Does Black Hair Make You Look Pale? Discover the Truth

black hair has a dark undertone, it makes you look pale. The color of your hair and skin just depends on how light or dark your hair is.

Black hair is not very common with fair skin. This kind of hair is not very common among all his kind of hair is not very common among all people, and people with brown, tan, or dark skin tend to have dark hair. That is just psychology and the majority of physiology. And then for the next part, people who are pale think that dark hair will make them even paler. And in most cases, that’s true. But there are a lot of things to consider when you think about your hair washing you out. So why does black hair make you look pale?

The main reason black hair makes you look pale is that you are going for the same undertone as your hair and skin. As a result, if you have very cool undertoned skin, the skin with hair will simply exude life from you. And naturally, people want some natural rosiness on the skin. And that might be the reason why all of us use blush.

But when you add darker and cooler hair color, the whole thing takes away the warmth, and you might look pale. Another reason your skin appears pale with dark skin is that the black of your hair absorbs all of the light, and your skin is fair, so the light is highlighted from the skin and face. And thus, the overall face will turn black. The type of black hair color also has some effect on why black hair makes you look pale.

Does black hair look nice on pale skin tones?

Does black hair look nice on pale skin tones

In theory, adding black to the hair would add depth to the overall features of the skin. When you have light hair and skin, your whole complexion might not stand out as much as you’d expect it to, and they may develop a strange complexion and appear even worse. And again, the pale complexion is not something to fix; rather, choosing the right kind of dark hair would make more sense. Every hair color has its own beauty and terms, and for black hair, you have to change the entire look and commit to the color.

The most important thing is to figure out why your dark hair makes you look paler. Well, that might be because your complexion leans more toward the blonde tones, and going for black hair would reverse the whole thing. And lastly, there are shades of black to choose from. When you choose black for your hair, the color and the undertone of the color will most likely matter the most. And going for the same undertone as your own will make the skin duller. And there are several reasons why black hair makes you pale.

Black hair color is mostly seen in dark to tan skin tones, which might be why we feel more comfortable with those combinations. However, if you have naturally light hair and are transitioning to black hair, you may notice some drastic changes. The hair would highlight several features of the skin, including the jaw, cheekbones, and eye color. And for this, when you are turning to black hair color, you have to choose something that will sit well and will not look too washed out. Instead of going jet black, try a black hair color with different undertones. And with black hair, you’ll have an elegant look.

Skin tone and black hair

Skin tone and black hair

There are a few things to consider when discussing skin tone. Why are we all obsessed with skin tones? Because we believe that skin tones play a significant role in transforming black hair into something else. For example, if you have very pale skin, red lipstick might look crimson on your lips, whereas if you have slightly fairer skin, it might look cherry red on your skin. The same holds true for hair color. Skin tone significantly impacts how pale the skin becomes over time. That is why, before you dye your hair, we recommend that you first check your skin tones.

Skin shades: The first thing you should think about is your personal skin tone. There are generally four different skin tones. You may pick between three skin tones: fair, medium, and deep. There’s also the olive skin tone to think about. These skin tones have a variety of hues in their skin. For example, the presence of less pigmentation would be on the fair skin tone, while the presence of more pigmentation would be on the deep tones, and finally, you have a medium skin tone when you are in between. And you have a greenish tone on your skin with the olive shades.

Skin Tone: You must first determine your skin tone for the following step. There are three options for skin tones. Tones that are cool, neutral, or warm When you have blue veins, you have a cold undertone, green veins have a warm undertone, and a mix of both has a neutral undertone. Skin tones play an important role in lightening your face and skin, and we’ll go over what to choose and what not to.

Undertones of the skin: This is simply determined by the color of your eyes. You have a cold undertone with grey, blue, and green eyes. And you have a warm undertone with brown, black, and hazel eyes. The same thing may be said for jewelry. Gold complements warm complexion tones, whereas silver complements chilly undertones.

To find the undertones and shades, you can take several tests online or just try on some jewelry made of gold and silver and see what suits you the most. After you’ve determined your undertone and tone, consult with a professional about dark hair colors and make your decision. You can try on some wigs, extensions, or hair filters first to see if the color suits you.

Black hair color variations

There are different shades of black, and they are mostly defined by the undertone they have. And with that kind of undertone, you might want to match yours and get an overall look at what kind of black hair would look good with your skin tone. And with all of these black colors, the main difference lies in the undertones and tones. And with a higher percentage of the underlying colors, the shades will vary.

Black hair color variations

Soft black: This hair color shade complements warm to dark skin tones and looks good on most hair types because it is on the neutral side. They do not look too focused but rather have a hint of black and brown.

