Does Sephora Refill Perfume?

Does Sephora refill perfume

Perfume is one luxury item that is desirable to all. High-end brand of perfumes often represents the class and taste of people. But these perfumes can be costly to buy over and over again this is why some brands provide refillable perfumes. And this comes in much cheaper through which you can actually get the same perfume at a lesser cost.

Getting hands on these kinds of brands can be quite a hassle. In rescue, Sephora comes in all the time. Sephora is a well-known retail brand that offers a wide variety of products, be it in the case of makeup, skincare, or perfume. But the refill system of perfume at Sephora often is not clear to everyone which is why a clear answer to does Sephora refill perfume is given and described here.

Does Sephora Refill Perfume?

Sephora is a well-known retailer that has known and grown worldwide for offering products from every brand and range. You can find a variety of perfumes from Sephora. Sephora has a refill policy in general on selected items, but not every perfume on Sephora is refillable. You have to know about those perfumes that are refillable since this can vary depending on the Sephora shop you are in.  So here is how you will be confirmed if your favorite perfume is refillable or not:

  • Sephora Refill Policy: Before buying any perfume understand Sephora’s refill policy. According to September 2021, Sephora does not refill perfume on its own rather they only offer refills if the brand is offering any. This policy can vary according to the area of your residence and the shop policy. Not all brands offer refills of their perfume, as a result, there is only selective perfume that offers refills.
  • Check Sephora Website: For better knowledge of refillable perfumes check the Sephora website. There you will find the section of refillable perfume and know which one they will refill later. Also, there will be refillable labels on those perfumes.
  • Checking In Person: When shopping at Sephora’s physical shop you can simply ask the employees for suggestions and about their refill policies. This is the best way to know about the refillable perfumes available in the store and the lesser possibility of mistakes.
  • Contact Customer Service: If you have already brought a perfume and don’t know about the refill policy of that perfume. To be sure of the query you better check on the customer service. They can give you a better insight into the refillable policy of their perfume.

Process Of Perfume Refilling At Sephora

Process of perfume refilling at sephora
Process of perfume refilling at sephora

Sephora is a very convenient place where you can get your very favorite perfume and beauty products. For perfume lovers refillable option is a great blessing also it is a way to contribute to the wellbeing of the environment. Sephora offers a very straightforward process of refilling perfume so you don’t have to go through much hassle to complete the refilling. Here’s the whole step-by-step process of refilling perfume at Sephora.

Step 1: Bring The Empty Bottle Along

When going to refill perfume make sure to bring along the empty bottle. Before bringing the bottle to refill at Sephora you must have to clean it thoroughly so that you don’t end up with two types of perfumes in your bottle. That can seriously hamper the quality.

Step 2: Visit The Sephora Store with The Refilling Policy

Many Sephora stores do not have a refilling policy. So you have to find one that has a refill policy and visit the store. It is best to call the store before going to refill your perfume.

Step 3: Consult with an Assistant at Sephora

After going to Sephora you should talk to an assistant and tell them your purpose of being there. The assistant will take control and help you to refill your perfume bottles. Also, they will carry out the whole process for you.

Step 4: Select Your Desired Perfume

Select the perfume you want. Usually, the perfume you have already bought will be refilled into the same bottle again. With this refilling process, you can only get the same brand’s same perfume.

Step 5: Refilling

After you are done with the required steps now the Sephora assistant will refill your perfume and you mostly have to pay half the amount for that same exact perfume.

Pros and Cons Of Refilling Perfume At Sephora

Refillable perfumes are better in every way. This not only saves you money but you can get the same fragrance without having to worry about too much. Refilling your perfume at Sephora can be a great option too.

Here are a few benefits of refilling perfume and especially refilling at Sephora

  • Refilling your perfume bottles helps the environment as Sephora is committed to sustainability so refilling perfume makes it easy to support this aspect.
  • This saves you a lot of money since you have to pay for the actual perfume only not the bottle.
  • Refilling your perfume at Sephora is very convenient and has been in practice for a long time.
  • Customer friendly environment of Sephora makes it easier.
  • When refilling perfume at Sephora you can get a personalized experience.

Well with so many benefits some refillable perfume at Sephora comes with some cons. The cons are:

  • Refillable perfumes come in very limited options at Sephora.
  • Since the refillable perfumes have great packaging you have to buy them with a good amount of money for the first time.
  • These refillable perfumes sell out pretty fast which is why you cannot always find them in Sephora and have trouble due to their availability.
  • Sometimes perfumes formula can be changed and you might not be able to find your favorite one, with refillable perfume the chances lessen.

