How to Get Rid of a Stye With Eyelash Extensions?

To get rid of a stye with eyelash extensions, try to follow the aftercare routine and try to avoid things that can give bacteria a favorable environment to develop.

The eyes are an essential body part for us. Without eyes, we can’t be fulfilled. It helps us with our vision and gives us an attractive appearance with beautiful eyes. To look more and more attractive, people love to makeover their eyes. They get eyebrow paint, eyebrow extensions, eyelash extensions, color lenses, and more. Getting these can change their appearance into an attractive one.

But it can also cause some serious problems for you. The eyes are the most sensitive part of us, and they also get harmed so easily. It also causes serious pain that is unbearable. So, whenever we do a makeover on our eyes, we have to be sincere because serious issues with our eyes can make us blind forever. Among all problems, getting a stye is common on our eyelids. It happens mostly because people get eyelash extensions. To get rid of this kind of situation you have to just maintain proper hygiene and keep your eyelashes clean. In this article, I will discuss what a stye is, what causes it, how to get rid of it, and how to avoid it.

What is Eye Styes?

What is eye styes

Eye styes are one kind of eye disease that looks like a little pimple on your eyes. Mostly, it is a little bump on your eyelids. Styes are inflamed oil glands that can be seen on the top of our eyelid, in the place where the eyelash meets the eyelid. While getting a stitch, you can feel a little pain in a certain place where the stitches are going to show up. After that, you can see a red, pimple-sized, swollen bump on your eyelid. You will find it very difficult to open or close your eyes while getting stitches on your eyes. After some days, it can be fulfilled with pus, which is even the worst part of getting eye styes. If by any chance it blows, then it will be very problematic for you to keep your eyes open. It will make you feel uncomfortable by making you feel like there is something in your eyes. With these puffy sleeves, it will be very difficult for you to complete your regular activities.

What Can Cause A Stye With Eyelash Extensions?

There are several reasons that can cause a stain on your eyelids. But when it comes to getting stye with eyelash extensions, it means that it happens because your oil gland in the eyelids has gotten blocked. This blockage of your eyelid glands allows all the harmful batteries to grow inside and make stains on your eyelids. It is a common disease that happens after getting eyelash extensions.

Before getting a stitch, you may feel some pain in your eye at first, and then you can find that a certain place in your eye is like a round ball. You may also have a swollen eye in the first place, but after the puffiness is gone, you can see that there is a pimple-sized something in your eye. And that’s called the style for eyes. The styes will start developing in your eyes; some of the styes can also blister the pus, while some of them will heal on their own. And the most difficult part is that you can get it with your two eyes at the same time. Styes mainly occur when an inflamed oil gland gets blocked fully and can’t break out; it starts developing and making a chalazion. And if the chalazion becomes bigger, it may cause serious issues, like harming your vision.

There are three types of common eyelid bumps you can get:

  1. XANTHELASMA: It causes yellow-type patches on the eyelids that develop with age. These are known to be harmless, but they can be a sign of high cholesterol.
  2. PAPILLOMAS: While getting this style, you can have pink or skin-colored bumps on your eyelids. They are also considered harmless, but they grow slowly and affect vision. With a little surgery, you can remove them from your eyes.
  3. CYSTS: This is a common type of styes that most people who get them get. It will develop and heal by itself, but having it on your eyelid may give you blurry vision.

The main reasons for getting these styles with eyelash extensions are that, while you are getting faking lash extensions on your eyes, you run the risk of blocking the oil gland on your eyelids. And the blockage on your eyelids is the main reason that gives you the most painful style on your eyelids. So, whenever you are getting your eyelash extensions, try to go to an eyelash extensions expert; it will help you get perfect eyelash extensions without getting any stitches.

8 Common Symptoms Of Getting Styes

Now you may ask, “What are the symptoms that can make you sure you are getting spots in your eyes?” Those are:

1. Teary Eyes:

Before getting styes on your eyes, the first symptoms that can be shown are that your eyes are getting teary without any reason, and you can’t stop the teary effect anyway. It will give you such an uncomfortable feeling that it can make you feel ill

Teary eyes

2. Puffy Eyes:

Puffy eyes can also be a symptom of styes. It happens because of the oil’s glade blockage. Because the blockage blocks the oils in the glade and helps to develop bacteria that harm your eyes, the situation is even worse. With puffy eyes, it will be very hard for you to open your eyes. It can also give you blurry vision for some time.