Blue-black: with this sort of hair color, you go one tone darker than navy blue, and they are on the cool side. Whenever you swirl your hair, the blue part of the black hair will shine through. These are perfect for light or pale skin tones. And if you have light or gray eyes, then this color is for you. They will not emphasize the skin color but rather complement it along the way.

Auburn black: If you want something warmer for your hair, auburn black is the way to go. And these are perfect for those who already have auburn locks but want to go dark. They tend to warm up skin tones. So with auburn-black hair, there’s a low possibility that you will look pale or light. A rosy look with such hair has to be the most gracious combination of all.

Platinum black: with this kind of hair, you get the sparkle of silver hair and also a ridiculous amount of shine every time you turn your head. And that might be the reason why the platinum black hair is so on point for the entire black hair trend. And platinum blonde hair may be the answer if you have gray hairs on your head. But they can make your skin pale when you have light skin tones.

Black hair color variations

Brown black: well, the most common type of black hair would be brown, black hair. With this kind of hair, the color has shades of brown that are pretty for almost every skin type. If you have very light hair, to begin with, you may want to experiment with brown or black hair because they are safe and do not overpower the original hair color. So before going all black, go with brown-black as a trial.

Violet black: Violet may appear cool, but it is not, and it tends to add warmth to the hair and skin. With violet-black hair, there’s a shine on the hair that looks splendid when you are standing under the sun.

Jet black: and lastly, there’s the ultimate black hair. Because they are the darkest, these strands have the greatest chance of making you appear pale. They tend to look very matte, and there are only a few tones that this hair color will not wash out. And for us, it would be the deep skin tones.

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Tips on how to make black hair work for your skin tone

Tips on how to make black hair work for your skin tone

If you haven’t watched The Adams Family yet, you are really missing out. And specifically, Morticia Addams has one of the best styles with black and white clothes. But the most important thing that stands out about Morticia is her sense of style. She had gorgeous long black hair that matched her very pale skin. And all of it became a legend afterward. And for the next two decades or so, most people wore the Addams family costume for Halloween.

And Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is no exception, as she proved when she wore a costume of Morticia Addams for Halloween a few years back. And if you think that black hair and fair skin would make you very pale, then you might not be on the right track, but there’s a high chance that you will look like Mrs. Addams if you don’t choose well. And that is the beauty of black hair with pale skin, and there’s a high chance that the skin will not look bad after all.

When you are dyeing your hair black for the first time, there’s a high chance that the black will not be enough, and you will look pale. And that might be the most commonly asked question by light-skinned people, along with “does black hair make you look pale?” Well, there’s a high chance that they will make you look pale, but here are some ways to stop that from happening:

  1. The right shade of black will play the most important role. So when you have very pale skin, it’s better to go with black with some undertone rather than jet black.
  2. Then, while dying your hair black, proceed in stages. So first, go for the brown shades and then eventually step up towards the black hair.
  3. Gloss on the hair would make a huge difference on black hair. They will add shine and warmth.
  4. And lastly, there’s makeup. If your hair color makes you appear too pale, you may want to use makeup to add warmth to your face. Blush will add color to the cheeks, and the contour will add warmth. Brown and neutral eyeshadows and liners will also work. And lipsticks with pink or red tones will make a huge fuss.


1. Does black hair make you look older?

No, black hair doesn’t make you look older; this is a sign of youth. The more black the hair looks, the healthier it feels.

2. Does black hair make you look thinner?

Black hair makes your face appear thinner because it absorbs light and has a low reflection. And thus, the complementary face shape would look thin.

3. Does black hair make you look darker?

No, black hair doesn’t make you look darker; it might make you look paler.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a black hair color for the hair, you must first select the appropriate undertone and color. Choosing the right black among the black colors Well, this might sound like a made-up word, but for you not to look washed out or pale, you have to choose a black hair color that goes well with your skin and adds the other missing component. And with that, you might be able to get the best possible results. For example, if you have warm tones, you must go with cool tones on your hair. Otherwise, the whole thing just goes south, and instead of elevating the whole look, the hair would end up looking more tiring, and thus you just might end up looking like a mini Morticia Addams or pale all along.

Key Points

  1. The major reason black hair makes you seem pale is that you want your hair and skin to have the same undertone. As a consequence, if you have extremely cool undertoned skin, your haired skin will just emanate vitality from you.
  2. You may notice some major changes if you have naturally light hair and are transitioning to black hair. The hair would draw attention to numerous elements of the skin, such as the jaw, cheekbones, and eye color.
  3. If your hair color makes you seem excessively pale, try using cosmetics to warm up your face. Color will be added to the cheeks with blush, and warmth will be added with contour. Brown and neutral eyeshadows and eyeliner are also suitable.

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