Do You Tip for Microneedling?

Do you tip for microneedling
It is common etiquette to tip your service provider depending on the capability and the cost of the services. For medical spas like microneedling the norms can vary.

Microneedling has become a popular cosmetic treatment for people to treat a variety of skin problems. It can be a great solution if you are dealing with scars. It can help with acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, burns, and many others. It is a specific kind of collagen induction therapy that needs the help of experts. To stay out of any potential risks, you might choose to go to a dermatologist or aesthetician.

If you are planning to go for a microneedling treatment, you might wonder what the etiquettes for tipping are when you are done with your treatment session. Tipping is normal to many of the services that we take on a daily basis, but when it comes to a very costly medical service and whether we should tip the aestheticians, we become a little confused. For your rescue, I am here to explain all of your concerns about whether you should tip for microneedling or not. Well, the etiquette varies depending on some factors.

Do You Tip for Microneedling?

Do you tip for microneedling
Do you tip for microneedling

This cosmetic spa has become an expanded hybrid industry where both the doctor’s office and med spas do the procedures. Whether you should tip or not for your service depends on whether you are doing your treatment by a dermatologist or an aesthetician. If you are going to treat your scars with the help of a professional doctor or dermatologist, you may not tip. Many medical experts suggest that they do not encourage patients to tip.

Before the hybridization of med spas, the treatment centers were mostly owned by doctors. Tipping a doctor was not proper etiquette. After the hybridization, most of the cosmetic centers are not owned by doctors. When a doctor is doing your treatment at the med spa If you want, you might tip them, but still, it is not a common thing to do.

Aestheticians always try to give you professional service where you can have an amazing experience and get your work done just like a medical expert. They carefully give their best time and effort to make you look flawless. They use all the necessary advanced equipment like dermatologists. So, if you are going to take service from an aesthetician, although it is not a must, you should always tip to show your appreciation for their services.

Tipping for Microneedling: More Than A Courtesy

Microneedling is a very sensitive procedure that should be done with utmost care. The process can lead to some serious side effects if the aestheticians are not careful enough. They have to check your skin type first. They will adjust the equipment if you have any skin concerns. If your skin is not ready for the microneedling like you have active breakouts or skin problems like that, they will not continue the procedure. If your skin is ready, after proper preparation of your skin, they will use anesthetic products suited for your skin.

While doing the procedures, they will adjust the needles according to the different parts of your skin and their needs. Your home-bought micro needle set can never do that part properly as you can not adjust the needle or you might not understand your skin properly. The microneedles go deeper in your skin than the outer layers and the devices are powered by electricity. The aestheticians are doing that job for you with the utmost care so that your skin does not have any following side effects.

That is why, you always should appreciate the hard works they are doing for you and tip them with what you can. Who knows, in your next service you might get an even better treatment as well.

Amount To Tip For Microneedling

Amount to tip for microneedling
Amount to tip for microneedling

The standard tipping for any other services in the USA goes from 10-20%. But med spas or doctor’s clinics do not fall into that category. The treatment sometimes can cost thousands of dollars, and 10 to 20% can be way over budget for some people. Although it mostly depends on your preference, you can tip from 20-100 dollars or more to your aesthetician.

Nowadays many of the Med spas do not accept tips. You should always look first, if the center you want to visit, accepts tips or not. You can go to the receptionist and ask for their policy regarding accepting gratuity. If they do not, then you may not tip them. Some cosmetic centers might be run by doctors or medical experts who do not require tips.

If the cosmetic center accepts tips, you can treat the aestheticians who are providing you with their best service and expertise. Remember that it is not mandatory to tip. If only paying for the service alone is taking your way out of your budget, do not worry. You can always show appreciation other than giving money. Sometimes just a gentle smile and a genuine ‘Thank you’ can make it work.

Although it is basic etiquette to tip your service provider, you can always choose not to tip them. There can be some reasons for you to not tip them after taking the service. Such as, when the service is not up to the mark and you are not satisfied with the improvements, you might not tip them. Sometimes the service can be horrible which can worsen your skin condition as well. In this case, tipping is not even an option for you. If you do not like the behavior of the service provider, you can skip tipping. You can avoid tipping if you understand the tip is not going to the service provider. Some centers might automatically add on the service charge or gratuity with the treatment cost. You should not tip in these cases as well.

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1. How can I show appreciation without giving a tip?

There are many ways you can show your appreciation other than giving a tip. You can just simply thank them with a smile and express your gratitude. A genuine thanks and appreciation can make someone’s day. You can also post good reviews about them on their websites and social media platforms. You can share and recommend their service to your close ones when they need service. You can send them an appreciation email.

2. When should I tip my aesthetician?

You can give a tip to your aesthetician if their service exceeds your expectations. If the service provider was nice and gentle with you, and you loved their behavior, you can tip them. You can tip them if you are in an emergency and requested them to serve you without a prior appointment. If you are visiting the cosmetic centers in the holiday to get your work done, you can tip them for the time.

3. What should I do if they refuse my tip?

If they refuse tips, try not to force them. It might be a policy of them not to take so. You can ask politely if they can accept different types of gifts as a token of appreciation. If you are pleased with their service, you can gift a thank you card or bottle of wine. You can also post a review to show the spa how much you have appreciated their service.

Final Thoughts

Microneedling is a cosmetic service that needs a pair of expert hands for you to the best service. So when you get an amazing service, you should always show gratitude and appreciation to them for their hard work, knowledge, and expertise. Tipping microneedling or for beauty stylists or salons is very normal in the USA, but as a medical spa takes hundreds of dollars to proceed, they do not consider this gratuity. If you can and you want, you should always tip a person. They are giving you excellent service, time, and effort. This little contribution can help them work more efficiently in the future.

Key Points

  • Medical spas and doctor’s office are two different ways to take service from.
  • If you do microneedling by a professional doctor or dermatologist you may not tip them.
  • If you take your microneedling service by an aesthetician from a spa center, you should tip them.
  • Tipping is not a must, but you always should show appreciation for the service you like.

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