Does Grandelash Change Eye Color?

Does Grandelash Change Eye Color
This renowned eyelash serum helps to enhance eyelashes. Eyelashes become longer and more attractive with this eyelash serum.

At present, people are very conscious about both their health and beauty. Beauty depends on so many things and it may vary according to different perspectives of different people. For enhancing beauty, people are using different products, treatments, and so on. Eyes are also part of our beauty that people are trying to beautify in many ways. There is mascara, eyeliners, and curlers available for making the eyes more noticeable. Many people are not satisfied with their eyelashes and so they go for eyelash extensions. Grandelash eyelash serum is a kind of serum that enhances the eyelashes.

So, does Grandelash change the eye color? Grandelash is a popular eye serum that helps to provide thicker and longer eyelashes to people who desire them. It contains some healthy ingredients that hydrate and condition the eyelashes besides enhancing them. The main problem with this eyelash serum is, it changes the eye color in some cases. The significant ingredient named prostaglandin is the main thing that works behind eye color changes. Besides this, there are some other factors available for eye color change with Grandelash.  So, following the instructions and applying them correctly is significant to avoid eye color change.

What is Grandelash & How It Works?

What is grandelash how it works

Grandelash is one of the very significant cosmetics that become very popular. When discussing any lash growth serum, Grandelash always comes first on the list.  It is a serum that contains vitamins, amino acids, peptides, and so on. The ingredients of this serum help to provide longer and thicker-looking eyelashes to people who want bigger eyelashes. This is a well-known serum for lash enhancement.

This eyelash-enhancing serum contains ingredients that enhance the lashes with a nourishing and conditioning formula. This Grande lash serum is applied to the lash line to increase the growth of eyelash hair as well as to condition and hydrate them. Using this product may help you get healthier-looking hair.

The common ingredients of Grande lash eyelash serums are hyaluronic acid, amino acid, and vitamin E which provide healthier and longer-looking eyelashes. Hyaluronic acid helps to condition and hydrate while Vitamin E and amino acid ensure healthy-looking lashes. Initially, Grandelash was developed to treat hair loss. Afterward, it became popular for its eyelash extension and conditioning properties.

Does Grandelash Change Eye Color?

Does grandelash change eye color

Although Grande Lash claims that their serum is very safe to apply, this serum is found to change eye color. The most significant reason behind this is, Grande Lash contains ingredients like prostaglandins. This element has the biggest role to darken the iris by affecting the melanin or the dark brown pigment of our eyes.

Initially, Prostaglandin helps to give you some relief in the pain and healing process. Afterward, it causes problems like redness, irritation, inflammation, and so on. Prostaglandin affects hair growth and can change the iris color. People with green, blue, or lighter eyes can see significant changes in their iris or eye color.

Grandelash has been reported to change eye color as it contains some synthetic versions of ingredients like prostaglandin. This affects and changes the colors permanently. So, you may not come back to your regular eyes or iris because this is not reversible. Though Grandelash claimed that it won’t change color it does.

How Lash Serums Change Eye Color?

How lash serums change eye color

Many people want to have longer eyelashes because they find them attractive.  Lash serums are used to enhance the eyelashes, and condition and nourish them. Lash serums became popular for people with small lashes or people who desire bigger eyelashes.

Lash serums are linked to different side effects like irritation, allergic reactions, darkening of the iris colors, and so on. Lash serums usually change the eye color because most of eyelash serums contain prostaglandin or analog ingredients. Prostaglandin is a natural chemical that is found in our body and excludes hormone-like qualities. This is involved with reproduction, immunity, metabolism, reproduction, and so on. Initially, prostaglandins were used to treat patients with glaucoma and intraocular pressure.

Lash serums containing prostaglandin cause some side effects that include a change of eye color. This is also used to aid the pain and heal the process. But ultimately this also causes inflammation, redness, and irritation which are the most common side effects. Besides these side effects, one of the very unique and significant side effects is the darkening or change of the iris color.

This should be kept in mind that not all lash serums change eye color. Some lash serums do not contain ingredients like prostaglandin or anything like this. As a result, those serums do not cause a change of eye or iris color. On the other hand, some lash serums contain ingredients other than prostaglandin. If that ingredient contains the same formulation as prostaglandin, this may also change the iris or eye color after using the serum.

Eye Colors That Do Change with Lash Serum

According to research, all colored eyes have an equal possibility to change after using the lash serum. While some other research shows that some color eyes have more possibility to change with the use of lush serum. Most significantly, changes in eye or iris color are seen among people with light-colored eyes.  The most available colors that do change with lash serums are-

  • Greenish-brown or hazel
  • Yellowish-brown
  • Blue/Gray
  • Greyish Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Green
  • Amber

Surprisingly, people with blue or brown eyes don’t experience any changes. As blue eyes contain very less melanin, they won’t be affected that much. People with brown eyes are also not affected because they contain a highly concentrated amount of melanin in their eyes. Apart from these two, the rest of the eyes in this list have more possibility to get changed.

