How Long to Grow Hair to Mid-length : What is the Time Frame ?

The length of your initial length and how well you care for your hair will determine how long it takes to grow to mid-length.

When we think about hair, there are some criteria that always play nicely together. Well, the best thing about short hair is that it is easy to manage and that can be styled in several different ways. However, whenever I cut my hair short, the thought of growing it long again is the first thing that comes to mind. When we think about different lengths of hair, there are a few things to consider, and for me as a woman, I like the mid-length style. 

Even with mid-length hair, there has to be a timeline for the hair’s growth. One of the most common misconceptions about hair growth is that if you put effort into it, the hair will grow quickly. When you take care of your hair, it will grow healthier rather than longer. Most importantly, your hair will have length and density at that point. One of the most appealing aspects of mid-length hair is its versatility. So how long does it take to grow hair to mid-length?  

Well, there’s something to consider when you are about to grow your hair. To get the proper timeline for the hair to grow to mid-length, the initial length of your hair has to be a core. Typically, when you have shoulder-length hair, it takes the strands around ten months to grow to mid-length. When you have hair to your ears or typically short hair, it takes at least two years for that hair to grow to your mid-back. When the hair is on your bra straps, it will take about six months to grow to the mid-back.

All of these calculations are based on the assumption that hair grows about 12 inches per month. So you have 0.125 inches of hair growth in one week. And every day, the hair grows around 0.018 inches. In short, the length of the hair determines how long it takes to reach mid-length. In my opinion, the standard length of hair is mid-length. No matter your hair structure or how your hair feels, you can simply put any hairstyle on your hair. You can just let the hair loose, and it will flow correctly and not be overwhelming.

And lastly, you can just put the hair in a bun or chignon, and the hair will just stay tied up. And that might be the reason why most people love how mid-length hair looks. With this kind of hair, there are tons of options. 

What is the hair length chart?

What is the hair length chart

Well, the most common thing to understand when you are eager for mid-length hair is to understand your original or initial hair length. And the hair length chart will give you a clear idea of that. Well, basically, there are some hair lengths that are to be determined by the length. 

One of the difficult things about maintaining mid-length hair is trimming it every three months. Or it just looks messy. To keep your hair length, simply trim it or get layers. The bottom can get longer with layers, but the hair will not be weighed down. And when it comes to mid-length hair, this is ideal. And another thing that has to be considered is that with mid-length hair, you might have to consider the genetics and overall hair growth. 

And here, we’ll be including some lengths that will make determining the true length of hair easy:

  1. Hair length in a buzz cut
  2. Ear hair length
  3. Chin hair length
  4. Shoulder hair length
  5. Collarbone hair length
  6. Bra strap hair length
  7. Mid-back length
  8. Tail bone length
  9. Waist length 
  10. Hip hair length

Well, these are just the initial hair lengths for the hair to grow, and only with these might you be able to determine how long it takes for the hair to grow. When we think of “mid-length” hair, we mostly think of “mid-back length,” which is considered a standard. But when we think about the classic mid-length hair, it would be after the tailbone. And in this article, we’ll explain how you can get mid-length hair in some easy steps and how long it will take for the hair to grow.

What are the factors that affect hair growth?

What are the factors that affect-hair-growth
What are the factors that affect hair growth

When we think about hair growth, there are some facts that we have to look at to determine how long it will take for the hair to grow out completely. There are obviously some tips and ideas for getting the hair to grow quickly, but for the hair to grow properly, there are also some underlying facts. And this has everything to do with the overall process of the hair’s growth. Here we include the process that will determine optimum hair growth. Here are the factors that influence hair growth:

  1. Age: the first thing that is a definable fact would be that person’s age. The roots and ends get fragile with age, and the hair is prone to breakage. The main reason that age is such a determining factor is that hair growth slows as the hair follicles weaken with age. With time and age, hair growth will be slow and will break easily.
  2. Lack of vitamins and minerals: Another reason that is a deciding factor for the hair’s growth is the lack of vitamins (omega 3, vitamin H, vitamin A, and vitamin C), which will make the hair weak. And as a result of these factors, the hair is more likely to be prone to diseases such as dry scalp and dandruff. And as the roots get weaker, the hair will also feel dry and thin. So all of the bodily facts influence hair growth. Zinc is another factor that influences hair growth, and this lack of neutrinos is really an important fact.
  3. Hair density and growth: these are frequently determining factors with genetics and also the family line. Baldness is an inherited fact that tends to determine when people lose their hair. The facts about baldness are that it’s mostly noticed through genetics, and in men, it’ll be prominent with age.
  4. Chemical abuse: When your hair suffers severe damage from hair treatments such as rebonding and perming, it is more prone to breakage and may eventually turn off overall hair growth. Curling and straightening the hair almost regularly will damage the hair in the long run and are a hurdle for proper hair growth.
  5. Pregnancy: pregnancy will take a huge toll on people, and skin and hair changes are most noticeable in women. Because hormones are on the rise during pregnancy, hair loss is also a possibility.

