Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions?

Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash extensions make your eyes appear larger and offer stunning cheekbones. As a result, I stopped using eyelash extensions.

Long eyelashes are considered to be an emblem of beauty for ages. Having long eyelashes will make your eyes appear larger, enhanced, and beautiful. As a result, the difference between eyes and eyelids becomes obvious. Although eyelashes make your eyes appear larger and offer stunning cheekbones, you may still need to extend them a little. Also, eyelashes become thinner, faded, and less noticeable with age. As a result, eyelash extensions came to practice for women. You might do it if you have any particular events you want to look your best like a wedding or a party, or even for a night out with friends!

I didn’t have naturally long and curled eyelashes. So, I used eyelash extensions to have more beautiful eyelashes. But I had to stop it soon. Now, you may ask why I stopped eyelash extensions. Below are my reasons for discontinuing the use of eyelash extensions which might be something that you may face too!

About Eyelash Extensions

About eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are one kind of artificial semi-permanent lashes, hand-glued on over your natural lashes. The length, volume, and thickness of your natural eyelashes, may significantly increase by changing your look. Eyelash extensions can provide you with a personalized, painless, and lovely look if it is performed properly by a certified professional. It can highlight your beauty and even conceal your small flaws due to the availability of various materials, styles, lengths, and effects.

Eyelash extensions are light and soft in weight. The extensions are water-resistant too. Your natural eyelashes will be denser, and more voluminous, and give fullness to your natural eyelashes. Longer eyelashes will give a visibly bright look to your face and catch anyone’s attention. If you have eyelash extensions, you won’t need to take the hassle of wearing and removing eye makeup as it gives a naturally beautiful look. You will enjoy a wonderful rest in a cozy chair throughout the process. These eyelashes don’t harm natural eyelashes if you apply them properly. Again for those who are a little aged, the outer corners of the eyes bring the eye down when they are extended. So, for giving them the maximum benefits, the stylist will consider their face shape, eye shape, and brow style.

Eyelash Extensions Results

After eyelash extensions, the eyelashes need months to grow back. The results might be worse since these artificial eyelashes are attached to your natural lashes. You can be left with awkward-looking little stubs. Every day we lose one to five lashes. We lose about 20% of our eyelashes in two weeks. The growth and fall-out cycle of eyelashes lasts between 60 and 90 days.

If you lose your eyelashes naturally, they will enhance again over time and even more quickly if you use lash serums. Lash extensions, however, disrupt the entire cycle. Your natural lashes are destroyed by the chemicals that penetrate the follicles, and their growth will be reduced due to the continuous fill-ins.

10 Reasons Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions

It was all too soon that I had to stop using eyelash extensions. There were many reasons why I had stopped using eyelash extensions. A lot of these reasons are connected so separating so I have tried my best to separate the main issues I personally had with them which you might face as well!

1. It Was Time-Consuming Sessions

People generally go for eyelash extensions to save time on makeup. But you will need more time to go through the sessions themselves! You also spend a long time washing your face because you need to be careful not to get water in your eyes. It may become difficult to maintain professional and personal lives because of the time-consuming sessions. While the eyelashes fall or become weak if you do not regularly continue the session. Eyelash extension itself may take one to three hours, based on the size of the lashes. After resting on a hard table for an hour, you get frustrated and bored. The most difficult thing is that you’ll have to wait for two more hours because you can’t use the toilet during this period. It can result in any disease and exhaustion as well. These will make you feel like stopping eyelash extensions.

It has time consuming sessions

2. It is Very Expensive

The use of eyelash extensions is not a one-time thing. You need to spend frequently and make constant touch-up sessions to keep your eyelashes in a good state. You require fill-ins every 4 weeks, which take around 45 minutes, and a lash extension procedure lasts about 2 hours. Many women require a top-up every two to four weeks. However, several extensions were made so that you may go 6 to 8 weeks without refills. The costs that come with eyelash extensions are very expensive. The price becomes unaffordable for many people. This large amount could be spent somewhere else. So, you may think of a few alternatives rather than spending too much on eyelash extensions.

It is very expensive

3. It Disturbs the Natural Eyelashes

Your natural lashes may be disturbed with eyelash extensions and start to fall due to some reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the added weight that the extensions put on your natural lashes. You run the risk of having your natural lashes fall very soon by overloading your lashes with many extensions on a single eyelash. The glue that is applied during the process is another factor that might disturb your natural lashes. You may be allergic to or have skin sensitivities to the glue’s ingredients. This might cause pain and even be harmful to your lashes.

Damages may also result from careless handling and maintenance of your lash extensions. Your natural lashes may break if you rub or pull on your extensions and may even permanently harm your eyelash follicle. Problems can also arise from poor sanitation during the entire process.

