Can You Put Pimple Patches Over Moisturizer?

Can you put pimple patches over moisturizer
Pimple patches and moisturizers have two opposite ways of working. When putting both of these together you must be sure of which one should go on the skin first.

Acne is a very common problem that we have to face almost on a daily basis. If you are one of those millions who face pimples or acne on a daily basis and just want to get rid of it as quickly as possible then a pimple patch is a very commonly known product for you. Pimple patches are a round sticker that is made with an ingredient called hydrocolloids.

Pimple patches can really work great to help with the redness and itchiness of newly formed acne. But you have to use the patch correctly. There have been speculations about when the patch should be used to get maximum benefit. Since it is like a sticker many seem to believe and use the pimple patch after your skincare routine with the moisturizer on. But can you put pimple patches over moisturizer? You could but that would ruin the effectiveness of the pimple patch! Let’s find out why that is.

How Pimple Patches Work?

How pimple patches work
How pimple patches work

Pimple patches work by absorbing the oil and dirt from the pimples. The sticker contains a layer of hydrated hydrocolloid that creates a protective barrier outside the skin. The Hydrocolloid adhesive layer has particles that absorb the exudate from the skin to form a hydrated get over the wounded area. This gel creates a moist area that can promote healing and protects new tissues. Since pimple patches are creating a protective layer outside your skin you cannot pick it and the dirt cannot go inside the pimple which is the very common reason pimples get worse. Also, pimple patches can pull all the pus out of your pores and make the pain go away too. now that you know how pimple patches work let’s see how can you use them.

5 Reasons for Not Putting Pimple Patches Over Moisturizer

Reasons for not putting pimple patches over moisturizer
Reasons for not putting pimple patches over moisturizer

Pimple patches are great and work without having any kind of side effects. They can easily get rid of the dirt inside our pimples and make you at ease. Now that you know what are pimple patches and how they work. You must know pimple patches should not be used over moisturizer or it is not supposed to be used that way. Why is this so and why using pimple patches over moisturizer is not possible let’s see the reason.

1. Barrier function

Moisturizer is a very crucial step of the whole skincare routine. Moisturizers create a protective barrier over the skin. This is the ending step of moisturizer. When you put pimple patches over the moisturizer the ingredients of pimple patches cannot go inside the pores and eventually would not work. Part of it is also because moisturizers put a protective barrier over pimples too just like the rest of the skin and the pimple patches cannot interact with the pimple lets alone penetrate it.

2. Patch adherence

When you put moisturizer the skin becomes very slippery, and tacky because of its nature to be heavy. When you put pimple patches over the slippery skin it cannot adhere to the skin as it slips. As skin adherence becomes less the probability of pimple patches working becomes lesser.  Also, pimple patches can fall off of your skin prematurely if applied over slippery skin caused by moisturizer.

3. Moisture imbalance

Pimple patches work by absorbing excessive sebum and oil from pimples this way pimple patches remove all the impurities of the pimple and make it go away very fast. On the other hand, moisturizer has heavy oils and it generates moisture in our skin. When pimple patches are put over the moisturizer patches will supposedly absorb the moisture that is given by the moisturizer to the actual oils and gunk of the pimple. Also putting pimple patches can disrupt the balance and potentially cause the skin to become dry over time.

4. Potential occlusion

Pimple patches create an appropriate environment for the pimple to go away. When a pimple patch is placed over the moisturizer the ingredients that should have been released by pimple patches and the seal that it makes over the pimple or wounded area cannot be taken place. The occlusive ability of the pimple patches is diminished when applied over moisturizer. Eventually, the pimple patch will not work and do the job it was supposed to do.

5. Patch removal

Moisturizers can sometimes make pimple patch removal difficult. From my own experience, I have seen whenever pimple patches were placed over the moisturizer at first it tends to slide and then when it dries on the skin with the moisturizer the grip becomes very difficult to remove. As it sticks to the moisturizer it leaves a residue behind.

Do’s and Don’ts of Pimple Patches

Pimple patches can be a miracle product to remove pimples faster. Since we have talked about how pimple patches should not be put over the moisturizer then let’s see some other do’s and don’ts of pimple patches.


  • Pimple patches should always be placed on a clean face.
  • Pimple patches should be put on the skin in the first step right after the cleanser.
  • Put on the white head of the pimple.
  • Use a second layer of pimple patch right after removing another.
  • Use tweezers to pick up the pimple patches.


  • Do not put pimple patches on the skin when you have oil on it.
  • Do not use pimple patch over any other products.
  • Do not use dirty hands to pick up the pimple patch.
  • Do not leave the pimple open without a pimple patch until it dries.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Putting Pimple Patches

A step-by-step guide to putting pimple patches
A step-by-step guide to putting pimple patches

If you have been seeing many pimples and do not understand how to get rid of them very quickly then pimple patches are your friend. Pimple patches can very easily make the pimples recover if have been used correctly. Since this product is kind of like a bandage so many people just think of it like a bandage but this should not be the case. Pimple patches are formulated with ab kind of acidic formula that can go deep into your pimple and bring out all the dirt. But it would only be activated and work how it should be when put on the pimples in the right way. Let’s see the step-by-step guide on how you should apply pimple patches.

1. Cleanse your face

You should always clean your face before applying pimple patches. To make sure there is no oil or dirt left on the face specially in the area pimple patch will be placed. Along with the face make sure your hands are clean too.

2. Choose the right type

Choosing the right type of pimple patch is very necessary. There are plenty available on the market in different sizes and shapes. If you want to cover a bigger area, choose the ones that come like a bandage, and for small pimples choose the small round ones.

3. Apply in the right place

Pimple patches are meant to be used on the pimples only and avoid better areas. Because there is a possibility to dry them out. That is why you should put the pimple patches only in the pimple areas.

4. leave the patch overnight

You should leave the pimple patch overnight for better results. Leaving the patch overnight can actually take all the dirt out of the pimple. After you have used the patch for one time another patch should be placed right in that place for fully clearing out the pimple.

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1. Can I use an acne patch after serum?

No, you should not use anything before the pimple patch. If you do, it won’t allow the pimple patch to work properly.

2. Why do pimple patches turn white?

It turns white due to the soaking of gunk and oil. This makes the pimple patch turn opaque and transparent.

3. Should I pop the pimple before the pimple patch?

No, you should just apply it directly on the pimple without doing anything else. Leave it on as long as is needed or said on the instructions and then take it off.

Final Thoughts

Pimple patches are a well-known method of removing pimples sooner without any extra hassle or possibility of side effects. Many people lack a proper understanding of how these patches work and when the patch should be applied for it to work properly. Pimple patches do not work well when put over moisturizers they can even stop working.  Putting pimple patches over moisturizers not only slow down the working process of its own but also disrupts moisturizers’ working process. This is why having a clear idea of the do’s and don’ts of pimple patches can solve a lot of the consequences that you might face. Also, step-by-step guidelines for using pimple patches can save your day a big time.

Key Points

  • Pimple patches are round stickers that contain Hydrocolloid acid. These work to take out sebum and oils from the pimple and heal it very quickly.
  • Pimple patches work by creating a protective layer above the skin and creating an appropriate environment for the wound to heal.
  • Putting pimple patches over moisturizer is not a great idea the reason behind this is many along with moisture imbalance, potential occlusion, and not working properly.
  • Understanding what should you do when putting pimple patches on and what should not be done comes in very handy at times.
  • Step by step guide on putting a pimple patch will make your favorite pimple patchwork better.

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