Bubble Bar Vs. Bath Bomb: What to Choose?

bubble bar vs bath bomb
Bubble bars vs. bath bombs: although these two are quite different, their output might be similar. They are used for different intentions.

Bath bombs are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a bubble bath. That’s because the most common gift I received this holiday season was a bath bomb. Well, the bath bombs are exciting, and they come with so many surprises and colors. When we decide on a bubble bath, bath foam is a must. However, if you want to recreate the spa experience at home, bath bombs will help. And in that way, you get a good, humble feeling right in your bathtub.

There’s also the bath bar. These are brand new and are not as well-known on social media as their competitors. But these bath bars are a cult favorite. Most people who love using bath bars wouldn’t let go of them. And that’s why the bubble bar vs. bath bomb debate has so many followers. The bubble bars are simply the solid form of the bubble bath foam. As soon as you put them in the water, they soak up the water and dissolve, eventually creating a layer of foam over it.

So what’s the difference between the bath bar and bath bombs? The difference between bath bombs and bath bars is mainly based on how they are made. The main thing to consider when you think about bubble bars is that they do not contain a potent smell. And these are mostly glycerine and sodium lauryl sulfate. As a result, they resemble bath foams.

When added to the water, the bubble bars will create a huge amount of foam. And that’s how they act like bath foam. On the other hand, bath bombs are full of citric acid and essential oils. And as such, they tend to give out the scenarios and sounds that everyone loves. The smell from the bath bombs is also very strong compared to a bath bar.

What is a bubble bar?

what is a bubble bar
What is a bubble bar

Well, let’s start with the bubble bars first. What exactly is a “bubble bar?” The solid form of the bubble bath is usually known as the “bubble bar,” and they come in so many charming and cute shapes and colors. Here the colors, smell, and chemicals are compacted and made into a hard ball that will work with the water on it. The bubble bars are porous and tend to work well with all the other ingredients. The main feature of bubble bars is that they are simply smaller versions of bubble baths. The main theme of the bubble bar is to create foam on top of the tub. The bubble bars are mainly made up of sodium lauryl sulfate and glycerine. And most of the time, there is no fragrance.

Why use bath bars?


When it comes to bath bars, the wow factor from the bath ideas appears to be missing. But still, bath bars are widely used and gifted. So, how do bath bars get used in general? Here are some reasons why bath bars are used:

Gentle on the skin:

The main thing about bath bars is that they are extremely gentle on the skin. So whenever you use the bath bars, they seem to create a moisturizing layer on top of the skin, which is very hydrating. They seem to lack the irritants like the fragrance and essential oil in them, and thus they are overall gentler. The bath bars are a subtler version of the bath foams and do no harm to the skin.


When you are using a bath bomb or bath foam, you mostly cannot control how much you are going to use. With the bath foams, you have to drop a significant amount of soap in the water to get possibly good results. And when you are thinking about the bath bombs, you really have to put them all in the water; otherwise, they will crumble. With the bath bars, you can just use a tiny bit of them with a knife cut.

No staining:

Another remarkable point about the bath bars is that they do not stain the white tub. Most bath bombs have colors and glitter on them, and they tend to leave a residue when the water is drained, so the probability of the water getting stained is high.

Smell factor:

 As we mentioned earlier, bath bars are used because they have less smell, and for those who are sensitive to strong smells, the bath bars are a perfect way to maintain a lukewarm bath with no smell.

What is a bath bomb?

The bath bombs are a different product than the bath bars; they are the wow factor of the bath that everyone loves. Most people will give bath bombs as gifts or on special occasions because they have a wow factor. If you saw the Tiktok videos where a woman puts a bath bomb in them and different things pop up, then you know how much everyone loves their bath bombs.

Another fact about bath bombs is that they are easily DIYed, making them truly unique when it comes to adding buzz to the bath. The bath bombs do not always look like a round balls but rather come in different sizes and colors. The bath bombs are mainly made up of different things, but the main ingredients would be baking soda and citric acid. They also frequently have a strong odor and color. For the fragrance, essential oils or synthetic fragrances can be used, and there are also added salts and hydrating oils.

Why use bath bombs?

why use bath bombs
Why use bath bombs

Bath bombs are popular among many people because they are both beneficial to the skin and a pleasant surprise. So you never know what will come up from the bath bombs. And a surprise from the bath bombs once in a while is not a bad thing. Here are some of the reasons we adore bath bombs:

Good for the skin:

The main reason for using a bath bomb is because they contain several skin-loving ingredients. The bath salts are good for hydration and moisture and make the skin supple. Tea tree essential oils, for example, are effective at keeping disinfectants at bay. You get all of these ingredients right in a bath bomb, so they are all healthy and mostly organic.


When you think about soap, most of them are not biodegradable, and in the long run, soap is just a chemical. And as for the bath bombs, we can easily say that they are pretty natural, as they are made with all the natural ingredients that are present in your house. And most people worry about the soap collected from animal fats, so the bath bombs will also solve this problem. The bath bombs are vegan, cruelty-free, and all-natural.

