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When we think about hair tinsels, they are not that far off-topic, but they have made a comeback time and again. First, it was from the 1980s retro era, when women would add shimmery threads to make their hair look sparkly. And then they made a comeback in the 2000s with Madonna and other pop stars. Well, denim and sparkly hair would truly make a difference.

And lastly, there would be 2012, when tinsel would make a comeback, and artists like Beyonce would make the most of it. And lastly, the tinsel on the hair would again make a difference through TikTok. When we think about the tinsel hair, there’s a high chance that it will be more on the naturally straight or wavy side. But how about tinsel on curls and waves? Wavy hair with tinsel on it would really make a difference.

So does hair tinsel work on curly hair? Yes, hair tinsel does work on curly hair, and there are a few tinsels that will have their own curves and will blend well with the hair. And for others, you can just style the tinsel with your curls. You can either use a straightener or a curler to style the hair. Tinsel on straight or curly hair will add sparkle and glam to the crown, giving it a fabulous look.

Tinsel hair strands have made a comeback, but they have made their mark on various social media platforms, and with the trends, it can be assumed that they will be around for a long time. Hair tinsel would look great on both curly and straight hair, and it would improve the color, dimensions, and texture of the hair. One of the interesting facts about hair tinsels is that they make a huge difference and can be upgraded from regular ones to something more luxurious; they are even made of diamonds.

Well, celebrities are not really going to wear a five-dollar-ten-pack of tinsel, but rather the diamond-studded ones. So hair tinsels have been revolutionized, changed, and styled in several ways throughout the years.

What exactly is hair tinsel?

What exactly is hair tinsel

Hair tinsels similar to hair extensions in that instead of adding a bunch of hair to the natural strands, you simply take one by one piece and add it to the hair to make it pop. The main theme of hair tinsel is that it will surely entice the hair and make it shiny and glittery. This might be the reason why tinsel is known as fairy hair or angel hair. They will add a literal shine every time you move your head. 

Hair tinsel is available in different colors, and they even have different sorts of finishes to go by. So you can experiment with hair tinsels in any way you want, and all you have to do is find the look that is perfect for your hair, and thus, all you have to do is find the hair tinsel that is perfect for your hair type.

Tinsel hair would be perfect for weddings, parties, and even other kinds of occasions. Hair tinsel would really make a difference and is a very necessary hair accessory that is a must-have for the hair. Hair tinsels sparkly threads that can be attached to the hair with another thread or clippings, but the most important aspect of hair tinsels is their low cost. And it’s possible that’s why hair tinsels are so popular. And some might even say that they are cult favorites.

Hair extensions are mostly holographic terms for regular hair extensions, and they can be easily attached to the hair. And they also tend to have small flowers or head pins that will attach the strands to the head while still adding a little bit more oomph to the hair. With this kind of hair accessory, you can style them with flowy hair or just pop them on whenever you feel like tying up the hair. Just make sure that the tinsel shows up on the bun or braid.

Here are some features of hair tinsel:

  1. Hair tinsels inexpensive, and they are available in almost every color.
  2. You can find hair tinsel according to the colors of the rainbow.
  3. Tinsels are customizable, and they can be easily styled and blended with the hair.
  4. Hair tinsels may also come with a small accessory at the top, and this will be perfect for the entire hairstyle.
  5. Hair usually tinsels clip-on hair extensions that are ideal for the hair.
  6. Hair tinsels semi-permanent and temporary, and you can easily get hairstyles with tinsels from a professional.
  7. They do not require any kind of extensive maintenance, and you really don’t need to go with any sort of glue or any other rough start with the tinsels.
  8. The hair tinsels free from chemicals, and they do not damage the hair.
  9. Hair tinsels will shed naturally from the hair, and they will not damage the hair. And the tinsels are most likely tied with one hair when you attach them.

Does hair tinsel work on curly hair?

What exactly is hair tinsel
What exactly is hair tinsel

When we think about the hair tinsel inspired by stars like Beyonce or Katy Perry, the first thing that is most noticeable is that the hair tinsels are done with straight or slightly wavy hair. But another question that pops up more often is whether the tinsels will work on curly hair. And the answer is yes. They will definitely work on curly hair, and the tape-in extensions will mostly blend in with the curls. With curly hair, you cannot just buy your tinsels from Amazon or your local TJ Max; you just have to dig a bit. There are some things to consider when applying hair tinsel to curly hair.

When applying hair tinsels to your hair, make sure to curl the tinsels first. The hair tinsel will then match the natural curls of the hair. Another thing that is noticeable with the hair tinsel is that you might see the tinsels just hanging straight on the hair when you do a semi-permanent hair treatment, and in that way, you might have to curl each piece. When you have curly hair, there is a lower chance that the tinsel will stay in place because it is not natural hair and is simply styled to blend in. So after each wash and styling, you have to take one piece of tinsel each time and curl it gently to match the natural texture of the hair.

