Can A Spray Tan Fix Tan Lines?

Can A Spray Tan Fix Tan Lines
Applying spray tan to tan lines to fix them is not going to work properly, but it may help in making them less visible by giving you an artificial look on the areas.

People love to get tanned. It not only make your skin look more glowing, also, spray tan comes with a pack of benefits. Getting tanned skin is one of the best things that you can do! it even covers up vitiligo skin to a lighter level. To get tan skin properly, there is some preparation you have to do before getting tan skin. And also have to maintain some activities while you are getting tanned. Otherwise, you can get tan lines and many other marks that can harm your beauty.

The tan line is mainly a line that can divide the tan on your skin by making the line paler and more visible on your skin. This means that the skin area was covered while you were getting tanned. The Visibility of tan lines can sometimes make you lose your attractiveness. So, if you have tan lines that are harming your beauty, you’d be wondering Can A Spray Tan Fix Tan Lines? to cover, or blend your tan lines with fake ones. If you are willing to fix tan lines with a spray tan, then it may make them less visible, but it cannot fix them that effectively. In this article, I will discuss the reason for getting tan lines, whether you can fix them with a spray tan, the alternatives, how to avoid them, and how to take care of your tan.

Can A Spray Tan Fix Tan Lines: Explore the Fact

Can a spray tan fix tan lines

Unfortunately, if you already have a tan line, you can fix it with fake tans. Whenever it comes to fake tan, choosing spray tan is a common question. So, a common question that I get is, “Can a spray tan fix tan lines?”

The answer to this question is no. It won’t help you fix your tan lines properly. But it may help to make them less visible. After getting tan lines, applying spray tan to them will cover the natural shade into a darker shade, but it’s not clear that it will match well with your previous tan shade properly. So, if you want to make them fade away properly, then you may choose to apply the alternatives to fix them properly.

The Reason Behind Getting Tan Lines

The reason behind getting tan lines

If you have gotten tan lines, then there must be two reasons. One can be done naturally, while the other can be done while you are getting tanned.

Natural tan

Naturally, while you are enjoying your trip on a sunny day, you can get tanned under the sun. That means you will only get a tan on the area that was not covered. And the covered area will be protected and remain the natural shade of your skin. So, after getting those tan lines, it will look awful on you. And you will feel uncomfortable and unconfident with that look. You will also feel that your beauty is not glowing like before because of these tan lines.

Getting Tanned

To get tanned skin, instead of getting harmed skin by sun tan, people are getting fake tans. There are many different types of tans you can get. Like, spray tan, tanning oil, tanning lotion, bed tan, and many others. While getting these tans, you have to spray, rub, or lay under the UV Light bed. In the full process of getting a fake tan without a UV Lamp, there is a solution you have to apply or spray on your body and wait for it to develop. It will help you get a reaction on your skin and give you finely tanned skin. But some of your mistakes can give you a tan line and harm your beauty. You can get tan lines on the area where you were wearing something, or the area got missed while spraying or rubbing the solution. So, it won’t give you properly tanned skin, and sometimes it can harm your natural beauty.

4 Things You Should Follow to Avoid Getting Tan Lines

To avoid getting tan lines, you have to prepare yourself first. In this part, I will tell you how you can avoid getting tan lines. Those are:

1. Exfoliate Your Skin

Before getting a tan, you have to exfoliate your skin. By exfoliating your skin, you may avoid any kind of tan line. Exfoliating means that you are peeling your old skin and dead cells from your skin to help the new one grow eventually. There are many chemical exfoliators you can find for exfoliating. But if you have sensitive skin you should be careful about it. Since, products are different for sensitive skin. For example: you can’t use the normal toner if you have sensitive skin. There are specific toners for sensitive ones. It goes same for the exfoliate as well.

Exfoliate your skin

2. Change Positions Frequently

If you are getting a sun tan, then while getting tan skin, you have to change your positions frequently to avoid getting tan lines. It will help you get tanned skin in the same way everywhere. There won’t be any chance of getting tan lines. But getting a sun tan is not a good idea; it can burn your skin. So, before getting a sun tan, you must apply sunscreen to your skin.

Change positions frequently

3. Apply Fake Tanning Formula Properly

While getting a fake tan, a common mistake happens that gives you a tan line on your skin. And the mistake is forgetting to apply the solution in some areas. While you are applying the solution, the solution is the same as a glassy liquid, so you don’t understand which area you have forgotten, and that gives you a tan line. So, in the application time, you must be sincere to apply them properly on your skin to avoid getting tan lines from them.

Apply fake tanning formula properly

4. Stay Naked

If you are willing to have no tan lines on your skin, then you have to be naked while you are getting tanned. It’s totally optional. If you want to avoid tan lines completely, then you may choose this process. But while getting a tan, it occurred to me to stay naked. So you may choose fake tan in this option. It will be way safer than getting a sun tan. It is an ideal choice for properly avoiding tan lines.

Stay naked

With these options, you may prepare yourself properly to avoid getting any tan lines while you are getting tanned skin.

The 5 Common Alternatives of Spray Tan to Fix Tan Lines

The 5 common alternatives of spray tan to fix tan lines

You can find many alternatives to spray tan to fix your tan lines. And those are:

1. Body Bronzer

You can use a body bronzer instead of applying a spray tan. Bronzer is a darker makeup product that helps give your body the perfect shade to match your spray tan. Apply the bronzer to your tan lines, and then, with a soft brush, blend it with your tan skin to make it look natural. If you use a hard brush on it, you may affect your tan and reduce its longevity.