Puffy eyes

3. A Red Bump Full of Pus:

While getting stye, a common symptom is getting a red bump the exact size of a pimple with a white liquid that is known as pus. It can give you so much pain from the bump area, and after bursting all the pus out of the bump, it can also give you a hard time when you are opening or closing your eyes.

A red bump full of puse

4. Itchiness:

It can also depend so much on the area where you are going to get your style. But while rubbing the itchy area, remember that your eyes are already in a sensitive condition with a lot of pain. So, it will be the best solution that doesn’t touch your eye’s itchy area, which can also make the situation even worse.


5. Redness:

The area where you are affected can make your eyes look red from inflammation. It can give you a discomforting feeling with deep pain. With red eyes, you may feel that your eyes are just burning, and you can’t handle the burning sensation.


6. Discharge:

After such a painful journey, your eyes may produce a whitish or yellowish discharge. Not only that but after this, it can also crust around your affected areas. If you accidentally get it in your eyes, it can also give you teary eyes and blurry vision.


7. Discomfort:

Getting styes on your eyelids may also make you feel that there is something that itches in your eyes continuously. It is such a discomfort that there is nothing in your eyes, and you still feel like there is something. This discomfort can make you feel so uncomfortable that you won’t want to feel it again in your whole life.


8. Sensitivity to Light:

With styes, you may feel that the light is too powerful to look up or keep your eyes open. It happens due to the inflammation and increased sensitivity that you are going through. If I say it clearly, then you can get photophobia after getting stitches on your eyelids with your eyelash extensions.

If you have these kinds of problems, consult your eye doctor in an emergency to heal the problems as quickly as possible. And if you already have them, don’t be afraid; it may only take a week to heal. But it will heal by itself.

Sensitivity to light

5 Ways to Get Rid Of A Stye With Eyelash Extensions

Dealing with your styes is such a terrible situation that you are going through, mainly when you have your eyelash extensions. I am giving you some tips with which you can reduce or minimize the impact of eyelash extensions by getting rid of styes.

Five ways to get rid of a stye with eyelash extensions
  1. Maintain Good Hygiene: Maintaining good hygiene is important for preventing problems or the spread of infection. To maintain good hygiene, you have to gently clean your affected areas and eyelashes with a mild or oil-free cleanser. Instead of this, you can also use baby shampoo. Must remember to be careful about rubbing the eyelash extensions.
  2. Warm Compresses: To feel relief from the pain, you have to give warm compresses to your skin area. To give a warm compress, take a clean cotton cloth and heavy it with the help of an iron. Keep the warm cloth on your skin. You can also soak your cloth in hot water or a hot tea bag in that area. Be sure that you are not applying too much heat or awareness to your eyelid because it can make your eyelash extensions fall out.
  3. Avoid Touching Your Stye: After getting a stye, avoid touching, rubbing, or pooping your stye. Because it can make the stye discharge its liquid, and as a result, you can get a serious infection on your eyelid. It can also potentially damage your eyelash extensions. So let them stay as they are until they are totally healed.
  4. Avoid Makeup: While you are facing style, avoid getting makeup, mainly on your eyelid or around the area of your eyes. Eye makeup products like eyeliner and mascara contain many chemicals that can probably make you feel irritated and also delay the healing process. Using makeup on the skin also has the risk of causing an infection.
  5. Consult With Your Doctor: If the size of the stye and the pain of the stye are not bearable and if it’s not healing, then you must consult with your eye doctor in an emergency. It’s very important due to your eye condition. Eye doctors can give you the best treatments for your style with eyelash extensions.

The eyes are the most important and sensitive organ in your whole body. So, if there is any problem you are facing with it, you have to take sudden steps to get rid of it before it’s too late. As a result, if your eye doctor says to remove the eyelashes temporarily from your eyes to heal them quickly, then do it. Because they are the experts at giving you suggestions.

