Why Does My Face Feel Sticky After Moisturizer?

why does my face feel sticky after moisturizer
Using moisturizer should leave us with benefits and goodness but when it leaves us with a sticky face then it’s time to find out the reason and solve them.

Having clear glowy skin is everyone’s dream and this type of skin can be achieved only by keeping the moisture locked in your skin. So the skin would not have to produce extra oil for hydration. Moisturizers are the skin’s best friend for a reason you see. Moisturizing your skin in the right manner can help to improve skin complexion, remove acne and help in achieving glowy dewy skin.

We all know not moisturizing your face properly can end up having a really sticky skin or sticky oily face. But when you have done all the moisturizing, and right balancing and still ended up with a tacky sticky face, this really irritates and drives you away from putting moisturizer on your face. Which is never the right decision. So before you stop using moisturizer because of the stickiness, ask the right question which is “Why Does my face feel sticky after moisturizer?” Well even if you could not find the right reason for the stickiness here you can find all your answers.

7 Reasons Why the Face Feels Sticky After Moisturizer

Moisturizing your face on a daily basis and in a routine manner is very important to avoid any tackiness and oiliness of your face. But most often complaints of the face feeling sticky even after moisturizing properly come to the surface. You might be very worried about it and irritated too. Well, don’t stop using moisturizer yet, because it would not solve the problem but rather increase it. Let’s find the possible reasons your face feels sticky after moisturizing.

1. Too much moisturizer

The very basic and common reason your face might feel sticky after using moisturizer is using too much moisturizer. Many of us think using too much moisturizer means locking in hydration more and for a long time. But that is not true at all. Using too much moisturizer does not do anything good to your face rather this can make your skin very dry over time. Using too much moisturizer on the face makes the face think it has enough water protein and lipids. Using more moisturizer than the skin can absorb make the skin feels very sticky and can attract dirt from the air or if you go out. This dirt would be built up to clog your pores.

Too much moisturizer

2. Less time to absorb

Every moisturizer needs time settle to absorb or to seek into your skin; else it might cause some bothers. Moisturizer is supposed to lock moisturizer in your skin so this would be a little watery and sticky so that it can bind water. If you don’t give enough time to absorb the moisturizer and start touching it, the watery texture of the moisturizer would feel sticky. According to the dermatologist, you should wait at least 3-5 minutes before the moisturizer gets absorbed into your skin.

Less time to absorb

3. Using the wrong moisturizer

Not using the right type of moisturizer for your skin can make it feel very sticky. Finding the right type of moisturizer based on your skin concern and skin type is very important. If you are using a moisturizer that does not go with your skin type, no matter how much you want or what you do your face will feel sticky. Suppose you have dry and oily skin and the moisturizer you are using is for dry skin type then it would be very heavy for your skin and have more moisture than your skin needs. Due to this reason, all the moisturizing content of moisturizer would not be absorbed in your skin and leave your face to be very sticky.

Using the wrong moisturizer

4. Having sticky ingredients

If the moisturizer you are using has some ingredients that are sticky by their nature, then your face will feel sticky no matter what. Some very common ingredients that feel naturally sticky are hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, Glycerin, Petrolatum, and Dimethicone. when buying moisturizer check the ingredients list if you don’t like the face feeling sticky at all.

Having sticky ingredients

5. Lack of skin prepping

In skin care maintaining the correct order is very important for the ingredients to work properly. Also preparing the clear skin beforehand makes a clear surface for products to work. If you put moisturizer on oily sweaty faces without any basic care and skin preparation. The pores will not be able to absorb moisturizer and will just sit on the surface making the face feel very sticky.

Lack of skin prepping

6. Using expired product

Always check for the expiry date of the product before putting them on the face. If you are using the right moisturizer and suddenly your face starts to feel sticky just after using moisturizer, then this is the reason. When one product exceeds its time limit it starts to deteriorate and all the ingredients become mushy leaving a sticky substance behind. Using an expired moisturizer not only will make the face sticky but the face completion bad.

Using expired product

7. Humidity and moisture

This is another big reason that can make your face feel sticky after you have applied moisturizer to your face. Sometime you mighty noticed that you are sweating after applying moisturizer. This is why using a moisturizer based on the weather is very important. When the weather is dry and you are using a very hydrating moisturizer and keep using the same moisturizer during very humid warm days then this would make your face feel sticky no matter what. Humidity and moisture you cannot control but the type of moisturizer you are using can be controlled.

Humidity and moisture

How to Avoid Stickiness After Using Moisturizer?

