Why Does My Hair Grow Upwards? 5 Reasons With Expert Advice

Why Does My Hair Grow Upwards The Truth About Curly and Stuck-up Hair
Find out what causes your hair to grow upwards and how to stop it from happening again.

Having curly hair and having it act up is something that everyone experiences at some point in their lives, but the question of “why does my hair grow upwards?” remains unanswered. But the question of why my hair grows upwards remains. For instance, we might not sound like we have the solution to your stick-up hair, but there are more things to consider, for instance, how to tame unruly hair.

So why does my hair grow upwards, and why does it look so stuck up, and the growth is on the move? If your hair is growing upwards, the first and foremost reason is your hair type. If you have curly or kinky hair (type 3 or type 4), your hair will grow upwards and outwards rather than downwards.

Another thing regarding the hair growing or staying up is humidity and static electricity. And if you have damaged or broken hair, your hair might grow upwards. The article is about the growth of the hair and why it goes upwards even when there is a natural growth of hair?

Why does hair grow upwards?

The hair grows upwards, making it unruly and frizzy no matter what you do. And this is the problem that most people struggle with. Here we are including some reasons why your hair will grow upwards.

  • The direction of hair growth
  • Hair types
  • Humidity
  • Static electricity
  • Hair Breakage

The direction of hair growth

The Direction Of Hair Growth

The direction of hair growth is a very significant step when it comes to the stick-up of the hair. If you are considering stick-up hair, you first need to remember that if you change the hair direction against its natural one, then the hair will stick up. The hair grows from the scalp and always grows in a particular direction. When you change the direction of the hair growth, then it tends to stick up.

For example, if you change the direction of the hair from its natural one, even with straight hair, it imparts some volume to it. And this might be the reason why your hair is standing up.

With curly and kinky hair, the hair might grow in different directions, and that is weirder to take on. This kind of hair tends to stick upwards the most as there is no cohesion between the hair directions.

Hair types

Hair Types

As we mentioned earlier, curly and kinky hair types have the fastest growing upwards terms. With this sort of hair, the hair will grow upwards and everywhere rather than going down. Why do they tend to do so? The answer lies in the evolution of human racial ancestry.

As we know, most traits amongst general animals are because they need some change. And that is also true for curly or kinky hair. Curly and kinky hair tends to provide protection against intense UV protection, and it is often considered that most humans had afro or kinky hair prior to migration from Africa. And as per nature, it would grow upwards.

Another characteristic of stick-up hair or upward hair growth is its sprite density. The hair has an elastic shape, and it helps with the passage of air to the head. And this is why, with all these evolutionary facts in mind, this might be the true answer to why does my hair grow upwards?



If you remember the TV show Friends and the episode where Monica’s hair swelled to double size with the humidity of the area, you know what humidity does to curly hair. Curly hair tends to require more moisture, and thus it breaks more easily than usual. Humidity in the air tends to increase the moisture in the hair. If there is more humidity in the air, there will be more humidity in the hair, and the thing about water and every other natural thing are that it will flow from a highly humid area to a low-humid area.

Water will travel from the air to the natural hair. Water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen. And when they enter the hair strands, they will break the natural hydrogen bond of the hair. And with the broken hydrogen bond, the hair will swell. This swelling is different than the natural volume. And thus, you will feel that your hair has much more volume and it grows upwards. If you live in a widely humid area, this might be why your hair stays and grows upwards.

Static electricity

Static Electricity

Static electricity is something of a widespread phenomenon, and it tends to frizz up the hair. The hair moving upwards is mostly seen in the winter and with a comb, which is why your hair gets stuck to the knob or dried laundry. Even when you rub a balloon over your hair, the hair will tend to stick up, and you’ll feel like the hair is growing upwards.

Though static electricity is not heavily considered or even mentioned when discussing “why does my hair grow upwards,” it was critical that we include every possible explanation for why your hair is sticking up. If your hair has static electricity buildup, then it might swell and grow. The hair tends to house the same electrical charge when it comes to hair growth; thus, it grows very frizzy and is very hard to manage.

Hair breakage

Hair Breakage

These terms are not for everyone but for those who have damaged hair. The term that is used most often in the case of short and wispy hair is Flyaway. These pieces of hair are the stick-up kind. Just think of a freshly shaved hand. When you shave your hand, even with a very close shape, you might still be able to see some hair strands standing up. And that is the same case with flyaways. They’ll stick up and defy the existence of gravity to their fullest.

For several reasons, sometimes hair tends to break off right in the middle, and they will stick up like tiny hairs. As these hair strands do not weight to bring them downwards, And to prevent this sort of problem, the best possible solution is to let the hair grow and wait.

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How to tame your hair?

Now that we’ve covered why your hair grows upwards let’s look at what you can do if your hair grows that way. You most certainly can not do anything regarding hair growth and genetics, but some things might help with the entire process at once. We include some of the solutions to bring the hair down.

  • Hair braiding
  • Hair products
  • Hair treatment

Hair braiding

Hair Braiding

Most people already know about this solution. If you braid your hair, then the hair will lose its natural volume, and it will go down. This is because the weight of a bunch of hair tied together with head beads is something to bring the hair down. So braiding would be our top recommendation as it doesn’t change the structure of the hair, nor does it cause any damage.

Hair products

Hair Products

Some specific hair products are designed specifically for curly and coily hair. They put weight and moisture on the hair strands and make the hair flat. You can use hair spray, mousse, pomade, gels, and other hair products. This kind of product also gets rid of static electricity, humidity, and extra moisture. Some deep conditioners will help the hair fall properly.

Hair treatment

Hair Treatment

No, we are not impairing the hair with chemicals. Instead, you can change the way you tie your hair, how you sleep, and how you maintain your overall hair. Be gentler and use silk pillow covers and scrunchies for the best possible results.


1.Can I change the direction my hair grows?

No, you can not change the direction that your hair grows. The hair follicles determine how and in which direction the hair will grow. And the strands are decided by genetics. So you can’t change the way your hair grows or the rate at which it grows.

Wrapping up

Stick-up hair is sometimes frustrating for people who have just started growing their hair, and if you have more of a kinky or coily hairstyle, the questions are more significant. As teenagers, we always tended to hate the way our hair looked. The idea of not liking the new hair growth or even its natural texture is something of a big deal, even as adults. So the best way to maintain such hair is through control and care.

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