Refillable Perfume At Sephora

Refillable perfume at sephora
Refillable perfume at sephora

Sephora provides refillable perfume that is provided by the brand. That is why refill options are very specific and you have to check before buying the actual perfume. But Luckily they have listed all the refillable options on their website and you can really easily get refills of those perfumes. We have come up with some of those refillable perfume brands that you can easily access and get from most of the Sephora outlets. Here’s the list:

  1. Tom Ford
  2. Chanel
  3. Kilian
  4. Dolce & Gabbana
  5. Elie Saab
  6. YSL Beauty
  7. Clean
  8. Jo Malone London
  9. Maison Margiela
  10. Diptyque
  11. Atelier Cologne
  12. Lancôme
  13. Byredo
  14. Mugler
  15. Narciso Rodriguez
  16. Acqua di Parma
  17. Guerlain
  18. Lalique
  19. Le Labo
  20. Paco Rabanne

Perfume Refilling At Sephora In Different Countries

Perfume refilling at sephora in different countries
Perfume refilling at sephora in different countries

Different countries’ Sephora has different policies for refilling perfume. Here we will discuss some know policies of different countries.

Perfume refilling in Australia

In Australia, there is no perfume refilling service at Australia. You cannot have a refilled bottle of your favorite perfume at Sephora. But you can opt for brands and retailers that provide refilling options for perfume. In Australia, retailers such as Myer, David Jones, and Mecca Maxima offers perfume refilling service.

Perfume refilling in India

In India, there is no policy of refilling perfume at Sephora either. You might find your favorite perfume here but cannot avail of the refilling option so it is better to move towards local companies or retailers that provide refilling. There are some perfume retailers like Perfume Point, Fragrance Boutique, Meena Perfumes, The Perfume Shop, and Fragrance World that provide refills of their perfume.

Perfume refilling in Dubai

Sephora in Dubai does not have any perfume refill options. Although they have a perfume refiling program where customers can buy perfumes and refill them at a cheaper price. This program includes different varieties and brands of perfume including Diptyque, Le Labo, Byredo, Jo Malone London, and Tom Ford.

Perfume refilling in the USA

You can refill your favorite perfume in the USA from their selected ones. You need to follow the process of refiling and you can have the refilled perfume cheaper.

Perfume-related service at sephora
Perfume-related service at sephora

Sephora not only has refill services for perfume but also has many other tempting fragrance-related services. These services are quite engaging to the customer and are not to be found among other retail brands. That is what makes Sephora so different from other brands. You can easily go into any Sephora store or website and avail the services. There other perfume related services are:


According to me the best services of Sephora related to perfume are the samples they give. You can go into any of their stores to see your favorite fragrance online and can buy a sample-size bottle of the perfume. This way it is possible to know the perfume better and understand if you really want a full size of that or will just skip. Samples are the best because they come cheaper and save a lot of hassle.

Perfume layering

Sephora has this unique service of getting multiple perfumes together as a set. You can choose your own favorites and buy them as a set.

Perfume gift sets

Sephora offers a range of perfume gift sets that come in really cute bottles and are well-decorated. These gift sets will be even great when they are refillable.

Fragrance finder

Sephora’s website has this tool that finds the perfect fragrance for you. With this, you can find the perfect fragrance based on your liking. You just have to answer a few questions to get the fragrance of your choice. With this service, you can get personalized recommendations and get suggested different dupes.

Custom fragrance

You can get custom-made fragrances at Sephora. Customers get to have a luxurious experience of working with professionals and creating their own perfume. There is a selection of mini perfumes that you can sniff, mix and match according to your choice.

Final Thoughts

Sephora is a well-known retail brand where you can avail yourself of different types of fragrances and cosmetics with a wide range of services. Perfume refilling is very common and appreciated among customers. Sephora does have a perfume refiling service on selected perfumes but it is not available all over the world in their retail shops. Due to the very reason you have to talk in person and be sure of the refilling policy before buying any perfumes. Refilling perfume is really beneficial in a different aspect from environmental benefits to being pocket friendly. The process of refiling is really easy you just have to follow through. Some of the selective refilling options for perfumes are mentioned for making it easy.

Key Points

  • Sephora is a retail shop that provides all kinds of beauty products.
  • Perfume refilling is very popular and Sephora has a precise policy of perfume refilling.
  • You can have added benefits by refilling your perfume other than cost cutting. You can take apart to make a better environment too.
  • Not every perfume at Sephora is refillable some brand like Chanel, YSL, and Tom Ford offers refillable options.
  • The process of refilling is very easy for those who are intimidated, a detailed step-by-step guide is given.
  • Some countries do not provide refills but have a refill program that offers refillable perfume brands.
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