Now that you know what are the reasons that make your face sticky after using moisturizer you can just stop doing the reason or have a look into the proper guide for using moisturizer so that your face would not feel sticky.

How to avoid stickiness after using moisturizer

Choose The Right Moisturizer

Choosing the right type of moisturizer is the best step that everyone needs to do before they even start doing any other skin prep. Not putting the right type of moisturizer on your skin will not only leave the skin very sticky but also have very troubled skin. Choose moisturizer based on your skin type and the skin concern you want to focus on.

Following The Correct Order

Apply moisturizer in the correct order. Skincare is all about maintaining order and balance. Moisturizer is supposed to be put on the skin after you have done your serum and toners. Applying the moisturizer in the correct order makes the skin prepare for the moisture-locking content so the moisturizer can seep into your pores without having too much trouble. This way your face would not be sticky after using moisturizer.

Apply On a Damp Skin

If you want your moisturizer to be very smooth on your skin and avoid any kind of stickiness, then applying it on damp skin is the best choice. Applying moisturizer4 on damp skin makes a surface for the moisturizing ingredients s it can bind the moisture together and works to leave a smooth finish. 

Apply Proper Amount

Apply the proper amount of moisturizer is very important for your skin to not feel dry or sticky. If you apply too much moisturizer your skin would be tacky due to the moisturizer and if you apply too little, then over time the skin would be tacky and sticky due to the oiliness of the face. According to dermatologists, you should apply a pea size moisturizer on your face. But it can change depending on how dry or oily your face is. You can go ahead and apply some moisturizer on a specific area of your face.

Massage The Moisturizer into Skin

Massaging the moisturizer into your skin never goes wrong. Massage the moisturized in an upward motion. This helps the skin to absorb the moisturizer and also improves skin elasticity. Massaging the moisturizer can help your face to feel less sticky because you are making the skin absorb all the moisturizer that you have put on your skin.

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Why Moisturizer Is Important?

Why moisturizer is importantc

Moisturizing is a very important and basic need of skin. You cannot skip moisturizer and have good skin. It helps you to achieve healthy and natural look. There are numerous reasons if we go on to talk about it. You should not skin a moisturizer just because you are feeling sticky, now that you know the reason and solve the issue with your moisturizer and start using it religiously. Well, you might be wondering why is it so important and why am I pushing into using moisturizer religiously. Let’s see some reasons why moisturizer is very important for your skin.

  • Moisturizing your skin on a routine basis helps to reduce skin problems. If your miniaturization having a problem then you will be having various problems like uneven texture, acne, spots, dark circles, wrinkles, and many more. Moisturizer is food for the skin and keeps the moisture locked inside, protecting the skin from dryness.
  • Moisturizer helps you to stay young for a long time. If you are using a moisturizer from a very young period, the skin will not crack or have any kind of wrinkle. Moisturizing your skin keeps the cells striking and healthy for a long time and you can be left with young baby-like skin.
  • Moisturizing your skin can help to promote faster skin turnover this means moisturizing can make the spots and dark circles go away very quickly. This is why we say moisturizing alone can be the solution to your every problem.


1. How should a moisturizer feel?

Moisturizer should feel hydrating, definitely not sticky.

2. What texture should moisturizer be?

Moisturizer should usually be firm and have a little gel-like consistency but it can vary based on which company you are using.

3. How many layers of moisturizer should you apply?

This depends on your skin type but using too much would leave your face to be sticky.

4. How long to know if a moisturizer is working?

You can use a moisturizer for up to 2 weeks to know about the results.

Final Thoughts

Moisturizing is a very crucial step of the whole skincare routine that binds every other product together. Sometimes moisturizers feel very sticky on the face which sway away many from using moisturizer on the face and they just go with it. This causes them to have continuous skin problems without having to find the actual reason. There are quite a few reasons behind your face feels sticky after you apply moisturizer on your face. If you know and understand the reason you can easily get rid of the sticky feeling on your face after using moisturizer. Also with the advanced moisturizing methods, you can step up your skincare game and have better. Moisturizer is something that you should never give up on because it is that one product that can solve any other problems of yours.

Key Points

  • Moisturizing your skin is the basic thing that keeps your skin healthy and problem free.
  • Moisturizing your skin might sometime leave you with sticky skin but there is some specific reason behind it. Some of those are using too much moisturizer, not using the correct moisturizer, and Humidity or moisture.
  • Avoiding some basic and common mistakes while moisturizing can leave you with flawless skin that would last for a long time.
  • Opting for improved moisturizing techniques can help reduce the stickiness of skin completely.
  • Moisturizer can be a solution to your various skin problems and focus on every problem that you can face beforehand.

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