It disturbs the natural eyelashes

4. It Gives Heavier Extensions

You need to consider natural lash thickness in addition to natural lash length in choosing the right lash extensions. So, you may pick an eyelash extension that will go well with your natural lashes by considering these aspects. If the extension is too heavy, the natural lash to which it is joined might be disturbed. This causes natural lash loss. Your natural lashes may shed early when an extension is too long and thick. It results in thinning of your natural lashes. I had this particular problem where my eyelids felt quite heavy and I did not like the uncomfortable feeling that it gave me.

It gives heavier extensions

5. It Causes Maintenance Problems

Based on the rate at which your lashes grow, you will require an infill every two to four weeks. Many women believe getting their eyelashes extended isn’t so bad for a particular occasion. Once you get your first complete set, you will need to do it again. High maintenance results in increased costs, while maintaining eyelash extensions is important. To prevent damaging the extensions, you must carefully sleep and wash your face.

Be careful when applying oil-containing products close to your eyelash extensions. Your natural eyelashes may become damaged or loosened if you are rough with your eyelash extensions or if you use oil-based cosmetics. If you do, you’ll need to spend more time checking your goods, especially eye creams and makeup removers, before using them. Moreover, rubbing your eyes could damage both your natural and extension lashes. Waterproof cosmetics, including waterproof mascara, may cause your lash extensions’ glue to degrade, making it more challenging for you to apply them.

It causes maintenance problems

6. It Causes Long-Term damage

As eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and are used along the lash line, they can hamper the natural growth of hair follicles. Your natural lashes will fall quicker if you apply them regularly. In essence, the extensions could cause your eyelashes to go bald. Your natural lash line should grow back if you stop wearing extensions after four weeks. If you don’t stop it things will get worse. Usually, if eyelash extensions are used for a long time, the natural eyelashes don’t get back to their form again. The natural lashes never fully heal and compared to before the extension, they become thinner.

It causes long term damage

7. It Causes Inconvenience

Once the length of your eyelashes is increased, a few inconveniences can occur. Your lashes going from having full volume to resembling a worn-out thread in the final two weeks before a fill may cause you intolerable stress. Additionally, if you have eyelash extensions, you must not rub your eyes. Therefore, you must gently wash your face to prevent further harm. If you’re used to getting beautiful lashes when you wake up, it’s a bit hard to change. You cannot carelessly touch your eyes. Again, since the eyelash extensions are constantly rubbing against the glass, you will experience discomfort whenever you wear spectacles.

It causes inconvenience

8. It Has Risks of Allergic Reactions

If you do eyelash extensions without an expert lash technician, you may have an infection, irritation, lash pain, or loss of eyelashes. Among several risks of eyelash extensions, eye irritation is the most dangerous one. Glue is often needed for eyelash extensions to adhere to the natural follicle. Due to the use of glue in the application process, you may have swelling, eyelid skin irritation, or even a temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes. The basic concern with extensions is that even many non-allergic substances can irritate or inflame tissue by weighing it down or dragging it on the hairs. Anything near the eyes has the potential to irritate them due to chemicals present there as well as friction and pulling forces from the lashes.

It has risks of allergic reactions

9. It Makes Your Makeup and Skincare Irregular

Prepare yourself to change your routine when you wear lash extensions. Your lashes can get clumpy and damaged if you put mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow on them. Do not apply these to your lashes. Also, the cosmetics you use on your face, especially the area around your eyes, must be chosen with care. Avoid using any items that include oil since they can damage the connection that your natural eyelashes have with the extensions. You should not use certain cleansers, moisturizers, and serums because they may be good for some people but entirely ruin their skincare and makeup routine.

It makes your makeup and skincare irregular

10. Difficulties in Finding a Good Lash Technician

Due to the popularity of infills and whole sets of lashes, lash technicians soon get booked. Getting a lash technician with convenient timings for appointments can be difficult particularly if your job is from 9 to 5. Finding a nearby lash technician who can do your eyelashes in your desired way can also be difficult. The available slots of more skilled and experienced lash technicians may be fully booked. You might need to wait for several weeks sometimes. As a result, you may decide to stop doing eyelash extensions.

Difficulties in finding a good lash technician

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Tips to Minimize the Damage of Eyelash Extensions

While personally I had problems with eyelash extensions doesn’t mean that you have to stop it as well! Eyelash extensions are perfect ways to bring out your eyes and the thing you have to worry about is trying to minimize the damages it might cause. So here are my tips for doing so!

  1. Choose the right one: Choose eyelash extensions of the right length and thickness to protect your natural eyelashes from any harm.
  2. Follow up with your stylist: For longer and more durable eyelashes, follow up with your stylist since your stylist can help you to maintain your lashes perfectly.
  3. Perform a patch test: Perform a patch test using the adhesive on your hand to be free from irritation and allergic reactions.
  4. Remove the eyelashes effectively: With the help of a technician, apply a removal serum to your eyelashes, and leave the extensions.
  5. Take a break: Take a break of one month to give your lash cycle enough time to revive. Also, the lash serums function during this time.
  6. Keep patience: Sometimes your natural lashes might need longer recovery. So, you need to keep patience.