2. Apply Self-Tanner

Applying self-tanner to your tanned area is also a good idea. The self-tanner layer will help to give your tan lines a natural-looking tan by creating a new layer of tan on the lined area and fixing them perfectly to give you back your lost beauty. You can also apply it to your lightly tanned area to tenderize the tanned effect, just like with the other one.

3. Apply Makeup

For a quick fix, applying makeup to your tan lines is also a good idea. If you are well-versed in makeup, then it will be easy for you to match the shade of makeup with your tan to give you a natural-looking tan effect on your tan lines. Applying makeup to tan lines is a quick solution for quick needs. It helps you by giving you a full-coverage tan effect with a natural look.

4. Apply Products with Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to attract the sun’s rays onto the applied area and gives you a tan look quickly. So, in your tan line areas, you can apply products with vitamin C. It would help you give the tan effect again even faster without causing any harm to your skin. It also helps to increase the melanin in your body, which is why you get tanned skin. So, using products with vitamin C on the tan lines is a good way to fix your tan lines.

5. Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is beneficial and versatile for tanned skin by removing tan lines. It helps to increase the melanin in your body for tanning and also offers you high protection from any kind of damage that you can get while getting tanned skin. It can also protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. So, applying coconut oil to tan lines will help you to fix your tan lines and also protect your skin from any kind of damage.

These five common alternatives are very common to fix tan lines and give them a natural-looking shine. So, if you are searching for something that will help you with fixing and blending your tan lines perfectly, then using these alternatives will be an ideal idea for you.

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The Aftercare Routine to Increase Your Tans Longevity

After getting a proper tan, it’s obvious to protect it from any kind of harm. To avoid getting any damage to your tanned skin, you have to maintain your regular activity to increase its longevity. To increase their longevity, you have to follow some aftercare routines. The aftercare routines are:

  • Avoid water exposure: water can weaken the solution of the fake tan and make it go away faster. So, while you have a fake tan, you avoid any kind of water exposure like swimming, excessive bathing, or any other work.
  • Take a lukewarm water bath: while bathing, always try to choose lukewarm water to bathe in. Because cold water can reduce the development of the tan and may not be able to give you the exact look you are willing to achieve with a tan.
  • Be moisturized: after completing the development of your tan, you have to keep your tanned skin moisturized. You can use lotion to keep your keep spray tan skin in better condition. Moisturized skin has a low risk of giving you any skin damage after getting tanned, and it also helps in increasing the longevity of the tan.
  • Stay hydrated: drink a lot of water a day to keep your skin hydrated and avoid sunlight. However, if it’s a must to go out then apply sunscreen for spray tan skin. Choose them according to your skin type and nature. For instance, normal sunscreen wouldn’t be the right sunscreen for vitiligo skin. Anyway, keeping your skin hydrated is very important; otherwise, your skin may start becoming dry by losing its own moisture. And it also has the risk of damaging the tanning effect and making it fade even faster. So, always keep your skin hydrated to be fit and increase the longevity of your tan.
  • Eat a balanced diet: eating a balanced diet also helps to increase the longevity of your tan. To increase the longevity of your tan, you have to eat food that contains a high amount of beta-carotene. They help increase the melanin in our body to keep the tanning effect on our skin for a long time.
  • Eat dark chocolate: dark chocolate is also a mentionable food that you can eat to increase the melanin production of your body and also to keep the tanning effect for a long time. Not only that, it also contains a substance called flavonols. Flavonols work here as antioxidants to protect your skin from the damage of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Apply a skin care product that helps increase melanin production: you can also choose a skincare product that contains elements that help increase the production of melanin on your skin. In this way, you can increase the longevity of your tanning effect.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: harsh chemicals on the skin make the tan weaken, making it fade away from the skin. So, while you are choosing skincare products to apply after getting tanned skin, you have to be sincere and avoid products that contain harsh chemicals to protect against the tanning effects.

After following these routines, you will be able to protect your skin and increase the longevity of your tanning effect at the same time.


1. Why can’t spray tans fix tan lines properly?

The reason that spray tan can’t fix tan lines properly is that it is a spraying solution. So, while you are spraying the solution, it can spread all over the area and make the tanned area even darker. It can also give you damaged skin while you are fixing the tan lines.

2. Are tan lines good?

There is a conflict between our tan lines, good or bad. Because for some people, getting tan lines is attractive, while for others, it is disgusting. So, the attractiveness of tan lines depends on your choice.

3. How long will tan lines last?

The tan lines that last on your skin will depend on your regular activity. Because while you have tanned skin, the tan lines will also stay the same. So, if you want to remove them, then you have to fix, cover, or blend them with your tan shade to make them invisible.

Final Thoughts

Getting tanned skin to look more attractive is a common way. It can increase the appearance into a more attractive look, as it’s known. It is easy and simple to do tan at home. But sometimes, it can also result so badly that your beauty is harmed by giving you unwanted tan lines. If you have already developed tan lines, don’t panic. By applying a fake tan or makeup, you may fix them. While talking about fake tan, you may think of spray tan. Spray tans can give you less visible tan lines, but they can’t fix the tan lines perfectly.

So, if you are willing to fix them properly, then you may choose the alternative of spray tan, and by taking proper care of them, using the right makeup, ensuring right aftercare, and giving it proper time to develop and set the tan. Altogether you may also increase the longevity of your tan.

Key Points

  • Getting tan lines can increase your attractiveness and reduce it at the same time.
  • If you already have tan lines and are willing to fix them with spray tanning, then it’s not an ideal idea.
  • Fixing tan lines with spray tans can’t help you in fixing your tan lines. It will make them less visible but not invisible.
  • To fix your tan lines, you can use bronzer, makeup, tanning lotion, self-tanner, and coconut oil.
  • To keep your tan for a very long time, you have to take proper care of your tan and avoid things that can harm it.

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