Change of atmosphere:

I always loved to see the videos of bath bombs. They are wildly soothing. And when you use a bath bomb in real life, you get the same effect. Watching the bath bomb dissolve in the water is a pleasure. The bath bombs will often create different colors and give off a good smell when placed in the water; thus, they make a significant difference to your mood and mental health.


One of the most significant parts of using a bath bomb is that they are very fun to use. The bath bombs have their unique look and can be added along with your bubble bath. So they will add the good and the fun parts together.

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Bubble bar vs. bath bomb

bubble bar vs bath bomb
Bubble bar vs bath bomb

The main difference between a bubble bar and a bath bomb is how it reacts with water. Bath bombs are meant to dissolve in the water to give the vivid colors that you can see. In contrast, bubble bars are like soap bars that you put in water to produce a bubble bath, which a bath bomb does not produce. Other than this, here are some of the other key differences between a bubble bar and a bath bomb.


The main distinction between bubble bars and bath bombs is that they begin with different products. The most common ingredients on the bubble bars are that they have sodium lauryl sulfate as a surfactant, and glycerine is used to give hydration to the skin. On the other hand, the main ingredients of bath bombs would be citric acid and baking soda. Baking soda acts as a surfactant, and citric acid contributes to the exfoliating effect. Bath bombs contain fragrance and color, while bath bars have no such ingredients.


The bath bars are used as a bubble bath, and they, like a bath, will cleanse the skin. So the usage of the bath bar is pretty typical. The bath bombs have different uses, but their main use is aroma therapy. They will soon affect both skin and mind, but they do not have any kind of cleansing claims.

How to use:

The bath bars can be used when they are put under running water. As such, the bar will dissolve and create the foam. Bath bombs can be thrown directly into the tub and will dissolve on their own.

What to choose: bubble bar vs. bath bomb

What product you are going to choose for your bath is up to your personal preference. You can use a bath bomb to add scent and color to your bath water. And when you are going for a practical way of getting a bath, the bath bars would be an eligible choice. With bath bars, they have a bubbly quality, and with bath bombs, they have aromatherapy qualities. When you cannot choose among them, we suggest including both in your routine to get the best result.

The bubble bar and the bath bomb are very different products regarding the product itself. They are supposed to make the whole bathing experience fun and delightful, which might be why we love bath bars and bombs equally. Bathing, in general, is a very wholesome thing, as it will take away tiredness and also deeply cleanse the body. Long baths are the best way to clean up; they have been practiced for several years. So bringing innovations to these sorts of baths is nothing new. Cleopatra herself would bathe in milk, and you have earned the right to a bath bar or bath bomb. Bath bombs are the best way to get the shower started, and bath bars are right up your alley when you want something more sophisticated and do not want to use the tub.


1. Can you use bubble bars and bath bombs?

You can definitely use a bubble bar and bath bomb together, as one of them will cleanse your skin, and the other will add good ingredients to the overall bath routine.

2. What does a bubble bar do?

When you run the bubble bar on flowing water, it tends to form bubbles on the tub, and these are just the alternative version of bubble baths.

3. How many baths does a bubble bar last?

The size of the bubble bars determines how many baths a bar will last. If you get a larger bar, simply cut it and save the remaining pieces for the next bath.

Final Thoughts

Bath bombs are the more common term when thinking about a bath. People loved adding bath foam for the bubble bath and a pinch of essential oils to make the bath more relaxing and fragrant. And when you think about bath bombs, they do the exact same thing. The bath bombs are intense, and they create that frizz sound, which sounds fun. And the color of the bath bombs is always something to look forward to. And as for the bath bar, you can just skip the bath foam and add the bath bar directly. They can be used in slightly warm water, and later on, they will end up creating a layer of foam on top of the tub. These will have a mild fragrance and the same experience as the bubble bath. So you can choose either for a good bathing experience or just go with both of them at the same time.

Key Points

  1. The primary distinction between bath bombs and bath bars is how they are manufactured. The key thing to keep in mind regarding bubble bars is that they do not have a strong odor. And the majority of them are glycerine and sodium lauryl sulfate. As a result, they have the appearance of bath foams. When the bubble bars are introduced to the water, they produce a large volume of foam.
  2. The bubble bars are porous and blend well with the rest of the ingredients. The fundamental difference between bubble bars and bubble baths is that they are merely smaller versions of bubble baths.
  3. Bath bombs are easily DIYed, which makes them truly unique when it comes to adding buzz to the bath. Bath bombs are not usually spherical balls, but rather come in a variety of shapes and colors.
  4. The bath bars are used to create a bubble bath and, like a bath, wash the skin. As a result, the use of the bath bar is rather common. Bath bombs can be used for a variety of purposes, the most common of which being aromatherapy.

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