When the hair tinsel is sold, it is mostly straight. You must go through a process of applying high-quality hair tinsel to your hair. And the tinsel will eventually curl this way. The high-quality tinsel will withstand hits like a champ, and the shimmer and texture will not be distorted. This tinsel will react similarly to your natural hair. Well, the cheap hair tinsels are a good alternative when you do a temporary hair check, and they can be used for a limited time.

But whenever you jump to the cheap alternative of hair tinsel, there are some facts that you need to check. And the most important fact for curling the tinsels is that they will maintain their curly texture, will not snap when heat is applied, and will not melt on the hair. For long-lasting effects, the hair tinsel will blend easily into the hair.

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How long does hair tinsel last on curly hair?

How long does hair tinsel last on curly hair

When we think of hair tinsel, there are primarily two types. The permanent or semi-permanent hair tinsels and the temporary hair tinsels

The lifespan of temporary tinsel: Temporary hair tinsels will last on the hair for a few days. And if you don’t remove the tinsel quickly, there’s a high chance that the tinsel will tangle up on the hair, and with time, it will fall out. Even different hair products and styling will roughen up the hair. Hair and tinsel fallout is a common issues with disposable utensils.

Lifetime for permanent hair tinsel: the hair tinsels that are done by professionals at a salon tend to last for at least a month or more. The general time frame for the hair tinsel would be six weeks at most. And with this, the hair tinsel will start to shed without really tearing the natural hair. The hair will not cause any discomfort or pain during this procedure. The tinsel’s shine and sparkle will last about a month, and you can definitely add different types for different occasions.

How do you style curly hair with hair tinsels?

How do you style curly hair with hair tinsels

Hair tinsels available in different ways, and they tend to look more elaborate as they are inserted by a professional. But how about attaching the hair tinsels to curly hair? Well, there are some particular ways that you can add the tinsel to your hair, and we are listing the ways you can attach hair tinsel to curly hair:

  1. Clipping is the best way to attach hair tinsels. When you tie up the tinsels on your hair, you risk hair tearing and shedding off. So look for hair tinsels with clipping systems. The tinsel with tape might also work, but it might snap with heat.
  2. Tinsels of hair must be curled or rolled, with or without heat. But heat tools will work the best.
  3. When you buy the hair tinsel, first check with the brand whether it will be fine with heat or not. And lastly, you might want to curl the tinsels before putting them on your head.
  4. When taping the tinsel to your hair, make sure to place the tape on the scalp and secure it properly. Press down the tape firmly to make sure that the stencil is secured well.
  5. For clippings, try to go with one strand of hair and place the clipping in a way that it will not be visible. The clip-ons tend to look bulkier, so these are better for those with thick hair.
  6. The clip-ons should be attached to the hair in a slightly lower area than the root.
  7. Weave your finger through the tinsels to make sure that they are blended with the curls.
  8. And once you’ve secured the tinsel to your hair, try to trim away any excess edges.
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Can you put fairy hair in curly hair?

Yes, you can definitely put fairy hair or tinsel on curly hair. You just have to curl the tinsel first.

How do you make tinselly curly hair?

To make the tinsel curly, you can use rollers. Or just go with a heat tool like a curler or a straightener and then curl the tinsel.

How long does hair tinsel last on your hair?

When you use semi-permanent hair tinsel, it will last about six weeks on your hair.

Final Thoughts

Hair tinsel made its debut long before any of us were even born, and basically, our grandparents and their parents have seen this trend. Well, to be completely honest, the hair tinsels are not an everyday look, and most people will not be interested in them either.

 However, if you want to go a little wild for the day, hair tinsels a great option. And most importantly, they will add shine and glamor to the hair. When you move your head and stride your hair, the glitter threads will make a movement, and sparkle will follow. So, where is the best place to go with hair tinsel? For us, that would be a concert or Coachella, for instance. With this, the hair will have its necessary shine, which is a perfect way to put on a funky look. When applying hair tinsel to curly hair, you may need to exert a little more effort because the hair tinsels must stand out rather than fall straight.

Key Points

  1. Hair tinsel works well on curly hair, and there are a few tinsels that have their own curves and fit nicely with the hair. Others might just style the tinsel with their curls. To style the hair, you can use either a straightener or a curler.
  2. Hair tinsels similar to hair extensions in that instead of adding a quantity of hair to the natural strands, you just take one by one piece and apply it to the hair to make it pop. The basic idea of hair tinsel is that it will captivate the hair and make it dazzling and sparkling.
  3. Hair tinsels will naturally fall out of the hair and will not harm it. When you connect the tinsels, they are most likely knotted with one hair.
  4. Hair tinsel is typically straight when it is marketed. You will need to go through the procedure of putting high-quality hair tinsel in your hair. And the tinsel will finally curl in this direction. The high-quality tinsel will endure impacts with ease, and the luster and texture will remain intact.

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