11 Tips For Aesthetic Makeup Looks

Aesthetics is an important aspect of beauty. It’s not just about looking good; it’s also about feeling good. Read on to learn more about what makes up a great look!

Let’s consider the Instagram feed for the day. Women carrying little to no makeup with freckles are the definition of aesthetic looks, so here we’ll be including some tips for aesthetic looks that are popular in 2022. Aesthetic makeup is not something that looks good on your face, not something of your style, and the look is more about what looks good on social media. So, if we are talking about aesthetic makeup looks, the terms and conditions will be simple: eye-soothing and aesthetically pleasing.

In this article, we’ll include brief points on tricks and tips for aesthetic makeup looks and the variety of makeup trends on social media.

The trend of aesthetic makeup

Aesthetic makeup looks are all about making it soothing for the wearer and making it look easy. But whatever the reason, aesthetic makeup looks are all about personalizing their version and making it more attractive and accessible. Aesthetics is not just about making it look good on screen but also about how quickly you can do your makeup without using too much product. You can add your goth or peachy vibe to a traditional makeup look, and it’ll work just fine.

Tips for aesthetic makeup looks are centered around your mood for the day. If you’re in the mood to throw tons of products and skin care on your face, that is your day’s aesthetics. And if you’re feeling lazy and just using a lip balm, that is your aesthetic for the day. And you can choose your own aesthetic and throw whatever you want to, and you will have your aesthetic look.

What makes aesthetic makeup look different from everything else is that the ideas you follow are yours rather than a conventional way of doing makeup. Most people think makeup is all about hiding imperfections. But with the tips for aesthetic makeup looks we’ve included here, the imperfections you see or feel have little to do with the mood you are in.

 You don’t need to hide the freckles or blemishes; you just have to accept them and move on. And this is what makes aesthetic makeup look way more accessible and pleasing. The girls are full of themselves, without an apology or giving a damn about the world.

Tips for aesthetic makeup looks: the basic steps

If you’re interested in doing your own aesthetic makeup looks, then you’re in the right place. Here we’ll be including a discussion on how to start the makeup and a vital segment before makeup. That is how you prep the skin before you start the whole process. Aesthetic makeup looks are all about embracing your real face rather than it being a completely painted face.

An overview of the points:

  1. Start with outstanding skin care and include more hydrating products. Finish off with sunscreen.
  2. Use a small amount of product as the base and build it up if required.
  3. Try and keep natural brows, and don’t go overboard with them.
  4. Curl the lashes and use small, non-clumpy mascara.
  5. Use liquid blush and bronzer and blend them well into the face.
  6. Use a small amount of powder and set only the parts that might have a chance to crease.
  7. Highlight the cheeks and keep them natural.
  8. Use glossy and hydrating products on the lips.
  9. Finish off with a hydrating mist.

1. Start with skincare


If you’re doing your aesthetics, then the first tip for aesthetic makeup looks will be to have proper skin care so the makeup looks flawless with time. You need to add hydration and glow to the face. Most aesthetic pictures are taken when the warm light hits the ground, so you’d want your face to shine and glow. This is how aesthetics begins.

First, you might want to start with a hydrating cleanser and ensure it doesn’t strip your face. Then put on toner and serum, so the face has enough moisture to hold on to. And then add tons of moisturizer if you have dry skin. You wouldn’t want the patchiness to peak throughout the day. Use oil on the face to make it look dewier and hydrating. Oil will cling to the moisture throughout the day.

If you’re going to the sun or just even when you’re running your errands, we would highly recommend using vitamin C and sunscreen. Vitamin C will act as an antioxidant and will work fine under sunscreen to protect the skin. And as for sunscreen, you need at least SPF 30+. Sunscreen also leaves a fresh glow that will peak through your makeup and give you that extra glow.

2. The base: foundation/concealer

The Base Foundation Concealer

Influencers have many conflicting ideas about how to begin the aesthetic makeup looks. Some say using a concealer is the best way to start using a foundation. But the whole concept is up to you. If you want more coverage all over your skin, use a foundation, and use a concealer if you just want to hide the blemishes and spots.

Tips for aesthetic makeup looks and bases include some more products that you can use as a base:

  • Tinted moisturizer
  • BB cream
  • Cc cream
  • Glowy serum
  • Glow enhancer
  • Tinted sunscreens, etc.

But to start the base, we’ll recommend using a primer at the beginning. Primer will even the skin and ensure the base sits perfectly for the day. Or you can just use a dewy priming spray for more hydration. Now use the foundation and start with the tiniest bit. If you’re using a tinted sunscreen, you can skip to concealer.

As for concealer, use dot methods to highlight and cover up the dark spots around the face and eyes. Use a concealer darker than your skin tone to hide dark circles and spots. And then, for highlighting the parts, use a light concealer on top. This means the strategic placement of concealer will require less product and give optimum coverage. Use a wet blending sponge to blend everything.

