How to Style Permed Hair in the Last 48 Hours?

It is important to remember that excellent hair should never be exposed to water if you want to know How to Style Permed Hair in the Last 48 Hours.

When you perm the hair, the whole structure of the hair changes, and they tend to change the hair texture with that. It takes about four hours to complete a permanent well. You will need your social media and unread books and tabs. And that might be the reason why taking care of the perm for the first few hours would be a mandatory tactic to take care of the perm. And that’s why you might want to start with the first 48 hours of the perm. So how to style permed hair in the last 48 hours?

You cannot wash your hair for the next 48 hours after preparing it. So no water for at least 48 hours. And for the next part, avoid washing the hair thoroughly. Finally, you should avoid using any type of solution, product, or hot tool on the perm because they have already undergone significant change. And for that part, you might want to take good care. For example, change your sleeping habit.

Use a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton pillowcase because cotton absorbs moisture and chemicals, and the permed hair will not have enough solution on it to change its texture, and it may look too frizzy. You can also use a silk scarf to keep your hair from moving while you sleep on it.Perm changes the natural texture of the hair, and it affects the entirety of the hairline.

They tend to change the texture of the hair, and they might just look like a bit of an elevation from the early parts as they are not entirely a new process. The perm was popular in the 1980s and is still popular today.

Perm care first 48 hours, what to do after perm?

Perm Care First 48 Hours, What To Do After Perm

When you are perming your hair, you have to do a 4-hour-long procedure. As a result, you may want to gather everything around you for a long sitting. And that’s why perming is all about patience. And along with the four hours, you have an additional 24 hours, or two days, to count for. And that would be the after-care period for the perm. So you need to take care of your perm for the next 28 hours. There are mostly two different liquids used during the perm.

The first would be an ammonium solution or the perming solution. They would be applied to the hair in order to break the natural bonds. They are also responsible for defining the curls. And lastly, a neutralizer is used to take care of the curls. These will help set up the curls. The salon would remove the hair after your perming is finished, and the solution would be removed. But the perming solution has some residues left on the hair that would keep on working, so the hair would be forming the curls all along.

There are a lot of ways to avoid the permed hair being completely ruined on your first day, and that would be by caring for the perm. For example, you can start by not washing the hair at first. No water is the first rule when you just have your perm, and this will last for at least 24 hours or more. Normally, this rule will apply for a maximum of 48 hours. But it will all depend on your stylist and what they recommend for your hair.

What should you avoid doing in the final 48 hours of a perm?

What Should You Avoid Doing In The Final 48 Hours Of A Perm

They didn’t do the tight curls or updos like before, but the intentions were the same. And for that reason, you might want to do a perm that would work with everything. As a result, you should get a perm that works with your natural curls. For example, you can just do “soft perm curls,” where you’ll have permanent curls, but they will be a bit wavy. It’ll be like a very twisted blowout. And that’s the beauty of permed hair.

Here we’ll be including a brief overview of what to do and what not to do with a hair perm. For the what-to-do part, we’ll include the ways you can style your perm in the last 48 hours of the perm. And for the what-not-to-do part, you might want to start with what not to do with the hair after a perm. Here we’ll start with what not to do to your hair right after getting a perm.

  1. No water
  2. No brushing your hair
  3. No styling tool

No water

The main rule of perfect hair is that it should never come into contact with water. So no showers, sea, swimming, or long runs. For the first part, the salon has already washed your hair, so you might have some of the perming solution residues on your head that are still at work. As a result, the perm is still not completely settled. And keeping it dry is the best way to keep it in good condition. And for the next part, you shouldn’t use a swimming pool for at least seven days after the perm. Pools tend to have chlorine and other bleaching chemicals in them. Because perms are a very chemically intact procedure, the chemicals in the pool will change the structure of the hair from your perm.

No brushing your hair

When you had your perm, the main goal was to have your hair have all the benefits of curls. You did, after all, spend half your salary on the perm. Now, brushing the hair would disturb the new texture of the hair. When a perm is done on the hair, the orientation of the curls is defined, and when you brush the hair with a brush, you might disturb the patterns. As the perm solution is still at work, the disturbance would change the direction of the curl, thus giving a very uneven curl on the hair. So no brushing your hair for the next 48 hours.

No styling tool

When you perm your hair, the hair has already been through tons of chemicals and at least one set of curling irons. With perms, the main core of the hair is somewhat changed, and they give the hair a new, reformed look. And thus, the curls have come up with something. But as the core bonds are broken and reformed, it is important to understand that the curls are at a susceptible point. So no more styling tools and primarily a straightener would be preferable in this case. Ironing the hair would change how it feels and might also dry out hair severely. And even if you use a straightener, try to use a shallow heat setting.

How to style permed hair in the last 48 hours?