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How to Avoid Getting A Stye With Eyelash Extensions?

To avoid getting stiff while getting your eyelash extensions, follow these tips:

  • Consult With An Experienced Lash Technician: Always try to choose certified or experienced technicians who maintain proper hygiene while giving eyelash extensions. Experts should always choose to use sterile tools and adhere to strict sanitation protocols.
  • Try To Use High-Quality Makeup Products: Cheap makeup products are the main reason that gives you styes due to their poor quality elements. So, try to use good-quality products while applying makeup, mainly eye makeup.
  • Follow Aftercare Instructions: After getting eyelash extensions, you must follow the instructions for aftercare. It’s really important for the longevity and safety of your eyelash extensions and eyes. You will get all the aftercare instructions from your consulted technician.
  • Avoid Excessive Moisture: Keeping yourself hydrated and moisturizing is really important, but excessive moisture can damage the bond of the adhesive and weaken the eyelash extensions so that they can peel off from your eyes. Not only that, but it can also create a favorable environment for bacteria. So, avoid excessive moisture in your eyelash areas.
  • Avoid Excessive Steam: Steam can also weaken the attaching solution of your eyelash extension and give the bacteria a favorable space to develop in your eyelid. So, while you have gotten your eyelash extensions, avoid swimming, saunas, or hot steam baths to avoid styes or any other eye problems.
  • Keep Your Eyelashes Clean: Take a spoolie brush or a cleaned mascara wand to gently comb your lash extensions. This will prevent a favorable environment for the bacteria and reduce the risk of irritation or infection.
  • Avoid Oil-Based Products: Avoid using oil-based products because they can break down the lash adhesive and have a risk of causing premature lash loss. So, try to use other options instead of oil-based products.
  • Pay Attention To Your Eyelash Extensions: After getting your freshly done eyelash extensions, pay close attention to them. If you feel any kind of irritation or discomfort, quickly consult with your eye technician or doctor to make sure what the problem is.

By following these guidelines, you can help minimize the risk of developing a stye while wearing eyelash extensions and maintain the health of your eyes and lashes.


1. Is it normal to get streaks after eyelash extensions?

Technically, yes. But it will depend on how you are getting your eyelash extensions done. Because if you get it from an eyelash expert, you can avoid this kind of problem.

2. Can Vaseline on eyelashes give you styes?

Yes, it can. Vaseline is known as a deep moisturizer. It has a risk of blocking the oil glands of your eyelid and causing styes on your eyelids.

3. Can steroid use make you lose your eyelashes?

It probably depends on what style you have. If the style you got is not big enough and didn’t give you a bad time, having a low-risk top makes you lose eyelashes. But if that style is big enough and in a worse situation, then it can make you lose your eyelashes.

Final Thoughts

To get attractive eyes getting eyelash extensions is a common beauty hack that people are doing. Eyelash extensions can give you big lashes by making your facial appearance prettier. As much as it can make you look attractive, sometimes it can also make you feel the worst by giving you many kinds of eye problems if you don’t become sincere while getting your eyelash extensions. A common problem you may face is known as style. It looks like a little bump, similar to a pimple. It can cause serious pain, redness, itchiness, discharge, discomfort, teary and puffy eyes, and more than can be explained. To get rid of this with your eyelash extensions, you have to maintain hygiene, give warm compresses, avoid touching, rubbing, or pooping your stye, and also avoid makeup.

Facing these problems won’t be a good thing. So, before facing this kind of situation, you have to take proper care and keep yourself away from getting sick.

Key Points

  • Getting eyelash extensions to make yourself look more attractive and change your facial appearance has become a popular trend.
  • While getting eyelashes, always try to consult with an experienced and certified technician to get perfectly smooth, finished eyelash extensions. Otherwise, you can get serious eye problems like styes.
  • To get rid of problems like styes with eyelash extensions, you have to maintain proper hygiene, use warm compresses, and avoid touching or putting makeup on styes.
  • To avoid this kind of problem from happening, try to take proper care and follow the aftercare routine to get healthy eyelash extensions.

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