You might want to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, the center of the chin and forehead, the corners of the mouth, and also the brow bone. Oh, and you can leave the redness and blemishes alone if you want to.

3. The brows

The Brows

For aesthetic makeup looks, especially for brows, you need to think outside the box. Most people recommend a bushy and full brow. But we ask you to stick to the natural shape of the brow. Start with a clear brow gel and stick them all in place. Next, you can use a brow pencil to draw a skinny line and comb it through. Brow wax is for those who have thicker and curlier hair. If you have normal-shaped brows, then you can leave them as is.

If you’re using a brow gel, then you need to brush the front of the brows upwards, and the rest should be brushed towards the arch of the brows. The eyebrow placement should be diagonal and to the temples of the face. Use a spool and brush all the brows and blend them. Start with a very light hand and use the brow pencil that matches your natural hair color when using a pencil.

4. The lashes

The Lashes

For the lashes, curling is the very first step. Most people avoid using false eyelashes for aesthetic makeup looks, and even when they do so, they prefer individual lashes. For a very low-key lash makeup look, you can start by curling the lashes and then use a lash primer to make the lashes more cohesive. Next, apply mascara that is closer to brown if you have very fair skin. You can even find colorful mascara if you’re doing any sort of vibrant aesthetics.

The tip for aesthetic makeup looks and mascara would be to use clear mascara before curling the lashes. This way, the curl of the lashes will hold for a long time. And for the curler, use a bit of heat, so the curl holds on for a long time. For colored mascara, try and use a clump-free, smudge-free one. Find a mascara that has a synthetic brush and a tapered wand. You might also want to use a small brush to coat the bottom lashes. And also, make the lashes flow on the side.

5. The blush

The Blush

For blush, we recommend cream products. Cream blushes tend to melt on the skin more efficiently, and they do not feel too heavy. So applying a cream blush will work just fine for that natural flush. Tips for aesthetic makeup looks include relying heavily on blushes. Powdered blushes tend to wear out with time, and if you’re wearing a mask, they’ll definitely fade on site. But with cream and liquid blushes, they blend into the skin like a foundation or a skin care product. Make sure the blush is highly pigmented, and place it on top of your cheekbones.

For a natural look, you can use a peachy blush or something like that. Orange tends to look good more in the sun and looks like a very natural flush. You can use a wet sponge or your fingertips to blend the blush carefully. Start with a few dots of blush, and you can add more if needed. For the blush to last a long time, you can top it off with a powdered blush.

6. The bronzer

The Bronzer

Most people hate the idea of using contouring for any sort of aesthetic purpose. The purpose of contouring is to give the face a shape that it lacks. But tips for aesthetic makeup looks do not include the idea of contouring, as the makeup itself is a very soft glam one, and you’re not supposed to use something harsh and peak through. So the best alternative to contouring is to use a bronzer. You can use a cream bronzer or powder to add warmth to the face.

Do not go overboard with bronzer; keep it simple and subtle. A bronzer will add warmth to the face if you have pale skin. And don’t just place the bronzing powder on the forehead and jaw; keep it minimal to the cheeks. We prefer cream bronzer when it comes to tips for aesthetic makeup looks, and they blend in easily and look great on every skin type.

7. Highlighting


To highlight the face, you can use a liquid highlighter all over the face before you start your routine. This will give you a glow all over your face. Or you can just use a highlighter on top of the face. Cheekbones and the nose are the places where highlighters are used most, and you can do the same to the brow bones and the chin. But do not go overboard with highlighters, as they might have a glossy look. And for our tips for aesthetic makeup looks, we recommend applying highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes and sticking it only to the cheekbones.

8. Setting cream products

Setting Cream Products

You might want to use a loose powder to set concealer and other cream products. You can undoubtedly use pressed powder but use it lightly on the places you want to set. People avoid using powder too much and entirely over blush and bronzer. With too much powder on dry skin, the face skin will start to look very patchy and might even show dry skin through. So, to avoid such situations, you can use a small powder puff or a beauty blender to apply it. Start with a very small amount as you’re going to want your shine to peek through.

Press and dab the powder into your skin rather than swiping and caking the powder.

9. The eyes

The Eyes

If you’re doing the rest of the face, then listen to the recommendations we put for the eyes. The eyes are the most important part of the face, so you might want to go for makeup that will accentuate the natural shape of the eyes and enhance the eyes’ color. And for this, you can go several ways. We will also include how to do different makeup looks on the eyes. But for this part and tips for aesthetic makeup looks, let us stick to the basics.

You can use the bronzer you used for your cheeks on top of your eyes and make it look warm. If you have brown eyes, this trick might work best for you. And if you’re going for a very subtle feminine look, then we suggest using the blush on top of the eyes. This will bind the eyes to the rest of the face. You can add more blush and build up to your preference.

