How to Darken Dyed Hair Too Light Naturally? Ways to Fix Hair Color


Hair color has to be one of the biggest trends in the history of cosmetics. And this is possibly the most popular trend, with almost all women having their hair done and colored at least once in their lives. And that might be the reason why we create such a big hype when it comes to hair color in general. One of the most common trends with hair color is highlights or balayage on the hair. When the hair appears lighter than you intended, the first question that comes to mind is, “How to darken dyed hair too light naturally?”

You must use store-bought or readily available kitchen products to naturally darken the dyed hair that is too light. There is the clarifying shampoo for the store-bought products and the toning shampoo next. They tend to remove or stain pigments from naturally blonde hair, darkening it. And besides that, there is coffee, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, etc., available on the kitchen counter that will tone the hair down. Instead of coffee, just go with black tea, and the problem will be solved. And lastly, there is a henna that will make the hair redder.

But with the darkening part of the hair, you have to wait a while and might have to repeat the same process more than once. Going to a salon to fix your too-light hair will definitely fix your problem. The main problem with box dyes is that they are stubborn, and when you go overboard with the dye, they tend to destroy the hair. And that is why they charge more than the usual dyeing process when you want to fix your hair in a salon.

Because multiple chemical treatments on the hair are involved, most salons will go with the bleaching and toning process all over. However, the toning effect may fade over time, resulting in lighter hair. And there are people who have very light hair. This scene is also not a comfortable term in terms of the overall toning criteria. So you really might want to darken the light hair. And in this article, we will discuss how you can naturally darken dyed hair that is too light.

What is “too light” hair?

what is too light hair

When we talk about very light hair, we usually mean that it is lighter than you expected. And mostly, there are two ways that hair color can be deemed too light. The first would be the bleaching part. When you decide to change or color your hair, you want the color to be vibrant. Going from blonde to brunette would be an ideal example. And for this process, you must choose a hair color matching the underlying light hair. And what is the lightest base to remove from brunette hair? Bleaching. Bleaching will destroy the pigments in the hair and give it a light color. And when the hair is dyed in front of the bleach, it’ll give out the true color. And when you overdo the bleaching, you end up with very light hair color and thus too light hair.

Another example would be top-level hair color that is light or vibrant. Most people decide on hair color with a reference from the media or magazines. But there are only a few ways to test the color of your skin. And mostly, you are judging by the color displayed on the box. That is why the color of your hair on your skin would be inappropriate if it was too light. And it’s also possible to get too light hair this way. And there are also other ways that hair color would look light.

Why does my hair color appear too light?

Why does my hair color appear too light

And as for the lightened hair, they already went through an extensive bleaching process. And now, to reduce some costs and protect the barrier, you might want to go all natural with the dyeing process. They will undoubtedly save the hair and also have the opportunity to save the hair. And that might be the reason why most people would want to darken their hair naturally. Apart from all of the regular processes involving natural products, they tend eventually to take mentally. And they are perfect for every hair type.

The most common problem with bleaching and highlighting is that they tend to act as framing terms for the face. When the hair is overly light, it will eventually darken. And that might be why you must look for ways to darken your hair color. And there’s also another reason why your hair is getting lighter. That’s because the toning part of the hair is fading away. Mostly, the hair is bleached at first, and then it gets filled up by a toner, which will eventually give it the color you are looking for.

There are some crucial reasons why hair colors look too light on the skin. And here they are:

Too light for the skin: The first reason we can think of for our hair color is that it is usually too light for our skin tone. And in that way, the whole thing just turns a very light color compared to the rest of the skin. Even when you have highlights done on the hair, they will eventually turn out lighter, thus leading to a light hair color overall. When you have dark skin and want to change your hair color to something bright, it may feel too light at first.

Wrong hair color: the next part would be the product itself. When you apply the wrong hair color product to the hair, there’s a high chance that the product will not turn out as expected. For example, they might turn out differently if you use permanent hair color instead of a semi-permanent color. And the same can happen with different toners on the skin. And with different variations on the same color and depending on what process the hair went through previously, the hair might get too light.

Overbleaching: this is a very common reason why you might have too light hair, and this is the most common one. With bleaching, there are two things to consider. What kind of developer and bleaching powder are you using, and how long are you keeping it? When you use bleach that is too powerful or has a high level, there’s a chance that the hair will be overbleached. And if you keep the bleach on for too long, there’s also a high chance that there will be over-bleaching. So time management is a must.

Fading of color: when you dye your hair with very vibrant color, there’s a high chance that the hair will have a bleached surface. And when you have a bleached base with a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color, then within a few weeks, the hair color will start to fade after a few washes. And with that, the bleach base will start to show up, and the hair color will be too light.