How long does it take for hair to reach mid-length?

How long does it take for hair to reach mid length

There are several factors to consider when considering the overall growth of our hair. And one of the important facts to consider is that the rate of hair growth will be a deciding factor, as will the timeline of the growth. Here is a breakdown of how long you have to wait for your hair to grow to mid-length:

Ear to mid-length: 3 years

Chin to mid-length: 30 months

Neck to mid-length: 26 months

Shoulder to mid-length: 22 months

Collarbone to mid-length: 18 months

Bra strap length to mid-length: 6 months

So here you can see that you’ll need at least six months for the hair to grow to a minimum length from the earliest bra strap length. But depending on your hair growth and the health of the hair, the growth would be different, and sometimes it would be more than usual. But these lengths are just approximate.

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Ways to grow hair

Ways to grow hair

When you think about the growth of hair, there are some facts that really act as deciding factors for hair. And one of the important parts of the hair’s length is that you might have to think about the overall health of the hair. When you are doing things right with the hair, the growth will be more prominent. When we think about hair growth, we mostly consider the overall lifestyle change. When you eat healthily, your hair will become healthy too. And given that fact, you should focus on your hair’s overall growth to get the best possible results. This section will discuss some factors that will influence hair growth.

1. Moisturize the hair

The most common factor to consider when it comes to healthy hair growth is adequate moisture in the hair. They decide whether the hair will grow healthy or not. When you have moisturized hair, the scalp will be properly hydrated, and the roots will have their shine. But with moisture, we usually consider the conditioners. When we decide on conditioning the hair, too much conditioner makes the hair fragile. So even with moisture, it has to be in a range, and once or twice, conditioning the hair after shampooing will make a difference.

2.The style that isn’t over the top

Well, when you want to grow your hair, the hair’s styling must be minimal. So you might want to skip any sort of over-the-top styling and just stick to the basics, and that way, you’ll have an overall sense of the hairstyles, and they will not be a big deciding fact. When you regularly curl, straighten, or perm your hair, all the chemicals and heat will definitely take a toll on the hair, and they will not be good with all the tugging and pulling of hair. Even keeping your hair in a bun or tight ponytail regularly will do no good for the hair. So keep the styling to a minimum, of course.


Washing your hair regularly is an optimum method of growing your hair properly. When you don’t wash your hair, there’s a chance that oil will accumulate on your scalp. Even so, there’s a chance of buildup. And thus, you might want to wash your hair and also condition it after the shampoo almost every day, and these will get rid of the oil, sweat, and dirt.


When you haven’t trimmed your hair in a long time, the chances of healthy hair growth may appear to be a poor choice. Trimmed hair is not compromised by fragile hair or broken ends. Thus, they feel healthy, and their overall growth is good.


How long does it take to grow hair to mid-length?

For the hair to grow to mid-length, it will take around six months to 3 years, depending on the initial length of the hair.

How many inches is “mid-length hair?

Mid-length hair is around 18 inches from the scalp, and the hair length would be around 28 inches for the classic mid-length.

How fast does hair grow?

The growth of hair depends on a lot of internal factors, like genetics and food habits. However, hair grows about 12 inches per month.

Final Thoughts

Mid-length hair is the standard for all occasions and specifically for those who love to experiment with their hair. Mid-length hair can be easily pulled into a bun or ponytail style with a blow dry, and almost everything will look fine. But apart from all the struggle and patience involved in growing your hair, there is another thing to consider; you have to be careful and determined. Hair growth depends on your overall health and how well you care for yourself. 

That is why patience and hard work are essential for achieving the best hair growth results. When you start your hair growth journey, keep in mind that the average rate of growth is only half an inch per month. So there will not be a significant change in the length of your hair even when you use different products. But you can definitely get mid-length hair by taking care of it. Or just get some hair extensions. And if not, then protect and nourish the hair with vitamins, proteins, and regular trims.

Key Points

  1. When you have shoulder-length hair, it takes around ten months for the strands to develop to mid-length. When you have hair to your ears or normally short hair, it takes at least two years for that hair to grow to your mid-back. When the hair is on your bra straps, it will take around six months to grow to the mid-back.
  2. One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining mid-length hair is cutting it every three months. Or it simply looks sloppy. Simply trim or acquire layers to maintain your hair length. Layers may make the bottom longer without weighing down the hair.
  3. One of the most significant aspects of hair length is considering the general health of the hair. Hair growth will be more noticeable when you do things correctly with it. When we think about hair growth, we mostly think about how our lifestyle has changed.

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