To get a very shimmery top eye, you might want to use the highlighter and press it on top of the eyelid. And lastly, you can do a black or brown wing with a liquid liner to give a more sharp and aesthetically pleasing look. Brown liners are less significant because they blend in with the whole makeup. Oh, you can also use different colors of liners on top to give a graphical attachment. But the eyes are the parts that you might want to play the most with any aesthetical look.

10. The lips

The Lips

For lip makeup, we suggest starting with a lip balm for proper hydration. At the end of the makeup, use a nude or pink blush as lipstick, or just go for anything with shimmer and soft glam. Tips for aesthetic makeup looks on the lips are mostly centered around doing a very soft tone on the lips. And the best way to pull it off is to do a gradient lip. You might want to accentuate your cupid’s bow and finish it off with a gloss. You can either use a clear product or something more pigmented. Here are some products you might want to use:

  • Lip oils
  • Tinted lip balm
  • Lip gloss
  • Plumping gloss
  • Lip stain
  • Sheer lipstick
  • Glossy lipstick, etc.

11. Finishing off the face

Now that we’ve included all the steps that you might want to do for aesthetic makeup, we suggest setting the face with a hydrating mist for the last tips for aesthetic makeup looks. You might want to carry the products around as they will provide hydration and increase the makeup’s longevity.

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Tips for different types of aesthetic makeup looks

Now that we’ve mentioned how you can do a very soft glam and basic aesthetic makeup look, let us include the ways you can do a makeup look that is the core of different aesthetic makeup. Different makeup aesthetics have different takes, and we will try to include them in this part of the article.

1. Sunflower aesthetics

Sunflower Aesthetics

You might be curious about the look if you’ve seen the sunflower trend on Instagram and Tiktok. Tips for aesthetic makeup looks, particularly for the sunflower look, we’ve collected some key points and hope It will be easy for you to understand.

Step 1: The foundation

You can use any sheer coverage foundation, and avoid any matte ones. You want the skin to be dewy. Or just use a tinted moisturizer.

Step 2: Add color

You might want to add yellow on the top of your lid. Use yellow face paint or a cream shadow on top of the lid, like how you’d do your liner. And as for blush, you might want to go with a peachy blush to compliment the look. Make sure everything speaks of sunflowers that day. Don’t be afraid to play with yellow and other warm colors.

Step 3: Natural and dewy

You might want to go for a very nude color for the lips. Nude will tie the whole look together. And for setting the face, use a hydrating mist. For highlighter, use a warm color.

2. Y2K Aesthetics

Tips for aesthetic makeup looks and mostly for the early 2000s makeup style, you might want to go with something bold and precious. It is a reminder that people and celebrities started celebrating their looks in a bold and (very jeans!) way. Here are some ideas and tricks on how to channel the Y2K style.

Step 1: The foundation

People used pale foundation for Y2K makeup. It might be due to the lack of availability of shades and everything. g Still, there was no blush, but there surely was the presence of bronzer. Tanning was also a big deal in Y2K aesthetics.

Step 2: the eyes

People loved one shimmer or just one color all over the lid. Maybe blending wasn’t a big concept at that time. Shimmer was everywhere, alongside blue, green, purple, and pink.

Step 3: The lips

People loved a bold, matte brown, crimson lip with heavy makeup. Everyone, Drew Barrymore to Angelina Jolie, favored a pouty dark lip with a defined lip line.

3. Fairy Core Aesthetics

Fairy Core Aesthetics

This makeup look is all about fairies and nature. The most pleasing thing about fairly core is that the looks are very driven by nature, and the overall makeup tends to be more grounded.

Step 1: the foundation

Very dewy foundations or tinted sunscreens or serums are mostly recommended. The foundation has to be more sparkly, and the highlights should be on point.

Step 2: sparkle

Fairies are all about sparkle and shimmer, and you might want to go with the natural tones with an added shimmer to them. Pinks and roses are recommended.

Step 3: accessorize

The central concept of fairy core lies with all the added accessories that you might want to put on your hair and your clothes.


1. How do you do aesthetic makeup?

To do aesthetic makeup, you might want to add your thoughts and style and make the look effortless. Aesthetic makeup depends on the person and what mood they are in. To do aesthetic makeup, you might want to apply the products you feel like.

2. How can I look attractive with makeup?

To look attractive with makeup, you must embrace natural features and accentuate them. For this, you might want to try different ways of makeup and get a clear idea of what suits your face the most.

Wrapping Up…

People love creating new definitions of aesthetics, and as for makeup looks, aesthetics are higher than home aesthetics. You can do your makeup in cottage core style! Aesthetic makeup looks are somewhat new and still making their mark on social media, with people trying on new types of aesthetics and making them a trend. Or just follow the tips for aesthetic makeup looks and change the filter.

Key Points

  • How to do aesthetic makeup look and how to elevate the idea?
  • Tricks, tips for aesthetic makeup looks, and some serene adventures with the makeup trend.
  • Our recommendations for the best aesthetic look are also convenient.
  • An overview of aesthetic makeup looks

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