How to Thin Out Foundation : 5 Essay Hacks That’ll Help

How to Thin Out Foundation
Newbies may have trouble figuring out how to thin out foundation .Water, oil, facial spray can be used to thin out the foundation.

If we think about the whole process of applying foundation, the first thing that comes to mind is imperfections. And for the next step, the foundation must act as a foundation while providing a skin-like natural finish. And that’s the perfect foundation look we see on models and actresses. The foundations have to be undetectable. So what is the best way to thin out the foundation?

Well, the first would be to add any other liquid to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the whole process of coverage. Thin foundations with full coverage are very rare. You might go for a very thin foundation like a foundation serum, which will still feel very cakey on top of other makeup products. Finding the perfect consistency of the foundation is harder than finding the right shade. And these two aspects of the foundation tend to collide a lot more than usual. Foundations should be high coverage and thin, so it doesn’t feel like you have tons of products lying on the surface.

So how to thin out foundation? The best way to thin out the foundation is by adding any sort of liquid to it. The liquid can be anything. And that can start from water to oil to face mist, anything. And most importantly, with the thinning of the foundation, you can get the best results of both worlds. For example, if you want to thin out the foundation and add a highlighter to it, then the foundation will give a glow. Even a matte foundation will have a radiant finish.

And that is just one example of what a foundation might feel like when you add a thinning product. High-coverage foundations are mostly packed with pigment, and they tend to lean towards a matte finish, as this way, the foundation will last longer than expected. And this is why the thinning of the foundation has made such a huge impact on the beauty industry. In this article, we’ll discuss how you thin out the foundation and get the coverage you want and a skin-like finish.

Most full-coverage foundations have thicker formulas, and those too can feel a little bit stubborn on the skin, and that can also need some thinning. Well, there are several ways to thin down a foundation. But official thinners can be added to the foundation, and these do exist. In this article, we’ll talk about how to thin out a foundation very easily.

Why do you need to thin out foundation?

Why do you need a foundation that gives you coverage and still feels like your skin? Well, we think we have included the answer to the question. So many things depend on a good foundation, and the consistency of the foundation tops it all. Most of the foundations are a bit thick and lighter than a heavy moisturizer, but they feel a little bit heavier than a regular lotion.

Well, some foundations are very thin and feel like a serum, but the coverage is pretty questionable with this foundation. And that might be some people’s choice, but for those who like their foundation and have almost the perfect color match, the only complaint they seem to have is how to thin out the foundation of the current one they own. But before that, let us circle back to why you need to thin out your foundation:

  1. Airbrushed look
  2. Simple blending
  3. Making a matte foundation dewy
  4. Mattifying a dewy foundation
  5. Fresh face

Airbrushed look

Airbrushed look

Most foundations that have been thinned out blend into the skin like nothing. Even when you touch the foundation, it still looks like your skin but better. Most of the foundation appears to be on top of your skin. But a thin foundation doesn’t do that; they stay up tight, making the skin glazy and fresh.

Simple blending

Simple blending

With a thin foundation, you don’t need to blend heavily. Rather, you can just do the work by putting in a little effort. Thin foundations feel like a light lotion, and they will blend like a dream. You don’t even need a brush or a sponge; just use your fingers to do the work. They don’t even leave any finger patches on the skin.

Making a matte foundation dewy

Making a matte foundation dewy

Yes, you can change the foundation’s entire output with a thinner. And that’s a process. We’ll go back to this later in the article. Matte foundations tend to last all day long. But a radiant finish that lasts a long time is hard to find. And in between, with the best of both worlds, comes the radiant foundation with a matte finish.

Mattifying a dewy foundation

Mattifying a dewy foundation

Sometimes, even people with dehydrated skin want a matte look. A matte look is an old classic. Not all of us want our faces to look like 300 watts of light. Mostly for formal cases, matte finishes are the ultimate in satisfaction. And with the foundation thinning, you can achieve that. You can change how the foundation feels and looks in this way.

Fresh face

Fresh face

Once in a while, everyone wants to get ready, dress up, and put on a full face. But most of us do not want that every day. So the best way to get a fresh but good option is by adding a thinner to the foundation. That way, the foundation lets the skin breathe, and even after a long day, you won’t see the heavy finish of the product.

What are the foundation thinners?

What are the foundation thinners

Foundation thinners are mostly a colorless liquid that can be mixed with almost anything, from concealers to powders to shadows, and they give out the liquid version of every product. That is, they will only thin out the product rather than add any new features. And this is why foundation thinners are getting more popular day by day. Why are these thinners popular? Well, here are some reasons why the thinners are popular right now:

  • Most foundation thinners are super customizable and can be added to almost all sorts of foundations.
  • You can add a foundation thinner to a full or medium coverage foundation, and you’ll still see a natural finish as an output.
  • A mixing medium or the thinner is available as water-based, oil-based, or silicone-based. Make sure the foundation works well with a thinner.

Does foundation thinner work?

Fortunately, foundation thinner works. And for that, you do not need a mixing medium of any kind. You can work with any sort of product you have on your vanity. In that way, you have total control over your foundation. This is a perfect way to not make the foundation cakey and spreads the foundation evenly over the face. Most foundations will work just as well with a thinner as they would on their own. And this is why we can confidently say that almost all foundation thinners work.

