Why Are Guys Painting Their Nails Blue?

Why are guys painting their nails blue
Painting your nails can be a classy way of decorating yourself. Men are painting their nails blue and sending a silent message on social media. Let’s find out why!

Nail polish is applying colorful substance on the nails of the hands and sometimes on the leg’s fingernail as a show of fashion sense. It is usually worn by women. There are different fashion senses among women around the world, but applying color to nails to decorate them is a global one. Painting nails is an ancient art of showing fashion sense and a distinct part of the women’s makeover list.

Nail polishing is usually a part of women’s makeovers and fashion to-do’s. But hold on! Is it a pure women’s thing? As it seems nowadays it is not. A lot of men are being seen wearing nail polish. Some of them are wearing it just for fun and some possess a deeper meaning behind wearing it. Below we will discuss the reasons and possibilities for guys painting their nails blue.

Men’s Nail Polishing

Mens nail polishing

You may find male nail polishing as a new thing to adorn but the history of mail polishing dates way back into the past. If we dig into history, we find that men used to paint their nails almost 5,500 years ago. Pretty fascinating, isn’t it? There is archaeological evidence of Babylonian warriors using nail polish from around 3200 to 3500 BC. There is also a traceable history of men using nail polish in ancient China and Egypt. The then use of men’s nail painting was to show their supremacy, power, and uniqueness. Even nail paintings are seen of mummified male pharaohs in Egypt.

Talking about recent times, during the 70s and 80s manicures were seen among famous male musicians. Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and Freddie Mercury used nail painting as a way of expressing their fashion thoughts. After that, there was random use of nail painting among men. In the twenty-first century due to the influence of social media, men’s nail polishing has become a real trend to follow.

Blue Nail Painting Trend

Recently there is a surge of men painting their nails blue because they are influenced by a social media trend. Various social media platforms, TikTok in particular are flooded away with numerous male users who are publishing videos wearing blue/light blue paintings on their nails and also spreading the trend using the hashtag #lightbluenails.

There was a similar trend of women wearing blue nail paintings on social media platforms with a message expressing that they were ‘taken/engaged/in a relationship’. So it appears that blue nails or any other color are being applied to use it as a show of language code.

On the other hand, top surveys showed that there were multiple meanings among men using the blue nail painting trend. Some used it as a sign of showing that they were ‘Single/ in search of a mate/ wants to be in a relationship and some of them used it as a sign of leveling gender norms among men and women. Studies have found that it is popular among ‘Generation Z’– those who were born in the late 90s to early 2000s.

7 Reasons Why Guys Painting Their Nails Blue

There are various observable intents behind men painting their nails blue. Some of them may seem illogical and orthodox but everyone has their point of view. Here are a few reasons why guys are painting their nails blue observed in the respective contents:

Seven reasons why guys painting their nails blue

1. Express Relationship Status

The blue nail trend is being used to express the wearer’s present single status of the relationship. To them, a blue-colored nail means that he is currently single and seeking interest from the opposite gender i.e. women. It was directed from a similar named trend where girls used similar nail paint to express that they are in a relationship as they asked their respective boyfriends what color nail polish should they ware. Interestingly the individual answer was often LIGHT BLUE.

2. Masculinity

A majority of men expressed the reason of paint their nail blue as masculinity. To them, it is a solid statement about their manhood. They believe that as human beings they have the right to show their differences and they are happy to be different. They are demanding the comfort of being different and silently stating the new definition of masculinity by themselves.

3. Normalize Gender Equalization

One important message of painting nails blue is to socially establish the fact of gender equality. As polishing nails is associated with woman’s thus putting blue color on the nail simply speaks about the social acceptance of gender equality and its normalization. If the issue of the female gender equalization rights activity is there, then coloring men’s nails also demands male gender equalization.

4. Creativity & Personality

One of the key reasons for coloring men’s nails blue is to show the creativity of their own. Those who wear it think that they are showing their creativity and unique personality to others. They also tend to express that they are not afraid to be different and so on.  They enjoy the belief that wearing blue color painted nails makes them stand out from the crowd.

