Can You Mix Gel Polish Colors?

Yes, you can mix gel polish colors to get the desired color you want and to look gorgeous and attractive, you just have to know how to mix them perfectly.

To make your nails look attractive and boost your confidence level, getting polished nails is the first thing that crosses our minds. And yes, it does make your nails look more attractive with its attractive-looking, colorful, smooth finishing. When it comes to polishing our nails, gel polishes are now more trendy than our traditional nails. People love to use gel polish on their nails for its smooth finish and glossy color.

While getting gel polish, we all face the common problem that there is not the exact color that we are looking for. But when we are using traditional polish, we can mix colors to get the shade we want. So, a common question we go through is can you can mix gel polish colors? Yes, you can because gel polish and traditional nail polish are very similar. But you will have to apply it quickly! There are many reasons why you need to do that so I will help you understand all about mixing gel polish colors!

Can You Mix Gel Polish Colors?

Matching our perfect shade to get perfect nails with the perfect outfit is very difficult. So, to prevent this type of problem, people mix their different color polishes and get the expected shade easily. We all do it while applying traditional nail polishes to our nails. But can it be done when we are applying gel polish to our nails?

After doing some research about this, I found that you can mix your gel polish colors to get the shade you expect, which is 100% applicable. Because gel polishes are made with the same ingredients. So, when you mix them, it will only change the color of the solutions. If you are willing to get the perfect shade for you by mixing gel polish colors, then hurry and apply that now.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Gel Polish Together

Before starting your gel polish color mixing, there are some things that you should know to get the best results. Those are:

  1. Always try to use high-quality gel polishes to get the best glossy effect on your nails.
  2. Try to use a little amount of polish while mixing, because in this way you can balance your polishes to get your desired color easily.
  3. Choose a card with a silicone surface, and place it somewhere that is easy to clean. Because it can get stuck on the surface while mixing.
  4. Try to mix two colors. It’s not likely that you can’t mix them, but mixing 2 is best for mixing them.
  5. Also, try to use two same-brand gel polishes because their consistency will be the same while mixing. But you can also mix two different brands.
  6. When the color is already mixed, check if you are satisfied with that color or not. Because satisfying you with the mixed color before applying is very important.

5 Steps to Mix Gel Polish Colors

To get a safe mix of your gel polishes, you must know how to mix them. It’s also important for getting the perfect color you are willing to pay for. The processes for mixing gel polish are:

Five steps to mix gel polish colors

Step 1. Choose Polish Colors To Get Your Desired Color

To get the desired color you are looking for, the first step you have to go through is choosing the colors that are going to give you your desired color. If you don’t know which two you have to mix, then first Google your desired color and try to collect which colors can give you that color.

Step 2. Choose Your Mixing Surface

Now choose the surface where you are going to mix your gel polish colors. To mix your gel polish colors, you have to choose a clean and smooth surface where it’s easy to mix them. Also, try to use places like on a card, on a plastic surface, on a wall cloth, or on something old that you are not willing to use. Because it can sometimes stain the mixing area.

Step 3. Apply The Polishes On Your Mixing Surface

Take your chosen color polishes and mix a few drops of them. You must make sure that each of the polishes is an exact drop that can give you your desired color. And always try to apply a little amount of polish first, because in this way you can balance your color easily.

Step 4. Mix The Polishes

Now it’s time to mix them well together. To mix them, you have to use something sticky, like a toothpick. Now stir the polishes with the toothpick until they are mixed gradually. It can take some time to mix them perfectly. You have to stir it to make sure that all of the polishes are well mixed.

Step 5. Touch Up

After mixing them, if you find out that they are not the color you are willing to get, then you need to touch them up. You just have to add a few drops of color again, like if you want a deep color, then add the deep one, and if you want a lighter one, then add the light one. You can also try to use the clear gel polish to get a glassy look.

After completing these 5 steps, your gel polishes are perfectly ready to apply to your nails.

How to Apply Mixed Gel Polish on Your Nails?

After mixing your gel polishes, it’s time to polish that color on your nails. To polish your nails with that mixed polish in a perfect way, you have to follow some rules to get the best results:

Clear Your Nails

Clear your nails

Before you start applying, you always have to clear your nails. Because there are many oils and darts you can find on your nails. And while applying polish, creates a barrier on your nails and prevents you from getting a perfect-looking finished nail. So clearing your nails before applying polish is the most obvious. Use a high-quality nail cleanser that can remove all the darts from your nails, and you can also apply your regular nail polish remover to remove dirt and oils from your nails.

Clean Your Polish Brush

If you have a nail polish brush, you can use that to polish your nails. But before using it, make sure that it’s clean and fluffy enough to give you a smooth finish. But if you don’t have one, then take any other gel polish brush, clean it with polish cleanser or remover, make sure it is clean enough to use, and use it.