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How to darken dyed hair too light naturally?

Hair color will change everything about your hair, and the overall aesthetics will also change. But the most common problem faced with hair color is that the hair gets too light. For example, most people love to do their hair at home. As a result, the hair color may appear to be a good match at home. And then you’d want to lighten the hair with the same color. As soon as you are done with the hair color, the tones change the skin’s image.

When we are talking about naturally darkening hair, there are a few things to consider. You might have to go with different products, most of which are available at your local supermarket or kitchen. The following are some natural ways to darken light-colored dyed hair:

  • Toners
  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Hair dye
  • Lemon juice
  • Coffee
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Baking powder
  • Henna
  • Cocoa
  • Black tea

Here’s a rundown of how to use these products to darken your hair.



Toner would be the perfect remedy for lightening the hair. When you have very light hair, using dark toners creates a perfect sense, and the toners eventually tone down the hair. When you go ash blonde or dark blonde, mostly toners are used. Toners would also be ideal for the skin if you used semi-permanent or semi-permanent ones. You can also use different undertones with toners to get the best possible results.

Clarifying shampoo

Then there are the clarifying shampoos. These are mostly the color-reviving shampoos that are used for a specific color. And with these colors, you get the best possible results. But when you use the shampoos on top of light hair, they will eventually leave some pigments from the shampoo on the hair. And eventually, the hair will get darker. Using shampoos regularly on the hair would also do a good job, as they tend to remove the pigments from the hair strands.

Hair dye

Although we are going natural for the hair color, this may sound like a controversial term, but if you are in an emergency situation with overly lightened hair, you should simply use a semi-permanent hair color. And go with naturals or vibrants. Be sure that the base color of the hair is covered up.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is acidic. They are very mild but possess an acidic PH, and they tend to neutralize hair color. And thus, they are able to neutralize very light hair color. They react with the pigments of the hair and darken it eventually. You can mix the lemon juice with the conditioner and apply it to the hair.


Coffee has dark pigments, and that is proven when you stain any white clothes with coffee. They have the most stubborn pigments. And as they have staining properties, they will also be perfect for the hair, and they will revive the shine of the hair and deepen its light color.

Apple cider vinegar

Again, this one is also acid, and they tend to clarify and tone the bright hair eventually. Most importantly, apple cider vinegar will add shine to your hair while gently removing luster. They can be used directly on the hair and then rinsed with water once the hair has been deemed down visibly.

Baking powder

This is the natural sort of bleach that is perfect for toning down light hair. These contain both bleaching and cleaning substances and can be used with a hair mask on the hair. Just make sure to saturate the hair with baking powder evenly.


Well, this might not be the conventional darkening method, but they tend to leave a red hue on the hair. They have the most straightforward blend and are perfect with any sort of hair. They will just make the hair red, so do a patch test before.


1. How do I tone down highlights that are too bright?

To tone down the hair that is too light, you can use toners with a darker hue or just use a clarifying shampoo.

2. How do you darken blonde hair?

To darken blonde hair, you can use hair toners or a dye on the blond part.

3. How to Permanently Darken Hair Naturally

Using baking powder or lemon juice on the hair will make sure to darken it, as they react with the light pigments and thus leave a permanent stain.

Final Thoughts

Darkening light hair is a very common phase, and it might also be mentioned as “redying” or “dye fixing.” The darkening of hair is very common, as it tends to change the whole look. People with naturally light hair may want to tone it down slightly to get a sense of the overall color. With pre-lightened hair, the facts are different.

When you bleach your hair, it goes through a lot of stress. And when you want to reverse the process and go for less traumatizing parts, then you might want to go with natural ways to dye the hair. And the main disadvantage of natural methods is that they will not work as well as they should and will most likely have no effect on the hair. As a result, how to naturally darken dyed hair that is too light will be a popular trend topic. When you try different ways, there’s a high chance that one or two methods will not work or will not give the expected results.

Key Points

  1. You may wish to go fully natural with the dying method to save money and maintain the barrier. They will almost certainly save the hair and have the possibility to salvage the hair. And it’s possible that’s why most individuals wish to naturally darken their hair.
  2. There are just a few methods for determining the hue of your skin. And you’re largely evaluating based on the color of the box. That is why if your hair is too light, it will seem unnatural against your skin.
  3. Toner would be the ideal solution for lightening the hair. When you have very light hair, dark toners look great, and the toners eventually tone down the hair. Toners are mostly used when going ash blonde or dark blonde.

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