maintain a retwisting period. You should retwist after an optimal time period which is 4 to 8 weeks. If you do your retwisting more or less frequently it can lead to unwanted results for your locs. You can retwist your locs every 2 weeks if you want but you have to be careful of the length and texture of your hair. talk to a specialist to know more about your hair type and the retwisting routine.

Key Points 

  • Starter locs are the first phase of your loc journey.
  • You should take good care from the starter phase as it helps to get rooted faster.
  • You can retwist your hair every 2 weeks but it is not recommended.
  • Try to retwist your hair every 4-8 weeks for a better firming.
  • You should take help from a loctician rather than doing it yourself.
  • There are certain rules you should follow and avoid while you are on your loc journey to grow healthy locs.

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