How to thin out foundation?

Now let’s jump to the main section of our whole topic. How can you actually thin out your foundation? Here we’ll be adding some ways to thin out the foundation and how you can do the work.

  1. Use a setting or facial mist
  2. Moisturizer and foundation
  3. Add a liquid highlighter with foundation
  4. Foundation and oil
  5. Foundation with a damp beauty blender

1. Use a setting or facial mist

Use a setting or facial mist

The best way that we think that works as a foundation thinner is by adding tons of setting mist or any facial mist on the foundation. This way, you can get the foundation to thin out, make it easy to blend, and the foundation doesn’t sit on any part of the face and make it look like it stains.

The setting mists tend to give out different kinds of finishes, and if you have oily skin, then go for a matte one, and if you have dry skin, then a hydrating mist will work just fine. In this way, you get the best of both products, and the face will be easy to blend. Here are some ways to add a foundation and a mist:

  • Apply the foundation as you would on your face. But if you want sheer coverage, start with a small amount.
  • Take a facial mist or finishing spray and spray it all over the face, ensuring that the foundation parts are drenched.
  • Then take a brush and mix the mist and the foundation properly. If needed, add more facial mist on top.

2. Moisturizer and foundation

Moisturizer and foundation

Well, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it is extremely effective. Mixing a moisturizer and a foundation is a perfect way to get sheer and still have good coverage. If you have oily skin and you think that the moisturizer on the bottom of the foundation seems heavy-duty, then you’ll love how these two look together.

Even when you have very dry skin, a foundation and a heavy moisturizer will work both ways and with minimum effort. All you have to do is blend the product like a moisturizer. To mix the moisturizer and the foundation:

  • Put some foundation on the top of your hand. And add some moisturizer to it. If you want sheer coverage, we recommend using only a dot of the foundation and adding more moisturizer.
  • Instead of using your hands, you can only use a mixing paddle. This way, the mixing will be much better.
  • You can apply the concussion with a brush or just apply it with your hands.

3. Add a liquid highlighter with foundation

Add a liquid highlighter with foundation

Now, if you want a very glowy face, mixing some liquid highlighter with your foundation is the best way to achieve it. Even the very matte foundation will develop a healthy glow in this process. You can choose a liquid highlighter and pair it with any foundation you want.

The foundation will be extra glowy if you add too much of the highlighter. Just balance out how much glow you want and then apply it directly to the face.

  • Take some liquid highlighter and foundation in the palm of your hand and mix them well.
  • Use a mixing paddle if available.
  • Apply the product and blend it with a brush.

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4. Foundation and oil

Foundation and oil

Well, in this case, we only recommend facial oil and only for those with dry skin. People with oily skin should avoid it as it will suffocate them more, and the foundation might separate after a few moments. But those with very dry skin will get a good glow and a very thin foundation.

For oil on the foundation, avoid any essential or any sort of nut oil, as most of them are comedogenic. But regular facial oils work just fine.

  • Add 2 to 3 drops of oil to the foundation and mix it well.
  • Apply the foundation and blend it well.

5. Foundation with a damp beauty blender

Foundation with a damp beauty blender

If you have a foundation of medium consistency, then this sort of setting will work just fine. But using a full-coverage foundation with a damp beauty blender will not make any difference, which is why a medium-coverage foundation and a damp beauty blender will work like butter.

  • Add foundation to your face as normal.
  • Douse a beauty blender until it doubles its size, then rinse it well.
  • Dry the blender with a paper towel.
  • Blend the foundation.


1. How to thin out the foundation for the airbrush?

The best way to thin out a foundation to get an airbrushed look is by adding some water to the foundation and then applying it.

2. What to mix with foundation to make it dewy?

To make the foundation dewy, add some oil to it. Avoid any heavy oils and specifically, go for a facial oil.

3. How do you make liquid foundation into a cream?

To turn the liquid foundation into cream, you need to increase the consistency of the foundation. And for that, you can add some loose powder to the liquid foundation.

4. Can I mix the foundation with water?

Yes, you can mix the foundation with water. In this way, the foundation will thin out and be very easy to blend.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve added so many methods to thin out foundation, what’s the best method to thin out the foundation? Well, that depends on what you want your foundation to feel and what you are looking for. Still, for us, the best way to thin out a foundation is by spraying a facial mist on top of it. That way, the foundation doesn’t cling to the face’s texture and pores. But they tend to blend out more easily. And this is why the high coverage and low consistency of the foundation are our favorites. Even professional makeup artists recommend foundation and facial mist on every step to activate and blend the foundation.

Key Points

  1. Adding any kind of liquid to the foundation is the greatest method to thin it out. Any liquid may be used. And that may begin with anything, including water, oil, facial spray, etc.
  2. The majority of foundations feel somewhat heavier than a typical lotion yet are slightly thicker and lighter than a heavy moisturizer.
  3. The majority of thinned-out foundations disappear into the skin completely. Additionally, using your fingertips, you may mix without a brush or a sponge.
  4. Foundation thinners are primarily a clear liquid that may be blended with nearly everything, from concealers to powders to shadows, to produce the liquid form of each product.

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