How To Style Permed Hair In The Last 48 Hours

You might want to start with a grooming routine at first when you do a perm. That way, you’ll have complete control over the perm at all times. And the best way to take care of and style your perm would be to start taking care of it and have a proper consultation with your stylist. In the first half of the journey, or at least for the next 24 to 48 hours, they will usually provide a manual on what to do and what not to do with your permed hair.

And now, let’s jump to the main section of this article, where we’ve included all the forbidden rules regarding hair perm. And now, here’s what you can do to style your hair in the final 48 hours of a full perm:

  1. Wet and scrunch the hair
  2. Moisturizers
  3. Brushing the hair
  4. Use sun protection and a scarf
  5. Braid the hair
  6. A loose updo
  7. Let the hair be

Wet and scrunch the hair

Well, you can’t take a shower or soak your hair, mostly after the hair perm. But with a perm, the hair might feel a bit too dry. So you might want to start doing a wet scrunch with the hair. This will add some moisture to the hair, and they are also perfect for hair conditioners to go on top of. You can definitely use a hydrating mist on the hair to make sure that the perm is more likely to stay in place.


Use masks and conditioners on your hair after getting a perm. Make sure to apply the moisturizer and conditioner close to the roots so the hair is more conditioned and there is enough moisture to avoid dryness and itching of the scalp.

Brushing the hair

When you brush the hair, the hair is most likely to be ruined by all the pressure and stretching, and it will also ruin the curls of the hair. Brushing the hair would just change the whole thing. So while you are doing the hair, you might want to start with a lot of conditioner on the hair. And then, use your fingers to break up the tangles in the hair. Or you can use a wide-toothed brush on the hair to make sure that there is no tangled hair.

Use sun protection and a scarf

The best way to ensure that your perm is ready to go is to keep it out of direct sunlight. The rays might react with the chemicals of the perm, and they will end up damaging the hair all along. So keeping the perm under control is the best way to ensure that it is intact. So try to use a silk scarf to keep the perm in place. You can also wear a hat. But the scarf must be made of silk for the hair’s health. So styling the hair with a scarf would be a better choice.

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Braid the hair

Braiding the hair for styling in the last 48 hours after perming would be a better choice. As most of the braided hair contains curls, the braids will ensure the integrity of the perms. That way, the hair would stay in place and not be a bother. But make sure that the braids are not very tacky; otherwise, the whole thing will go south.

A loose updo

And lastly, you can just do a very loose updo on the hair and make sure that the hair doesn’t move. That way, you’ll have your hair in place and ensure that it’s in place. Use a silk scrunchie and tie the hair on top of the head, making sure that the ties are not too tight. And in that way, you have a good take on the hair.

Let the hair be

When you use a perm on your hair, you might want to keep the hair as it is. And after spending so much money on your hair, you might want to keep it the way it is and keep slaying.


1. How do you style permed hair in the morning?

To style the permed hair in the morning, you can start with a moisturizing conditioner and then use scrunchies or silk scarves on the hair to keep it in place.

2. How do you style short permed hair?

The best way to style short permed hair would be by using a small hair clip and then framing the face with some front curls.

3. Can I put my hair up after a perm?

Yes, you can put your hair up right after a perm. But make sure to use flexible scrunchies and clips and do not tighten the hair. Rather, keep it loose.

Final Thoughts

Keratin is the main component of the hair, and the types of keratin will decide what kind of texture the hair will have. Keratins are proteins found in the hair that have a diffused bond. Ammonium solution is used as the perming lotion to change the structure of the hair, and later the new structure of the hair is secured with the curls. And then the curls are the new bonds.

To keep the curls in place, salons must use peroxide or a neutralizer, which creates a new shape on the hair while also locking in the shape. Different salons take different approaches when it comes to curling hair. Some take a few different sets of permed curls. This is especially common with longer hair. And lastly, the curls can be tighter and more elevated with small hair. For the curls to be tight or elongated, you can either use a small or large curling iron.

Key Points

  1. They tend to affect the texture of the hair, and they may appear to be a slight improvement over the earlier stages since they are not fully new. The perm was fashionable in the 1980s and remains so now.
  2. The basic guideline of excellent hair is that it should never be exposed to water. So there will be no showers, sea, swimming, or long runs. For the first portion, the hairdresser has already rinsed your hair, so you may still have some perming solution residues on your head.
  3. You should start performing a wet scrunch with your hair. This will provide moisture to the hair, and they are also ideal for use with hair conditioners. Alternatively, use the moisturizer and conditioner near the roots to condition the hair and provide adequate moisture to prevent dryness and irritation of the scalp.
  4. To keep the perm in place, consider wearing a silk scarf. You can also put on a hat. However, for the sake of the hair’s health, the scarf must be made of silk. Thus scarves might be a better option for hair styling.

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