Clean your polish brush

Apply The Mix Color To Your Nail

Apply the mix color to your nail

Now start applying the mixed color to your nail. First, start with a base coat of gel polish. The base coat will help you protect your nails from any kind of damage and also make a protective shield on your natural nails before applying the mixed-color gel polish. When your base coat is dry, use the clean polish brush to dip it in the mixed color that you have got after mixing and apply it to your nails. Wait until it is set and dry. After drying, if you feel like you need another layer of the color polish, then apply a second layer of the mixed polish to your nail and wait until it dries. After that, apply a top coat to your nails. It will give your nails a glossy, stunning look.

Adjust The Color

Adjust the color

After completing the total application process, if you aren’t satisfied with that look and want something else, you can paint nail art on your nails and also brush some chrome powder or use a glitter-based top coat on your nails. These will give your nails a more attractive and glittery look.

Always remember to apply a top coat to your gel-colored polish to give it a long life.

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The Alternative Ideas to Get a Mixed Gel Polish

If you are confused about mixing different gel polishes and applying them perfectly, there are other ways to get mixed gel polish. You can try them on.

Paint Your Gel Polish With Different Colors

You can try to apply nail polish directly to your nails with different colors. For getting this type of mixed gel polish on your nails, you have to get ideas about how you can. You can put tape on your nails in those areas where you want to paint different shades and apply another one to the other areas. Believe me, it will come out so beautiful that you can easily get a stunning look for your nails that you can’t expect.

Dip Your Nails In The Mixed Gel Polish Water?

This type of mixed gel-polished nail is known as a marble nail. Marble nails mean many streaks together; you can also say a zebra design. To gel this type of mixed polished nail, you first have to take normal water and put a drop of nail polish on it. Now I have to put another color of polish in the middle of the first one. Repeat this process until you get a layer of mixed polish that matches your nail’s size and shape. Now dip your nail into the water; the polish will attach to your nails perfectly. After drying this polish, apply a top coat, and you are ready to enjoy your mixed gel polish. Remember to wear safe skin-wear glue around your nails so that you can remove the excess polish from your nails.

Tips for Protect Your Mixed Gel Polish Colors

The tips to protect your mixed gel polish-colored nails are:

  • Avoid Water: Always try to avoid water or wear water-resistance gloves on your hands to protect them.
  • Avoid Heat: Avoid any kind of heat that has the possibility of making it melt or weaken.
  • Avoid UV Rays: UV rays can discolor your gel-polished nails. Try to wear a sun-protected top coat to protect them.
  • Avoid Harsh chemicals: Harsh chemicals can react with the gel polish while working with it. So, avoid contact with harsh chemicals and gel-polished nails.
  • Avoid Using Nails as Tools: To protect your nails, avoid using nails as tools, otherwise, use proper tools to do work.
  • Be Gentle with Polished Nails: Always be gentle with your polished nails to protect them from lifting, breaking, or streaking.
  • Always keep nails Clean: Keeping your polished nails clean is also important for giving them a long life.


1. Can you mix gel polish and traditional polish?

Yes, you can mix your gel polish and traditional polish. But sometimes it may not work smoothly due to its different consistency.

2. Are the base coat and the top coat the same?

No, the base coat and the top coat are not the same. The base coat is thicker and stickier than the top coat, and the base coat is for protecting natural nails while the top coat is for protecting the polished layer.

3. Can I integrate the base coat and top coat with the color gel polish?

Mixing base coats, top coats, and color coats is not a good idea for getting mixed gel-polished nails. Because mixing them can damage their work processes and also harm your nail’s polished look.

Final Thoughts

For getting attractive-looking, well-polished nails, gel polish plays an important role. People nowadays love to polish their nails with this gel polish because of its glossy color effect and longer longevity than traditional polishes. People who love to match their polishes with their looks love to get exactly colored gel polish nails. So, to get their desired color, they wonder if they can mix their gel polishes with different colors together. And the answer is yes; they can. For mixing gel polishes, they have to know how to mix them, then how to apply them to their nails.

So, if you are willing to mix your gel polishes, then mix them and maintain your regular activities to give them a long life to enjoy your mixed gel-polished nails.

Key Points

  • Getting gel polish on your nails to make them look more attractive and glossy is a popular trend now.
  • People now mix their gel polish colors to get their desired look to match their outfits.
  • To get the mixed gel polish colors perfectly, always keep in mind to use high-quality, same-brand gel polish.
  • To get mixed gel polish colors, you must mix them perfectly and apply them to your nails by following the steps.
  • To increase the longevity of your nails, you must avoid things like water, heat, harsh chemicals, and excessive UV rays.

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