Alternatives to Eyelash Extensions

Since I had loads of problems with eyelash extensions, I found out that there are other ways that are less damaging and do the job equally if not better! So here are my alternatives to eyelash extensions that you can do to enhance your makeup!

Alternatives to eyelash extensions

1. Mascara

You may apply lash extension mascara for having nearly the same effect as eyelash extensions. It is much cheaper than an eyelash extension. Using mascara can fill up the eyelash needs of your lashes!

You may use fiber mascara too. Fiber mascara, in contrast to regular mascara, has small nylon, silk, or rayon fibers that stick to the lashes and give them a fuller, thicker effect. Additionally, it has small sticky fibers that extend and make the lashes voluminous.

2. False lashes

If you want extra voluminous eyelashes, you may go for false lashes. They are excellent for giving your eyes a lift and making them appear broader in addition to feeling great when you go out. They are identical to eyelash extensions. If you start to apply them frequently, you will soon be a pro at it.

3. Lash Lift and Tint

If you are searching for budget-friendly alternatives to eyelash extensions that can be used in less time, then go for lash lift and tint. Sometimes you may want to have less makeup. Also, use the lash lift and tint then. You will get a naturally lifted and curled mascara-type appearance.

4. Lash serum

You may use a lash serum as they contain conditioning substances to enhance your lashes. An advanced lash-growing serum can enhance the length, volume, and thickness of both eyebrows and eyelashes. It helps your eyelashes grow naturally, offering you a stunning look. If you can use the serum correctly, lash serums are safe. They should be used two to three times daily on clean lashes. Applying lash serum while wearing glasses is not advised.

5. Lash Singles

Lash singles are single eyelashes that you can use to fill in any gaps between your natural and artificial lashes. Using temporary glue with a two-week lifespan, they can be applied directly to the eyelash or the eyelid. You may use them repeatedly or just once.

6. Lashify

It is a DIY eyelash extension kit that can last three to five days. You will receive two sets of gossamer lashes in addition to a control kit. Most importantly, these lash extensions will not harm your eyes or natural lashes. However, if you remove them incorrectly, you risk losing some eyelashes. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions.


1. Why do my lash extensions only last 2 weeks?

This generally occurs when insufficient lash extensions are used. If you believe you have chosen the least expensive technician, there is a high chance that they won’t spend a lot of time providing you with a complete, long-term result.

2. Does crying affect lash extensions?

Yes. Although lash extensions are water-resistant, you must not cry throughout the process. Crying might spread the adhesive that causes discomfort. Again, crying while the process is going on makes it very hard for the extension to be bonded to your natural lashes.

3. Which eyelash extensions last the longest?

Hybrid lash extensions, as its name indicates, may last for the longest time, between 6 and 8 weeks.

4. What do doctors say about eyelash extensions?

Eye doctors say that using a glue-free alternative, such as durable mascara or magnetic lashes is preferable. But they caution against overdoing it because customers would possibly still want the service. Doctors advise doing eyelash extensions for special events.

5. Should I wash my eyelash extensions?

Yes. If you use eye makeup or have oily skin or eyelids, you should wash your lash extensions once or twice every day. To get rid of the face oils, dirt, dust, and makeup, I suggest cleaning lash extensions at night is highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

Considering they make eyes appear long, beautiful, and youthful, eyelash extensions are incredibly popular among women. Using lash extensions is one of the finest methods to give your eyes a younger look with longer lashes. So, I would not discourage eyelash extensions.

But I have had some bad experiences in having it done. The whole process is time-consuming and very expensive. It disturbs the natural eyelashes and causes maintenance problems, long-term damage, and inconvenience. If you do it without an expert lash technician, you may have several risks of allergic reactions and among them, eye irritation is the most dangerous one.

So, you may think of a few alternatives like mascara, false lashes, lash lift and tint, lash serum, etc. rather than having eyelash extensions. After you come to know about the negative sides of eyelash extensions, you may feel free to decide if you still want to go through it or stop it!

Key Points

  • Eyelash extensions may significantly increase the length, volume, and thickness of your natural eyelashes by changing your look.
  • If you lose your eyelashes naturally, they will enhance again over time while eyelash extensions disrupt the entire cycle.
  • It may become difficult to maintain professional and personal lives because of the time-consuming sessions of lash extensions but the eyelashes fall or become weak if you do not regularly continue the session.
  • Due to the use of glue in the process, you may have swelling, eyelid skin irritation, or even a temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes.
  • You may use alternatives like mascara, false lashes, lash lift and tint, lash serum, etc. rather than having eyelash extensions.

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