Do You Tip For Spray Tan?

Do You Tip For Spray Tan
For getting a perfectly done spray tan with special tips, it’s general to tip them for their hard work, but without tipping them you may also thank them generously.

Spray tanning is a typical fake tan that people love to get in their tanning sessions. It can give you a natural-looking tan effect, depending on the shade you are willing to get. Getting a spray tan is very easy. To get a spray tan, you just have to spray a ready-to-use solution on your entire body to get the tanning effect. And the benefit of getting spray tan is that there are many different shade solutions you can use to get tanned skin.

There are also various types of spray tans that you can get from tanning salons. Some of them are quite expensive, while others are reasonable. If you want a perfect spray tan look, then you must choose the best specialist who is experienced in giving a tan effect. But whenever it comes to specialists, a common question we all get is, do you need to tip for your spray tan? In this article, I will discuss whether you need to tip, if so, why, the common idea about the amount of the tip, and whether it is obvious.

Tipping for Spray Tan: A Common Courtesy

Tipping for spray tan common courtesy

If you are getting a spray tan by yourself at home, then it’s common that you don’t have to tip. All you have to do is buy the spray tan solution in your exact shade and the spray machine. And spray them all over your body. But when you get a spray tan by yourself, you may get streaks on your skin or tan lines. It can harm the beauty of your tanned skin.

So, to avoid this kind of situation, you have to go to a spray tan specialist who has many years of experience and also has good reviews. They will be the perfect choice for giving you a spray tan. In this way, you will be able to get tanned skin with a perfect look without any harm. You can see the fine, smooth result on your own. After their hard work, it’s generous to give them a tip. So, yes, you have to give them tips for your spray tan and their hard work.

Why Do You Tip After Getting Spray Tan?

Why do you tip after getting spray tan

After knowing that you have to give them tips, you may ask, Why?” You have to pay them because of their hard work, which gives you a perfect look. You have to pay tips just because you love their work. Tips are mainly an extra fee for the service people who give you a good service that you love to get.

While giving you a tan, they have to pay attention to many other sides to keep you safe from any kind of harm. As we know that they are specialists, they will know better than you which tan color shade will give you a luxurious look. They are also sincere about your skin type. Like which skin type you are and which type of spray tan is perfect for your skin type. They will also do a patch test on your skin to know if that is safe for it or not. Not only that, if your skin is not suitable for getting a spray tan, they will advise you to prepare your skin to get the best result after getting a spray tan. They will also provide you with information on how you should take care of your spray tan to increase its longevity and what you should avoid to protect it from any kind of harm.

So, after getting these many benefits and a good tan effect, giving them tips is worth it. If you are getting all these services while getting a spray tan, then it’s important to give them tips. It can also help you in your next tanning session, and you may also get good offers in your next consultation.

Standard Tip For Spray Tan Technician

Standard tip idea for spray tan technician

Whenever you get all these services at once, you have to pay a standard tip to the technician. They deserve it. If I say generously, then every technician deserves a significant amount of tips according to their work. Based on the standard tip chart, it says that you should have to pay 20% of the amount of your spray tan. So, it means that you have to pay 20% of the total cost of your spray tan. But it’s not obvious that you must pay them the correct 20%. Based on your current situation, you can give them a little tip as well. Because tips are for their outstanding work, it will encourage them to do their work more sincerely. It is just for a little appreciation.

So, to encourage them, you can tip them as much as you want, depending on your financial situation.

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Is it Necessary to give Tips after Getting Spray Tan?

If I say the necessity of giving tips after getting a spray tan, then yes, it is necessary. Because of their years of hard work and experience. It will help them express their appreciation for their work with more concern. But there is another thing: if you are not financially available, then it is not necessary. Tipping is totally optional; it’s not obvious. But if you don’t tip them, then you can generally thank them for their work and good service. It will also be kind of you to appreciate them.

So, tipping is necessary when you are getting good service with the best quality products and services, among many other benefits. But if you are not able, then it’s not necessary to tip them because it’s totally optional.


1. Can I avoid tipping?

Tipping them is just for their hard work and appreciation. If you don’t want to tip them, then it’s totally dependent on you because it’s not mandatory. But giving a little amount of tip without any tip is a good idea.

2. Is spray tan safe?

The spray tan is considered safe. After having a spray tan, there was no incident. But to make sure that it will be totally safe on your skin, you may have to have a patch test.

3. How long does a spray tan last?

On average, it will last up to a week. But depending on your regular activities, it may increase or decrease. So, if you want to increase their longevity, then avoid things that can harm your spray tan’s longevity.

Final Thoughts

Getting a spray tan to look more sexy is a common among people these days. To get a perfect tan on our skin, many of us prefer to go to a tanning salon. In a tanning salon, you can get many services, like good-quality products, best-quality service, and tips to make it more attractive. In detail, they will provide you with information on which color will look good on you, how you have to prepare yourself before getting a spray tan, how to get a perfect spray tan with the help of a specialist, and how to take care of your spray tan to increase its longevity. After getting all of this help from your specialist in one session, it’s a good idea to tip her. You should tip her for her hard work and all of these years of experience. So, if it is possible, then you should have to tip for a spray tan and there’s not fixed measurement for how much to tip for spray tan since it depends on the service claimer.

Key Points

  • Tipping after good service shows a little kindness and appreciation.
  • Tipping is necessary for those who are working to make us feel better with good-quality service.
  • After getting a perfectly done spray tan with special tips, it’s common to tip them.
  • But if you are not financially dependent on a tip, you can also generally thank them for their hard work.

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