What Happens If You Put Silver Dye On Orange Hair?

What happens if you put silver dye on orange hair
After putting silver dye on orange hair, you will get ashy blonde hair, but depending on some factors, you may get an unsatisfactory result after getting it done.

To look more and more attractive, dying our hair is common. People nowadays love to dye their hair in many different colors. To color our hair, we have to first bleach it, and after the bleach breaks the protein bond of our hair, we can apply the color that we are willing to get after dying. Not only that, but you can also change the color of your hair. That means that you can dye your colored hair again to give it a new color and look.

When it comes to changing your current hair color to another color, a common question I get is, what will happen if you put silver on your orange hair? After applying silver color to your orange hair, you will get ashy blonde hair. But if you can’t use the silver color, you can have hair damage. In this article, I’ll discuss what will happen if you put silver color on orange hair, how to prevent hair damage after putting it on, and how to apply color properly.

How Hair Color Works On Hair?

How hair color works on hair
How hair color works on hair

When it comes to coloring your hair, there are two types of colors you can use. One is permanent, while the other is non-permanent. For non-permanent colors, you just need to apply the color to your hair and design it the way you want to. After washing your hair, the color will also be gone. But when it comes to permanent hair color, it is totally different. To get permanent hair color, you have to break the protein bond of your hair, which we call bleaching. After bleaching hair, you have to apply color, so the color has its own way to enter the hair cortex and every hair cuticle. It creates a strong bond with your hair that can’t be removed easily. It will become permanent on your hair for a very long time.

What Will Happen If You Put Silver Dye on Orange Hair?

After putting silver dye on your orange hair, you will get Ashy. Blond hair is a common answer. But do you have any idea what will happen to your hair? In this part, I’ll talk about what is going to happen to your orange hair after you put the silver dye on it.

  1. Neutralization: when it comes to mixing the orange and silver colors together, orange is a warm-tone color, and on the other hand, silver is known as a cool-tone color. Mixing cool and warm tones will give you a balanced color look. But if your orange-colored hair has coppery tones and an underlying brassiness, applying silver color can give you a tonal shift that is a more neutral or cooler shade.
  2. Toning Effect: Applying silver color to your orange hair can give you a toning effect. It can cause the orange color to turn a slightly different color. Because depending on the silver color intensity and the porosity of the orange-colored hair, it can turn into an overlaid silver tone. As a result, you may get a mix of silver and orange hues on your hair.
  3. Unsatisfied Outcome: Before applying the silver hair dye to your hair, you may have already imagined the color you wanted. But not every time it is going to be the same as your dream color. This can be done for factors like your hair’s porosity, specific dye formulas, and underlying pigments. After the interaction of the orange and silver colors, the final result may not be the best-satisfied result for you. So, you may get an unsatisfying outcome after putting silver color on your orange hair.

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4 Tips To Follow While Dying Your Orange Hair with Silver Dye

To avoid any kind of harm or any unsatisfactory result to your hair, you have to follow these tips. Following these tips will help you get healthy, dyed hair.

Tips to follow while dying your orange hair with silver dye
Tips to follow while dying your orange hair with silver dye
  1. Bleaching to lighten orange hair: before applying the silver dye to your orange hair, if possible, bleach or lighten your hair. After bleaching your hair, it removed the orange color from your hair, giving you blond hair. And after that, if you put silver dye on your hair, you can get an accurate and vibrant color. Bleaching or lighting your hair is going to adhere to the silver color for a very long time by giving your hair a silver glow look.
  2. Professional guidance: getting professional guidance before dying your orange hair is a very good idea. In this way, you are getting to know about your hair condition, which shade is going to look good on your orange shade, and how to apply the silver color to your hair. So, if possible, consult with a hair specialist and then follow those suggestions step by step to get the best result. Get a perfect silver color without damaging your hair.
  3. Strand testing: strand testing is an easy way to check the color you can get after putting silver color on your hair. Basically, it is a patch test before getting full hair dye. You have to take a little bit of your hair and apply the silver color only to that area to make sure what color you are going to get after putting the silver color on your hair. By doing a strand test, you can know which color you are going to get.
  4. Choosing the correct color: choosing the correct color to dye your hair is most important. Because if you didn’t pick the right silver color, the color you will get is going to turn into an unsatisfying result. That is going to hurt your expectations. So, it’s obvious to pick the right color to achieve the right color for your orange hair. If you are confused about which color to choose, then collect suggestions from the hair color expats. They can tell you which color of silver dye is going to give you a satisfactory color look on your hair.

Before applying silver color to your hair, following these tips may help you get the exact and satisfied hair look that you are expecting without causing any damage to your hair.


1. How do I fix brassy orange hair?

To fix your brassy hair, you can put on a darker color or lighten up the orange color of your hair. In this way, you can get healthy-looking, extra-volume, orange-colored hair.

2. Can you use blue shampoo on your orange hair?

You can use blue shampoo on your hair if you are willing to change the orange tone of your hair. The blue shampoo is going to change the color of your orange hair into a blonde-purple color.

3. Can I dye my hair orange without bleaching it?

Yes, you can. If you are searching for a bold hair color without bleaching or lightening up your hair, then you can dye your orange hair directly. In this way, you can get rid of the orange-colored hair without causing any damage to your hair.

Final Thoughts

Dying hair to achieve a beautiful look is common. By dying hair, it is possible to get many different colors on the hair. It gives you an attractive look. To get a beautiful look, many of us love to dye our hair. Not only that, but we also dye our colored hair again and again. People who love to dye their hair wonder about the combination of orange and silver.

Mixing these colors can give you ashy blonde hair. But for some common factors, it can be neutralized, change the toning effect, and lastly, give you an unsatisfied look. But to avoid problems like these, you can bleach your hair, do strand testing, and choose the correct color. But if you also become confused in this situation, then consulting with a hair specialist can be a beneficial idea for you. In this way, you can get perfectly colored silver hair without any hair damage.

Key Points

  • To get rid of orange hair, putting silver hair dye on it is going to give you ashy blonde hair.
  • Before applying silver color to your orange hair, remember that it can neutralize or change the toning effect of your hair, giving you unsatisfied hair color.
  • To avoid getting unsatisfactory results after dying your hair silver, you have to choose the right color, and you can also strand test or bleach your hair to get satisfactory results.
  • Before applying silver hair dye to your orange hair, consulting with a hair color specialist is the best idea for dying your hair.

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