5. Just for fun

The most common reason behind guys painting their nails blue is mere fun. As is an ongoing hot trend in social media platforms and those who follow these platforms are doing it for fun. Thus more fun-loving men who love to enjoy doing something unique and make people laugh too are joining the line of painting their nails blue.

6. As a Positive Sign

There has been some research done on human psychology regarding color and it was found that blue/ light blue color imitated the sign of calmness, prosperity, and stability. It leaves a positive reaction in mind. The blue color is also associated with the early memories of male childhood. Just like girls choose pink, it is blue/light blue that men choose.  So hypothetically, blue is the color of man.

7. Social & Humanity

Some men paint their nails blue and other colors to show their support to children and special needs persons. As we know children are fond of art with colors. It is the color of nail polish that sends a silent message to the audience for helping special needs children and those who seek help.

Nail Painting in The Pandemic

During the early days of the Covid-19 epidemic, when there was strict lockdown everywhere, it was seen that a lot of men are doing their nails painting. It was kind of a different scenario for everyone. People were stuck at home for a long time of period. They were looking for something interesting to do. It was seen that some men are having painted on their nails.  The reason behind that nail coloring was sometimes out of boredom and to do something interesting but often it was observed that the reason was living with their female partner for too long made them curious about doing nail polish as an experiment.

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Should I Paint My Nails Blue as a Guy?

Should i paint my nails blue as a guy

The decision to paint your fingernails is totally up to you. If you find painting your nails interesting then you can proceed with it at any given moment. It will be an absurd answer if someone insists you do it or tries to prohibit you from doing it. But if you have interest in doing so first ask yourself a few questions. As such, why you wanna do it? Or If you want to do it then why blue, not any other color?

If you are honest with yourself then there is nothing wrong with it. But be prepared for a little blowback after doing it. As such it depends on which type of community you are living in, and what are the social acceptance of a man coloring his nails blue or any other color. If you don’t care about these then it won’t seem to be a much complex issue. There is another issue regarding the institute you work for to earn money (if any). If there are any bindings regarding men having decorative style at their workplace then you should think before doing it. Though there are a few speculations regarding the substance used in nail polish color that may cause health issues but there again if you don’t have any issues or headaches regarding all these then you don’t need anyone’s permission to paint your nails blue.


1. Why do guys paint their nails black?

Man paint their nails black to reveal their masculine attitude, demand gender equality norms, stand out of the crowd differently, and sometimes just for fun.

2. What does blue nail polish mean to a girl?

As per social media trends, blue nail polish means that the girl wearing blue/light blue nail polish is likely to be expressing that she is taken/ in a relationship.

3. Why guys like light blue polished nails?

The reason guys like light blue polished nails is because this color is universally versatile and goes with any skin tone, almost with all color dresses due to its neutral characteristics.

Final Thoughts

We are familiar with women having painted their nails colorful but men polishing their nails isn’t a weird thing by any means. Some people have phrased it as ‘Malepolish’ for its popularity. Men painting their nails are found in ancient history where warriors wore paint to their nails to showcase it as the symbol of power, supremacy, and braveness. Some wore it to let people identify them separately as high society people. Nowadays there is a surge among men to wear nail color painting on their nails. So went a step further by decorating them with materials.

Guys painting their nails in blue is purely based on their interests. But there may lie different desires and intentions behind it. Some wear it just to follow the trend and out of fun whereas some paint their nails blue with the intention to deliver a silent message. But in every aspect painting your nails blue isn’t wrong and one can paint their nails blue anytime to decorate themselves without any bindings.

Key Points

  • Nail polish are being used by men from ancient times for symbolizing power, beauty, and masculinity.
  • As a social media trend, men are painting their nails blue to showcase their masculinity, establish gender norms, for fun, and many more.
  • It is totally fine to paint your nails blue if you think it will make you happy and you are ok with any backlash that may come after painting your nails.

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