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Ways to Minimize the Threat

Grande lash serum can change the eye color in some people. Though it doesn’t happen with all people but with some specific eye colors. The change of eye colors with any serum is permanent and it can’t be reversed from its previous color. Here are some techniques and ways that can help you to minimize the threat of the color changes of your iris or eyes.

Ways to minimize the threat

1. Prepare It Right

Preparing your skin should be your first and foremost duty of you to avoid a change of eye color. For preparing your face, take a good cleanser and cleanse your face nicely. Remove the makeup from your face with a makeup remover, especially from the eyes. If any debris is left, it may cause problems with your Grande lash serum. So, be careful when cleansing your skin and allow your skin to absorb the products completely for getting effective results. Keeping your eyes area can prevent color change. Because the elimination of irrelevant materials will prevent the chance of irritation and make your skin available to absorb the products completely which may help to prevent the color change of eyes.

2. Read the Manual Book or Rule Book

With any eyelash serums including Grandelash, a rulebook will be given. It is very unwise to skip or ignore this book. So, before going through the application procedure, read the manual book of Grandelash eyelash serum. Read the guideline carefully and then apply it as mentioned in that manual. Applying the serum on your lash hair may cause changes to your eye color. So, apply this only on your lash roots to avoid eye color change.

3. No Over application

The Grandelash eyelash serum contains heavy pigments and ingredients. So, you should only apply the amount that is required. Put some small and gentle strokes on your upper lash line. If you over-apply this serum for better results, the lash lien won’t absorb the products completely. As a result, the extra products will come out from the lashes and can get into your eyes.  As a result, this may cause the iris or eye color to change.

4. Refraining from Applying to the Lower Eyelid

The lower eyelid does not require eyelash serum. Even though you feel your lower eyelid also needs to be enhanced, refrain from applying eyelash serum. Because this is a very available eye zone to get irritated or infected. Grandelash eye serum contains ingredients that can be harmful to your eyes and can cause a change in your eyes. So, be careful about using the eyelash serum in your lower eyelid to avoid unwanted circumstances like eye color change.

Does Grandelash Darken Eye Color?

Recently, people are giving a lot of attention to their brows or lashes. As a result, a wide number of eyelash serums and cosmetics have entered the market through which people especially women are enhancing their eyelashes and eyebrows.

Grandelash is a renowned eyelash serum for enhancing lashes or brows. Besides increasing the eyelashes, Grande Lash eye serum also helps to nourish and condition the eyelashes. Grandelash eye serum is considered a reliable, efficient, and effective eyelash enhancer. Though Grandelash claims to be the safest eyelash enhancer and said that it doesn’t darken eye color, some reviewers have complained about this eyelash serum. The most significant thing when talking about Grandelash and the eye color change is, Grandelash contains prostaglandin which is a vital component of darkening your eye color and the skin around your eyes.

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1. Does lash serum make your eyes lighter?

Some eyelash serums contain ingredients that may change eye colors. Significantly ingredients like prostaglandins contain a formula that darkens the skin around our eyes.

2. What happens when you stop using the lash serum?

There is no significant effect when you stop using eyelash serums. Your eyelashes will naturally grow just like they grew before using the lash serums. The difference is, the eyelash will not grow so long or thick in a very short time.

3. Can a 13-year-old girl use a lash serum?

Before the age of 18, no one should use a lash serum or cosmetics like this. Eyelash serum contains ingredients that may be harmful to teenagers. So, people under 18 should go for safer alternatives like eyelash curlers or mascara.

4. Is it okay to use the lash serum every day?

You can use the lash serum only once a day, that too before bedtime. Using a lash serum so frequently may increase the risk of infection or irritation rather than improvement.

5. What are the side effects of Grandelash eyelash serum?

Grandelash eyelash serum is so popular for eyelash extensions and nourishment of the eyelashes. But it has also side effects like redness, irritation, changes in eye color, swelling, itching, dryness, and darkening of the skin around the eyes.

Final thoughts

Grandelash is a very well-renowned eyelash serum that contains vitamins, peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and so on. This eyelash enhancer helps to promote longer and thicker eyelashes within a few days. Grandelash contains ingredients that not only provide bigger eyelashes, rather it also helps to hydrate, nourish and provide healthier eyelashes to people. Grandelash claims that it won’t change the color of the eyes but ultimately it does. Grandelash eyelash serum contains prostaglandin which is the major reason for the change of eye colors. The application procedure is also significant. If you apply the eyelash serum in a way that it easily gets into the eyes, it will irritate your eyes and may change the eye color. Follow the precautions and necessary measures to minimize the threat of your eye color change.

Key Points

  • Grandelash eyelash serum is a popular eyelash serum that contains amino acids, peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and so on.
  • The ingredients of this serum help to enhance your eyelashes and appear them healthy, conditioned, and attractive.
  • Grandelash contains ingredients like Prostaglandin which is the most significant element behind the eye color changes.
  • Eye colors that have more possibility to change with lash serums are greenish-brown, yellowish-brown, green, amber, blue/grey, light brown, etc.
  • For avoiding the change of eye colors or minimizing the threat, you must follow the necessary precautions and methods.

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